The Ultimate Guide to ZabaSearch Reviews: Is It Worth It?

March 5, 2024

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ZabaSearch is a people search website that provides basic background information on US residents. Launched in 2005, it offers a free search with limited details as well as paid plans for more comprehensive reports.

But is ZabaSearch worth using? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore what ZabaSearch is, how it works, its features, accuracy, privacy, and more – including real user reviews – to help you determine if it’s right for your needs.

What is ZabaSearch and How Does It Work?

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ZabaSearch is an online people search service that aggregates public records to provide background check information on individuals in the US.

It works by compiling data from various sources like phone books, voter registration records, court documents, and other public databases. ZabaSearch then indexes this information into an easily searchable format.

To use ZabaSearch, you simply enter the name, city and state (if known) of the person you wish to look up. The site will display available details like full name, age, phone numbers, addresses, relatives, and more.

You can access a basic free report on ZabaSearch with limited information. For additional details like criminal records, bankruptcies, professional licenses, education history and other in-depth data, ZabaSearch offers paid subscription plans starting at $24.86/month.

Key Takeaway: ZabaSearch searches public records and compiles basic background check information into an online database. Its free search has limited data, while paid plans unlock more detailed reports.

ZabaSearch Features and Information Accuracy

Zabasearch People Search

ZabaSearch offers a few key features:

  • People Search: Look up name, age, phone, address, relatives and other personal details.
  • Reverse Phone Lookup: Enter a phone number to find the owner’s name and location info.
  • Address History: View all known addresses associated with an individual.
  • Criminal Checks: Access felony and misdemeanor offenses, arrests, incarcerations etc.
  • Court Records: Find bankruptcy, tax lien, divorce and other court filings.
  • Death Records: Confirm date of death and related documents.
  • Email Lookup: Discover email addresses associated with a name.

However, many reviewers point out that ZabaSearch’s “free” search simply redirects you to sign up for a paid account and provides very little usable information. The data accuracy in their paid reports is also questionable at best.

Much of the information on ZabaSearch tends to be outdated, incomplete or just plain wrong according to user reviews. This is because public records themselves may contain errors or outdated entries which get aggregated into the database.

Key Takeaway: ZabaSearch offers a suite of background check features, but many users complain of inaccurate, sparse, or outdated information even in paid reports.

Is ZabaSearch Safe and Secure? What About Privacy?

On the security front, ZabaSearch does take reasonable steps to protect user data via encryption and other security measures according to its privacy policy.

However, when it comes to privacy, many people express concerns over ZabaSearch making their personal information available publicly without consent. Some key privacy notes:

  • ZabaSearch crawls, indexes and displays publicly accessible data. This can feel like an invasion of privacy.
  • You can request removal of your information via an opt-out request form.
  • Even if you opt-out, your data may still be in the public domain where ZabaSearch sources it from.
  • Paid subscribers can still access your information even after opting out of the free search index.
  • ZabaSearch’s data has also been known to show up on various other people search sites. Opting out on one site does not remove it from all sources.

So in summary, while ZabaSearch itself is reasonably secure, it provides no real privacy protection and actually publishes your personal details widely without permission.

Key Takeaway: ZabaSearch raises privacy concerns by making your information viewable to anyone online. Opting out removes some data, but it still exists on public databases.

ZabaSearch Reputation: Can It Be Trusted?

ZabaSearch is not accredited or rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Online reviews paint a rather poor reputation with consistent complaints about inaccurate data, poor customer service and misleading advertising practices.

Here are some key pain points highlighted by ZabaSearch users:

  • Bait and switch” free search that upsells paid plans aggressively
  • Very outdated, incomplete or incorrect information
  • Difficulty canceling or getting refunds on paid subscriptions
  • Removal requests often ignored without taking down data
  • Customer service unresponsive or unhelpful

While there are some positive reviews from users who found it helpful, the majority opinion seems to be that ZabaSearch cannot be fully trusted as a reliable background check service.

Key Takeaway: ZabaSearch has a relatively poor online reputation with many unsatisfied customers complaining about inaccurate data and pushy sales tactics.

ZabaSearch Pricing and Plans

ZabaSearch offers the following plans:

  • Free Search: Very limited information just to entice you to upgrade
  • 1 Month Plan – $24.86/month
  • 3 Month Plan – $44.58 total
  • 12 Month Plan – $89.16 total

However, even the paid subscription does not guarantee satisfactory results, based on the predominantly negative user reviews regarding poor data quality.

Many customers advise avoiding paid plans entirely since ZabaSearch fails to deliver on its claims of detailed background check information. For the price, you’re likely better off trying more reputable services.

Key Takeaway: ZabaSearch pricing starts at $24.86/month for paid plans, but users widely caution against buying due to low-quality reports.

ZabaSearch Review: Pros and Cons


  • Free basic search available
  • Compiles data from many public records
  • Mobile friendly site


  • Inaccurate or incomplete information
  • Misleading free search upsells paid plans
  • Removing info can be difficult
  • Poor reputation and reviews
  • Very limited value for the price

The Bottom Line

While ZabaSearch offers a free starting point, reviewers overwhelmingly advise avoiding its paid services based on bad experiences with unreliable data, pushy marketing tactics and poor customer service. There are better alternatives for background checks available.

ZabaSearch User Reviews: In Their Own Words

To offer more perspective, here is a selection of real ZabaSearch user reviews from around the web:

“I wanted to look up an old friend. The free search revealed nothing at all about my friend. Then I tried a one-week trial subscription. But even then, nothing useful turned up in my friend’s profile – just outdated stuff from over a decade ago.”

“Save your money and time. I tried the 1 month membership to look up some info. It was worthless – completely inaccurate results with outdated info. Total waste of $25 bucks. Will not use again or recommend at all.”

“Zabasearch is a total scam in my opinion. I tried to cancel and they refused to stop membership charges even though it was within the trial period. Still trying to get them to refund my account and not holding my breath.”

“I needed to do a background check on a new nanny. Paid for the premium ZabaSearch account but found glaring errors in her report. When I contacted support, they basically said the data comes from public sources and they can’t be responsible for accuracy. I asked for a refund, they refused. Stay away!”

As you can see, real customer experiences with ZabaSearch are overwhelmingly negative. Most advise avoiding it entirely.

Are There Any Good Alternatives to ZabaSearch?

Given the poor reputation and reviews of ZabaSearch, you may be better served by exploring alternative services for investigating people online.

Here are a few options to consider:

  • Truthfinder – Offers accurate and up-to-date public records for background checks.
  • BeenVerified – Good for searching people, phone numbers, emails, addresses and property records.
  • Intelius – Reliable for finding contact details and public data history.
  • US Search – Long-running people search site with extensive information.
  • Nuwber – Specializes in reverse phone lookups and identity verification.

Take some time to read through reviews and compare features of a few top services before deciding which people search platform may best meet your needs and budget.

The Verdict: Should You Use ZabaSearch in 2024?

In summary, while ZabaSearch offers free and paid people search options, its poor reputation makes it tough to recommend for most uses in 2024.

The abundance of negative reviews highlighting inaccurate, outdated data, misleading sales tactics and poor customer service are too big to ignore.

For reliable background checks and people searches, you will likely have better luck with highly-rated alternatives like Truthfinder or BeenVerified.

Unless you have a very unique need that only ZabaSearch can fulfill, it’s probably best avoided based on overwhelmingly unsatisfied user experiences. The value simply does not seem to justify the price or risks associated with it.

Hopefully this comprehensive guide has provided the pros, cons, features, user reviews and an objective assessment of ZabaSearch that will help inform your decision when researching people online.

There are certainly better options worth exploring first before resorting to the questionable reputation of ZabaSearch in most cases.

FAQs about ZabaSearch

Q: Is ZabaSearch legit or a scam?

ZabaSearch is a legitimate business, but not a very reputable one based on negative reviews highlighting inaccurate data, misleading free trials and poor customer service. While not an outright “scam”, users are very dissatisfied.

Q: Is ZabaSearch free to use?

There is a free search option but it provides very little usable information, mainly as a way to upsell paid subscription plans which start at $24.86/month.

Q: Can ZabaSearch find someone with just a phone number?

Yes, it offers reverse phone lookups by entering a phone number to find the owner’s name and location. However, this data is likely outdated or incorrect.

Q: How do I cancel ZabaSearch and get a refund?

Many reviewers complain the service makes it difficult to cancel or obtain refunds. You typically have to call and be very persistent with customer service. Many are unsuccessful getting money back.

Q: Is it possible to remove my info from ZabaSearch?

You can submit a removal request form to opt-out of the free search index, but your information still exists in public records that ZabaSearch draws from. Paid users can still see your data.

Q: Are there any ZabaSearch coupon codes or discounts?

Occasionally they may offer promotional codes and special offers to incentivize new subscriptions. However, given the poor service, even big discounts may not make it worthwhile for most people.

The Bottom Line

ZabaSearch offers convenience but finds itself hampered by poor accuracy, privacy concerns and overwhelmingly negative customer experiences. You will likely have better luck with alternative background check and people search services.

Hopefully this detailed guide provides everything you need to make an informed decision when choosing an online people search platform that fits your needs.