How to Completely Remove Yourself from ZabaSearch

March 19, 2024

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ZabaSearch is a shady “people search” website that profits off your personal information without your consent. This in-depth guide will teach you how to permanently delete your details from their database.

Getting removed from ZabaSearch can be tricky, but I’ll show you the exact steps to take.

This guide applies whether you want to remove yourself or help protect a friend or family member. Let’s start with the basics.

What is ZabaSearch and How Does it Work?

Zabasearch Logo

ZabaSearch operates an online people search directory with over 200 million names and addresses. Users can look up individuals’ contact details, background history, court records, and more, similar to sites like Nuwber and Radaris.

While basic searches are free, viewing full reports requires a paid account. So ZabaSearch makes money by selling access to your personal data.

The site is owned by Intelius, another shady “data broker” company. Intelius provides the information indexed by ZabaSearch. So opting out of one removes you from both sites.

ZabaSearch claims its data comes from public records. But it likely also buys records from private sources without consent. There’s little transparency around where they get your information.

What Personal Data Does ZabaSearch Have?

A ZabaSearch report may contain:

  • Full name
  • Age
  • Phone numbers
  • Home addresses (past and present)
  • Email addresses
  • Relatives and associates
  • Marriage/divorce details
  • Education history
  • Work history
  • Criminal records
  • Court records
  • Traffic offenses
  • Bankruptcies and foreclosures
  • Liens and legal judgments
  • Much more

This is very sensitive information you don’t want exposed online. Keep reading to learn how to remove it.

3 Dangers of Having Your Data on ZabaSearch

Here are some of the risks of your personal details being on ZabaSearch:

  1. Identity Theft – Fraudsters can piece together your information to steal your identity. This can lead to financial loss or legal issues.
  2. Stalking and Harassment – Criminals can use your details to stalk, harass, or harm you physically. ZabaSearch makes it easy to find where you live.
  3. Spam and Scams – Marketers get your contact info and bombard you with spam calls, emails, and mail. Scammers can also target you with personalized cons.

As you can see, it’s crucial to get yourself off of ZabaSearch as soon as possible. Now let’s go through the steps.

How to Manually Opt-Out of ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch doesn’t offer a direct opt-out process. To remove your details, you must opt out of their parent company Intelius. Here is the manual process:

Step 1: Go to the Intelius Opt-Out Page

Visit to start.

Step 2: Enter Your Personal Details

Type your first name, middle initial, last name, and state. This helps Intelius find your profile.

Manually Opt Out Of Zabasearch 1

Step 3: Select Your Record

Scroll through the search results to find your matching record. Click “Remove this record” below it.

Manually Opt Out Of Zabasearch 2

Step 4: Verify Using Email

Enter your email and complete the captcha. Check your inbox for a confirmation link to finish opting out.

Manually Opt Out Of Zabasearch 3

Step 5: Confirm Removal

Click the link in the email Intelius sent you. This finalizes your opt-out request.

Manually Opt Out Of Zabasearch 4
Manually Opt Out Of Zabasearch 5

Within 48-72 hours, your details should disappear from Intelius and ZabaSearch. You’ve now successfully removed yourself manually!

Use a Removal Service for Ongoing Monitoring

The problem with manually opting out is your data may reappear in the future. ZabaSearch scrapes new information all the time from various sources.

That’s why I recommend OneRep. This service automatically opts you out of ZabaSearch plus 200 other data broker sites.

Even better, they continually monitor these sites and delete any new instances of your data if it pops back up. This ongoing protection ensures you stay removed for good.

Here are the key steps if you want to use OneRep:

  1. Create a OneRep account.
  2. Run a scan to find your personal data online.
  3. Purchase their automated removal plan.
  4. Relax as OneRep deletes and monitors your info across hundreds of sites!
Onerep’s Dashboard

This saves you the headache of remembering to continually opt out yourself whenever your data reemerges. Let OneRep’s technology handle it for you instead.

Alternative Ways to Opt-Out of ZabaSearch

If you run into issues with the Intelius opt-out form, there are a couple other options:

  • Call ZabaSearch – You can call 1-888-245-1655 to request removal directly over the phone. Be sure to document details like the date/time and who you spoke with.
  • Email ZabaSearch – Alternatively, email and ask them to delete your information. Include identifying details so they can locate your profile.
  • Submit a Removal Request – Look on ZabaSearch for their official data removal request form, like those found on Nuwber and Radaris. This contacts them through an alternative process.
  • Use Another Identity – Submit an opt-out request using a trusted person’s name and email instead of your own. Then confirm removal once processed.

Keep trying these options until your data vanishes from their site. Don’t give up!

Key Takeaways and Summary

To wrap things up, here are the key takeaways:

  • ZabaSearch is a shady “people search” site that profits off your personal data. They are owned by Intelius.
  • To remove your details from ZabaSearch, you must opt out via Intelius since they provide ZabaSearch’s data.
  • Manually opting out involves submitting a request on Intelius and confirming through email. This can take up to 72 hours.
  • A removal service like OneRep provides ongoing monitoring and automatic re-removal if your data reappears.
  • If the main opt-out method doesn’t work, try alternative options like calling, emailing, or submitting a formal removal request to ZabaSearch.
  • Getting off ZabaSearch protects your privacy and reduces risk of identity theft and harassment.

By following this guide, you can successfully remove your personal information from ZabaSearch’s database. Don’t let shady people search sites profit off your details – take back control today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are answers to some common questions about removing yourself from ZabaSearch:

Q: Is ZabaSearch legit or a scam?

A: ZabaSearch is a legitimate, but unethical, people search website that makes money selling personal information. I recommend reading ZabaSearch reviews to understand more about their business practices and removing yourself as soon as possible.

Q: How does ZabaSearch get my personal information?

A: ZabaSearch claims to compile data from public records. But they likely also buy records from private sources without consumer consent. Their data collection methods lack transparency.

Q: How much does it cost to remove your information from ZabaSearch?

A: ZabaSearch must allow you to opt out for free. Never pay any site to delete your data. The process in this guide is 100% free.

Q: Can ZabaSearch legally publish my personal details?

A: Unfortunately, ZabaSearch’s data collection and publishing practices are legal in most cases. New privacy laws aim to improve consumer rights, but progress remains slow.

Q: I opted out successfully – could my data reappear on ZabaSearch?

A: Yes, it’s common for your information to resurface on data broker sites like ZabaSearch after opting out. Using a removal service that provides ongoing monitoring helps prevent this.

Q: What is the fastest way to get removed from ZabaSearch?

A: The quickest option is to use an automated removal service like OneRep. Doing it manually yourself takes more time and effort. But you’ll get removed either way by following this guide.

Q: Is there another way to opt out besides through Intelius?

A: You can try contacting ZabaSearch directly via phone, email, or submitting a formal data removal request through their site. Use these alternative options if needed.

Q: Can I remove someone else’s information from ZabaSearch?

A: Yes, you can follow this opt-out process on behalf of someone else, like a child or elderly family member. Just enter their details instead of your own when submitting the request.

Hopefully these FAQs covered some of your additional questions! Feel free to reach out if you need any other help getting removed from ZabaSearch.