Xnspy vs mSpy: Which Is the Best Spy App for Your Monitoring Needs?

March 28, 2024

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Are you in search of the best spy app for your monitoring needs? Look no further than Xnspy and mSpy. As two of the top spyware options on the market, these apps offer robust tracking features to help you keep tabs on your loved ones or employees.

But which one should you choose – Xnspy or mSpy? In this ultimate comparison guide, we’ll break down the key similarities and differences between these powerful spy apps to help you make an informed decision.

Key Takeaways

  • Xnspy and mSpy are two leading spy apps with advanced monitoring capabilities
  • Both apps offer features like call tracking, SMS monitoring, GPS location, and more
  • Xnspy has a slight edge in affordability, while mSpy offers more social media coverage
  • Compatibility, user experience, and customer support are other key factors to consider
  • Choosing the best spy app depends on your specific needs, budget, and target device

Understanding Spy Apps: Xnspy and mSpy

What exactly are spy apps and how do Xnspy and mSpy work? These mobile surveillance applications allow you to remotely monitor activity on a target device, including:

  • Phone calls and SMS messages
  • Emails and instant chats
  • GPS location and geofencing
  • Social media activity
  • Photos, videos, and files
  • Browser history and bookmarks
  • Keystrokes and app usage

Xnspy and mSpy are both powerful yet user-friendly spy apps compatible with Android and iOS devices. By installing the app on the phone or tablet you want to track, you can discreetly view all activity via a web-based control panel.

While there are many spyware options available, Xnspy and mSpy stand out for their advanced features, reliability, and excellent customer support. But they’re not identical, so let’s take a closer look at how they compare.

Xnspy Review

First up in our Xnspy vs mSpy showdown is an in-depth review of Xnspy. As one of the most popular spyware solutions, Xnspy packs in a impressive range of surveillance features at affordable prices.


Some of Xnspy’s key capabilities include:

  • Call Recording & Logs
  • SMS & IMs Tracking
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Geofencing Alerts
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Photos & Videos Tracking
  • Emails & Browser History
  • Wi-Fi Network Logs
  • Keylogger & Screenshots

One standout feature is Xnspy’s ability to record phone calls and surroundings. You can also set geofence boundaries and get alerts if the device enters or leaves specified zones. The app’s coverage of social platforms and IM apps is fairly comprehensive as well.


In terms of pricing, Xnspy offers some of the most competitive rates among top spyware apps. Subscription options include:

  • Monthly: $4.99 Basic, $7.49 Premium
  • Quarterly: $23.99 Basic, $59.99 Premium
  • Yearly: $87.99 Basic, $155.88 Premium

The main difference between Basic and Premium plans is that Premium includes a few advanced features like call recording, keylogger, and remote photo capture. For most users, the Basic subscription provides plenty of functionality.

Keep in mind these prices are per device, so monitoring multiple phones will require separate licenses. Overall though, Xnspy is one of the most affordable spy apps considering its features.

mSpy Review

Not to be outdone, mSpy is another leading spyware app that makes a strong case in the Xnspy vs mSpy debate. Let’s see how this powerful monitoring tool stacks up.


Like its rival Xnspy, mSpy covers all the essential surveillance features, including:

  • Call & SMS Tracking
  • GPS Location Monitoring
  • IM & Social Media Tracking
  • Emails & Browser History
  • Photos & Videos Access
  • Keylogger & App Blocking
  • Website Blocking

One area where mSpy has an advantage is its compatibility with a few additional IM and social media apps like Telegram, Tinder, and Snapchat. The app also includes handy remote control features for blocking websites and apps on the target device.

However, mSpy does lack a couple of capabilities that Xnspy offers, namely call recording and capturing surround audio. So there are some tradeoffs to consider in the mSpy vs Xnspy feature comparison.


Here’s a breakdown of mSpy’s current subscription options and prices:

  • Basic: $29.99/month
  • Premium: $69.99/month
  • Family Kit: $359.97 for 3 months

The Basic plan only covers a limited set of features, so most users will need to opt for the pricier Premium plan for full functionality. The Family Kit allows monitoring up to 3 devices, so it offers some savings for tracking multiple phones.

As you can see, mSpy’s plans are a fair bit more expensive than Xnspy across the board. The premium features may justify the cost for some, but budget-conscious buyers will find better value in Xnspy.

Comparing Xnspy vs mSpy

Now that we’ve reviewed both apps individually, let’s see how they directly compare across key factors like features, cost, ease of use, and support.


Both Xnspy and mSpy cover all the monitoring essentials, but there are some specific differences:

Call Recording
Surround Recording
Website Blocking
App Blocking
Remote Commands
Social AppsFewerMore
Instant MessengersFewerMore

So in summary, Xnspy has the edge for recording calls and surroundings, while mSpy supports a few extra social/IM apps and adds app/website blocking controls. But core features are very similar otherwise.


When it comes to cost, Xnspy is the clear winner with significantly more affordable plans across all subscription terms:

  • Xnspy Premium is $7.49/mo vs $69.99/mo for mSpy Premium
  • Xnspy’s yearly plan is almost half the cost of mSpy’s 3-month Family Kit
  • Even Xnspy Basic is less than 1/6 the price of mSpy Basic

While raw price isn’t everything, this cost difference will likely be a key deciding factor for many users, especially those on a tighter budget.


Xnspy and mSpy are both compatible with Android and iOS on most modern devices. However, there are a few differences:

  • mSpy supports up to Android 10 vs 9 for Xnspy
  • Xnspy supports up to iOS 8.4, while mSpy covers all iOS versions
  • Xnspy has a non-jailbroken version for up to iOS 11

So Xnspy has a slight edge for no-jailbreak solutions on iOS while mSpy wins for cutting-edge Android compatibility.

Ease of Use

Both apps are fairly simple to install and use. The setup wizards walk you through configuration and their web dashboards are well organized.

Xnspy may have an advantage for remote installation on iOS. And some users find its interface to be more visually appealing and intuitive. But ease of use is quite comparable overall.

Customer Support

Reliable tech support is crucial for spy apps since they are rather technical tools. The good news is that both Xnspy and mSpy offer 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and live chat.

Xnspy does have a subtle edge in our experience – its reps seem slightly more knowledgeable and responsive on average. But both teams provide satisfactory service overall.

Xnspy vs mSpy: The Final Verdict

So where do we land on the Xnspy vs mSpy question? Ultimately, both are powerful, reliable spy apps that get the job done for mobile monitoring. You can’t go wrong with either choice.

That said, for most users, we give the nod to Xnspy as the overall best spy app. It checks all the core feature boxes, provides great user experience, and offers the best value for your money.

mSpy is a worthy alternative if you need its unique features such as call blocking and Snapchat monitoring. But be prepared to pay a hefty premium over Xnspy’s more affordable plans.

While both Xnspy and mSpy have powerful monitoring capabilities, we recommend Xnspy as the best all-around choice for its excellent features, affordability, and usability. However, mSpy is a strong contender if you need its exclusive capabilities and don’t mind paying more. Be sure to also check out our Xnspy vs FlexiSPY, Xnspy vs Spyzie, mSpy vs Spyic, mSpy vs iKeyMonitor, mSpy vs Cocospy and Umobix vs mSpy comparisons for more options.

Xnspy vs mSpy FAQ

Here are answers to some common questions about Xnspy and mSpy to round out our comparison:

The legality of using spy apps depends on your exact situation and jurisdiction. In general, it’s legal to monitor your own child’s smart phone or company-owned device given to your employee. But unlawful surveillance can have serious consequences. Always consult a lawyer if in doubt.

Can I use Xnspy or mSpy remotely?

Both Xnspy and mSpy require physical access to the target phone for initial setup on Android. For iOS, Xnspy allows remote installation while mSpy needs access to the device.

Will the user know Xnspy or mSpy is installed?

No, both Xnspy and mSpy operate stealthily in the background without any visible signs to the device owner. The app icon is hidden after setup.

What if my device isn’t supported?

If your device isn’t listed as compatible, contact the Xnspy or mSpy support team. In some cases, the app may still work even if it’s not officially supported.

How long does the license last?

Your subscription will last for the term you purchase – monthly, quarterly, or yearly. You can renew at the end of the license period to continue monitoring.

Can I monitor multiple devices?

Both Xnspy and mSpy allow monitoring multiple devices, but you need a separate license for each phone or tablet. mSpy does offer a Family Kit for monitoring up to 3 devices.

Is my data secure?

Yes, Xnspy and mSpy use top-grade encryption to protect your data. They also have strict privacy policies against sharing your information with any third parties.