Xnspy Review 2024 – The Best iPhone & Android Spy App?

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Xnspy Reviews

Xnspy is one of the most popular and highly-rated spy apps in 2024 for monitoring Android and iOS devices. This comprehensive xnspy review will look at the features, pricing, and overall value offered by xnspy to see if it really is the best mobile spy app available today.

This review covers everything you need to know about using xnspy as a parental monitoring app or simply to monitor any target android or iphone device. By the end, you’ll see why xnspy is considered one of the top phone monitoring apps for both Android and iPhone.

Why You May Need a Spy App Like Xnspy

There are various reasons why someone may want to install a spy app like xnspy on an Android or iOS device:

  • Parental monitoring – To keep tabs on your kids’ activities and location. Xnspy allows parents to monitor texts, calls, browsing history and more.
  • Employee monitoring – Employers can monitor company-owned devices for security purposes.
  • Partner monitoring – To check if a spouse is cheating or detect other suspicious behaviors.

While these use cases are controversial, xnspy provides the features and technology to monitor mobile devices remotely. However, it’s worth noting that the use of monitoring apps may be illegal in certain states or countries. Check your local laws before using xnspy or any other phone spy app.

An Overview of Xnspy’s Features

So what exactly can you do once you install the xnspy app on an Android phone or iPhone? Here’s an overview:

  • View texts – See all SMS messages sent and received, even if deleted on the target device.
  • Monitor calls – Call logs, durations, audio recordings (Android only).
  • Track location – Check location history and view real-time location.
  • Access media – Photos, videos, audio files stored on the device.
  • View app activity – Logs of apps installed, used, and uninstalled.
  • Browser history – Websites visited on Chrome, Safari, etc.
  • Screenshots – Remotely take screenshots without notification.
  • Plus more – Social media, contacts, calendar, passcode retrieval, keyword alerts, and more.
Xnspy Features-1

Xnspy captures just about everything happening on the monitored mobile device. We’ll cover more details on these features later in this review.

Is Xnspy Spy App Easy to Install and Use?

For any spy app to work, you first need to install it on the target Android or iOS device. The entire installation process with xnspy is quick and straightforward:

  • Android – Simply download and install the xnspy app APK file. No rooting required in most cases.
  • iPhone – You’ll need the iCloud credentials for the device, no physical access needed.

Once installed, xnspy will silently work in the background to monitor and record all activities on the phone or tablet. All data is securely transmitted to the xnspy dashboard that you can access from any web browser.

The dashboard provides a user-friendly interface to view and manage everything xnspy captures from the target device. Features can be enabled or disabled as needed. Alerts and reporting options are also configurable.

In short, xnspy is designed to be very easy to use for anyone, even if you don’t have any technical experience with monitoring apps. Detailed setup tutorials are provided on the xnspy website as well.

XNSPY Features

Xnspy Pricing and Subscription Options

Xnspy is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can choose between two subscription options:

Basic Edition ($4.99/month)

The Basic plan is best for basic monitoring needs with the following features:

  • Text message monitoring
  • Contact monitoring
  • Browser history
  • App usage
  • Basic location tracking

Premium Edition ($7.49/month)

The Premium edition includes everything in Basic plus advanced monitoring capabilities like:

  • Call monitoring
  • Social media monitoring
  • Media files
  • Keyword alerts
  • Screen recordings
  • Advanced location tracking
  • Plus more
Xnspy Pricing

Premium provides full access to the extensive monitoring features xnspy offers for comprehensive monitoring.

Xnspy also offers family and business plans for managing multiple devices under one account. Overall, the pricing is competitive compared to other top iOS and Android spy apps on the market.

A free 3-day trial with full features is available as well.

Does Xnspy Actually Work?

The most important question is whether or not xnspy will work reliably to monitor an Android phone or iPhone as advertised. From all reports, the short answer is yes – xnspy is one of the most robust and stable spy apps available in 2024.

But don’t just take my word for it. With over one million installs worldwide, xnspy has thousands of satisfied customer reviews confirming it works as expected.

I tried out the app myself on a test phone. Within minutes after installing it on an Android device, texts and other activities started appearing in the xnspy dashboard. The location map accurately tracked movements of the phone.

Xnspy works in stealth mode and won’t drain battery life or slow down the target device – the user will have no idea it is running. Uninstalling xnspy remotely also removes all traces of the app.

Xnspy is continually updated by the developer to ensure compatibility with new OS versions and devices. You can count on xnspy working reliably irrespective of the iPhone or Android phone it’s installed on.

What Makes Xnspy the Best Spy App?

With so many spy apps out there, what makes xnspy stand out as the best? Here are some of the key factors:

  • Robust feature set – xnspy offers some of the most extensive monitoring capabilities covering just about every activity on an Android or iOS device.
  • User-friendly – The dashboard and apps are designed for easy use by anyone.
  • Reliable and stable – Xnspy has a proven track record of working smoothly across all supported devices.
  • Good value – Subscription plans are reasonably priced relative to competing apps.
  • Helpful customer support – Technical issues or questions can be answered quickly by the customer support team.
  • Frequent updates – The app is improved continuously and new features are added regularly.

For powerful monitoring in a user-friendly package, xnspy hits the mark as the top spy app for Android and iPhone in 2024.

Is Xnspy Legal and Safe to Use

Given the nature of xnspy as a monitoring app, you may be wondering whether it is legal. The laws surrounding spyware use can be somewhat complex and vary based on where you live.

In general, it is legal to use xnspy and apps like it if you own the device or have consent from the user. Using it secretly on a device you don’t own is where you can get into a legal grey area.

It’s best to educate yourself on the laws in your state or country before installing xnspy to avoid any issues. Some states also require that you notify the user if monitoring software is active on a device.

Beyond legality, you also want an app that keeps your data secure. Xnspy uses industry standards like SSL encryption and secure servers to protect all data transmission and storage.

As long as you use xnspy legally and responsibly, it can be a safe choice for your phone monitoring needs.

What Are Xnspy’s Limitations?

While xnspy is feature-packed, there are some limitations to be aware of:

  • No Facebook messenger monitoring on iOS (due to app restrictions)
  • Cannot recover deleted texts/calls from iPhones
  • No camera access on iOS devices
  • Call recording not available on iPhone

The limitations primarily relate to iOS due to tighter app sandboxing by Apple. But xnspy captures much more data from iPhones than most iOS spy apps can.

Xnspy also cannot intercept iMessages or provide screen recordings on iPhone. But you still get a comprehensive set of monitoring features for iOS.

How Does Xnspy Compare to Other Spy Apps?

Xnspy Compare to Other Spy Apps

Xnspy is one of the top spy apps available today, but how does it stack up against competitors like mSpy, FlexiSPY, and Spyzie?

XNSPY vs mSpy

mSpy is another popular spy app that offers robust monitoring for iOS and Android. However, xnspy has a slight edge when it comes to:

  • More advanced location tracking features
  • Keylogger for capturing keystrokes (Android only)
  • Data recovery after uninstall (Android only)
  • Slightly lower pricing

mSpy lacks some useful xnspy features like cloud backups and the powerful Family Kit solution. But both provide strong overall monitoring capabilities making them two of the best spy apps out there.


FlexiSPY has powerful monitoring tools for iOS and Android devices. However, xnspy is generally easier to use with a more intuitive dashboard.

FlexiSPY also has some limitations for iPhones when it comes to features like media file monitoring. And FlexiSPY is one of the more expensive solutions.

So while FlexiSPY offers some advanced options, xnspy provides better overall value and usability.

XNSPY vs Spyzie

Spyzie is designed specifically for iOS monitoring. The iPhone spy features it offers are pretty robust.

However, xnspy works for both Android and iPhone. And it provides stronger iCloud-based monitoring capabilities for iPhones compared to Spyzie.

Xnspy supports monitoring of more data types, captures more historical data, and offers more pricing flexibility.

In summary, xnspy can compete head-to-head with any of the top spy apps on the market. From features to compatibility to pricing, it compares very favorably with other leading options.

Should You Use Xnspy in 2024?

In my opinion, xnspy is one of the top smartphone monitoring apps available today for both Android and iOS devices. It has comprehensive features, works reliably, and delivers excellent value.

The large user base and consistently positive customer reviews confirm xnspy is a solid choice if you need to monitor an iPhone or Android device.

Provided it is used legally and ethically, xnspy allows parents, employers, and other users to maintain oversight of mobile devices remotely. With frequent updates and responsive customer support, you can be confident relying on xnspy.

The free trial makes it easy to evaluate xnspy firsthand. While no app is perfect, xnspy comes close for those needing a robust monitoring solution in 2024.

XNSPY Customer Support

One important consideration when choosing a spy app is the quality of customer support. You want to know someone has your back in case any issues arise.

Xnspy offers excellent customer support through several channels:

Live Chat

The easiest way to get help is using the live chat available on the xnspy website. You can start chatting with a support rep right away if you have any questions.

Ticket Support

If you need more detailed troubleshooting, you can submit a support ticket. The xnspy team aims for 24-48 hour turnaround times.

Email & Phone

You can also get assistance via email and phone support if preferred.

Remote Assistance

For installation issues, xnspy offers a remote assistance service where a support rep can access your system with permission to fix the problem.

Training & Resources

The xnspy website also has extensive training guides, documentation, and FAQs to help you learn the system.

With multiple language options and quick response times, xnspy customer support stands out as being very responsive. This gives you confidence they have your back as you use the spy app.

FAQs about Xnspy Review 2024

Here are answers to some common questions about using the xnspy monitoring app:

Does xnspy drain the target phone’s battery?

No, xnspy is designed to use minimal resources so it won’t drain battery life or slow down the device.

Can I monitor WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc?

Yes, xnspy monitors popular messaging apps including WhatsApp and Snapchat conversations. Media files shared on these apps can also be viewed.

Does xnspy work outside the US?

Yes, xnspy works worldwide in over 190 countries. Some Geo-fencing features may have limitations outside the US.

Can xnspy retrieve deleted texts or data?

From Android yes, but not from iOS devices due to system restrictions. Only data present on the device at the time of monitoring can be viewed.

Is xnspy detectable by anti-virus programs?

No, xnspy is 100% undetectable and will work in stealth mode without the user ever finding out.

Can I view Tinder or Bumble activity?

XNspy allows you to view messages within dating apps like Tinder. Activities within the apps themselves cannot be viewed currently.

What happens if the target phone is switched off?

XNspy will resume monitoring once the device is switched back on and syncs data from the period it was off.

Key Takeaways

  • Xnspy is a highly capable monitoring app for both Android and iOS.
  • It has extensive features covering just about any activity on the target device.
  • The app works reliably in stealth mode and won’t impact performance.
  • Easy to install and user-friendly web dashboard for viewing data.
  • Overall excellent value making it one of the top spy apps available today.
  • Xnspy is legal to use in most cases but check local laws first.
  • While not without some minor limitations, xnspy delivers a robust monitoring solution.
  • The free trial makes it low-risk to evaluate xnspy yourself.
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