Xnore Review: Is This Spy App Worth Trying in 2024?

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Xnore Review

As a concerned parent, you want to keep your kids safe and know what they are up to. Monitoring apps like Xnore claim to give you visibility into their digital lives. But how well do these spy apps really work? And are they even legal and ethical to use?

In this comprehensive Xnore review, we’ll cover everything you need to know.

By the end, you’ll understand exactly what Xnore brings to the table, whether it fits your needs, and how it compares to competitors. Let’s dive in!

What is Xnore and How Does it Work?


Xnore markets itself as cell phone monitoring software for parents and employers. It enables tracking a smartphone or tablet without the user’s knowledge.

The app records the target device’s activities like calls, texts, location, apps, and more. This data transmits to an online dashboard for remote viewing.

Xnore runs completely in stealth mode. It does not show up on the device’s app list once installed. The person using the monitored phone remains unaware as it passively collects information in the background.

To use Xnore, you first create an account on their website. Here you can choose subscription plans and gain access to the dashboard.

Next, you need to download and install the app on the target device. This does require brief physical access to the phone or tablet.

Finally, collected data will start populating in the Xnore dashboard. You can access the panel via any web browser with your login credentials. It lets you monitor the target device from anywhere.

This allows parents to track kids’ activities like texts, calls, locations visited, apps downloaded, and web history. Employers can also watch workers through company-owned devices.

Xnore Features: What Can This Spy App Really Do?

Xnore comes packed with various monitoring features targeted at parents and employers. Let’s look at what this app can track:


  • SMS – View all SMS messages sent and received, even if deleted on the device.
  • Messaging Apps – Spy on messages in apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, and more.
  • Emails – Read emails sent and received from accounts on the device.

Location Tracking

  • Real-time GPS – Check location on a live map throughout the day.
  • Location History – Look back through places visited with timestamped data.
  • Geofencing – Get alerts when the device enters or leaves a specified area.

Call Monitoring

  • Call Logs – Time, duration, and phone numbers for all incoming/outgoing calls.
  • Record Calls – Listen to call recordings (if enabled).
  • Ambient Listening – Remotely activate the mic to hear surroundings.

Media and Files

  • Photos – View images saved on the device or uploaded online.
  • Videos – Watch videos stored locally or shared through apps.
  • Files – See downloads and files exchanged through messaging apps.

App and Website Tracking

  • Web History – Get a list of all websites visited on the device.
  • Keylogger – View text entered into websites and apps.
  • Apps – See list of apps installed and opened on the target phone.
  • Blocking – Restrict usage for certain websites and apps.

Time Monitoring

  • Screen Time – Get daily and weekly usage reports showing device unlocks and app categories.
  • Time Limits – Set time restrictions for overall or per-app usage.
  • Schedules – Control when certain apps can or cannot be accessed.

Additional Features

  • Remote commands like wiping data or locking the device
  • Discreet icon hiding
  • Alerts for SIM card or app changes
  • Non-Jailbreak support for iOS devices
  • Stealth camera image capture

With this extensive set of monitoring capabilities, Xnore provides comprehensive visibility into your child’s or employee’s mobile activities. The features work on both Android and iOS devices.

How to Install Xnore: A Step-by-Step Guide

xnore steps

Installing Xnore to start tracking a phone requires a few simple steps:

Step 1: Create an Account

Go to Xnore’s website and sign up for a new account. Here you’ll choose your subscription plan.

Step 2: Download the App

Check your email for login details and download Xnore from their site. You’ll get a direct link to the latest Android or iOS app file.

Step 3: Install on the Target Device

This is the trickiest part. You’ll need about 5-10 minutes physical access to the target phone or tablet. Unlock it and install Xnore – follow the prompts during setup.

Step 4: Hide the App Icon

Once installed, Xnore will appear on the device’s menu. You can optionally hide this icon so the app runs in the complete background.

Step 5: Start Monitoring!

Now you’re all set! Just log into your Xnore dashboard from any browser to start tracking the target phone.

And that’s all there is to it. The installation process is quick and straightforward. Within minutes you can start monitoring your child or employee through the remote dashboard.

How Much Does Xnore Cost? Pricing and Plans Explained

Xnore offers three subscription choices at different price points:

Plan1 Month Price1 Year Price
Family Kit$69.99/month$399.99/year

The Basic plan covers one device with Xnore’s core set of tracking features like GPS location, texts, call logs, apps, websites, photos, and more. This is suitable for monitoring your child’s or employee’s smartphone.

The Premium plan builds on the Basic features with additions like social media monitoring, ambient recording, and app/site blocking. It adds deeper tracking abilities.

Finally, the Family Kit bundles licenses for 5 devices so you can monitor multiple kids or employees under one account. This is the most cost-effective plan for full family coverage.

Xnore does not offer any free trial period. You have to pay for at least one month upfront. Also, the yearly plans require a lump-sum annual payment rather than monthly billing.

When comparing with competitors, Xnore sits at a relatively premium price point. Apps like Spyic and Spyzie cost less across equivalent plans.

Overall the pricing is quite steep. You end up paying $200+ per year for comprehensive monitoring of just one device. Family kits run nearly $400/year. Hence budgets play an important role in choosing Xnore.

Xnore Pros and Cons: Key Things to Know Before Installing

To help summarize this Xnore review, here’s a quick rundown of the spy app’s main pros and cons:

Xnore Pros

  • Powerful features cover monitoring of texts, calls, GPS, apps, websites, and more
  • Dashboard provides convenient remote access from any browser
  • Discreet icon hiding and alert capabilities
  • Works without rooting on Android and jailbreaking on iOS
  • Support for multiple devices with family kit plans

Xnore Cons

  • No free trial offered to test out the app first
  • Must pay high annual fee upfront for yearly plans
  • Requires brief physical access to install on target device
  • Missing some convenience features like cloud backups or parental advice
  • More expensive than competing products with similar capabilities

Before rushing into using Xnore or apps like it, you must evaluate the legal and ethical concerns. Spying on other people’s devices is a very gray area.

The Legality of Xnore

  • In the US, it is legal for parents to monitor their minor children’s phone activities with their consent.
  • For employer-provided devices, monitoring is legal with clear notice to employees.
  • Spying on your spouse’s phone, even if you pay for it, may breach wiretapping laws.
  • You should avoid tracking other adults, friends or partners without their knowledge to prevent legal issues.

Ethical Usage of Xnore

Some ethical aspects to consider:

  • The app allows potentially invasive surveillance of highly personal data.
  • It removes privacy, controls, and informed consent from the monitored person.
  • Constant monitoring can damage trust between parent-child or employer-employee.
  • Data collection should be transparent, limited to necessary scope, and handled securely.
  • Explicitly communicate rules and boundaries instead of relying solely on spying.

Xnore Alternatives: Top Competitors to Consider

Xnore isn’t your only option. Here are some top alternatives offering similar monitoring abilities:

AppKey FeaturesPricing
SpyicComprehensive features, affordable pricing, works in stealth$39.99/month
SpyzieTracks iOS and Android, free live demo, easy to use$39.99/month
FamiSafeParental controls-focused, blocks risky apps/sites, work/life balance$7.99-$9.99/month
mSpyCall and ambient recording, hidden mode, money-back guarantee$16.66-$299/month

Spyic and Spyzie offer the most robust capabilities at significantly lower prices than Xnore. They lack some convenience features but provide excellent value overall.

FamiSafe focuses more on parental control tools like app-blocking and screen time limits. It costs a fraction of Xnore’s price.

mSpy has unique features like call/ambient recording and money-back guarantee.

Each has pros and cons to weigh for your specific needs. Trying out free trials of multiple apps is recommended.

Key Takeaways: Main Highlights from Our Xnore Review

To recap key points from this detailed review:

  • Xnore is capable monitoring software with extensive tracking abilities like texts, GPS, calls, apps, websites, media files, and more.
  • Setup requires brief physical access and then provides complete remote monitoring through a web dashboard.
  • It runs discretely in the background on both iOS and Android without app icons.
  • Xnore has relatively high subscription prices starting from $25/month. Multi-device plans are expensive.
  • Legal usage is limited to consenting minors and company devices with notice. Avoid unethical spying.
  • Powerful alternatives like Spyic and Spyzie offer similar features for nearly 50% cheaper.
  • Extensive device monitoring carries risks of invading privacy and eroding trust. Use responsibly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Xnore Spy App

Here are answers to some common questions about using Xnore:

Q1. Does Xnore work on both iPhones and Android phones?

Yes, Xnore has native apps both for Android and iOS. It can monitor iPhones without needing them to be jailbroken.

Q2. Can the app be detected by antivirus or the user?

Xnore is designed to work discretely in the background without detection. It will not show up on antivirus scans or be visible on the device.

Q3. What activities can Xnore track on an iPhone?

For iPhones, Xnore can track texts, calls, GPS location, browser history, app usage, photos, videos, and social media through the Safari browser. Email and iMessage monitoring may require additional access.

Q4. Is rooting or jailbreaking required to install Xnore?

No, you can install Xnore without rooting Android or jailbreaking iOS. However, some advanced monitoring features may need device root access to work.

Q5. Can I read someone’s WhatsApp chats with Xnore?

Xnore allows you to view WhatsApp chats on a monitored Android phone easily. For iPhones, browser-based WhatsApp Web monitoring is possible but limited compared to the full app.

Q6. How long does the Xnore app battery last?

Excessive background monitoring does drain some additional battery on the target device. Optimizing settings to disable unneeded tracking can improve battery life.

Q7. Can I get a refund if I don’t like Xnore?

No, Xnore does not appear to offer refunds once you purchase a subscription plan. This makes trying before buying impossible.

Q8. What happens if Xnore gets uninstalled from the target phone?

You will receive an alert in your Xnore dashboard if the app gets uninstalled. Physical access will be needed again to reinstall it for continuous monitoring.

Q9. Is Xnore detectable on phone bills?

No, Xnore data usage will not show up on the phone’s bill or data usage logs. The app transfers small amounts of encrypted data without being obvious.

Q10. Can I monitor a phone remotely without installing software?

No, remote monitoring is not possible without some app like Xnore installed on the target device to extract its data. Physical access is always required.

Don’t Take Mobile Monitoring Lightly

Spy apps like Xnore make it disturbingly easy to intrude into someone’s digital life without consent. While legal in limited cases, you should carefully weigh the ethics and approach monitoring with thoughtfulness.

Prioritize open communication with your kids over surveillance. Ensure employees understand company device policies. And abstain from unethical spying on friends or partners at all costs.

If you do proceed, choose monitoring software like Xnore cautiously based on your genuine needs and budget constraints. Never abuse these powerful tools – with discretion and wisdom, they can offer some peace of mind. But ultimately, nurturing trust with empathy should be the priority.

In the race to be connected, our human relationships must still come first. Technology use flourishes best within healthy boundaries.

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