What is PeekYou? An In-Depth Guide on the People Search Engine

November 27, 2023

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PeekYou is a people search engine that lets you look up information about people online. With PeekYou, you can search for someone by name, username, phone number, or email address to find details like their age, location, social media profiles, photos, and more.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about PeekYou.

What is PeekYou and How Does it Work?


PeekYou is a free online people search engine launched in 2006. It aims to help users connect with long lost friends, family members, old classmates and more by searching for their name, username, or phone number.

Here’s an overview of how PeekYou works:

  • Users visit the PeekYou website and enter a first name, last name, username, phone number or email address into the search bar.
  • PeekYou scans its database as well as public information on the web to find matching profiles and information related to that person.
  • The search results display the person’s name, age, location, social media profiles, photos, websites, blog links and more.
  • Users can browse through the results to identify the correct person and view their online footprint.

PeekYou sources its data from public records, social networking sites, court records, blogs, news sites and other people search sites. It claims to have over 250 million user profiles in its database.

One unique feature of PeekYou is the ability to search by social media username. For example, you can enter someone’s Twitter or Instagram handle to pull up their PeekYou profile. This makes it easy to identify people with common names.

What Kind of Personal Information Can You Find on PeekYou?

PeekYou provides a comprehensive snapshot of a person’s online presence by aggregating data from numerous sources. Here are some examples of the personal details you may find in a PeekYou search:

  • Basic Information: Full name, age, gender, location, aliases or previous names
  • Family and Relationships: Names of possible relatives and connections to others with similar names
  • Social Media: Links and usernames for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social networks
  • Websites: Personal websites, blogs and web forum profiles
  • Professional Info: Employer names, job titles and business details
  • Other Info: Phone numbers, email addresses, interests/hobbies, education history
  • Photos: Profile pictures, photos posted publicly on social media and other sites
  • Court Records: Criminal records, bankruptcies, divorces, lawsuits

Keep in mind that the amount of information available will vary person by person, depending on their internet footprint. But PeekYou provides one of the most comprehensive snapshots of a person’s online presence available today.

Is PeekYou Safe and Legal to Use?

PeekYou gathers its data from publicly available sources rather than private records or hacking. So using the site does not break any laws. However, there are a few privacy concerns to keep in mind:

  • The data may be outdated or incorrect – Always verify info independently.
  • Personal details are aggregated in one place – This makes you more searchable.
  • Your search history is tracked – PeekYou logs your searches.
  • Information can be used without your knowledge – PeekYou may share or sell data.
  • Once online, info can spread quickly – What’s public now may go viral.

While PeekYou is legal, you should use it carefully and understand the privacy risks. Do not make any life or business decisions based solely on PeekYou results without further verification. For example, PeekYou does not notify people when you search for them.

How to Remove Yourself from PeekYou

If you are uncomfortable having your personal details available on PeekYou, you can request to have your information removed by opting out. Here is the process:

1. Go to the PeekYou website and search for your name. Open your profile page.

search for your name on Peekyou

2. Click on “Opt Out” located in the top right corner of your profile.

Click on "Opt Out" located in the top right corner of your profile

3. Enter your email address and click submit. Use a burner email account not associated with your name.

Enter your email address and click submit

4. Wait 1-2 days for PeekYou to process your request and remove your profile.

You can also visit the “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” page and submit the opt-out form to prevent PeekYou from selling your data. However, information may still appear in search results until you fully opt out of the people search engine itself.

Top PeekYou Alternatives

PeekYou isn’t the only people search engine out there. Here are some top alternatives to consider:

  • Spokeo – Wide range of personal search options and report types.
  • SearchBug – Comprehensive reports with social media integration.
  • Intelius – Includes hard-to-find phone numbers and email addresses.
  • TruthFinder – Focuses on contact info, criminal checks and net worth.
  • ZabaSearch – Specializes in finding people’s present location.
  • Radaris – International search with interactive family trees.
  • PeopleFinders – Known for public records like marriages and divorces.

Compare features like data accuracy, result details, pricing, reputation, interface and more to choose the right people search for your needs. Test a few out to see which one you like best.

FAQs About PeekYou

How accurate is the information on PeekYou?

The accuracy varies. Much of the data comes from public sources and records, which can often be outdated or contain errors. Always verify anything important.

Does PeekYou include international searches?

No, PeekYou is focused on searching for people in the United States. For international searches, try sites like Radaris or PeopleFinders.

Is there a mobile app for PeekYou?

Currently there is no official PeekYou mobile app. However, the mobile website works well for searching PeekYou on your smartphone or tablet.

Can I see who searched for me on PeekYou?

Unfortunately, PeekYou does not provide any way to see who has searched for you or viewed your profile page. The service is anonymous.

Does PeekYou remove information if requested?

Yes, PeekYou allows you to opt-out and request removal of your name and profile from their database. Just use their online opt-out form.

Is PeekYou better than Spokeo?

There is no definitive “best” people search engine. PeekYou and Spokeo have similar data but vary in their specific search options and results. Try both to see which one you prefer.

How does PeekYou make money?

Like many free services, PeekYou generates revenue through advertising and paid subscriptions that offer additional search tools and reports. They likely also earn revenue selling data.

Can I see my own PeekYou profile?

Yes, just search for yourself on the site and you can view the profile PeekYou has assembled about you based on publicly available information.

Key Takeaways About PeekYou

  • PeekYou is a people search engine that aggregates public info into detailed profiles.
  • You can find personal details like locations, contact info, photos, relatives and more.
  • Treat search results as clues to guide your own independent verification.
  • Understand the privacy risks – your data can spread quickly online.
  • Opt out if you are uncomfortable with your PeekYou profile.
  • Compare PeekYou to alternatives like Spokeo to choose the best people search.
  • Use people search engines carefully as part of a broader investigation process.


PeekYou offers a unique way to search for details about people across the internet. While it can help you reconnect or learn more about friends, long lost relatives, or even strangers, remember to use it responsibly.

Verify any important information independently before reaching out or making life decisions. Be mindful that search results reflect details people may wish to keep private. Approach your investigative searches with empathy.

Now that you know the ins and outs of how PeekYou works, you can use it as one helpful tool in your research process while staying mindful of privacy considerations.