WebWatcher Review: Ultimate Guide to Monitoring Phones and Computers

March 9, 2024

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WebWatcher is a popular smartphone and computer monitoring tool used by parents, employers, and others to track activity on devices. This comprehensive WebWatcher review covers everything you need to know: features, capabilities, pricing, pros and cons, and alternatives.

What is WebWatcher?


WebWatcher is a monitoring software that lets you track activity on smartphones, tablets, and computers. It captures data like texts, calls, location, app usage, web history, keystrokes, screenshots, and more.

The tool is designed for:

  • Parents – To monitor their kids’ online activities for safety.
  • Employers – To track employees’ use of company-owned devices.
  • Partners – To monitor a spouse if infidelity is suspected.

WebWatcher works by secretly installing on the target device to log activity. The data can then be viewed through an online dashboard or app. It runs in stealth mode, making it difficult to detect.

Now let’s dive into WebWatcher’s key features and capabilities.

WebWatcher Features and Capabilities

Webwatcher Features And Capabilities

Here are the main monitoring features offered by WebWatcher:

Calls and Texts

  • Logs all incoming/outgoing calls with numbers and duration
  • Records text messages (SMS) content
  • Works on both smartphones and computers

Location Tracking

  • Tracks the location of the target device in real-time
  • Shows locations visited on a map
  • Geofencing alerts when entering/leaving set areas

Internet and App Monitoring

  • Records web browsing history and searches
  • Takes screenshots while web browsing
  • Logs activity within social media, chat, and messaging apps
  • Monitors apps downloaded and used

Keylogger and Screenshots

  • Keylogger captures all keystrokes typed
  • Takes screenshots at set intervals
  • Grabs screenshots when keywords are typed

Media and Files

  • Allows access to photos, videos and files
  • Monitors cloud storage services like Dropbox

Stealth Mode

  • Runs discreetly in the background
  • Difficult to detect on target device
  • Data logs are encrypted before transmission

WebWatcher captures comprehensive data on the target device’s activities – both on mobile and computers. Next let’s look at the available subscription plans.

WebWatcher Subscription Plans and Pricing

Webwatcher Subscription Plans And Pricing

WebWatcher offers monthly subscription plans for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Chromebook monitoring. Here are the current pricing options:

Device Type1 Month Price1 Year Price
Android Phone$10.83/month$129.95/year
Windows PC$10.83/month$129.95/year
  • Monthly plans renew automatically
  • 1 year plans offer large ~40% discounts
  • Must buy separate plans for each device monitored
  • 7 day free trial available

The monthly prices may seem expensive at first glance. But the discounted 1 year plans offer better long-term value if you need ongoing monitoring.

Now let’s look at the main pros and cons of using WebWatcher as your activity monitoring tool.

WebWatcher Pros

  • Works on iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, Chromebooks
  • Real-time GPS location tracking
  • Call, text, social media monitoring
  • Screenshots and keylogger on computers
  • Alert word monitoring and screenshots
  • 7 day free trial available
  • Discounted 1 year plan pricing
  • Easy online dashboard access

WebWatcher Cons

  • Expensive monthly pricing
  • Must purchase separate plans per device
  • Lagging and bugs reported by some users
  • Can be detectable by antivirus apps
  • Target may be able to uninstall
  • Jailbreaking not required but can help
  • Shorter feature list than some competitors

While WebWatcher offers robust capabilities, the pricing, potential bugs, and detectability issues are downsides to consider.

Next let’s walk through how to actually install and set up WebWatcher for monitoring.

How to Install WebWatcher

The process to install WebWatcher involves just a few steps:

1. Sign Up and Purchase Plan

First, go to WebWatcher.com and select your desired subscription plan. Complete signup and payment.

2. Install Monitoring Software

After logging into your account, you’ll be provided device setup instructions. For smartphones, this usually involves installing the WebWatcher app. For computers, install software like PC Monitor Pro.

3. View Dashboard

Once installed, WebWatcher begins recording activity on the target device. You can login to your WebWatcher dashboard on any web browser to view logs, location history, screenshots and more.

The monitoring software runs discretely in the background to capture data. With computers, more effort may be required to disable antivirus and other protections for full monitoring access.

Overall, WebWatcher installation is relatively quick and straightforward in most cases. Just be sure to follow their setup guides closely.

WebWatcher for Parental Monitoring

One of the most popular uses of WebWatcher is for parents to monitor their kids’ activities. The main parental controls and features include:

  • Monitor texts to see cyberbullying or risky conversations
  • View web browsing history to restrict inappropriate sites
  • Check location history to ensure kids are safe
  • Ensure kids don’t download unsafe apps or games
  • View social media usage to watch for predators
  • Alert word monitoring for concerning phrases
  • Gain insight on who your child is talking to

WebWatcher gives parents greater visibility into their kids’ digital lives. The peace of mind of knowing what your children are exposed to online is invaluable.

However, legal and ethical concerns exist around parental monitoring. Be sure to check local laws, and inform children they are being monitored if possible. If WebWatcher is deemed too intrusive, other parental control apps may be a better fit.

WebWatcher for Employers

WebWatcher is also used by businesses to track their employee’s activities on company-owned devices. Employers can:

  • Monitor time spent on non-work related websites
  • Increase productivity by restricting social media, games, etc.
  • Check employees aren’t leaking confidential data
  • Ensure company devices and data are being used properly
  • Limit legal liability from inappropriate employee behaviour

Employers have a duty to protect their digital assets, data, and reputation. In moderation, WebWatcher provides helpful oversight on work devices.

However, be cautious of overreach. Disclose monitoring policies, and check local employment laws allow tracking. Excessive monitoring without cause can decrease morale and trust.

WebWatcher Alternatives

While powerful, WebWatcher does have downsides like pricing, bugs, and detectability concerns reported by some users. Here are the top alternatives to consider:


  • More affordable pricing plans
  • Physical device access not required
  • 130+ features including advanced call recording


  • No jailbreaking or rooting required
  • Free live demo available
  • Powerful features with lower pricing


  • Tracks wider range of instant messaging apps
  • Block websites and apps
  • Similar pricing but wider range of features


  • Specializes in parental control features
  • Affordable plans start under $10/month
  • Filters websites and monitors searches

Each alternative has unique strengths and weaknesses depending on your needs. Do thorough research to select the best fit.

Is WebWatcher Detectable?

WebWatcher tries to operate discretely in stealth mode, but it can still potentially be detected in some cases:

  • Antivirus apps may identify the monitoring software
  • WebWatcher processes visible in task manager on computers
  • App icon visible on home screen of mobile devices
  • Activating airplane mode stops data transmission
  • Resetting device can uninstall WebWatcher entirely

WebWatcher does not require rooting or jailbreaking, which helps avoid detection. But tech savvy users have reported occasionally finding traces of its presence.

So while marketed as “undetectable”, take claims of being completely invisible with a grain of salt.

WebWatcher Laws and Legality

The legality of activity monitoring depends on your specific situation and location. Some general guidelines on WebWatcher legality include:

  • Parents – Typically legal to monitor your minor children.
  • Employers – Legal to monitor company-owned devices with notice.
  • Partners – Consent is required to monitor a spouse or partner.
  • Others – Monitoring without permission is often prohibited.

Check your state laws, as regulations vary. Unauthorized monitoring may breach wiretapping, cybercrime, or privacy laws.

Use WebWatcher ethically after ensuring you have the legal right to monitor that particular device and individual. Legal action can result otherwise.

WebWatcher Reviews from Users

When considering any monitoring software, it helps to check out reviews from real-world users about their experiences:

“I use WebWatcher to track my kids’ phones and it gives me great peace of mind. I can monitor their locations, app usage, who they’re talking to, and restrictions on sites. The dashboard is easy to use. Overall it does exactly what I need with no major issues so far.”

“As an employer, I use WebWatcher exclusively for tracking company owned phones and laptops. It helps me make sure employees stay productive during work hours by limiting social media and other distractions. It also reduces any legal liability on my part for misuse of company data. Overall it offers helpful oversight without being overly intrusive into personal affairs.”

“I tried out WebWatcher to monitor my wife’s cell phone due to some suspicions of infidelity. Unfortunately it was in fact detectable by antivirus software and she found out. It also had issues capturing data from some apps reliably. And the customer service was entirely unhelpful. I do not recommend WebWatcher at all based on my experience.”

While many find WebWatcher useful, legitimate complaints exist around detection issues, reliability bugs, lacklustre support, and difficulties getting refunds. Do your research before purchasing.

Key Takeaways and Conclusion

Here are the key points to remember about WebWatcher:

  • It allows comprehensive monitoring of smartphones, tablets and computers
  • Features like GPS tracking, keylogger, app usage are robust
  • Subscription plans are expensive, especially for multiple devices
  • Detection by antivirus and uninstalling are risks
  • Check legality for your specific monitoring circumstances
  • Ethics are crucial – inform targets you are monitoring when possible
  • Alternatives like SpyFone, Spyine, or FamiSafe may better suit your needs

In summary, WebWatcher provides powerful capabilities for monitoring devices and computer activities. However, it carries risks around detectability, reliability, pricing, and ethics that must all be carefully considered beforehand.

Research competitors, check reviews, and evaluate your specific needs to determine if WebWatcher is the right fit for your circumstances. Use any monitoring software only in a fully informed, consensual, and legally compliant manner.

Frequently Asked Questions About WebWatcher

Q: Does WebWatcher work on all phones and computers?

Yes, WebWatcher works on iPhones, Android phones, Windows PCs, Mac computers, and Chromebooks. Separate software installs are required for each device type.

Q: Can WebWatcher monitor TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp?

Yes, WebWatcher can monitor activity within popular social media apps like TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and more. It logs messages, media files, and other actions.

Q: Is WebWatcher completely invisible and undetectable?

Not always. While it tries to hide, WebWatcher can sometimes be detected by antivirus apps or noticed through task manager and other system checks. It runs better in stealth mode if rooting/jailbreaking.

Q: How long does WebWatcher battery last?

WebWatcher has been reported to drain battery life faster, likely due to constant background monitoring usage. The battery impact depends on the target device – newer phones tend to handle it better.

Q: Does WebWatcher slow down phones?

WebWatcher can cause slowed performance or lagging issues, especially on older phones with less RAM and storage. The performance impact isn’t usually too significant on newer phone models.

Q: Can you read text messages with WebWatcher?

Yes, WebWatcher allows you to view the content of all incoming and outgoing text messages (SMS and MMS) on the monitored smartphone.

Q: What happens if you delete WebWatcher?

If the target deletes the WebWatcher app, it will stop recording data. Reinstalling WebWatcher would be required to resume monitoring that device. Preventing uninstalls requires root/jailbreak.

Q: Is WebWatcher worth the money?

WebWatcher is powerful, but expensive compared to rivals. It depends on your specific needs. For many, cheaper alternatives with similar features are the better value purchase.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide has helped you thoroughly understand WebWatcher’s capabilities, limitations, legality, pricing, and alternatives.

Monitoring software should only ever be used ethically and legally. Do your research to determine if WebWatcher, or a different tool, is the right fit your specific circumstances and needs. Stay safe!