Umobix vs mSpy: Which Tracking App is Better in 2024?

November 24, 2023

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If you’re looking for a powerful monitoring and tracking app in 2024, Umobix and mSpy are two of the top options to consider. But which one is better for your needs? This in-depth Umobix vs mSpy comparison looks at the key features, pricing, and capabilities of each app to help you decide.

With robust features like GPS location tracking, text message monitoring, app usage logs, and more, Umobix and mSpy allow parents and employers to keep an eye on a target phone. While the two apps share some similarities, there are also some key differences that set them apart. Read on for a detailed feature-by-feature comparison of Umobix and mSpy to find out which spy app is the right choice in 2024.

Why Use a Monitoring App Like Umobix or mSpy?

Before diving into the nitty gritty details, let’s look at why you might want to use a monitoring app like Umobix or mSpy in the first place:

  • Parental control: Apps like Umobix and mSpy give parents visibility into their kids’ phone activities, like texts, location, app usage and more. This allows parents to protect and guide their children online.
  • Employee monitoring: Employers can use these apps to track company-owned devices and ensure employees stay on task during work hours.
  • Personal use: Individuals can monitor their own phone or tablet as a security measure or to monitor usage and productivity.

Umobix vs mSpy: Key Feature Comparison

Umobix vs mSpy Key Feature Comparison

So what exactly can you track and monitor with Umobix and mSpy? Here’s an overview of the core features offered by each app:


  • Umobix: iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets
  • mSpy: iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, Windows and Mac computers

GPS Location Tracking

  • Umobix: Real-time GPS tracking, location history, geofencing
  • mSpy: GPS tracking, geofencing, location history

Text Message Monitoring

  • Umobix: Read incoming and outgoing texts, SMS, MMS
  • mSpy: Monitor texts, iMessages, BBM, SMS, MMS

App and Website Monitoring

  • Umobix: View app usage, block apps, see web history
  • mSpy: Monitor installed apps, track web history, blacklist apps and sites

Call Logging

  • Umobix: Call logs, recording, surroundings recording
  • mSpy: Incoming and outgoing call logs, record calls


  • Umobix: Monitors keystrokes on Android devices
  • mSpy: Keylogger for iPhone/iPad and Android

Remote Control

  • Umobix: None
  • mSpy: Remote screen viewing, device locking and wiping

Social Media Monitoring

  • Umobix: View popular app activities like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram
  • mSpy: Social media monitoring available as add-on

As you can see from this overview, Umobix and mSpy share all of the expected spy app monitoring capabilities like location tracking, text monitoring, and call logging. mSpy offers a few additional features like social media monitoring, device locking, and wiping. But the core phone monitoring features are quite similar between the two apps.

mSpy vs uMobix: Pricing Compared

When choosing a monitoring app, pricing is another important consideration. Here’s how the costs of Umobix and mSpy compare:

  • Umobix pricing: Starts at $25/month for basic features, $40/month for advanced monitoring
  • mSpy pricing: Starts at $30/month for basic package, $165/month for full monitoring features

mSpy offers different package options depending on the depth of features you need. Umobix keeps the pricing more streamlined with just two package options.

Both apps offer multi-device and multi-month discounts to help save on costs. Umobix pricing tends to be a bit more affordable overall, especially for the advanced monitoring features.

Key Differences Between the Tracking Apps

To recap, here are some of the standout differences between Umobix and mSpy:

  • Social media monitoring: mSpy lets you view social media activities like Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp (available as add-on). Umobix has no built-in social media monitoring.
  • Computer monitoring: mSpy can be installed on Windows and Mac computers. Umobix is smartphone/tablet only.
  • Advanced controls: mSpy offers more advanced features like remote screen viewing, device locking, and data wiping. Umobix lacks these controls.
  • Jailbreak/rooting: Umobix requires the iPhone or Android device to be jailbroken or rooted. mSpy has no jailbreak requirement.
  • Pricing: Umobix has more affordable pricing, especially for advanced monitoring. mSpy offers different packages at various price points.

How to Install Umobix and mSpy Spy App

If you’ve decided which app meets your needs, here are quick steps to get Umobix or mSpy up and running:

Installing Umobix

  1. Choose a monitoring plan on the Umobix website
  2. Gain physical access to the target phone and install the Umobix app
  3. Jailbreak the iPhone or root the Android device
  4. Activate monitoring from Umobix dashboard

Installing mSpy

  1. Purchase an mSpy plan and set up an account
  2. Download the mSpy app and install mSpy on the target device
  3. Gain physical access to the phone if an Apple ID is required
  4. Activate monitoring from the mSpy control panel

Be sure to always follow the laws and regulations in your state when using a monitoring app like Umobix or mSpy.Notify any users that they are being monitored as required by law.

FAQ About uMobix vs mSpy Comparison 2024

FAQ About uMobix vs mSpy Comparison

Can I try Umobix or mSpy for free?

Yes, both Umobix and mSpy offer free demo or trials to test out the apps. Umobix offers a 7-day free trial with full functionality. mSpy also provides a free demo to view the control panel and dashboards.

Which is better for parents?

Both Umobix and mSpy offer robust parental control features. mSpy provides more detailed insights into social media activity, which may appeal to some parents. Umobix’s lower pricing makes it a bit more budget-friendly for family use.

Can the apps be detected?

When properly installed, both Umobix and mSpy are designed to work in stealth mode without being detected. Just be sure to follow the installation instructions carefully.

What phones are supported?

Umobix and mSpy have nearly identical compatibility – they support iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones/tablets. mSpy also works on Windows and Mac computers.

What happens if I uninstall the app?

Once Umobix or mSpy is uninstalled from a device, monitoring immediately stops. All data gathered up until the uninstall remains accessible in the user account.

Key Takeaways

  • Umobix and mSpy both offer robust phone monitoring features like GPS tracking, text monitoring, app usage logs and more.
  • While the two apps share similarities, mSpy has additional capabilities like social media monitoring, computer support, and remote controls.
  • Umobix is more affordable, especially for advanced monitoring. mSpy offers packages at different price points.
  • Umobix requires jailbreaking or rooting the target device. mSpy can be installed without jailbreaking.
  • To choose the best app for your needs, consider the specific features required and your budget constraints.
  • Be sure to follow all laws and notify users if monitoring their device. A monitoring app like Umobix or mSpy should only be used legally.

With this comprehensive feature comparison and buying guide, you now have the key facts to decide whether Umobix or mSpy better meets your phone monitoring needs in 2024. Be sure to take advantage of free trials to test the apps before committing.