Full uMobix Reviews in 2022

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UMobix app is relatively new to the market. If you’ve stumbled upon UMobix and wonder what it does, reading the uMobix reviews in advance is a smart move.

In our uMobix reviews, we cover all the major features of this app and its functionality. So, after reading this, you can comfortably decide whether or not to use it.

Note: As we noticed, uMobix doesn’t necessarily offer a trial period. So, users must purchase it before using it. However, they offer a demo video that gives a brief idea about the overall functionality.

The Completed uMobix Reviews 


UMobix app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

When it comes to Android, however, it works on version 4.0 or higher. But it works on any iOS device regardless of the version.

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Create an Account for the UMobix App 

To begin, you should visit the official website of uMobix to create an account.

1. On its home page, click on Try It Now.

Try uMobix

2. Enter your email ID.

Create uMobix Account

3. Choose a device type to proceed (iOS or Android).

Select Phone OS

4. Then, choose a subscription plan that matches your requirement.

Note: For our uMobix reviews, we use an Android device.

5. Check your inbox for the registration code and credentials.

6. Log into your UMobix account using the credentials in your inbox.

Sign in uMobix

7. You will be directed to a page that has some instructions and your registration code.


8. Make sure that you keep that page open. Also, keep the device (that should be monitored) in hand.

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Installation of uMobix App 

Here’s how to install the uMobix app on the target device.

● Disable the Target Device’s Play Protect Feature

1. First, you should open your device’s Play Store.

2. Then, go to its hamburger button. Select “Play Protect“.

Google Play - Play Protect

3. Go to “Settings” and disable the option called “Scan Apps with Play Protect“.

Turn off Scan Apps with Play Protect

4. Confirm your action by pressing “Turn Off“.

Disable the Target Device's Play Protect Feature
Download uMobix app
  • Click OK on the confirmation message to proceed with downloading.
  • An error message will appear. Don’t worry. Just go to Settings > Security > Device Administration. Then, enable the option called “Unknown Sources“.
Settings > Security > Device Administration
Enable Unknown sources
  • Go to Downloads once again in your browser and choose the file you have downloaded. Then, tap the button called “Install“.
Install uMobix on Android
  • Then, tap on “Open” to proceed.
  • Agree to the End User License Agreement.
Agree to the End User License Agreement
  • Give your permission to enable the keylogger feature.
Give your permission to enable the keylogger feature
  • You can either choose “Automatic Setup” or “Manual Setup“.
choose "Automatic Setup" or "Manual Setup".

Mentioned below are the steps to install the uMobix app through both manual and automatic options.

● Automatic

1. Fill in the captcha so the permission will be granted, and it will be activated.

2. Then, tap “Start Now” and hit “Enable Display Recording“.

Enable Display Recording

3. Then, you should hide the app. Enter the registration code and click on “Complete Installation“.

Complete uMobix Installation

● Manual

1. Give permission to automatics updates. Then, tap on Allow Updates. Also, activate “Allows Apps from this source“.

Allows Apps from this source

2. Then, choose Call/SMS Block to block SMS can calls remotely, when you need.

Allow Call/SMS Block

3. Tap on the option called “Enhance Stability” and choose “Allow” for the option that optimized the battery usage.

Enhance Stability

4. Choose “Prevent Uninstall” and tap “Activate“.

Activate Prevent Uninstall

5. Choose “Enable Phone Locking“.

Enable Phone Locking

6. Then, before entering the registration code, hide the uMobix app icon.

7. Tap “Complete Registration“.

Complete uMobix Registration

Dashboard of uMobix App 

You will now see the dashboard of the uMobix app after logging in to it. The dashboard is categorized into different sections. It does feature a variety of filters as well.

You can use those filters to refine your search and gain just the information you want.

In the below-mentioned sections of our uMobix reviews, we explain those sections one by one for your reference.

1. Unread

This appears only when the uMobix app has something to display.

For instance, it shows up if the respective user has engaged in some action on Facebook. The options will be displayed with the respective app’s name (Facebook) on your dashboard.

It disappears once the notifications are read. It also displays if the respective app is online or not.

uMobix Dashboard - Unread

2. Calls

This section displays the call logs of the target device. All the incoming and outgoing calls are displayed under this section.

It also displays contact name, duration, date & time, etc. Also, you can filter those call logs. In addition to that, it lets you even block unwanted numbers (using the Click to Block option).

uMobix Dashboard - Calls

3. Address Book

This feature allows you to recognize contacts with their respective numbers and email addresses. So, even if the target user renames a specific contact, uMobix lets you know what it is.

uMobix Dashboard - Address book

4. Messages

This feature is used to monitor all the incoming and outgoing SMS. More importantly, it even reads deleted SMS.

uMobix Dashboard - Messages

5. Locations

Every parent knows the importance of learning the whereabouts of their kids. The good news is that uMobix allows you to track the GPS locations of your kids.

You can simply click on the “View” button located under Locations, and that will give a comprehensive view.

uMobix Dashboard - Locations

6. Keylogger

uMobix has a very powerful keylogger to monitor your target’s keystrokes.

These keystrokes include everything from passwords, chats, usernames, search phrases, etc. Basically, it tracks everything the target user types.

uMobix Dashboard - Keylogger

7. Social

Under this feature, you can track everything related to the social media apps on the target device.

For instance, it displays the activities related to Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.

It can take screenshots as well without the knowledge of the target user, so it’s a very handy feature.  

uMobix Dashboard - Instagram
● WhatsApp

UMobix app has a separate dedicated feature to track WhatsApp activities. It can take screenshots with all the details.

uMobix Dashboard - WhatsApp
● Snapchat

UMobix can take screenshots of Snapchat activities as well. So, the stories of Snapchat will be recorded on uMobix even if they are originally deleted.

uMobix Dashboard - Snapchat
● Instagrare and Facebook

uMobix easily tracks Instagram and Facebook activities. They track those activities along with screenshots and precise details.

uMobix Dashboard - Facebook

8. Media

UMobix can track Photos and Videos on the target device. Even if they try to hide those photos and videos, uMobix will find them.

● Photos

This will feature the photos stored in the target’s device. It also displays the details of the photos.

uMobix Dashboard - Photos
● Videos

Just like photos, the “Videos” feature will display all the videos on your device. That means it accesses videos on an SD card and internal storage.

uMobix Dashboard - Videos

9. Internet

UMobix is capable of tracking all internet activities as well. Those activities are displayed in this section.

It can track web searches with dates and the frequency of the visits as well. Also, the results can be filtered using the parameters given.

The best news is that even the private mode tabs are tracked through uMobix.

uMobix Dashboard - Internet

10. App Activities

Following that, you’ll see Applications & App Activity on uMobix.

Do you believe that some of the applications on the respective target device are inappropriate for your children? If so, you may ban or delete them all from inside the Applications section.

Also, under its App Activity area, you can see how long a certain app has been used. In addition, it displays the app’s current state, such as whether it is in use or closed.

This allows you to maintain tabs on how much time your child spends using the computer or mobile device. It also tells you which applications they use the most.

uMobix Dashboard - App Activities

11. New Features of the uMobix App 

Now, in this section of our uMobix reviews, let’s talk about the newly added features.

● Audio Stream

uMobix allows you to listen to ambient noises while getting images and videos with the target device’s microphone.

You may use this to catch an unfaithful spouse and protect your children at the same time.

However, keep in mind that this feature is only available while the phone is online. The audio quality isn’t great, but it’s hardly a deal-breaker.

● Video Stream

uMobix’s video stream feature is currently being worked on; therefore, it may not operate correctly at times.

Later, however, we were able to have the live feed recorded by the cameras of the target device.

This’s a really helpful tool since it allows you to see the whereabouts of your dearest ones. Also, it gives you a glimpse of what they’re up to without them being aware of it.

You can keep your children safe by doing this. As long as the target device has internet access and is active, this capability can be activated (active mode).

● Photo Snapshot

Photo Snapshot is another new feature introduced to the uMobix app. However, this feature is susceptible to failure.

As of this writing, it is more of a “beta” version. But we believe that it will be fixed sooner.  

uMobix Reviews for iPhone

Installing and Configuring an iPhone

Installing the uMobix app on iOS is considerably different than doing so on Android. For Android, you must have access to the target device in the same way. It’s not necessary to have physical access to the iPhone/iPad when installing the app.

In addition, all you need is the target iOS device’s iCloud login credentials (user name & password). Apple takes great care to protect its customers’ personal information. Because of this, Apple has rolled out two-factor authentication.

You cannot use the spy program to its full potential if the two-factor authentication feature is activated. Otherwise, most of the capabilities will be unavailable.

You must also have physical access to the device to obtain the OTP if 2FA is enabled. When someone attempts to gain access to your iCloud account, you’ll receive an alert.

It will inform you of the person’s location. Due to recent iOS releases from Apple, it’s nearly impossible to disable two-factor authentication on an iOS device.

iCloud is the only way to spy on iPhones without jailbreaking them. Because of this, it is mandatory that the iCloud backup feature is enabled on the target device.

All of the images, videos, documents, contacts, notes, etc., stored on an iCloud account are accessible by uMobix. However, to do that, you should have iCloud credentials.

Your girlfriend or boyfriend’s iCloud credentials are required to monitor their device. Also, the 2FA will need to be deactivated for uninterrupted monitoring and iCloud backup set on.

UMobix for iPhone Features

For obvious security considerations, uMobix’s iPhone version has fewer functionalities than its Android version.

uMobix is continually working on new iPhone tracking methods. They have developed a means to examine the target’s social media accounts using an iPhone without their knowledge.

No other surveillance program presently available jailbreaking can accomplish this without jailbreaking. However, uMobix does, and we should thank them for it.

They acquire the target’s Facebook and Instagram passwords and log in from their iPhones. A snapshot of their account is shared with you by uMobix. These images are available in uMobix’s social section.

Do They Have Helpful Customer Support?

This spyware’s customer support is one of the greatest we’ve experienced. The best thing is that you may chat through their customer service representatives and address your issue in minutes.

We had difficulty testing the photo and video capture features and contacted their customer service. Your uMobix panel has a chat support button at the base.  

Customer Support

Immediately after raising the problem, we were given an executive who attentively listened to our concerns and provided solutions. Overall, we are happy with their client service.

Does It Impact the Overall Performance of the Installed Device?

Almost every surveillance app slows down the target device, warms it up, and drains its battery.

However, the effect should be minimal, lest the target suspects that anything is amiss with their iPhone.

Luckily, they will hardly suspect uMobix because it has minimal influence on the phone. It uses some juice but doesn’t sluggish or overheat the phone. Therefore, it’s not a big deal.

How Much Does uMobix Cost?

Here’s another important section in our uMobix reviews. In this section, we explain the prices and plans.

In fact, previously, they had different plans for iOS and Android devices. However, they now have introduced a single plan for both, which is convenient for users.

uMobix Pricing

They offer three plans; a monthly plan, a quarterly plan, and a yearly plan for uMobix. They cost $49.99, $27.99, and $11.66 per month, respectively.

Although the payments are mentioned on a per-month basis, you should pay them upfront.

Our Verdict – Is uMobix Real?

We can safely state that our overall experience with uMobix was a mixed one. It was a breeze to track calls and SMS with tools like Caller ID, Keylogger, and Browser History.

No hiccups were seen during the testing of the aforementioned functionalities, which were all updated within minutes. So, are you wanting to monitor your kid or spouse’s phone calls, text messages, keystrokes, and web searches? If so, we recommend uMobix.

Social media monitoring is in place, and throughout our testing, we received real-time updates from popular applications. That means from apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp. 

Well, our overall experience went downhill because there is no geofencing feature or call recording functionality available. A product like KidsGuard might be a better choice than uMobix if these two aspects are crucial to you.

Because it’s relatively new software, there’s always room for refinement and enhancement. UMobix has a lot of room for improvement. However, if we were to recommend uMobix or not, we’d say it’s a definite yes from our end. And, that’s our uMobix app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will uMobix be able to monitor Snapchat?

Yes. It can easily monitor Snapchat simply because it can record live screens. Also, it can provide screenshots as well. More importantly, it can record all those evidence without leaving any trace.

Q: Can uMobix operate in hidden mode?

It is always possible to use uMobix in stealth mode on your target device. However, to do that, you should hide its app icon because it doesn’t hide automatically.

Q: Is it possible to install the uMobix app remotely?

If the iOS device doesn’t have the 2FA feature activated, you can install the uMobix app remotely.

However, if it is activated, you should gain physical access to the target device. When it comes to Android, remote installation is not possible at all.

Q: Can I see deleted messages using uMobix?

Yes. It is possible to read deleted messages using uMobix.

Q: Can uMobix drastically affect the performance of the target device?

Well, there are no drastic impacts on the performance of the target device after installing uMobix. We tested several devices and had no noticeable performance issues.

Q: Is it legitimate to use uMobix?

Using uMobix on a smartphone is legal as long as the respective user knows it.

Q: Is it necessary to root the target Android device before installing uMobix on it?

No. You can install uMobix without rooting the Android device, and that’s one of its advantages.

Q: Do you need to jailbreak the iOS device to install uMobix?  

No. The UMobix app can be installed on an iPhone or an iPad with no jailbreaking.