The Complete Guide to uKnowKids Parental Monitoring App

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Uknowkids Reviews

Protect your child’s online safety with comprehensive digital oversight. Our detailed review covers everything you need to know about uKnowKids capabilities, pricing, and more.

A Look at Key uKnowKids Features

As an involved parent in the digital age, keeping your child safe online is a top priority. uKnowKids offers robust monitoring and insight into your child’s device usage to give you peace of mind.

Text Message and Call Monitoring

  • View all sent/received texts along with deleted messages
  • Call logs provide details on incoming/outgoing calls
  • Identify unknown contacts your child interacts with

Location Tracking

  • Find real-time location on a map
  • Set up geofence boundaries and get alerts when crossed
  • Location history shows routes and places visited

Web and App Activity Monitoring

  • Records web browsing and search history
  • Website categories provide insight into usage
  • Full list of apps downloaded on device
  • Screenshot capture shows app activity

Social Media Monitoring

  • Posts, messages and connections tracked
  • Hashtag and keyword alerts notify concerning content
  • Comprehensive feed shows all social interactions

Why Parents Choose uKnowKids

User-Friendly Parental Dashboard

uKnowKids makes monitoring your child’s activity simple through an intuitive online dashboard. Built-in filters and saved searches enable you to quickly zero in on information.

Customizable Alerts and Notifications

Tailor real-time alerts to notify you when specific keywords, contacts or locations are detected. Schedule digest emails for daily or weekly updates.

Support for Multiple Platforms

uKnowKids works across iOS, Android and computers so you can monitor activity on all devices your child uses. Seamless integration provides comprehensive oversight.

Family Package Options

Plans are available to monitor up to 4 kids at once. Family packages offer a more affordable way to oversee all your children’s online activity.

Digital Safety Resources

Beyond just monitoring features, uKnowKids provides value-added parenting content. Articles, guides and weekly newsletters offer tips to boost online safety.

How Does uKnowKids Work?

uKnowKids collects device usage, app data, locations visited and social interactions to provide a complete view of your child’s digital activities. Here’s a quick look at how it works:

Easy Set Up Process

  • Create parent account
  • Download child device app
  • Child app runs undetected
  • Activity data syncs to online dashboard

Continuous Activity Monitoring

  • Texts, calls & chat apps tracked
  • Websites visited & searches logged
  • Location history & geo-fencing
  • Photos, videos & files captured
  • Native app & social media use recorded

Customizable Parent Alerts

  • Get real-time warnings for concerning digital patterns
  • Receive weekly or monthly summary reports
  • Dashboard & email alerts keep you informed

uKnowKids Pricing and Plans

uKnowKids offers premium and basic packages to meet family monitoring needs and budgets.

PlanPriceDevices SupportedTerm
Premium Plus$199/year4Annual

Visit uKnowKids site for full pricing details.

Discounts available for annual subscriptions. They offer a one week free trial so you can test monitoring capabilities before subscribing.

How Does uKnowKids Compare?

uKnowKids capability for iOS devices stands out from competitors thanks to clever iCloud integration. It captures more data than many rival services. The offering compares well across these key factors:

Text Message MonitoringYesPartialYes
Social Media MonitoringYesPartialYes
Calls & Video LogsYesNoYes
Web & Search TrackingYesYesYes
Cross-platform SupportYesPartialYes

For more details, see our guide comparing the best parental control apps.

What Do Customers Say About uKnowKids?

Independent reviews highlight the comprehensive oversight uKnowKids provides parents across digital activities.

“I love getting the alerts when the kids get home from school safely or lets me know when they arrive at baseball practice. This app brings me lots of peace of mind!” – Kelly R.

“Being able to monitor texts and social media gives me insight I wouldn’t have as parent. My teen doesn’t always openly share about stuff going on with friends so this helps me keep tabs.” – Mark P.

uKnowKids earns positive feedback for its user-friendly parental dashboard and robust monitoring capabilities across devices. Parents highlight the custom alerts and location tracking as standout features providing valuable peace of mind.

Shortfalls mentioned in some uKnowKids parental control app reviews include needing an iCloud backup for full iPhone monitoring functionality and lacking web filtering capabilities.

Final Verdict

For parents seeking comprehensive monitoring and transparency into their child’s digital life, uKnowKids delivers robust oversight options other parental apps can’t match. Clever iCloud integration enables expansive iPhone monitoring not possible with other iOS parental control tools.

The user-friendly parental dashboard, multi-platform support and family packages make managing oversight simple. With customizable alert triggers and monitoring across apps, texts, locations and social media, uKnowKids provides unparalleled insight so you can protect your child from digital dangers.

While the solution lacks web filtering or screen time limits, its expansive monitoring capability stands out in the parental control space. For parents focused on digital transparency rather than restrictions, uKnowKids is a top choice for keeping kids safe online.

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