TruePeopleSearch vs FastPeopleSearch: A Comprehensive Comparison

March 17, 2024

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TruePeopleSearch and FastPeopleSearch are two of the most popular free people search engines available today. Both allow you to look up contact information, addresses, relatives and more for almost anyone in the US. But which one provides better results? As the managing editor at People Search Reviews with over a decade of experience testing these tools, I’ll give you my expert opinion.

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What is TruePeopleSearch?


TruePeopleSearch is a completely free people finder that lets you search by name, phone number or address. Some key features include:

  • Aggregates data from billions of public records
  • Provides full names, ages, current and past addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, relatives and associates
  • No sign-up required
  • User-friendly interface


  • 100% free with no limits
  • Offers more detailed results than most free services
  • Data is regularly updated
  • Available as a mobile app


  • Only provides data for the US
  • Doesn’t offer background checks or criminal records (links to BeenVerified for those)
  • Occasional inaccurate or outdated info

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What is FastPeopleSearch?


FastPeopleSearch is another popular free people search engine. It boasts a huge database and an intuitive search process. Key features:

  • Indexes over 16 billion public records
  • Find addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, relatives and more
  • Completely free with no registration
  • Simple, easy to navigate interface


  • Totally free people searches with no limits
  • Pulls from a very extensive database
  • Fast results in just seconds
  • No account needed


  • US-only results
  • Lacks some data like email addresses
  • Detailed background reports require payment

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TruePeopleSearch vs FastPeopleSearch: Head-to-Head

So how do these two leading free people finders stack up? I tested them across 5 key factors:

Ease of Use

Both have very user-friendly interfaces that make it dead simple to do a search. Just enter a name, phone or address and get results in seconds with no sign-up needed. Neither requires any special technical knowledge. I’d call this category a tie.

Truepeoplesearch Works 1
Fastpeoplesearch Search

Accuracy of Results

In my tests searching for several different people, I found TruePeopleSearch generally provided more accurate current information, especially for addresses and phone numbers. FastPeopleSearch occasionally mixed up or missed data. Edge to TruePeopleSearch here.

Amount of Information Provided Again, TruePeopleSearch comes out ahead by surfacing more detailed information beyond just basic contact details. It typically provided more relatives, associates and email addresses that FastPeopleSearch lacked. More comprehensive data from TruePeopleSearch.

Truepeoplesearch Opt Out 2

Additional Features

Both are fairly bare bones and focus solely on people searches, without things like background checks available. However, TruePeopleSearch has a mobile app which is handy. FastPeopleSearch requires going to BeenVerified for full reports. Slight advantage TruePeopleSearch.

Truepeoplesearch App

Privacy and Security

Each takes precautions to keep searches private and not alert the person being looked up. Neither sells user data to third parties. And both use encryption to protect information. They take privacy seriously, so this one’s even.

Which Should You Use – TruePeopleSearch or FastPeopleSearch?

While both are great free services, in my experience TruePeopleSearch comes out slightly ahead overall. It returned more accurate results, provided additional details FastPeopleSearch lacked, and has a convenient mobile app. For more complete data, it’s my top pick.

However, FastPeopleSearch is still an excellent free option that returns results extremely quickly. If you just need a current address or phone number fast, it’s a solid choice. You can’t go wrong with either, but I lean towards TruePeopleSearch.


Is TruePeopleSearch really free?

Yes, you can search as much as you want for free, with no trial or subscription. Premium background checks are an optional paid add-on.

How does FastPeopleSearch get its data?

It aggregates public records from local, state and federal government databases across the US into a searchable platform.

Can I look up someone in another country?

No, both only provide information for people in the United States. For international searches, you’ll need a more global service.

Are these searches anonymous?

Yes, the person you look up is never notified and your searches are kept totally private. No need to worry about them finding out.

What if some of the info is inaccurate?

While generally reliable, no people search engine is 100% perfect. If you see incorrect data, both have options to request removal or updates.

Key Takeaways

  • TruePeopleSearch and FastPeopleSearch are the top free people finders available
  • Both are very user-friendly and return results in seconds with no sign-up needed
  • TruePeopleSearch provides more accurate data overall, plus bonus features like email addresses and a mobile app
  • FastPeopleSearch is great for quickly looking up a current address or phone number
  • You can search anonymously with either without the person knowing
  • Ultimately, TruePeopleSearch is slightly better in my expert opinion, but both are excellent free options worth using