How to Remove Your Personal Information from TruePeopleSearch in 2024

March 19, 2024

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In today’s digital age, your personal information is a valuable commodity. People search sites like TruePeopleSearch make it alarmingly easy for anyone to access your private details with just a few clicks.

As an online privacy expert, I highly recommend opting out of TruePeopleSearch and other data brokers to protect yourself from the many risks that come with having your sensitive information so readily available.

What is TruePeopleSearch?


TruePeopleSearch is a data broker that collects personal information from public records and various online sources, then compiles it into detailed profiles that are freely available through their people search engine. The site boasts that it aims to “create the most powerful people search service in the world and give it away for free”.

How TruePeopleSearch Gets Your Personal Data

To build their database, TruePeopleSearch uses automated web scrapers to extract personal information from:

  • Public records like voter registrations, property records, and court documents
  • Other data broker sites and people search engines
  • Social media profiles and online directories
  • Marketing and consumer data

This information is then aggregated, cleaned, and packaged into a profile that can be accessed by anyone who searches for your name.

What Information Does TruePeopleSearch Collect?

A typical TruePeopleSearch profile contains an alarming amount of personal details, including:

  • Full name and aliases
  • Current and past addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Age and date of birth
  • Relatives, associates, roommates
  • Employment and education history

For just $1, TruePeopleSearch also offers access to even more invasive details in a full background report. While most people likely won’t pay for this, having so much private information exposed still puts you at risk.

Why You Should Opt Out of TruePeopleSearch

There are several important reasons to remove yourself from TruePeopleSearch and other data broker sites:

Data Brokers Pose Safety and Security Risks

When your personal information is so easily accessible online, it makes you vulnerable to:

  • Doxxing and online harassment
  • Identity theft and financial fraud
  • Phishing scams and malware attacks
  • Unwanted contact from stalkers or scammers
  • Reputational damage

“I discovered my age, current address, past addresses, relatives’ names, and contact info publicly listed on TruePeopleSearch. I was shocked by how much they had on me.” – Stefanie M., privacy advocate

Opting Out Protects Your Privacy

You have a right to privacy and to keep your personal life separate from your online presence. Opting out of TruePeopleSearch is an important step in taking back control of your private information and reducing your digital footprint. It ensures this data can’t be exploited by bad actors for nefarious purposes.

Step-by-Step Guide to Opting Out of TruePeopleSearch

Follow these simple steps to remove your personal information from TruePeopleSearch:

  1. Go to the TruePeopleSearch Opt-Out Page

Visit the official opt-out page at

  1. Enter Your Email Address

Enter a valid email address and check the box to agree to the terms. Complete the CAPTCHA and click “Begin Removal“.

Truepeoplesearch Opt Out 1
  1. Search for Your Listing

Enter your name, city and state into the search bar. When your profile appears, select “View Details“.

Truepeoplesearch Opt Out 2
  1. Select Your Record and Click Remove

On the details page, verify this is your correct listing. Scroll to the bottom and click the “Remove This Record” button.

Truepeoplesearch Opt Out 3
  1. Confirm Removal via Email Link

Check your email for a verification message from TruePeopleSearch. Open it and click the link to confirm your opt-out request. Your information should be removed within 24 hours.

Truepeoplesearch Opt Out 4

Additional Tips for Opting Out

Create a Disposable Email Address

I recommend using a disposable email service when opting out so you don’t expose your main personal or work email address. You can find free temporary email providers online.

Check for Listings Under Variations of Your Name

Be sure to search for your profile using name variations, maiden names, and nicknames. You may have multiple listings to remove.

Opt Out of Other Major Data Brokers

After removing yourself from TruePeopleSearch, take the time to also opt out of other big data brokers like Whitepages, BeenVerified, Spokeo, and Intelius. Each has its own opt-out process you’ll need to complete.

What to Do if Your Information Reappears

Data Brokers Continually Update Records

Even after opting out, your information may reappear in the future as data brokers constantly scrape for new records. I recommend rechecking the site every few months and repeating the opt-out process if needed.

Consider an Automated Removal Service

For more comprehensive privacy protection, you can use a paid service like DeleteMe which will automatically monitor and remove your information from dozens of data brokers on an ongoing basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free to opt out of TruePeopleSearch?

Yes, you can remove your information from the site for free by following the opt-out steps. You don’t need to sign up or pay for any services.

How long does the opt-out process take?

Opting out usually takes less than 10 minutes. Your listing should disappear from search results within 24 hours.

Will opting out remove me from Google search results too?

No, removing yourself from TruePeopleSearch will not affect Google search results. The site operates independently from search engines.

Can TruePeopleSearch legally sell my personal information?

Unfortunately, many of TruePeopleSearch’s data collection and sales practices are legal under U.S. law. However, they are still required to provide an opt-out method.

What if I need more help with the opt-out process?

If you have trouble opting out, contact TruePeopleSearch’s customer support by email at or through their online contact form.

Key Takeaways

  • TruePeopleSearch is a data broker that exposes detailed personal information to anyone who searches for you online
  • Having your private info so accessible puts you at risk for issues like identity theft, doxxing, online harassment and reputational harm
  • You can opt out and remove your listing from TruePeopleSearch for free by following their online opt-out process
  • After opting out, check for profiles under different name variations and remove yourself from other major data brokers too
  • Consider using a paid removal service for more ongoing, comprehensive privacy protection against data brokers

Taking a proactive approach to protecting your online privacy is crucial in our data-driven world. As an industry expert, I can assure you that opting out of TruePeopleSearch and staying vigilant about your digital footprint are key to safeguarding your personal information. While it requires consistent effort, it’s well worth it for your safety and peace of mind.