Truecaller vs RoboKiller: Which Spam Call Blocker is Best?

March 20, 2024

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Are you tired of constant interruptions from telemarketers, scammers and robocalls? You’re not alone. Americans received over 50 billion robocalls in 2021 alone, according to YouMail’s Robocall Index. To combat this growing problem, many people turn to spam call blocker apps. Two of the most popular options are Truecaller and RoboKiller.

But which one is the best choice for you? In this guide, we’ll dive deep into the features, pricing, privacy and more to determine the ultimate winner in the Truecaller vs RoboKiller showdown. By the end, you’ll have all the information you need to pick the ideal spam call blocking solution for your needs.

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What is Truecaller?


Truecaller is a popular caller ID and spam blocking app founded in 2009 by Nami Zarringhalam and Alan Mamedi. Some key facts about Truecaller:

  • 330+ million downloads worldwide
  • Identifies domestic and international callers
  • Maintains database of 5.7 billion phone numbers
  • Blocks spam calls and SMS messages
  • Available on Android and iOS

How does Truecaller work? When you receive a call, Truecaller matches the number against its massive crowdsourced database to identify the caller. Suspicious numbers are automatically blocked. You can also manually add numbers to your block list.

Key Features of Truecaller

  • Caller ID for incoming calls, even if not in contacts
  • Spam call blocking using community-reported database
  • Identify calls from businesses vs individuals
  • Block entire area codes
  • SMS filtering and spam blocking
  • Know when other Truecaller users are available
  • Search for individual numbers or names
  • Real-time spam reporting by community
  • Back up contacts, calls, messages to Google Drive
Key Features Of Truecaller 1

Truecaller Pricing

Truecaller offers a free Basic version with limited features. To unlock advanced spam blocking, searching and more, you’ll need a paid plan:

  • Premium: $2.99/month or $26.99/year
  • Gold: $249.99 lifetime purchase

However, some Premium and Gold features only work on Android, not iOS. The free version also contains ads. If you’re looking for a completely free alternative to Truecaller, consider these top Truecaller alternatives.

Is Truecaller Secure and Private?

Truecaller has faced some criticism over how it handles user data:

  • Crowdsourced database contains info on non-users
  • Collects extensive metadata (e.g. device info)
  • May share data with third parties
  • Uploads user contacts with “Enhanced Search”
  • Past security incidents exposing data

While Truecaller now offers more transparent privacy controls, users should carefully review policies before granting permissions. For a deeper look at Truecaller’s features and privacy, check out this detailed Truecaller review.

What is RoboKiller?


RoboKiller is a top-rated spam call and text blocking app from TelTech, a telecom company. It uses advanced AI and machine learning to proactively detect and block unwanted calls. RoboKiller is known for its fun and effective Answer Bots that waste spammers’ time.

Quick facts about RoboKiller:

  • 12+ million spam numbers identified
  • 99% effective at blocking spam calls
  • Won FTC’s anti-robocall competition
  • 4.5 star rating with 300K+ reviews
  • Available on Android and iOS

Unlike Truecaller which relies on a manually reported database, RoboKiller dynamically analyzes calling patterns to identify and block new scams in real-time.

Key Features of RoboKiller

  • Spam call blocking using predictive AI
  • SMS filtering and blocking
  • Personalized block/allow lists
  • Real-time caller ID and spam alerts
  • Answer Bots waste spammers’ time
  • Audio fingerprinting IDs new scams
  • Customizable spam filtering controls
  • Pause blocking when expecting important calls
  • View detailed spam statistics and trends
  • Block neighbor spoofed calls
Key Features Of Robokiller

RoboKiller Pricing

RoboKiller offers three affordable subscription options:

  • 1 month: $4.99/month
  • 1 year: $39.99/year ($3.33/month)
  • 3 years: $99.99 ($2.78/month)

All plans include the same premium features and are covered by a 7-day free trial. There is no free version.

RoboKiller Privacy and Security

RoboKiller is serious about protecting user privacy and employs strict security measures:

  • Does not sell or share user data
  • Only collects necessary data for call blocking
  • Anonymizes and encrypts personal data
  • Committed to transparency
  • Supports GDPR and CCPA privacy laws
  • Undergoes regular third-party security audits
  • Offers on-device and cloud API call blocking

Users can also easily manage privacy settings and opt out of data collection in the app.

Truecaller vs RoboKiller: Feature Comparison

Now that we’ve covered the basics of each app, let’s see how they stack up head-to-head across key features and capabilities.

Spam Call and SMS Blocking

Both Truecaller and RoboKiller are highly effective at blocking unwanted spam calls and texts. Some key differences:

  • Truecaller relies on manual spam reporting
  • RoboKiller uses predictive AI to detect new scams
  • Truecaller only offers SMS filtering on Android
  • RoboKiller blocks spoofed calls using audio analysis
  • Truecaller has larger global spam database
  • RoboKiller is more effective against evolving scams
Truecaller Spam Call Blocking
Robokiller Spam Call

Winner: RoboKiller. While Truecaller’s database is impressive, RoboKiller’s dynamic AI approach is more effective and works consistently across iOS and Android.

Caller ID and Number Lookup

Truecaller offers more robust caller identification features compared to RoboKiller:

  • Larger crowdsourced database of numbers
  • Identifies calls from businesses and individuals
  • Search for numbers/names and view user status
  • RoboKiller offers basic caller ID and spam alerts
Truecaller Caller Id Accuracy
Robokiller Caller Id

Winner: Truecaller. If you need detailed caller information and reverse number lookup, Truecaller is the clear choice.

Customization Options

RoboKiller provides more granular control over spam filtering:

  • Adjust overall blocking aggressiveness
  • Create custom block/allow lists
  • Pause blocking for important calls
  • Choose which Answer Bots spammers hear
  • Select SMS filtering keywords
Robokiller Answer Bots

Truecaller offers only basic controls like whitelisting contacts and blocking area codes.

Winner: RoboKiller. Its advanced filtering controls let you fine-tune blocking to your needs.

Unique Features

Finally, let’s look at the standout features of each app:


  • Extensive crowdsourced caller database
  • Name and business search
  • Call availability status for other users
  • Backup contacts/calls/messages to Drive


  • Entertaining Answer Bots for wasting spammers’ time
  • Audio fingerprinting to ID neighbor spoofed calls
  • Nuanced blocking controls and scheduling
  • Alerts on trending scams in your area

Both offer compelling extras, but RoboKiller’s Answer Bots and AI-powered features are more valuable for proactive spam fighting.

Truecaller vs RoboKiller: Which One Wins?

After examining Truecaller and RoboKiller in-depth, our overall winner is RoboKiller. While Truecaller boasts an unbeatable database for caller ID, RoboKiller offers superior customizable call blocking, innovative AI spam prediction, and greater consistency across iOS and Android.

Pros and Cons Summarized

Truecaller Pros:

  • ✓ Massive crowdsourced spam database
  • ✓ Powerful caller ID and number lookup features
  • ✓ Free version available (with limitations)

Truecaller Cons:

  • ✗ Many features Android-only
  • ✗ Collects extensive user data
  • ✗ Less effective against new scams
  • ✗ Ads in free version

RoboKiller Pros:

  • ✓ Proactive AI scam detection
  • ✓ Customizable blocking controls
  • ✓ Entertaining time-wasting Answer Bots
  • ✓ Robust spam call and SMS blocking
  • ✓ Stronger privacy protections

RoboKiller Cons:

  • ✗ No free version available
  • ✗ Only basic caller ID information
  • ✗ Smaller user base than Truecaller

Best Use Cases for Each

Truecaller is ideal for:

  • Identifying unknown business/personal callers
  • Searching for names or numbers
  • Users who want a free option
  • Those less concerned about privacy

Choose RoboKiller if you want:

  • Maximum defense against spam calls/texts
  • Protection against spoofed/scam calls
  • Granular blocking controls
  • Fun ways to combat spammers
  • Consistent features on iOS and Android

Key Takeaways

  • Truecaller and RoboKiller are both powerful spam call blockers with over 300M combined downloads
  • Truecaller offers superior global caller ID and number lookup via a crowdsourced database
  • RoboKiller provides better spam blocking using predictive AI, audio fingerprinting, and custom controls
  • Truecaller has a free version but collects more user data and serves ads
  • RoboKiller is more privacy-conscious and consistent across iOS/Android
  • RoboKiller is the overall winner for comprehensive, personalized spam call protection

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does RoboKiller or Truecaller work better on iOS vs Android?

RoboKiller offers the same features/functionality across both platforms. Some of Truecaller’s advanced features like Call Reason and SMS filtering only work fully on Android.

  1. Can I use both apps together?

Yes, you can use RoboKiller and Truecaller together for maximum coverage. We recommend using RoboKiller as your primary spam blocker and Truecaller when you need to look up an unknown number.

  1. Do these apps block calls from numbers not in their database?

Truecaller can only block known spam numbers that have been manually reported. RoboKiller’s AI can detect and block spam patterns even from new numbers not in a database.

  1. Will legitimate calls ever be blocked by mistake?

Both apps have safeguards to allow legitimate calls, but nothing is 100% perfect. You can whitelist important contacts to ensure their calls always get through.

  1. Is my personal data safe when using a spam blocking app?

Truecaller and RoboKiller both collect some data to perform call blocking. RoboKiller is more privacy-focused and does not sell user data. Truecaller collects more extensive information. Review the privacy policies carefully.

  1. Why does RoboKiller cost more than Truecaller?

RoboKiller’s advanced AI spam detection requires ongoing development and machine learning. This technology is more costly than Truecaller’s manual database approach. RoboKiller’s subscription model supports continuous innovation.

  1. Where do RoboKiller’s “Answer Bots” come from?

RoboKiller provides a selection of humorous pre-recorded Answer Bot voices to annoy telemarketers. You can also create your own custom bots.

  1. How many spam numbers are in Truecaller’s database?

Truecaller’s crowdsourced directory contains over 5.7 billion phone numbers worldwide, with millions of spam numbers identified.

  1. What happens if I no longer want to use a spam blocker?

Both RoboKiller and Truecaller paid subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. To fully delete your account data, contact the company directly. Truecaller also offers an unlisting page to remove your number from their database.

  1. Will these apps work in any country?

Truecaller supports global number lookup in any country. RoboKiller’s spam blocking is currently only available in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.