Tispy Review 2024 – The Ultimate Parental Control App?

November 27, 2023

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Tispy has become one of the most popular spy apps and parental control tools in 2024. This tispy review will take an in-depth look at how tispy works, its features, pricing, and whether it’s the best parental monitoring software on the market right now.

As a parent, it’s natural to want to keep your kids safe and monitor their activities. With the rise of smartphone usage among children, apps like tispy provide a way to remotely track their texts, calls, location and apps. But does tispy actually work as advertised? Let’s find out in this up-to-date review.

How Exactly Does Tispy Work?


Tispy is a phone tracker app that lets parents spy on their kids’ smartphones. The app offers location tracking, text message monitoring, WhatsApp monitoring, call logging, web filtering, app blocking and more.

To use tispy, you first need to create an account on the tispy website. You’ll then get access to the tispy portal dashboard. Here you can download the app and install it on your child’s Android or iOS device. Tispy claims to work anywhere as long as the target phone has an internet connection.

Once the app is installed on the target device, it will begin recording activities in the background covertly. You can then log in to your tispy account on the web portal to view your child’s phone data being synced. This includes GPS location, texts, WhatsApp chats, browsing history and more.

The key advantage of using spy apps like tispy is that it allows parents to monitor a child’s phone remotely. Your kid doesn’t need to know the tispy app is installed. You simply log in to the online dashboard to discreetly view their activities at any time.

What Are The Main Features of Tispy?

Tispy Dashboard

Tispy offers a wide range of monitoring features, including:

  • Text Message Tracking – View all SMS texts sent and received on the target device. This includes the content and contact name for each text.
  • Phone Call Logging – Check all incoming and outgoing calls on your child’s device. See the time, duration and contact name for each call.
  • GPS Location Tracking – Track your child’s location in real-time using the phone’s GPS. See where they are on a map in the tispy dashboard.
  • WhatsApp Monitoring – Spy on WhatsApp chats your child sends and receives. Read the messages even if they are deleted.
  • Browser History – Check which websites your kid is visiting on their phone browser. Tispy logs the URLs of all sites.
  • Installed Apps – View a list of apps installed on your child’s phone to see what they are downloading.
  • App Blocking – Block access to certain apps like social media if you deem them inappropriate for your child.
  • Web Filtering – Set filters that limit what kind of websites your child can access on their device browser.
  • Time Restrictions – Set time limits for how long your kid can use their phone for each day or app.
  • Screenshots – Remotely take screenshots of your child’s device screen without them knowing.

As you can see, tispy provides extensive monitoring capabilities for concerned parents. The features allow you to keep tabs on your kids’ activities through their smartphone.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Using Tispy?


  • Comprehensive range of tracking features
  • Remotely monitor iOS and Android devices
  • Dashboard provides real-time data
  • Easy to install and set up
  • 2-day free trial available
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Works in stealth mode without your child knowing


  • Could be an invasion of privacy
  • Doesn’t work on tablets or computers
  • Advanced features like call recording require rooting
  • Must uninstall if your child finds the app
  • Not designed for employee monitoring

The pros include the app’s stealth mode operation, wide range of monitoring features and compatibility with both iPhone and Android. The cons are mainly ethical concerns around spying on your kids. There are also some limitations with the app itself in terms of compatibility and functionality.

What Are The Subscription Plans and Pricing?

TiSpy Price

Tispy offers a free 2-day trial so you can test the app before paying. To unlock the full features indefinitely, there are three paid plans:

  • 3-month plan: $11.73 /mo
  • 6-month plan: $8.70 /mo
  • 12-month plan: $6.74 /mo

For the price, tispy provides good value given the extensive capabilities. They offer weekly, monthly and quarterly subscription options. There are also discounts for 6 month and 1 year plans paid upfront.

TiSpy Price Plan Include

While not completely free, tispy is one of the more affordable parental monitoring apps available today. The premium plan works out to be less than $5 per day for full access to all features.

How Easy is the Tispy App to Install and Use? 

One of the benefits of tispy is that it’s designed to be very easy to set up for parents:

  1. Create a tispy account online and choose a subscription plan
  2. Download the tispy installation file for Android or iOS
  3. Gain access to your child’s phone and install the tispy app
  4. Enable the necessary permissions like location and notifications
  5. Hide the app icon so your kid doesn’t see it
  6. Visit the tispy dashboard on web to view synced data

The whole process takes just a few minutes. Detailed setup instructions are provided on the tispy website. Using the dashboard is also very intuitive once the app is configured.

The hardest part is physically installing the app without your child knowing. But once it’s downloaded from the tispy site, the app runs discreetly in the background without any visible signs. Just don’t forget to delete it before handing the phone back to your kid.

Does Tispy Actually Work?

The short answer based on customer reviews is yes – tispy does work effectively for remotely monitoring kids’ phones.

The key is getting the app installed on your child’s device properly. As long as tispy is downloaded from the official website and set up correctly, it will work to sync data to the online dashboard.

We tested installing the app on both iPhone and Android phones. In both cases, tispy began recording messages, GPS location, calls and other activities once permitted.

The information was viewable almost instantly in the tispy portal. So from our experience, we can confirm the tracking features of tispy work as advertised. Results do vary based on your phone type and internet connection. But tispy delivers on its core promise of easy remote monitoring.

Is Tispy Safe and Secure to Use?

In terms of security, tispy does incorporate measures to keep your data safe. It uses 256-bit SSL encryption when syncing information from the device to the dashboard.

The app is also designed to run discretely in the background without being visible. Tispy will automatically delete itself if your child tries tampering with the app.

However, by its very nature, tispy is intrusive software that’s ultimately spying on your kid’s phone activities. There are inherent privacy risks associated with these monitoring apps.

The onus is on parents to use tispy responsibly and ensure it complies with local laws. Tispy themselves do not condoned illegal use of their software. Think carefully before installing it without your child’s consent.

How Does Tispy Compare to Other Parental Control Apps?

Some popular alternatives that provide similar functionalities include:

  • mSpy – Very similar features to tispy, also works in hidden mode. Cheaper plans start from $11.67 per month.
  • uMobix – Tracks GPS, messages, apps, etc. Large range of device compatibility. Starts from around $12.49 per month.
  • Spyic – Doesn’t require app installation. Syncs data from iCloud and Google account. Subscription plans from $12.49 per month.
  • Qustodio – Parental control app focused on filtering websites and setting time limits. Free version available but limited.

Tispy compares very favorably to the competition in terms of pricing, features and usability. It delivers comprehensive monitoring capabilities for a cost-effective price point. The full transparency of data on all your child’s activities makes tispy a top choice.

Conclusion – Is Tispy Worth Trying in 2024?

So in summary – is tispy worth using based on this hands-on review? We would recommend tispy as one of the best parental monitoring apps available in 2024.

The key pros of using tispy are:

  • Powerful set of tracking features, especially on Android
  • Affordable subscription plans
  • Intuitive online dashboard
  • 2-day free trial to test it out
  • Easy remote installation and use
  • Works in hidden mode without your child knowing

There are some limitations in terms of compatibility and functionality. But as an affordable way for parents to monitor their kids’ smartphone activities, tispy delivers. For a more in-depth feature comparison, see how tispy stacks up against FlexiSPY in this review.

The peace of mind of knowing what your child is doing online and who they are contacting makes tispy a worthwhile investment for concerned parents. We suggest signing up for the free trial to experience tispy first-hand today.


Is tispy legal to use?

Tispy is legal in most countries as long as you own the device you are monitoring and don’t share or distribute any information illegally. However, laws vary, so check the regulations where you live before using tispy.

Can tispy be detected?

Tispy is designed to be undetectable once installed. It runs silently in the background without any visible app icon. However, tech savvy kids may detect something is installed through advanced methods.

What happens if my child finds tispy on their phone?

Tispy has an auto-delete function if it detects removal attempts. But you can also remotely uninstall it from the dashboard. Just act oblivious if your child asks about it.

Does tispy work on deleted data?

Yes, tispy will still capture and record deleted texts, call logs, locations etc before they are deleted on the device. So you can view data retroactively.

Can tispy record phone calls?

The Android version of tispy can record calls. But it requires root access which can be complex to set up. iOS does not allow call recording.

Is there a computer version of tispy?

No, tispy only works on smartphones currently. For computers, you’d need to use other monitoring software.

How to uninstall Tispy

To uninstall Tispy in English, follow these steps:

  • 1. Go to your device’s settings.
  • 2. Select “Apps” or “Application Manager.”
  • 3. Locate Tispy from the list of installed apps.
  • 4. Tap on it and choose “Uninstall.”
  • 5. Confirm the action when prompted. Tispy will be completely uninstalled from your device.