TheWiSpy – Best Spy App to Track Android Remotely

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TheWiSpy is one of the best apps that have the ability to track Android devices remotely.

There is no shortage of options to consider when you shop around for spy apps.

However, only a couple of apps do the job as expected, and TheWiSpy can be one of them.

Can You Remotely Spy on Android Phone? 

Well, mobile phones are often used as a medium of education and entertainment today. As many as 80% of young people have started using smartphones when they are around 16. Once they get used to smartphones, parents are unable to stop them.

It is absolutely true that the internet is the richest information and communication resource. However, you should also know that it has some negative influences too.

For instance, it can affect people’s brains, particularly those of youngsters, and make them addicted to smartphones.

Knowing the amount of time your family members spend on Facebook and other social media is important. In fact, it is the first step in making sure that they aren’t badly influenced.

In this case, a professional spy app like TheWiSpy has a role to play. Android smartphone tracker from TheWiSpy can show the type of applications they are using.

Also, it can show you exactly what they’re doing with those apps. Think how great it is to see their browsing history or social media posts. With TheWiSpy, everything is possible.

Aside from that, youngsters who communicate with unknown individuals online can be victims of blackmail or harassment. Therefore, it is vital to keep track of what they are doing with their phones.

However, it is difficult for parents to know their children’s internet activity when they have a full schedule.

With an app like TheWiSpy on your side, the work is now a piece of cake. TheWiSpy is the most popular android spy software, and it’s been around for a long time.

Every year, they become more and better at spying, thanks to new and improved functions.

What is TheWiSpy?


There’s no doubt that TheWiSpy is the perfect solution to track an Android device remotely.

This is particularly useful if you’re curious about what the target device has been doing online and digitally. 

GPS tracking, phone tracking, app tracking, and geofencing are just a few of the functions included in this app.

TheWiSpy’s easy-to-use design and high-quality tracking data make it the greatest phone tracker software on the market. 

TheWiSpy is 100 percent safe. Because of that, you don’t have to worry about sharing any of your personal information with it. It’s then posted to the TheWiSpy server with all of the information.

After logging in, you’ll be sent to the dashboard on the account’s web browser. View and control spy functions are available from this location.

How Does This App Work?

TheWiSpy utilizes cutting-edge technology and runs in the background of the target smartphone as a stealth spy app.

The target is unaware that their information is being observed because the surveillance is done surreptitiously via the phone.

On the dashboard of WiSpy, you may activate any function and acquire all the information you need.

Using this app, you can access your phone’s location, the information saved on it, and your social network accounts.

The best thing is that you can do it in a matter of seconds. Just make sure that the target device and your device are connected to the internet connection.

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TheWiSpy Main Features

There is no shortage of options included in this awesome application.

In this section of our article, we explain the most useful and unique features for your reference.

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● Call Tracking

In addition to recording calls, the call tracking tool allows you to monitor the call duration as well. That is in addition to their location.

Call Tracking Using TheWiSpy

● Tracking Websites and Blocking Unwanted Ones

Web browser access is provided by this Android surveillance software. In addition to that, you’ll be able to see what sites your child has bookmarked.

Also, you will be able to see for how long they’ve been on those websites. You can prevent your child from accessing unsuitable content by using the app’s advanced features.

Tracking Websites and Blocking Unwanted Ones

● SMS Tracking

The SMS tracking feature of TheWiSpy can track both social media and phone apps that offer messaging functions.

The user is provided with all pertinent information. For instance, it tracks the message, the phone number, and the approximate time of receipt.

SMS Tracking Using TheWiSpy

● Email Spying Feature

The email spy function of this spying software allows you to track email exchanges on the target device.

The text found in the email body, as well as the date and the time, will be shown.

Messages on the dashboard can be seen and deleted when you’re away from your computer.

TheWiSpy Email Spying Feature

● Location Tracking in Real-time

TheWiSpy’s cutting-edge technology makes it possible for you to track the target device’s location in real time.

Apps installed on the target device will be remotely accessed by this amazing tracker.

This specific app can then be used to monitor the phone’s position on a map.

You will be able to obtain the target’s position in real time in a matter of seconds.

Location Tracking in Real-time

● Accessing Contact Book

This specific app offers complete access to the target device’s contact book.

It gives you the option of viewing all the saved contacts.

If needed, you can even change the available contacts.

Accessing Contact Book via TheWiSpy

● Geo-fencing

Certain portions of the internet can be restricted. For instance, if you don’t want your child or employee to view a specific website.

You’ll get data on how long they spent in each zone and how frequently they came back.

This is an excellent option to prevent your target from visiting unwanted, harmful places.


● Monitoring Social Accounts

You can access any social media account installed on the target device using this application.

You can even restrict or block social media apps if you see excessive usage or inappropriate behavior.

Monitoring Social Accounts with TheWiSpy

● Keylogger

The TheWiSpy surveillance software has a fantastic key-logging capability.

Keystrokes, such as usernames and passwords for various online accounts, will be saved by TheWiSpy on the target device.

The good news is that TheWiSpy’s keylogger function will automatically update passwords and preserve them for future monitoring.

● Monitoring Multimedia Files

Access to the target phone’s files and data is available to you even if you’re in a distant location.

Thanks to the smart features of TheWiSpy, accessing multimedia files discretely is made possible.

As of today, this is surely among the finest tools for Android phone monitoring. With this program, you can do everything you want with only a single command.

Track A Lost Phone by TheWiSpy 

There are several uses for TheWiSpy, including monitoring children, tracking employees, and even tracking down a missing phone.

There is no need to panic if you have lost your phone. The GPS location feature in TheWiSpy can pinpoint the phone’s exact position in a matter of seconds.

Device Compatible

The good news is that TheWiSpy works pretty much on any Android device without any issue.

But you should note that this application works on Android 4.0 or newer versions.

How Much Does TheWiSpy Cost?  

As of today, there are plenty of spy apps on the market, and they come at many different prices. Some are very expensive, and others are affordable.

TheWiSpy is a very affordable solution, and they offer three main solutions to choose from.

Mentioned below are the price plans for your consideration.

How Much Does TheWiSpy Cost

1. Regular Plan

● One Month Plan

One-month plan of TheWiSpy comes with a price tag of $19.99. It comes with so many features, and they deliver as promised.

● Three-Month Plan

Their three-month plan costs $49.99, and it saves you some money compared to the one-month plan.  

● Six-Month Plan

This specific plan is offered with a price tag of $79.99. Regardless of the plan, you can renew it once the limit is reached.

2. Beginner Plan

● 15-Day Plan

In the event that you’re just getting started in the world of snooping, we’ve got you covered. With the beginner’s subscription, you have access to every function for just $9.99, and that’s very affordable.

3. Premium Plan

● One Month Plan

This plan costs only $29.99, and you can access all the premium features with it.

● Three-Month Plan

It allows you to extend the limit of your plan to three months with all the premium features. The cost is as low as $59.99.

● Six-Month Plan

For $89.99, you can get a membership for six months. Advanced, updated capabilities are available with this plan to help you monitor an entirely remote staff.

Installation and Configuration

TheWiSpy spy tool can be installed on any compatible cell phone. For those who find the process difficult, there is a manual that provides step-by-step directions.

  • Subscribing to a plan gives access to the app downloading link. However, you must have physical access to the target mobile phone in order to install the software.
  • In a minute or two, you’ll have this app up and running.
  • It is now time to open any web browser and begin the process of creating your account.
  • To get information, enter your information and connect the account with the installed app.
  • You may monitor the target’s internet behavior from afar by logging onto the dashboard.


Well, there is no doubt about the competency of TheWiSpy. It is a wonderful spy app that comes with plenty of features to impress you.

If you want to track an Android device remotely, using TheWiSpy is more convenient than you think.

Even if you are a novice, you won’t have any trouble with using this application. It works in stealth mode and tracks any activity that takes place on the target device.