Thewispy Review – The Best Android Spy App for Advanced Monitoring

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TheWiSpy review

Thewispy is one of the top spy apps for Android in 2024 that offers powerful monitoring features to keep tabs on your kids or employees. This thewispy review covers pricing, features, and why it’s the best Android monitoring solution.

Why You Should Read This Thewispy Review

In this comprehensive thewispy review, you’ll learn:

  • How thewispy works to monitor Android devices
  • Thewispy’s key features like call logging, location tracking, etc.
  • Thewispy pricing and subscription plans
  • How to install thewispy on an Android device
  • Why thewispy is the best spy app for Android monitoring
  • How thewispy compares to competitors like mSpy

By the end, you’ll know if thewispy is the right Android spy app for your needs in 2024. Let’s dive in.

Overview of Thewispy


Thewispy is a leading Android monitoring app used to keep tabs on kids and employees. It offers advanced spying features to track location, calls, texts, apps, and more on a target Android device.

Thewispy works by secretly installing the app on the target phone. Once installed, it runs in the background to record activities which are uploaded to an online dashboard. Users can access the dashboard from any web browser for convenient monitoring.

A key advantage of thewispy is that it’s completely hidden and undetectable on Android devices. The app icon is hidden after installation so the user has no idea thewispy is running. This stealth mode allows you to monitor discretely.

Thewispy is compatible with all modern Android phones and tablets. As long as you can get temporary access to the device to install it, thewispy can monitor most Android OS versions.

Thewispy Spy App Features

Thewispy packs a robust set of monitoring features to keep close tabs on an Android device. Here are some of the key spying tools offered:

Call Logging

TheWiSpy Call Tracking

Thewispy logs all incoming and outgoing calls including the number, duration, and time stamp. You can see which contacts are being called most frequently.

Text Message Logging

TheWiSpy SMS Tracking

Read the content of all SMS and MMS messages sent and received. This includes deleted texts which are recovered by thewispy.

Location Tracking

TheWiSpy Location Tracking

Track the real-time and historic location of the phone using GPS. Location points are plotted on a map in the dashboard.

Web Browsing History

TheWiSpy Tracking Websites

View all web pages visited in Chrome along with bookmarks and searches. Great for monitoring inappropriate web activity.

App Usage Tracking

See how much time is spent using apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. This reveals app habits and interests.

Stealth Camera Access

Secretly take pictures with the phone’s camera to see surroundings. Thewispy also captures Snapchat and Instagram photos.


Logs all keystrokes typed on the device. This captures messages, searches, passwords entered, and more.


Remotely capture screenshots of the device activity. Useful for seeing app usage and conversations.

Remote Commands

Perform commands like wiping data, locking the device, or uninstalling thewispy remotely.

With this robust toolkit, you can monitor just about every activity on an Android phone or tablet. Thewispy captures far more data than just call and SMS logging.

How to Install Thewispy App on Android?

Installing thewispy on an Android device takes just a few minutes. Here’s a quick overview:

First purchase a thewispy subscription from their official website and create an account. You’ll then be able to download the small thewispy app APK file.

Next, you need temporary access to the target Android device. Install the thewispy APK file just like any other app. Thewispy will guide you through the installation prompts.

Once installed, the thewispy app icon will be hidden and it will run fully in stealth mode. All monitoring data will be sent to your thewispy online account dashboard.

You can access the dashboard from any browser by logging into your thewispy account. The dashboard offers convenient analysis of all the recorded activity.

Thewispy also offers 24/7 customer support if you need help getting set up. With their guides, installing thewispy is quick and easy.

Thewispy Pricing and Plans

TheWiSpy Pricing

Thewispy has competitive pricing compared to other top Android spy apps. There are two main subscription options:

Basic – $39.99/month

  • Call logging
  • Text logging
  • Contacts/Calendar access
  • Email monitoring
  • Basic location tracking

Premium – $69.99/month

  • Everything in Basic
  • Advanced location tracking
  • Web monitoring
  • App usage
  • Keylogger
  • Camera access
  • Remote commands

The Premium plan unlocks more advanced spying capabilities for comprehensive monitoring. For most users, Premium is worth the higher fee.

Unfortunately thewispy does not currently offer a free trial. You have to purchase a subscription before installing the app. However, thewispy does offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied.

Thewispy vs Competitors

Thewispy competes closely with other top Android spy apps like mSpy, Spyzie, SpyToMobile, and FlexiSPY. Here is how thewispy compares:

Spying Features

  • Thewispy has all of the same advanced monitoring tools as mSpy and Spyzie like location history, keylogger, app usage etc. Thewispy captures the same breadth of data.
  • FlexiSPY offers a few niche features not in thewispy like recording ambient sounds and call intercepting. But thewispy has the essential spy features.


  • Thewispy is more affordable than the competition. mSpy charges $70+ for advanced monitoring while thewispy is only $40 for the same features.
  • Only FlexiSPY is more expensive than thewispy, running over $100/month. Spyzie is similarly priced to thewispy.

Customer Support

  • Thewispy offers better customer support than mSpy and FlexiSPY based on reviews. thewispy reps are very responsive.
  • Spyzie also offers excellent support and is on par with thewispy for helping users when issues arise.

Overall, thewispy delivers a comparable breadth of Android spying tools compared to top competitors at a more affordable price. Thewispy is on par with mSpy and a better value versus FlexiSPY.

FAQ Section

Is TheWispy Detectable?

  • TheWispy operates in stealth mode, making it difficult to detect on the target device.

How Do I Install TheWispy?

  • Installation is simple; purchase a subscription, download the app on the target device, and you’re set to monitor.

Is it Compatible with All Android Devices?

  • Mostly, yes. But, always check the compatibility list on the official website.

Can I Use it for Employee Monitoring?

  • Absolutely, TheWispy is a great tool for employers to keep an eye on their staff’s productivity.

What Does TheWispy Cost?

  • TheWispy has various pricing plans, tailored for different needs. Visit the official website for the most current pricing information.

Conclusion – Is Thewispy Worth It?

So is thewispy the best Android spy app option in 2024? Here are the key takeaways from this thewispy review:

Is Thewispy Worth It


  • Packed with advanced monitoring features on par with competitors
  • Completely hidden and undetectable app
  • More affordable pricing compared to mSpy and FlexiSPY
  • Works on all Android OS versions and devices
  • Excellent customer support


  • No free trial offered
  • Lacks a few niche features like ambient recording

Overall, thewispy delivers an exceptional value for Android monitoring thanks to competitive pricing and robust spying capabilities. If you need comprehensive tracking tools, thewispy is one of the top spy apps for Android devices in 2024. The advanced features and low price make thewispy a worthwhile investment.

Final Thoughts

  • Thewispy offers powerful Android monitoring at an affordable price
  • Full spy features like location history, keylogger, app tracking
  • Completely undetectable once installed in stealth mode
  • Easy to install thewispy on target device
  • Customer support helps resolve any issues

For advanced Android tracking and spying in 2024, Thewispy is a top choice with all the features you need at a reasonable price.

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