ThatsThem Review 2024: The Best Free People Search Engine?

April 12, 2024

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What is ThatsThem?


ThatsThem is a free people search engine that allows you to find people online by name, phone number, address or email. According to their website, ThatsThem has over 2 billion records in their database from public records and other sources.

Some key features of ThatsThem include:

  • Free unlimited people searches
  • Reverse phone and address lookups
  • Background checks
  • Property records
  • Social media profiles
  • Photos and images

ThatsThem aims to be a one-stop shop for finding information about people online. But how well does it actually work? Let’s take a closer look in this ThatsThem review.

How to Use ThatsThem for People Searches

Using ThatsThem is very straightforward. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter a name, address, phone number or email
  3. Click the Search button
Use Thatsthem For People Searches 1
  1. View the search results, which may include:
    • Age and date of birth
    • Current and past addresses
    • Phone numbers
    • Email addresses
    • Relatives and associates
    • Social media profiles
    • Property records
    • Criminal records (if any)
  2. Click on a result for more detailed information
Use Thatsthem For People Searches 2

The search results on ThatsThem are pulled from various public records databases. Most of the information is available for free, although for certain searches (like background checks), ThatsThem may direct you to a third-party service that charges a fee.

One nice feature is that ThatsThem provides links to the source of each record. So if you see a current address listed, you can click the link to view the original public record on the official government website. This adds transparency and allows you to verify the information.

ThatsThem Reverse Phone & Address Lookups

In addition to searching by name, ThatsThem offers reverse phone and address lookups. Here’s how these work:

Reverse Phone Lookup:

Thatsthem Reverse Phone Lookup
  • Enter a full 10-digit phone number
  • ThatsThem searches data from phone carriers, public records and web results
  • View the phone owner’s name and address if listed
  • See comments from other users about the number (e.g. “telemarketer” or “scam likely”)

Reverse Address Lookup:

Thatsthem Reverse Address Lookup
  • Enter a full street address, city and state
  • View current and past residents at that address
  • Access property details like assessed value, square footage, beds/baths
  • See nearby sex offenders (with maps)
  • Find neighbors’ contact info

Both of these reverse lookup features work quite well in my experience. The phone lookup is handy for identifying unknown callers. And the address search provides a wealth of information about any property and who lives there.

Background Checks on ThatsThem

For background checks, ThatsThem partners with BeenVerified, a popular background check service. To run a background check from ThatsThem:

  1. Search for the person by name
  2. In the search results, click “Run Background Search
  3. This takes you to BeenVerified to complete the search
  4. Purchase the BeenVerified report to access criminal records, bankruptcies, liens/judgments etc.
Thatsthem Run Background Search

So while you can’t run full background checks directly on ThatsThem, they make it easy to initiate a search via their BeenVerified partnership. BeenVerified is a reputable service, but be aware that their background reports do cost money, starting at $26.89 for a one-time report.

Is ThatsThem Legit and Accurate?

In my experience and tests, the information provided by ThatsThem is generally accurate and up-to-date. They source data from official public records, which lends legitimacy. Of course, no public records database is ever 100% perfect. There can occasionally be errors or outdated info.

ThatsThem is a fully legal and legitimate people search service. All of the information they provide is public record. However, it’s important to note that using such records for employment screening, tenant screening or other regulated purposes may not comply with FCRA guidelines.

ThatsThem is also very open about where they get their data, with links back to the original records. I give them high marks for transparency – a user can easily click through to verify any information from official government sources if needed.

ThatsThem Reviews: Pros and Cons

To summarize, here are the key pros and cons I found while researching for this ThatsThem review:


  • 100% free for most searches
  • Easy to use interface
  • Detailed people search results
  • Helpful reverse phone & address lookups
  • Data sourced from public records
  • Links to verify info on official websites
  • Reputable background check partner


  • Some records may contain errors
  • Background checks cost extra
  • No mobile app, only mobile site
  • Some ads and sponsored links in results

Overall, I was impressed with ThatsThem and consider them one of the best free people search engines available today. While not perfect, their data is comprehensive and well-sourced. The user experience is intuitive and they offer some great features for a free tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

To conclude this ThatsThem review, here are answers to some FAQs:

Is ThatsThem really free?

Yes, ThatsThem is a 100% free people search site. You can run unlimited name searches at no cost. The only paid services are the optional background checks through BeenVerified.

Where does ThatsThem get its data?

ThatsThem compiles public records from federal, state, county and city government databases. This includes property records, voter registrations, court records, phone carrier data and other public information.

Are people search sites like ThatsThem legal?

Yes, people search engines like ThatsThem are legal as they only provide access to public records. However, using the data for employment, housing, credit or other regulated decisions may not comply with laws like the FCRA. Be sure to consult local statutes regarding use of public record data.

Can I remove my information from ThatsThem?

Yes, ThatsThem honors removal requests. Find the listing you want removed, copy the URL and then visit their opt out page for instructions on how to submit your removal request via email or mail.

Is ThatsThem accurate?

In general, the information on ThatsThem is accurate since it comes directly from official public records. However, public records aren’t perfect and may occasionally contain errors or outdated data. ThatsThem provides source links so you can always verify a record if needed.

Does ThatsThem offer a mobile app?

No, ThatsThem does not currently have a mobile app. However, their website is optimized for mobile devices so you can easily run searches from your phone or tablet’s browser.

How does ThatsThem compare to other people search engines?

ThatsThem holds its own against other top people search sites. It provides a very good level of detail and accuracy for a completely free service. The main area competitors outperform ThatsThem is in background checks, but ThatsThem still provides an integrated solution via their BeenVerified partnership. See how it stacks up to other options in our guide to the best ThatsThem alternatives.

Key Takeaways

  • ThatsThem is a powerful, easy to use, 100% free people search engine
  • Their database contains billions of public records for finding people by name, address, phone number and more
  • Reverse phone and address lookups provide detailed information about any number or property
  • Background checks are available via a partnership with BeenVerified, for an added cost
  • Information is sourced from official public records and is generally very accurate
  • Removal requests are honored for those wishing to delete their listing
  • One of the best, most comprehensive free people finders on the web