12 Best ThatsThem Alternatives for Finding People Online in 2024

April 12, 2024

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Are you trying to reconnect with a long-lost friend, find a relative, or get information on someone? ThatsThem is a popular people search website, but there are many great alternatives out there. As an experienced private investigator, I’ve tested dozens of these services.

Before diving into the alternatives, you may want to read my in-depth ThatsThem review to learn more about its capabilities and limitations. In this guide, I’ll share the 14 best ThatsThem alternatives, including both free and paid options, that deliver the most accurate, comprehensive results.

Why Use a People Search Engine?

People search engines are powerful tools for finding information on almost anyone. Some common reasons to use these services include:

  • Reconnecting with friends, classmates or relatives you’ve lost touch with
  • Running a background check on a potential tenant, employee, caregiver or romantic partner
  • Locating a missing person or investigating an unknown phone number or address
  • Discovering someone’s contact info, location history, criminal records and more

While you can sometimes find bits and pieces of this info yourself through Google searches or social media, people search engines aggregate data from multiple sources into detailed, easy-to-read reports. The best services search through billions of public records to provide the freshest, most accurate results.

Top 12 ThatsThem Alternatives

I’ve personally used and reviewed all of the top people search websites. Here are my picks for the 12 best ThatsThem alternatives:

1. Truthfinder – Best Overall (Full Truthfinder Review)


Truthfinder is my top recommendation for an all-around excellent people search engine. Key features:

  • Searches millions of public records like phone numbers, addresses, criminal history, bankruptcies, property records and more
  • Detailed background reports that are easy to read and understand
  • Unlimited searches with a membership
  • Reverse phone and address lookup tools
  • Available as a mobile app

Pricing starts at $28.05/month after a free 5-day trial. While not the cheapest, the depth and accuracy of Truthfinder’s data make it well worth the cost. Use it to research neighbors, online sellers, dating prospects and more.

2. Intelius – Runner Up (Full Intelius Review)


Intelius is another top-notch people search service I highly recommend. Standout features include:

  • 20+ billion searchable public records
  • Detailed background checks with criminal records, bankruptcies, liens, judgments, etc.
  • Reverse phone, address and email lookups
  • Property and neighborhood information
  • Downloadable reports

Plans start at $24.86/month. With its excellent customer reviews and A+ BBB rating, Intelius is a trusted, high-quality alternative to ThatsThem.

3. Instant Checkmate – Best for Background Checks (Full Instant Checkmate Review)

Instant Checkmate

As the name suggests, Instant Checkmate excels at delivering fast, thorough background checks. Highlights:

  • Pulls data from federal, state, county and local public records
  • Detailed reports on criminal records, sex offender status, traffic violations, etc.
  • Deep web searches for info not found on typical search engines
  • Unlimited reports with membership
  • 5-day $1 trial

Monthly memberships are $34.78, with discounts for longer commitments. If your main goal is to run comprehensive background searches, Instant Checkmate is your best bet.

4. BeenVerified  (Full BeenVerified Review)


BeenVerified is a reliable, user-friendly people search engine. Top features:

  • Simple search interface for people, phones, addresses and emails
  • Access to billions of public records
  • Detailed reports on contact info, relatives, social profiles, criminal records and more
  • Available as a mobile app
  • Affordable membership options

Pricing starts at $26.89/month. BeenVerified’s intuitive design and solid results make it an excellent value.

5. PeopleFinders  (Full PeopleFinders Review)


PeopleFinders has been a trusted people search brand for over 20 years. Noteworthy features:

  • Database of over 700 million personal records
  • People, phone, address and email searches
  • Background checks with criminal and court records
  • Detailed reports at an affordable price
  • Downloadable reports

Memberships start at just $24.95/month. PeopleFinders is my top budget-friendly pick that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

6. US Search (Full US Search Review)

Us Search

As the name implies, US Search focuses solely on people in the United States. Key features include:

  • 2+ billion US public records searched
  • People, phone, address and email lookups
  • In-depth background reports
  • Transparent, easy-to-understand pricing
  • Unlimited searches with membership

Plans start at $19.86/month for basic people searches. To access background checks, you’ll need the pricier $39.95/month plan. If you only need to find people in the US, this targeted service is an excellent choice.

7. Spokeo (Full Spokeo Review)

Spokeo Search Options

Spokeo is a well-established people search engine used by millions. Top features:

  • 120+ social networks searched in addition to public records
  • 18+ billion records searched in seconds
  • Advanced searches by username, phone, address, email and more
  • Detailed, proprietary reports not found anywhere else
  • Useful for finding long-lost friends and relatives

Pricing starts at $19.95/month. While focused more on contact and social media info vs criminal records, Spokeo is great for social network-related searches.

8. Pipl (Full Pipl Review)


Pipl is unique in that it’s designed more for business vs personal use. Notable features include:

  • Aggregates data from social media profiles and online identities worldwide
  • Useful for identity verification, fraud prevention, recruitment and investigations
  • API access for high-volume searches
  • GDPR and CCPA compliant
  • Transparent, pay-as-you-go pricing

Check the website for current pricing. Pipl is my top pick for B2B people searches and online identity checks.

9. ZabaSearch  (Full ZabaSearch Review)

Zabasearch People Search

ZabaSearch is a no-frills free people search engine. Key features:

  • Basic people searches by name, phone or address
  • Location data like addresses and phone numbers
  • Some results available for free
  • Affordable pay-as-you-go option for full reports
  • Good backup option if other services fail

Upgrading to a premium report costs $39.95. While bare bones, ZabaSearch is worth trying as a free initial search before subscribing elsewhere.

10. Whitepages  (Full White Pages Review)


Whitepages is a versatile people, phone and address search service. Notable features include:

  • Searches over 275 million US records
  • Detailed contact info and background reports
  • Unique “pro” features like identity verification and biz profiles
  • Easy pay-as-you-go system
  • Useful free app for on-the-go searches

Premium one-off reports start at $4.99. Whitepages is great for quick contact lookups without a membership.

11. PeekYou (PeekYou Review)


PeekYou emphasizes online presence and usernames vs traditional public records. Standout features:

  • Combines social, news, blog and homepage data into detailed profiles
  • Shows sites someone has profiles on
  • Analyzes online influence and reach
  • Some info like photos and links available for free
  • Affordable report upgrades

Full reports cost $9.95 each. PeekYou is my top pick for finding someone’s online footprint across platforms.

12. Radaris (Full Radaris Review)


Radaris is a lesser-known but powerful people search engine. Key features include:

  • Dynamic searches of 200+ million US profiles
  • Detailed contact info, family members, addresses and more
  • Some results like age and location available for free
  • Premium background checks at competitive prices
  • Easy web interface and mobile apps

Background reports cost $9.95 each or $19.95/month for unlimited access. While not as well-known, Radaris is a hidden gem for quality results.

How to Choose the Best People Search Engine

With so many options, how do you pick the right ThatsThem alternative? Consider these factors:

  • Specific people search needs (contact info, background checks, online presence, etc.)
  • Depth and accuracy of database
  • Ease of use and quality of reports
  • Add-on features like apps and downloadable PDFs
  • Transparent pricing and billing practices

I always recommend taking advantage of free trials when available to compare a few services firsthand. Focus on those that specialize in your unique search requirements.

People Search Engine Tips

To get the most out of these ThatsThem alternatives, follow these tips:

  • Start with the most identifying details you have like full name and birthdate
  • Filter common names by middle initial, age or location if needed
  • Try several services if one doesn’t produce results
  • Verify data accuracy before acting on it
  • Cancel recurring memberships promptly if no longer needed

Even the best people search engines have limitations. Information is never guaranteed, especially for very private individuals. Manage your expectations and use multiple data points to draw conclusions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do people search engines work?

People search engines aggregate personal data from public records, social media profiles, commercial databases and more into searchable form. They use web crawlers, public records requests and data brokers to continually expand their databases.

For the most part, yes. These sites gather info from public government records and other legally accessible sources. However, it’s critical to use them for permissible purposes only as defined in their terms of service. Legally restricted uses often include employee background checks, tenant screening, credit checks and stalking.

How can I remove my info from people search engines?

Most people search sites have opt-out procedures you can follow to delete your listing. ThatsThem has its own opt-out process that I walk through step-by-step.However, this only removes it from that particular site. To minimize your data’s spread, you’ll need to repeat the removal process at major data brokers that supply people search engines. Consider using a service like DeleteMe to save time and stay off these databases long-term.

Can people search engines access private or confidential info?

No. Reputable people search companies only collect info from public government and commercial sources. Details like Social Security numbers, credit reports, medical records, private messages and IDs are off-limits. Some “deep web” sources may be used, but this only covers still-public data that isn’t readily accessible via regular internet searches. The exact data sources vary by company.

Are free people search engines safe?

It depends. Some free sites are simply a gateway to paid services and only reveal very basic info at no cost. Others earn revenue by selling your search details to third parties, which raises privacy concerns. I recommend sticking with longstanding, reputable free options like ZabaSearch. For anything beyond the simplest inquiry, it’s worth upgrading to a paid service that follows strict data practices.


People search engines are incredibly useful tools for finding lost connections, vetting strangers and protecting yourself online. While ThatsThem is a solid service, there are numerous high-quality alternatives worth exploring. My top overall picks are Truthfinder for its deep web searches and BeenVerified for its user-friendly yet robust reports.

Ultimately, the best service depends on your specific needs. I recommend thoroughly researching your shortlist and taking advantage of free trials. By choosing a reputable company and following best practices, you’ll be well on your way to finding who and what you’re looking for online. Just remember to always use these powerful tools ethically and delete unwanted personal data whenever possible.