SpyToMobile – Top Smartphone Monitor for Parents 2022

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SpyToMobile is a pretty decent option when it comes to parental monitoring. It is recognized by many parents as an excellent method to track their kids when they are away.

Such an approach is necessary to safeguard your kids from potential dangers like cyberbullying, blackmailing, pornography, gambling, phishing, etc.

So, let’s dig deep and learn more about SpyToMobile to see if it matches your requirement.

Why Are the Reliable Spy Apps Needed?

As you may already know, the concept of monitoring has become exceptionally important these days due to various reasons.

So, the demand for spy applications like SpyToMobile has increased by a significant amount.

It is true that there are plenty of options to consider if you want to track your children’s phones. However, not all those options are as reliable as you would expect.

This is when research becomes handy. With a good amount of research, you can find some reliable apps that do the job.

SpyToMobile is one of those options used by many parents, and they claim it to be effective.

So, if you wonder what this app is and want to know its capabilities, keep reading.

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What is SpyToMobile?

What is SpyToMobile

In a nutshell, SpyToMobile is a spy application that can track a specific smartphone remotely.

This specific application tracks the activities of the target device and allows you to monitor them.

You can use this application as a parent to know the whereabouts of your children and what they do.

Also, employees can use SpyToMobile to track their employees during business hours to increase productivity.

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What Can SpyToMobile Do for You?

  • You can use this application to monitor the smartphone activities of anyone who matters to you.
  • This is a legal application because it is used to monitor someone to assure their safety.
  • SpyToMobile operates in stealth mode (background operation), so the target device will have no disturbances.
  • This application can monitor every action that takes place in the target device through a web-based dashboard.

Main Features of SpyToMobile: 

● Contact List Access

It is always possible to access the contact list on the target device using this app. That gives a clear idea about the nature of the individuals your child reaches in your absence.

● Texts

It can access all the text messages that are sent and received on the target device. This is true even if the respective conversations are already deleted.

SpyToMobile Features - Texts

● Call History

Apart from tracking the contact list, you can use SpyToMobile to access the call logs as well.

That means you can learn for how long your child has spoken to each contact. Also, you can read their timestamps as well.

However, it doesn’t record phone calls that are made on the device of your child. Even then, the information you get through this app is good enough to get an idea of her activities.

● Tracking Social Media Activities

This is another impressive feature to learn about their social media activities. As per this feature, you can track WhatsApp messages, Viber messages, and so on.

But one downside is that you should root the target phone to install this app.

● GPS/Location Tracking

Apart from all those features, SpyToMobile lets you track the GPS locations of your target. That ensures that you know the actual whereabouts of your target.

SpyToMobile Features - GPS Tracking

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How Does This Spy to Mobile Work? 

Once the application is installed on the device you want to track, it will start monitoring every action.

Then, all those actions will be recorded for your reference.

This application has the ability to create a backup and store them for your reference.

That data can then be accessed through a dashboard, which is accessible through the internet.

As long as the target device is connected to the internet, you will continue to receive recent information. However, once the connection is lost, the device becomes unmonitorable.

So, you should know that there can be some delays in receiving details of the target device at times. Many parents and employers say that they don’t like such delays.

However, that can be a common issue related to any application that works based on the internet.

The Process of Installation of SpyToMobile:

Here are the steps you should follow to install the app after installing it.

  • First, you should go to their official website and create an account to proceed. In this case, you should use your email and then select an appropriate plan.
  • Then, you should get the device that should be tracked and unlock it to proceed.
  • Once you have done that, you should open any web browser and choose “SpyToMobile.com/d”. That will take you to the download section, where you can download the SpyToMobile app.
  • Once it is downloaded, you can open it. When prompted, you can accept the permissions.
  • After that, you should key in the email in the field that appears. That will create a link between the target device and the app.
  • Then, it will ask for some permissions; just accept them all.
  • Now, the tracking will start.

It is true that SpyToMobile is not rated as the best spy app in the world. There are a couple of other apps that function better than SpyToMobile.

However, we still consider it as one of the decent options you can use for the purpose of spying. It has many features that can do the job for you.

Also, you should know that removing its battery doesn’t necessarily prevent it from starting. It automatically starts once the phone is switched on and maintains stealth mode perfectly.

If you want to use the app manually, you should dial 51 on the target phone (Android 4.0). However, when it comes to newer versions of Android, you should open this app by tweaking some settings.

In this case, please go to “Settings” and select “Applications”. After that, you should select the option called “Running”.

Price of SpyToMobile

Now, let’s take a look at the prices of this application, which is a very important aspect. If truth to be told, SpyToMobile is an affordable option than many other apps of the same kind. It is priced at € 0.99 (daily) for the regular package.

Moreover, every new account will get € 3 upon registration. You can use this amount for three days as a trial period. In addition to that, you will get bonus packages.

Other Questions About SpyToMobile:

What Exactly is SpyToMobile?

Basically, SpyToMobile is an Android app that works on any Android device that runs on 4.0 or newer. This specific program is able to read texts, call history, GPS location, and contact list.

Is It Possible for the Target User to Detect the SpyToMobile App?

The good news is that SpyToMobile works in stealth mode after the installation is done. It runs in the background, and no one can find it.

Also, it doesn’t create any lagging on the overall performance of the target device. Moreover, it doesn’t drain the battery. So, users won’t suspect that there is such an application is installed.

Is It Associated with Any Safety Issues?

No. It is not associated with any safety issues. In other words, it is a safe app. The developers of this amazing app have taken many steps to assure the safety of the users.

The account will not be hacked, and they also protect every bit of information collected from the target device. That is a very impressive measure in terms of data safety.

Customer Support

They also maintain a very impressive customer support service. You can ask any question from them, and they are ready to answer at their earliest. They offer a “Contacts” page, and you can find it on their official website.

Even if they may not respond in real time, you can expect answers pretty quickly. Further, they provide complete answers to your queries, and that’s impressive.

How Good Its Overall Performance Is?

In terms of overall performance, it is a decent option. You can consider it as an affordable option to spy on an Android target device. The advantages of this tool are as follows;

● It is user-friendly and comes with an online control panel.  
● It can access the target device’s call history.
● No impact on the target device’s performance.
● Affordable price.

You should also remember that this application has some downsides as well.

● Some of the functions of this tool demand root permissions on the target device.
● Data transmission will solely depend on the internet.


All in all, SpyToMobile is a pretty decent spying app that does what it says. However, it requires root permissions to execute some of the features.

If you are looking for an affordable app with decent features, SpyToMobile can be your solution.