SpyToMobile: Everything You Need to Know – A Comprehensive Review

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Is SpyToMobile the spy app you’ve been looking for to monitor an Android device? We dissect every facet of this mobile tracking tool, from its features to its performance in our in-depth SpyToMobile review. Read on to find out if it’s the right tool for your spying needs.

What is SpyToMobile?

SpyToMobile is a tracking app designed for Android devices, primarily geared towards monitoring cell phone activity. Unlike some of its counterparts, SpyToMobile runs in the background of the phone, making it relatively undetectable by the user of the target device.

What is SpyToMobile

How Does SpyToMobile Work?

Once you install SpyToMobile on an Android device, the app starts collecting data such as call history, text messages, GPS location, and more. All this information ends up in your account on SpyToMobile’s website, giving you full access to the details you wish to track. The app allows you to spy on someone’s phone without their knowledge, making it a stealthy option for monitoring.

How to Install SpyToMobile on an Android Device?

SpyToMobile App

Installing Spytomobile requires physical access to the target Android phone for just a few minutes. Here are the steps to get Spytomobile up and running:

  1. Purchase Spytomobile and create an account on their website. You’ll get login credentials for the dashboard.
  2. On the target device, go to spytomobile.com and download the Spytomobile app file.
  3. Enable “Unknown Sources” in the Android settings to allow install of the app file.
  4. Open the Spytomobile app file and walk through the installation prompts.
  5. Enter your Spytomobile account details when prompted to connect the app.
  6. The app will launch silently in the background – no app icon will display on the phone.

Once installed, Spytomobile will start recording activities in stealth mode. As long as the phone has internet connection, data will be backed up to your dashboard account.

What Features Does SpyToMobile Offer?

SpyToMobile offers a wide range of features for monitoring Android devices:

  • Text message monitoring – View incoming/outgoing SMS messages including content and contact names.
  • Call log access – See all incoming and outgoing calls, call duration, time stamps, and contact names.
  • GPS location tracking – Check in on the phone’s location in real-time using built-in GPS. Location history is also available.
  • WhatsApp and Viber monitoring – Read through full WhatsApp and Viber chats, view shared media, and see contact names.
  • View contacts list – See all saved contacts including names and phone numbers.
  • View media files – Pictures, videos, audio files – if saved on the phone, you can view it.
  • See installed apps – View a full list of apps installed on the target device.
  • Remotely control camera – Secretly take pictures and recordings using the phone’s camera.
  • Web browsing history – Websites visited in the browser are logged for viewing.

Pros and Cons of Using SpyToMobile


  • 100% invisible background operation on Android
  • Access lots of sensitive data like texts, calls, GPS, chats
  • Easy remote access from the online dashboard
  • Excellent for monitoring kids and employees
  • Free trial available for testing


  • Doesn’t work on iOS devices
  • Monthly subscription fee
  • Need to install app on each target phone
  • Potential legal issues if used improperly

Is Customer Support Helpful?

The customer support offered by SpyToMobile may not be its strongest suit. Most of the guidance and troubleshooting is self-served, primarily through FAQs and online guides.

Do You Need to Root the Android Device?

One of the advantages of using SpyToMobile is that you don’t need to root the Android phone you want to monitor for basic functionalities like call history, text messages, and GPS tracking. However, for advanced features like spying on WhatsApp and Viber messages, rooting may be necessary.

How to Use SpyToMobile’s Control Panel and Dashboard?

SpyToMobile’s control panel and dashboard are user-friendly, offering a straightforward experience even for those new to phone monitoring. Here you can see all the data collected, from text messages to call logs, in an organized manner.

What Alternatives to SpyToMobile Exist?

If SpyToMobile doesn’t meet your needs, there are other spy apps and cell phone trackers that can serve as an alternative. Some of these applications like Flexispy or Panspy offer features similar to SpyToMobile, but may provide better customer support or a more extensive range of monitoring options.

Is SpyToMobile Worth the Free Trial?

Before fully committing to SpyToMobile, you can take advantage of their free trial. This allows you to gauge whether SpyToMobile is a good fit for your monitoring needs without any financial obligation.

Key Takeaways

  • SpyToMobile is primarily an Android tracking app.
  • No need to root the device for basic functionalities.
  • Offers features like SMS, call history, and GPS tracking.
  • Customer support is not the app’s strongest point.
  • A free trial is available to test the app’s capabilities.


Does Spytomobile work on both Android and iPhone?

No, Spytomobile only works on Android smartphones and tablets. The app cannot be installed on iOS devices.

Can I use Spytomobile without installing software?

No, you need to install the Spytomobile app on the target Android phone to monitor it. There is no “remote” spying option without the app.

Do I need to root the Android phone to use Spytomobile?

No rooting required! Spytomobile functions in the phone’s background without any advanced setup.

Is there a online demo or free trial?

Yes, Spytomobile offers a free 48-hour trial via their website. You can test out the dashboard and app features.

How much does Spytomobile cost?

Spytomobile plans start at $25 per month for basic features. Premium plans with more capabilities cost $45-65 per month.

Can the app be detected on the phone?

No, Spytomobile runs entirely in the background without any visible app icon. It cannot be detected by the user.

What happens if the target phone loses internet connection?

The Spytomobile app will record data locally and sync backed-up data to your dashboard once internet is restored.

Whether you’re looking to keep tabs on your children’s phone usage or monitor an Android device for other reasons, this SpyToMobile review should help you make an informed decision. Use it wisely!

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