Spyrix Review: Top Monitoring Software for PC and Phone (Updated 2024)

November 25, 2023

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Spyrix is a powerful and comprehensive computer monitoring software used by parents, employers, and individuals to track online activities on Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone devices.

In this detailed Spyrix review, we will cover everything you need to know, including features, pricing, pros and cons, and more to help you decide if Spyrix is the right monitoring software for your needs.

What is Spyrix?


Spyrix is a monitoring software that records keystrokes, captures screenshots, tracks website visits, monitors social media activity, logs apps usage and more. It enables you to stealthily monitor the online activities on a target computer or mobile device.

Spyrix offers tailored solutions for personal monitoring and employee monitoring purposes. The personal monitor version allows parents to keep an eye on their kids’ digital activities. The employee monitoring version helps employers track employee productivity and ensure data security.

The software runs silently in the background without the user’s knowledge on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. All the recorded data is uploaded to an online dashboard which can be accessed remotely from any internet-enabled device.

Some standout features of Spyrix include:

  • Keystroke logging
  • Screenshot capturing
  • Website tracking
  • Social media monitoring
  • Stealth mode for invisible operation
  • Remote monitoring via online dashboard
  • Video recording
  • IM chats and email monitoring
  • Geolocation tracking
  • Analytics and reporting

Key Features of Spyrix

Key Features Of Spyrix

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the key features offered by Spyrix:

Comprehensive Keystroke Logging

The keylogger feature allows you to record every keystroke typed on the target device, including passwords entered, messages typed, URLs visited, searches made, and more. The keystroke logging capability is the foundation of Spyrix’s monitoring functionality.

Stealth Mode Operation

Spyrix runs in stealth mode, meaning the software icon and processes are hidden from the user. It operates discreetly in the background without disrupting device performance or raising suspicion.

Remote Monitoring and Access

The online dashboard allows you to access all recorded data remotely from any internet-connected device. You can conveniently log in from your phone, tablet or computer to view monitoring information from anywhere.

Screenshot Capturing

Spyrix can take screenshots of the target device’s screen activity as it runs in the background. You can see which websites and apps are being used. Screenshots are taken continuously or at pre-set intervals.

Web Monitoring

The software logs all websites visited on the target device and records web history data even if it’s deleted. You can view details like URLs accessed and visit time.

Social Media Tracking

Spyrix can track social media activity across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and more. It records chats and shared media files.

Video Recording

Using the device’s webcam, Spyrix allows you to remotely take snapshots or record video. This allows complete visibility into the target user’s live surroundings.

IM and Email Monitoring

You can monitor popular messaging apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, Telegram, WeChat and track all messages sent and received. It also logs email conversations.

Geofencing and Location Tracking

Using GPS, WiFi or mobile networks, Spyrix can pinpoint the physical location of the target device and allows you to set up location-based alerts.

Analytics and Reporting

Spyrix generates reports on target device activity to help summarize monitoring data. You can also apply filters to reports and export them in multiple formats.

Removable Device Control

This blocks the use of removable media devices like SD cards and USB drives on the monitored device, preventing unauthorized copying of data.

Additional Features

  • Application blocking
  • Remote commands
  • Data deletion
  • Alerts
  • Password retrieval

Spyrix Packages and Pricing

spyrix price

Spyrix is available in different versions depending on your intended use – personal monitoring or employee monitoring.

For personal monitoring, Spyrix offers the Personal Monitor and Personal Monitor Pro packages for Windows and the Spyrix Keylogger for Mac.

Package1 Device3 Devices5 Devices
Spyrix Personal Monitor (Windows)$69/year$79/year$129/year
Spyrix Personal Monitor Pro (Windows)$79/year$99/year$159/year
Spyrix Keylogger for Mac$79/year$99/year$129/year

For employee monitoring, Spyrix offers tailored solutions for businesses to manage 5, 10 or 20 computers.

Package5 Devices10 Devices15 Devices
Spyrix Employee Monitoring (Windows)$199/year$359/year$659/year
Spyrix Employee Monitoring (Mac)$199/year$359/year$659/year

For mobile monitoring, Spyrix offers basic, standard and pro packages for Android devices priced at $38.95, $49.95 and $59.95 respectively for a 15-day subscription. Longer 3-month and 1-year subscriptions are also available.

The Mac keylogger and mobile monitoring versions have limited capabilities compared to the Windows bundles.

A free version of Spyrix for Windows is also available but only offers basic keylogging without advanced features.

Overall, Spyrix is competitively priced compared to other top monitoring apps available in 2024.

How Does Spyrix Work?

So how does Spyrix do its magic? Here is a quick 4-step overview of how Spyrix works:

Step 1) Choose the Spyrix package suitable for your needs and purchase a subscription plan from their official website. Create your Spyrix account.

Step 2) Download the Spyrix installer and set up the app on the target device as guided. The installation takes only a few minutes.

Step 3) Spyrix will start recording activities in stealth mode. All monitoring data is sent to your Spyrix online dashboard.

Step 4) Log into your Spyrix dashboard from any internet-connected device to view the recorded computer or phone activity, including location history, social media chats, keystrokes logged and more!

It’s that simple! The advanced technology and algorithms powering Spyrix allow it to operate discreetly in the background without the user knowing.

Is Spyrix Invisible and Undetectable?

Yes, when running in stealth mode, Spyrix is completely invisible and undetectable to the monitored device user.

It does not show up in the list of installed apps or active processes on the target device. The app icon is also hidden from the home screen.

No notifications or alerts of any kind are shown. Spyrix runs silently in the background without disrupting device performance or draining the battery life.

The user has no way to know Spyrix is monitoring their activity, ensuring truly covert surveillance. Advanced anti-detection technologies make Spyrix invisible to antivirus software as well.

Pros of Using Spyrix

Easy and Quick Installation

Spyrix can be downloaded, set up and running in total stealth mode in less than 5 minutes. The installation process is very straightforward even for those less tech-savvy.

User-Friendly Dashboard

The dashboard offers an attractive visual interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate. All recorded data is neatly organized for quick access.

Real-Time Monitoring

You get real-time visibility into the target device’s activity as it happens with near-instant syncing of tracking data. This allows timely interventions if required.

In-depth Reporting

Spyrix generates very detailed reports spanning device usage, internet activity, app usage, location history and more. Data can also be filtered and exported.

Works in Stealth Mode

The completely stealthy operation makes Spyrix invisible to antispyware apps and undetectable to the monitored user. This allows covert monitoring without detection.

Records Deleted Data

Even if browsing history, chats or keyboard input are deleted on the target device, Spyrix still records it before deletion, leaving no online activity unmonitored.

No Rooting or Jailbreaking Needed

You don’t need to root or jailbreak the target Android or iPhone device to start monitoring with Spyrix.

Money-back Guarantee

Spyrix offers a 14-day money-back return policy if you are unsatisfied, giving you a risk-free trial.

Cons of Using Spyrix

No Phone or Live Chat Support

Some users have expressed dissatisfaction over the lack of live telephone or on-site chat support offered by Spyrix. Email-based customer service may not be responsive enough.

Data Sync Issues

There have been some complaints about occasional lags in the data sync from the monitored device to the Spyrix dashboard. This results in a slight monitoring delay.

Short Refund Window

The 14-day refund window offered by Spyrix is shorter than the 30-day period offered by competitors. This gives little time to evaluate the product thoroughly before deciding.

No Multi-Platform Support

The full range of features is only available on Windows devices. Mac and mobile device monitoring capabilities are limited in comparison.

What Makes Spyrix a Top Choice?

Despite some downsides, Spyrix emerges as a leading computer monitoring software for businesses and home users alike due to these compelling reasons:

  • Extensive range of tracking features covering all major device activity
  • Powerful screen and keystroke logging functionalities
  • Advanced social media and IM monitoring capabilities
  • Easy remote access to view real-time device data
  • Intuitive web-based dashboard requiring no technical skills
  • Keystroke logging feature offered in free version as well
  • Stealth mode operation to carry out secret monitoring undetected
  • No need to root or jailbreak devices before installing Spyrix
  • Regular software updates and feature additions

For comprehensive computer surveillance, Spyrix delivers an unparalleled blend of efficiency, security and flexibility.

The legality of using monitoring software like Spyrix depends on the applicable laws where it is being used, the consent of the monitored user and the purpose for its use.

In the United States, it is legal for an employer to monitor company-owned devices used by employees. Notice is usually provided in the employment terms about employee monitoring policies.

For personal devices, consent of the monitored individual is required. Parents can legally use Spyrix to monitor minor children’s activities in the capacity of parental guardians.

However, spying on an adult’s personal computer or phone without permission is usually illegal.

It is the responsibility of the Spyrix user to ensure it is being ethically utilized adhering to relevant laws. The software should not be abused to gain unauthorized access to devices.

How to Install Spyrix on Windows PC?

Spyrix Keylogger

Installing Spyrix on a Windows PC to start monitoring its activity takes just 5 quick steps:

Step 1) Disable any antivirus software and firewalls temporarily on the target computer to avoid interruption in Spyrix installation. Also close all open programs.

Step 2) Create a Spyrix account by visiting their website and signing up for any chosen package. Verify your email address.

Step 3) Download the Spyrix Windows installer file from their website into the target computer. Double click to launch the Spyrix setup wizard.

Step 4) Follow the on-screen setup prompts, entering your Spyrix account details when asked. The entire installation should complete within 2-3 minutes.

Step 5) Spyrix will start running in stealth mode in the background once installed. Access the web dashboard to begin monitoring the target Windows PC remotely.

And that’s it! Spyrix will seamlessly start recording all device activities including messaging, keystrokes, emails, attachments, browsing history and more without the user knowing.

How to Monitor an iPhone with Spyrix?

Monitoring an iPhone requires installing the Spyrix mobile app called EvaSpy. Here are the simple steps to set up monitoring:

Step 1) Create a Spyrix account and purchase a mobile monitoring plan from their website. You’ll receive login details for the Spyrix dashboard.

Step 2) On the target iPhone, enable ‘Allow Apps from Unknown Sources’ in Settings and install EvaSpy app. Provide your Spyrix credentials when prompted.

Alternatively, you can also opt for remote installation via iCloud provided you have the Apple ID and password of the target iPhone.

Step 3) Once installed, EvaSpy will run undetectably in the background on the iPhone. All its activities like calls, messages, camera use, social media, web history, and location will be recorded.

Step 4) Log into your Spyrix dashboard from any device to view the iPhone’s monitored data conveniently in real-time!

Top 10 Spyrix Alternatives

Though Spyrix offers comprehensive monitoring capabilities, here are some alternatives you can consider for PC and mobile monitoring:

  1. Mobistealth – Excellent for mobile monitoring with 60+ features. Easy installation.
  2. Highster Mobile – Affordable price and no jailbreaking needed for iPhone monitoring.
  3. TrackiView – Good package options for personal and business monitoring.
  4. iKeyMonitor – Free 3-day trial. Monitors keystrokes, texts, website history and chat messages.
  5. Spyzie – Leading software for iOS and Android monitoring. Excellent real-time monitoring.
  6. FamiSafe – Top choice for parents to monitor kids. Has social media and text message monitoring.
  7. Spyic – Ideal for Android monitoring. No rooting required. Feature-rich.
  8. uMobix – Impressive range of tracking features including good social media monitoring capability.
  9. Hoverwatch – Affordable monitoring solution good for personal computers and mobile devices.
  10. Safety Spy – Easy to install with excellent remote access to view data.

Evaluate them thoroughly based on pricing, features, compatibility, ease of use and customer support to pick the best software matching your needs.

FAQs About Spyrix

Q1. Does Spyrix work in hidden mode?

Yes, Spyrix has an invisible mode that allows it to run undetected in the background without the user knowing its presence on their device as it monitors activities secretly.

Q2. Can Spyrix record calls?

The Spyrix mobile monitoring app – EvaSpy allows recording and logging of both incoming and outgoing voice calls from the target device. However, call recording is not a feature currently available on the Spyrix computer monitoring versions.

Q3. Does Spyrix drain phone battery?

Spyrix is optimized to use minimal device resources, thereby not draining battery life significantly. You can expect only a slight 3-5% quicker battery drain when Spyrix is actively monitoring a smartphone or tablet device.

Q4. How long does Spyrix take to install?

Spyrix can be downloaded, installed and configured in approximately 2-5 minutes on average. The installation process is very quick and easy with step-by-step on-screen instructions.

Q5. Can Spyrix retrieve deleted texts?

Yes, even if the user deletes text messages or call logs on the target device, Spyrix captures a copy of the texts and logs before they are deleted. So you can still view deleted texts via the Spyrix dashboard.

Q6. Does Spyrix require physical access to the phone?

Spyrix requires initial physical access to the target device if installing manually. However, for iPhones you can use remote iCloud-based installation using the target user’s Apple ID and password, thereby eliminating the need for physical access.

Q7. How long does the Spyrix free trial last?

Spyrix offers a free trial duration of 14 days for their premium packages, allowing you to test it risk-free within this period and claim a full refund if unsatisfied. The free keylogger version has an unlimited duration.

Q8. Can Spyrix monitor Telegram?

Yes, Spyrix has the ability to monitor popular messaging apps including Telegram. All Telegram chats, calls, shared media files, and documents exchanged can be logged and accessed through your Spyrix dashboard.

Q9. Does Spyrix work on Android 12?

Spyrix is regularly updated by the developers to maintain compatibility with new operating system versions, including Android 12. Currently, EvaSpy works seamlessly for monitoring devices running Android 12 without any issues.

Q10. How long does Spyrix keep data?

All historical data recorded by Spyrix is stored on its servers indefinitely until you choose to delete it. There is no set limit on the retention period. Data remains accessible via your dashboard account.

Final Thoughts

Spyrix delivers an impressive blend of efficient monitoring, user-friendly access and competitive pricing. From its robust feature set to stealth mode operation, Spyrix ticks all the right boxes.

The ability to track activities across social media, messaging and browsers gives Spyrix extensive oversight on the target device usage. Detailed reports and real-time monitoring further enhance visibility.

Minor concerns like data sync delays and lack of phone support may exist, but Spyrix largely outweighs its negatives and proves itself as a top choice for computer and mobile monitoring in 2024.

Just be sure to use it legally and ethically. Have a conversation about monitoring if required and obtain appropriate consent before installing Spyrix on personal devices belonging to others.

From concerned parents to cautious employers, the powerful functionality packaged into Spyrix allows you to keep watch over digital activities and ensure responsible device usage without detection.

Key Takeaways

  • Spyrix is a feature-packed monitoring software for Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone.
  • It offers solutions tailored for personal and employee monitoring needs.
  • Key features include keystroke logging, screenshot capturing, stealth mode operation and remote access via online dashboard.
  • Setup and installation take only minutes without needing device rooting or jailbreaking.
  • Spyrix works invisibly in the background to record activities like social media, texts, emails, web history, location and more.
  • While competitively priced, it lacks live support offered by some rivals.
  • Overall, Spyrix delivers an outstanding, undetectable monitoring experience making it a top choice in 2024.