SpyBubble vs mSpy: Everything You Need To Know In 2024

November 24, 2023

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Spy apps like SpyBubble and mSpy allow parents and employers to monitor activity on devices. This comparison review will help you decide which spying software is the better option in 2024.

With kids spending more time online and cyberbullying becoming an epidemic, it’s no wonder that parents want to keep an eye on their child’s digital activity. Monitoring software can give parents peace of mind by allowing them to view texts, track locations, see social media activity, and more. But with so many spy apps on the market, it can be tough to choose the right one.

This review will compare SpyBubble and mSpy, two popular spying apps, so you can determine the better choice for your needs in 2024. We’ll look at features, compatibility, reliability, customer support and pricing. Read on for the ultimate SpyBubble vs mSpy comparison!

What is SpyBubble? A Quick Overview

SpyBubble is a phone monitoring app that lets parents keep track of their kids’ online activities. The spy app works by secretly recording texts, phone calls, GPS locations and more from a monitored mobile device.

Some of the key features of SpyBubble include:

  • View sent/received text messages, even if deleted
  • Track phone calls and listen to live calls
  • Monitor GPS location in real time
  • See web browsing history and bookmarks
  • View Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and other social media
  • Remotely control the target phone
  • Stealth mode hides the app icon
  • Works on Android and iOS devices

SpyBubble markets itself as a solution for parents who want to monitor their child’s smartphone and computer use. However, the app can also be used by employers to track company-owned devices issued to employees.

What is mSpy? A Quick Overview

Like SpyBubble, mSpy is a monitoring app that lets you view texts, track GPS locations, see call logs, view social media activity, and more on a monitored mobile device. Some key features include:

  • Read text messages, even deleted ones
  • View call history with time stamps
  • Track real-time GPS locations
  • Monitor WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat and more
  • Remotely control camera and microphone
  • Keylogger tracks keystrokes
  • Stealth mode hides app icon
  • Track internet browsing history
  • Compatible with Android and iOS

mSpy is designed for parents who want to monitor kids, as well as employers monitoring employees on company-owned devices. The app runs in the background without the user’s knowledge.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s compare the features, compatibility, reliability and more between SpyBubble and mSpy.

Feature Comparison: SpyBubble vs mSpy

Feature Comparison SpyBubble vs mSpy

Call and Text Monitoring

One of the main reasons parents use spy apps is to monitor calls and texts. Both SpyBubble and mSpy allow you to view incoming/outgoing calls with time stamps, missed calls, and texts (even deleted ones). You can even listen in on live calls.

The call and text monitoring features work reliably on both apps. mSpy may have a slight edge for the keyword alerts that can notify you when specific keywords are used.

GPS Location Tracking

GPS tracking allows parents to see the location of their kids in real time. Both SpyBubble and mSpy provide accurate real-time GPS tracking within a matter of seconds.

Location history is also available on both apps, allowing you to see where the device has been over a period of time. mSpy again has a small advantage with geofencing, which lets you set up permitted areas and get alerts when the device leaves those areas.

Remote Access and Control

Want to remotely control the target device? Both SpyBubble and mSpy allow you to remotely access files, view the camera, microphone, screenshots and more.

mSpy offers slightly more remote control features, like remotely installing/uninstalling apps, turning the phone on/off, and wiping data if the device is lost or stolen.

Social Media and App Monitoring

What are your kids up to on social media? Both apps provide monitoring of popular social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and others. You can view messages, posts, contacts and more.

mSpy has the edge for social media monitoring with its keyword alerts – you’ll get notified if concerning keywords are used on social media. mSpy also offers live screen viewing, letting you see the device’s screen in real time.

Multimedia Monitoring

Want to see photos and videos stored on the device? Both SpyBubble and mSpy let you view photos/videos and see things like browser history and bookmarks.

mSpy pulls ahead for multimedia monitoring with its screen capture feature – you can remotely take screenshots of the device activity. mSpy also offers more extensive keyword monitoring of multimedia files.

Alerts and Notifications

Alerts and notifications keep you informed of concerning activity. Both SpyBubble and mSpy provide email or push notification alerts for certain events, like SIM card changes, unrecognized numbers and blocked calls.

mSpy has more extensive alert options, including keyword alerts for calls, SMS, social media, and more. So if concerning phrases are used, you’ll know instantly.

Blocking Features

Both apps allow some blocking of activity, like blocking access to certain websites and apps. mSpy offers more blocking options, like remotely blocking phone numbers, disabling text messaging, and more.

Hidden and Stealth Modes

Spy apps need to stay invisible to work. Both SpyBubble and mSpy have a hidden icon mode that leaves the app running discretely in the background. Both apps also hide from the app menu to remain undetected.

Compatibility with iOS and Android

Most parents need an app that works seamlessly on both iOS and Android. SpyBubble and mSpy are compatible with all modern iOS and Android devices. Jailbreaking or rooting is required for most features on both apps.

Jailbreaking and Rooting Requirements

Jailbreaking (iOS) and rooting (Android) give apps greater access to device functions like text monitoring, though both apps work with limited functionality on non-jailbroken/non-rooted devices.

mSpy has the advantage here with greater functionality on non-jailbroken iOS devices, like monitoring popular social media platforms without a jailbreak.

Reliability and Performance

In terms of reliability, both SpyBubble and mSpy deliver reliable monitoring without stability issues or crashing. They have similar performance, though mSpy may have a slight speed advantage when operating on the target device.

Ease of Use

The dashboard interfaces are similar for SpyBubble and mSpy, offering intuitive control panels to access device data. Installing the apps only takes a few minutes. Both also have detailed online setup guides if you need step-by-step instructions.

mSpy may have a minor ease-of-use advantage – its control panel is a bit more polished and modern. But both apps are fairly simple to use, even for monitoring app beginners.

Customer Support

Solid customer support is crucial for spy apps. Both SpyBubble and mSpy offer customer support via live chat, email ticketing, and phone. mSpy tends to offer quicker response times and more extensive customer support options.

Pricing and Subscription Options

SpyBubble plans start at $29.99/month for basic text monitoring, while mSpy plans start at $29.99/month for more robust features like social media monitoring.

mSpy offers better value for the lowest-tier plan. But SpyBubble offers lifetime plans, a potentially better value for long-term use. mSpy only has monthly, 3-month, 6-month and 1-year plans.

Pros and Cons of SpyBubble


  • Accurate call and text monitoring
  • Real-time GPS location tracking
  • Hidden and discreet
  • Lifetime pricing option
  • Works on iOS and Android


  • Fewer features than mSpy
  • No keyword alerts
  • No geofencing to set virtual boundaries
  • Limited non-jailbreak iOS support
  • Can be slow to load data

Pros and Cons of mSpy


  • Social media monitoring and screenshots
  • Alerts for keywords across SMS, calls, apps
  • More blocking options (texts, apps, sites)
  • Best support for non-jailbroken iOS
  • Faster performance and response times


  • No lifetime subscription option
  • Slightly more expensive monthly plans
  • Potentially overly complex for basic needs

FAQ About Using Spy Apps

FAQ About Using Spy Apps

Are spy apps legal?

In most countries, it is legal for parents to monitor minor children and employers to monitor company-owned devices. However, you MUST have consent if monitoring a spouse or partner. Some US states also require both parents consent to monitoring kids. Check your local laws before use.

Can the user tell if a spy app is installed?

Most spy apps are designed to be completely invisible and undetectable if hidden icon/stealth mode are enabled. However, an advanced user who investigates thoroughly may be able to detect something. Rebooting the phone can also reveal the spy app.

What happens if a spy app is detected?

If a user detects the spy app, they can uninstall it and prevent further monitoring. That’s why apps like mSpy have data wipe features in case the app is discovered. This protects your private data from being seen by the target device user.

Can spy apps be installed remotely?

Spy apps usually cannot be installed remotely since physical access to the device is required. However, mSpy does offer remote installation if you have the iCloud credentials for an iOS device. This allows completely remote monitoring.

Can the data from spy apps be recovered if deleted?

No, if someone deletes the data or uninstalls the app, that monitored data cannot be recovered. This is why it’s crucial to backup logs and data from the spy app dashboard regularly in case it’s deleted.

Key Takeaways: Choosing Between SpyBubble and mSpy

Choosing Between SpyBubble and mSpy
  • For social media monitoring, mSpy is the better choice with its keyword alerts and screenshots
  • For phone call monitoring, SpyBubble and mSpy are both solid options
  • For GPS tracking, mSpy has a slight edge with geofencing capabilities
  • For support and alerts, mSpy offers more options and responsiveness
  • For value, mSpy has better prices for their lowest tier plan
  • For lifetime deals, SpyBubble is the only option with lifetime subscriptions
  • For parents on a budget, SpyBubble is likely the more affordable pick

SpyBubble and mSpy both offer compelling features, but mSpy pulls ahead as the more robust monitoring solution for the price. However, SpyBubble remains an economical choice focused on call/text tracking.

Ultimately, choosing the right spy app depends on your specific monitoring needs. Assess which features are most important for your situation before deciding on SpyBubble or mSpy. And of course, make sure to abide by local laws when using monitoring apps.