Spokeo vs BeenVerified: Comparing Background Check Services

February 29, 2024

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Background checks can provide valuable information to help you make informed decisions in various situations, whether personal or professional. Online services like Spokeo and BeenVerified offer convenient access to public records on individuals.

While both aim to deliver background check reports, Spokeo and BeenVerified have distinct approaches, features, and pricing. This comprehensive guide examines how they differ across key factors to help you determine the right service for your needs.

Overview of Spokeo and BeenVerified

Spokeo Logo

Founded in 2006, Spokeo is a people search engine that compiles data from public records, social networks, marketing lists, business sites, and other sources. In addition to basic information like names, addresses, and phone numbers, Spokeo provides insights into a person’s demographics, interests, hobbies, and more.

Beenverified Logo

BeenVerified, launched in 2007, focuses primarily on accessing and compiling public records from thousands of government and proprietary databases. Reports include details like criminal records, court judgments, bankruptcies, marriage/divorce records, property ownership, and other financial or legal history.

Both services aim to deliver accurate, comprehensive background check reports to support personal, professional, and legal needs. However, their specific approaches differ.

Key Differences Between Spokeo and BeenVerified

Types of Records Searched

  • Spokeo’s strength is aggregating information from people’s online presence and activities, including social media profiles, marketing lists, business sites, and more. This can provide useful lifestyle and demographic insights.
  • BeenVerified focuses heavily on official public records, such as criminal history, court judgments, bankruptcies, licenses, property ownership, and more. It offers a more legally-focused report.
  • Both access certain basic records like names, addresses, ages, and relatives. But BeenVerified provides more official documentation, while Spokeo reveals more about someone’s online life.

Ease of Use

  • Spokeo’s dashboard is visually intuitive and easy to navigate. Different data categories are clearly listed for quick access.
Spokeo Dashboard
  • BeenVerified has a busier interface. The volume of record types can make it more complex to locate specific details quickly.
Beenverified Dashboard
  • For casual background checks, Spokeo’s simpler layout may be preferred. But BeenVerified provides more powerful search tools for professional investigators.

Pricing and Memberships

  • Spokeo offers flexible options: pay-as-you-go ($1-2 per report), monthly ($15-20) or annual subscriptions. No long-term commitments required.
Spokeo Packages & Pricing
  • BeenVerified requires subscriptions (cheapest is $29.99/month), but they offer discounts for 3 or 12-month memberships. There are no individual report purchases.
Beenverified Pricing
  • For one-off searches, Spokeo is likely the cheaper pick. But frequent users may find better rates with BeenVerified’s discounts for longer memberships.

Data Accuracy

  • With its focus on public records, BeenVerified may have an edge in accuracy over Spokeo’s wider range of data sources. However, both services receive complaints about incorrect or outdated information.
  • Using multiple sources helps provide a well-rounded report. But users should be aware that 100% accuracy is never guaranteed with any background check service. Manual verification is advised where possible.

Customer Support

  • Spokeo offers customer support by email and live chat. BeenVerified also provides email and chat support, along with US-based phone assistance.
  • For urgent inquiries, BeenVerified’s phone line may offer a quicker resolution. But both services provide multiple contact options.

Key Takeaways

  • For casual background checks, Spokeo’s flexible pricing and intuitive interface may be preferred. But BeenVerified offers more robust tools and records for professional investigators.
  • BeenVerified focuses heavily on official public records, while Spokeo reveals more insights from someone’s digital footprint and online presence.
  • Neither service can guarantee 100% accuracy. Manual verification of details is recommended where possible.
  • Consider your specific needs, budget, and frequency of use when choosing between these two industry leaders. Check out free trials to experience the differences first-hand.

FAQs About Spokeo and BeenVerified

What types of records do Spokeo and BeenVerified search?

Spokeo compiles data from public records, social media, marketing lists, business sites, and other sources. BeenVerified specializes in official public records like criminal history, court judgments, bankruptcies, and property ownership records.

Which service has more accurate reports?

There are accuracy complaints against both services. BeenVerified may have an edge due to its focus on documented public records. But neither can guarantee 100% accuracy, so verify details separately where needed.

Can I do a one-time report with BeenVerified?

No, BeenVerified requires a paid subscription. Spokeo allows individual report purchases. BeenVerified’s subscriptions may offer better value for frequent professional use.

What contact methods do Spokeo and BeenVerified offer?

Spokeo provides email and live chat support. BeenVerified offers email, live chat, and US-based phone assistance. Phone support can be useful for urgent inquiries.

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Yes, both Spokeo and BeenVerified allow you to cancel an active membership without penalty. Spokeo also has no long-term commitments, while BeenVerified offers 3 or 12-month discounted plans.

Which is better for professional private investigators?

BeenVerified may suit professionals better with its specialization in official public records, greater search customization, and robust tools. But Spokeo can provide useful lifestyle insights professionals may also want to leverage.

Are these services legally compliant?

Both Spokeo and BeenVerified compile data from legally acceptable public sources. However, users must comply with relevant laws, like the FCRA, governing the appropriate uses of background check reports.

Can I run international background checks?

The depth of international coverage varies. BeenVerified has better global capabilities, while Spokeo focuses primarily on US searches. Contact their sales teams for details on international data availability.

What security measures do they take?

Both services use online security protocols like encryption and network monitoring. BeenVerified also highlights physical security of its data centers. Check their privacy policies for specifics on security safeguards.


Spokeo and BeenVerified both offer advantages in compiling background check reports online. Key factors like data sources, ease of use, pricing, and features determine which service best matches your needs and budget. Consider free trials of both to make an informed decision. For critical checks, verify details separately where possible, as accuracy is never guaranteed.

With this comprehensive comparison as your guide, you can confidently choose the ideal background check platform to provide the insights you need in any situation.