12 Methods to Find a Snapchat Username Without the App

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Snapchat Username Search Without App

Finding someone’s Snapchat username without the app can seem challenging, but there are many effective methods to locate profiles. This comprehensive guide explores 12 techniques to search Snapchat usernames.

Why Find Someone Without the Snapchat App?

There are a few key reasons you may want to search Snapchat without using the mobile app:

  • Don’t have Snapchat installed
  • Currently blocked by a user
  • Want extra search tools and filters
  • Conducting social media research

The Snapchat app certainly makes finding friends easy. But for various use cases, third-party sites and search engines open up additional lookup options. Just like with Tumblr, TikTok, Discord and Facebook, there are alternative ways to find Snapchat accounts outside the app.

Method 1: Snapchat Username Reverse Lookup Sites

Specialized social media and people search sites like Social Catfish, TruthFinder, and Spokeo offer Snapchat username searches without needing the app.

Social Catfish

Most maintain vast databases of social media profiles, contact details and public records. After entering a name, username, email, phone number or other personal details, these sites attempt to find associated Snapchat accounts.

For example, both Social Catfish and Spokeo provide convenient Snapchat username lookups:

Most sites offer free trials or basic search capabilities. Subscriptions provide more detailed reports on connections between online profiles and contact information.

This method is helpful when minimal profile details are known or searching directly on Snapchat has failed.

Pro tip: Run reverse image searches on photos to uncover associated accounts.

Facebook Search

Searching Facebook for someone’s Snapchat details is surprisingly effective. Start by finding their Facebook profile through name search or the Facebook graph search tool.

Once on their profile, check if their Snapchat username is listed in any of the following locations:

  • Bio description
  • Contact info section
  • Recent posts and photos (in captions or comments)

If the username isn’t visible, try exploring their friend list. Look for friend profiles that seem to represent the person. Check those profiles as well for Snapchat details.

Method 3: Google Search Operators

Google Search Operators 1

Google advanced search operators help uncover specific information like social media usernames. To search Snapchat profiles on Google:

  1. Go to Google
  2. Try search queries like: “John Smith” “Snapchat username” “John’s Snapchat username is” “Snapchat: johnssmith”
  3. Scroll through search results and click promising links
  4. Check site content and comments for the Snapchat username

Search operators narrow results and provide some context for associating names with Snapchat accounts. Surrounding phrases in quotation marks groups terms closely.

Pro tip: Add social media sites like Twitter, Instagram or TikTok to uncover cross-referenced profiles.

Method 4. Instagram Username Mentions

Instagram Logo

Instagram accounts frequently tag Snapchat usernames in captions and comments. Conduct an Instagram profile search for the person through name or username.

Thoroughly explore their posts, captions, bios and tagged photos for potential Snapchat mentions. This is similar to finding Instagram friends on Threads.

The Instagram discover page can also lead to celebrity and influencer Snapchat handles.

Pro Tip: Monitoring recent posts sorted by latest can uncover changed Snapchat handles.

Method 5. X (Twitter) Username Mentions

X Logo

Similar to Instagram, Twitter users regularly link Snapchat accounts in tweets, bios and profile headings.

Finding someone on Twitter is fairly straightforward even without an account. Simply search their name on Twitter’s search bar for matching profiles.

Once you locate the correct account, carefully dig through tweets, retweets and replies for possible Snapchat username callouts. For more details, see our guide on how to search Twitter usernames.

Pro Tip: Twitter advanced search filters like keywords and locations help uncover relevant tweets signalling Snapchat accounts.

Method 6. YouTube Video Descriptions

Youtube Logo

YouTube creators often promote Snapchat profiles in video titles, descriptions and comments. Use YouTube search to find relevant videos by targeted individuals:

Analyze video descriptions and metadata for Snapchat usernames and mentions. Explore user comments on videos as well.

Pro Tip: Sort videos by most recent to quickly see latest Snapchat callouts.

Method 7. LinkedIn Profiles

Linkedin Logo

While less common than other social platforms, some LinkedIn users include Snapchat handles in contact info fields.

Use LinkedIn search to uncover professional profiles potentially tied to personal Snapchat accounts. Carefully comb through profile sections:

  • Contact info
  • Background summary
  • Activity feed
  • Recommendations

Personal website links in summaries can also redirect to private homepages with social media cross-references.

Method 8. Public Records Sites

Public records aggregators like BeenVerified, TruthFinder, Radaris and Intelius compile data from sources like while pages, voter registration and property records.


They allow name and cell phone searches with decent reverse lookup capabilities. Filter records by location and age range to pinpoint the right individual.

Associated social media account links are sometimes surfaced across records and report results. Expand record details to uncover potential Snapchat username references.

Method 9. Website Mentions

Personal websites and blogs, school/club pages, small business sites, online resumes/portfolios and other public web properties can list Snapchat usernames in footers or sidebars.

Start with a custom Google search using advanced operators:

site:.com “John Smith” “Snapchat”

This specifically searches .com domains for mentions of “John Smith” on pages containing “Snapchat”.

Remove domain filter or add other extensions like .org to broaden results.

Pro Tip: Search indexes like PublicWWW uncover additional website mentions across common domains.

Method 10. Messaging Apps

WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and other messaging apps make finding contacts easy by syncing phone numbers. Users frequently share social media details like Snapchat usernames in group chats.

Access relevant message history in apps to uncover possible Snapchat mentions. Be transparent when asking contacts directly for someone’s Snapchat handle.

Pro Tip: Explore group member profiles for publicly listed Snapchat usernames.

Method 11. Venmo Friends

Venmo Logo

The Venmo social payments app shows friends’ usernames and recent activity. Users often pay each other with cheeky captions name-dropping other social media accounts.

Browse down the list of friends and their payments for potential Snapchat callouts. Public friend lists and payments can be viewed on Venmo’s website without an account.

Pro Tip: Use Venmo’s limited profile filters to narrow down potential keyword matches.

Method 12. School Directories

Educational institution directories like school yearbooks, staff pages and student council lists sometime reference Snapchat usernames. Contact info is more commonly found for clubs and extracurricular programs engaging in outreach.

Tips for mining school sources:

  • Search [school name] yearbook on Google Books
  • Browse school social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
  • Identify relevant student groups and programs
  • Email admin contacts for info

Pro Tip: Target music, drama, volunteer and creative groups actively using social media.

Key Takeaways

  • Reverse username lookup sites like Social Catfish simplify searching without the app. Just input a name, number or email.
  • Exploring Facebook profiles uncovers friends’ Snapchat handles and friend suggestions.
  • Google and Twitter advanced search filters help surface keyword mentions.
  • Reverse image searches discover associated social media ties.
  • Venmo friend payments showcase lighthearted Snapchat callouts.
  • School yearbooks and club listings sometimes feature promotion-friendly contact info.

Still can’t quite pin down that elusive Snapchat username? Don’t lose hope. Persistence and creative searching across the social web make finding anyone possible. Unless they simply don’t have Snapchat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best free options for finding someone’s Snapchat username?

Google search and Facebook lookups are likely the most accessible free options. Social media sites like Twitter and Instagram provide additional conduits without extra fees.

Is it possible to retrieve a deleted Snapchat account?

Unfortunately deleted Snapchat accounts are likely lost forever, along with their memories and social graph. EvenLookup tools focused on recovering deleted accounts have limited success resurrecting ghosts.

What sites offer the best reverse phone lookup services?

For tying mobile numbers to social media accounts, top reverse phone lookup services include TruthFinder, Intelius, Spokeo, and Radaris. Several offer free trials, but subscription plans provide more robust people search capabilities.

Why use username search sites instead of Snapchat?

Third-party social media lookup sites maintain their own profile databases separate from Snapchat’s private user information. This allows searching additional identity signals like names, locations, photos and emails when the app and username fail.

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