Snapchat Password Cracker: How To Hack Accounts Ethically

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Snapchat Password Cracker

Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media platforms, especially among teens and young adults who love the disappearing message features. However, the app’s security isn’t foolproof, and there are methods that exist to hack into Snapchat accounts.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the world of Snapchat password crackers, account hacking tools, and password finder apps.

Overview of Snapchat Password Hacking

Hacking into someone’s Snapchat account without their permission is unethical and illegal in most places. However, parents may want to monitor their children’s activities, or you may need to access your own account after forgetting the password. In those cases, hacking your own or your child’s Snapchat may be justifiable.

We do not recommend using any tool or method to hack other people’s Snapchat accounts without their consent. That being said, plenty of Snapchat password cracking tools and account hacks do exist.

Some reasons people want to hack Snapchat accounts include:

  • Recovering access after forgetting the password
  • Monitoring children’s conversations and contacts
  • Spying on a partner or spouse suspected of cheating (how to catch a Snapchat cheater)
  • Gaining access to view private Snapchat photos and videos

There are different types of tools that can be used:

  • Online password cracking services
  • Password finder apps for iOS and Android
  • Keylogger apps to record keystrokes
  • Phishing methods
  • Exploiting security flaws in the Snapchat app

The success rate and legality varies significantly across the different options.

Online Snapchat Password Cracking Services

Some websites exist that claim to crack or look up Snapchat account passwords with just a username. They work by brute forcing random password combinations for the account.

Here are some examples:


SnSpy is an online tool that only needs a Snapchat username or phone number entered to access account data. It claims to build a virtual device, connect to the account, and download chat logs, photos, videos, and password details.

snspy snapchat password finder online


  • Requires only username/phone number to connect
  • Quick account hacking speed
  • Provides password access
  • Anonymous user data


  • No free trial, costs $120 minimum
  • Anonymous payment methods

The reliability and actual password access of online services is questionable. Beware of scams that just take your money without providing login details.

Snapchat Password Finder Apps

For Android and iOS devices, apps exist that can extract Snapchat passwords from a phone. Parents might use these tools to monitor children’s activities.


mSpy is a parental monitoring app that can be installed on an iPhone or Android device to view Snapchat messages remotely.



  • Tracks GPS location and social media
  • Full access to target device info
  • Robust privacy controls
  • Simple dashboard


  • Poor refund policy and support
  • Only works on one device


Eyezy is another password finder app that provides Snapchat monitoring capabilities after installation on an iOS or Android phone.



  • Read full Snapchat messages
  • Remote screen recording
  • Keylogger records everything


  • Location not real-time
  • Needs iPhone jailbreak/Android root

These apps have better success rates than online services, but require physical device access for installation.

Keylogger Apps

Keylogger apps record all keystrokes on a device, including passwords typed into apps like Snapchat. They can run in the background covertly.

Some examples include:

  • KidsGuard – Records keystrokes logged into an online dashboard.
  • mSpy – Includes keylogging along with other monitoring features.
  • Spyzie – Provides real-time keystroke interception and logging.

Parents might use keyloggers legally to monitor younger children. However, covertly installing them on other adults’ devices without consent is unethical and illegal.

Phishing Attacks

Phishing uses fake login pages to trick users into entering account credentials that are captured by the attacker. Links to the fake pages are sent via email or other messaging platforms.

While phishing is an option for stealing Snapchat account details, it requires setting up believable scam web pages and distribution methods to send fake links. This approach takes more technical skill.

Exploiting Snapchat Security Flaws

There have been security bugs in Snapchat over the years that have allowed account hijacking in some scenarios:

  • Find My Friends flaw – Let attackers brute force numbers to locate users (fixed in 2016).
  • SS7 exploit – Enabled SIM swapping through mobile carrier vulnerabilities.
  • Brute forcing – Weak passwords can sometimes still be discovered through brute force.

However, these require technical expertise and don’t provide reliable ongoing account access. Snapchat aims to patch major flaws quickly when discovered.

Key Takeaways

To summarize the core tips about Snapchat password crackers and account hacking:

  • Online services are generally unreliable and risky to use.
  • Password finder apps provide more reliable access but need install on target device.
  • Keyloggers can record typed credentials easily but require app install.
  • Phishing and exploits require more technical skill.
  • Never hack accounts without the account owner’s consent.
  • Use tools only where legally permissible, like monitoring children.
  • Enabling two-factor authentication can help prevent many hacking methods.
  • Create strong, unique passwords and change them periodically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it illegal to hack someone else’s Snapchat?

In most jurisdictions, hacking another person’s Snapchat without consent is illegal, as it violates computer crime laws. Only use hacking tools for legitimate purposes like recovering your own account or monitoring your young child’s activities.

Can someone hack my Snapchat if they know my username?

Knowing only a Snapchat username does not enable hacking that account. However, it does make targeted phishing attacks slightly easier. Always be cautious clicking suspect links sent to you. Avoid posting your username publicly where possible.

What happens if you enter the wrong Snapchat password too many times?

Entering incorrect passwords repeatedly can trigger temporary account lockouts to prevent brute force hacking attempts. After several wrong passwords, you may be prevented from trying again for a while.

Is there any legitimate reason to hack someone’s Snapchat?

The only recognized legitimate reason is for a parent to monitor young children below teenage years. However, overt monitoring without hacking may be better than covertly spying in many cases. Clear communication and guidance on social media use is ideal.

Can I hack my friend’s Snapchat as a prank?

Trying to hack friends’ accounts as a prank is unwise. Even if you have no ill intent, it can destroy trust, violate privacy, and even bring legal consequences depending on methods used. Consider more lighthearted pranks instead.

How can I tell if someone has hacked my Snapchat?

Signs your Snapchat may be hacked include new friends you didn’t add, messages to unknown contacts, password change alerts, posts you didn’t make, login locations you don’t recognize, and other abnormal account activity. Immediately change your password if concerned.


Hacking Snapchat accounts without permission is unethical and illegal in most situations. However, parents may have legitimate need to monitor young children on social media with certain tools. Recovering access to your own lost account also necessitates password cracking in some form.

Forgetting a Snapchat password is common, but resisting the temptation to illegally break into others’ accounts is important. Instead of hacking, have an open conversation with your children about social media safety and accountability.

There are always risks in using any Snapchat password finder or account hacking method. Focus on prevention by using strong unique passwords and enabling two-factor authentication wherever possible.

With care and wisdom, we can avoid the need to resort to account hacking while still protecting our loved ones in the digital world.

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