How to Remove Your Personal Information from Search Quarry

March 22, 2024

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Search Quarry is a data broker website that provides access to millions of public records, including court records, vehicle records, civil judgments, liens, bankruptcy filings and more. They collect this personal information from government sources and other public databases, then compile it into detailed background reports on individuals.

While public records are technically public information, many people are uncomfortable with their personal data being so easily accessible online. Having your sensitive info exposed on sites like Search Quarry can make you vulnerable to spam, identity theft, harassment, and other privacy risks.

Fortunately, Search Quarry allows you to opt out and remove your personal information from their database. There are two main ways to do this:

What is Search Quarry?


Search Quarry is a data broker that aggregates personal information from public records databases. Their website allows users to search for detailed background reports on individuals using criteria like name, phone number, address or email.

Why Remove Your Info from Search Quarry?

Having your personal data exposed on sites like Search Quarry can put your privacy and security at risk. It makes it easier for spammers, scammers, and stalkers to target you. Opting out helps protect your online privacy.

Two Ways to Opt Out of Search Quarry

There are two main ways to remove your personal information from Search Quarry:

1. Automated Opt Out with OneRep

OneRep is a service that will automatically handle the opt out process for you with Search Quarry and 200+ other data brokers. This saves significant time and keeps your data off these sites on an ongoing basis.

Onerep's Data Broker Coverage

2. Manual Opt Out Process

If you prefer the DIY approach, you can follow Search Quarry’s opt out steps yourself for free. This involves submitting an online form and confirming the request via email. The manual process includes:

Step 1: Go to Search Quarry’s Website

Start by visiting the Search Quarry website at

Step 2: Click “Do Not Sell My Info” Link

Scroll down to the footer and click the “Exercise My Privacy Rights” link.

Search Quarry Opt Out 1

Step 3: Fill Out Opt Out Form

Enter your identifying information like name and location into the opt out form.

Search Quarry Opt Out 2

Step 4: Select Your Record

Choose your listing from the search results to indicate which record to remove.

Search Quarry Opt Out 3

Step 5: Click “Remove Data”

After selecting your record, click the red “Remove Data” button to begin the opt out.

Search Quarry Opt Out 4

Step 6: Enter Email and Solve CAPTCHA

Provide an email address for communication about your request and solve the CAPTCHA.

Search Quarry Opt Out 5

Step 7: Confirm Opt Out via Email

Check your inbox for a confirmation email from Search Quarry. Click the link inside to verify your opt out request.

Search Quarry Opt Out 6

Step 8: Request Completed

After confirming, your request will be processed and your info removed from Search Quarry. This can take up to 45 days to complete.

Canceling a Search Quarry Subscription

Opting out of data collection will not automatically cancel any paid Search Quarry memberships you have. To cancel a subscription, you must contact their support team directly.

Opt Out of Other Data Brokers

Search Quarry is just one of many data broker websites that may be exposing your personal information. Use OneRep to quickly identify and remove your data from 200+ other sites.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is it really free to opt out of Search Quarry?

A: Yes, you can remove your info from Search Quarry at no cost using their opt out form. Or use OneRep’s paid service for more comprehensive removals.

Q: How long does the Search Quarry opt out process take?

A: Search Quarry can take up to 45 days to fully process data removal requests. Follow up if your info still appears after that time. OneRep customers get priority handling.

Q: Will opting out of Search Quarry remove me from Google searches too?

A: No, removing your info from Search Quarry will only keep it from appearing in search results on their own website. Separate opt outs may be needed elsewhere.

Q: What if I find inaccurate information about me on Search Quarry?

A: You can request corrections either through the opt out process described above, or by contacting Search Quarry directly to dispute inaccurate records.

Q: Can I opt out of Search Quarry on behalf of a relative?

A: Yes, Search Quarry does allow third-party opt out requests with proper authorization. You’ll need to provide evidence of permission. OneRep can handle this for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Search Quarry is a data broker that exposes personal info from public records
  • You can opt out for free using Search Quarry’s website forms
  • The DIY opt out process has 8 steps and can take up to 45 days
  • Using OneRep automates data removal from Search Quarry and 200+ other sites
  • Opting out doesn’t cancel paid Search Quarry subscriptions
  • Inaccurate Search Quarry records can be disputed and corrected
  • Opt outs can be submitted on behalf of relatives with permission

While the Search Quarry opt out process is fairly straightforward, handling data removal requests one-by-one across many websites quickly gets overwhelming. OneRep offers a quick and easy solution – our opt out service does all the work for you, keeping your personal information off 200+ data broker sites and protecting your privacy over the long-term. Sign up for your free privacy scan to see where your information is exposed and how we can help.