The Ultimate Guide to Scannero: A Comprehensive Review

November 26, 2023

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Have you ever wondered how you can track a phone number and identify the location of the device? With modern technology, it is now easier than ever to find out the exact whereabouts of a cell phone number from anywhere in the world.

In this comprehensive guide, we will be reviewing Scannero, an online phone tracking service that provides real-time location data just by inputting the number.

By the end of this guide, you’ll have all the information you need to decide if Scannero is the right location tracking solution for your needs.

What is Scannero?

scannero website

Scannero is an online phone tracking service that allows you to identify the location of a cell phone number. It uses advanced mobile tracking technology to pinpoint the device’s whereabouts in real-time.

With Scannero, all you need is the phone number to track its current position. There is no need to install any software or gain possession of the target phone.

It is a web-based platform accessible from any desktop or mobile browser. Scannero can track devices across all major carriers and countries.

The service is designed for:

  • Parents – To keep tabs on kids and teens when they leave the house
  • Employers – To monitor employees out in the field or on deliveries
  • Spouses – To keep track of your significant other’s location
  • Friends & Family – To coordinate meetups or share your real-time location

Scannero essentially serves as a virtual GPS tracker using just the cell phone number as input.

How Does Scannero Work?

Scannero setup

Scannero is able to locate a phone number by using the device’s IP address and Location IQ technology.

Here is an overview of how Scannero tracks a phone number:

  1. Sign up for a Scannero account by entering your email address
  2. Input the target phone number you want to track
  3. Scannero will send an SMS text message to the number
  4. The text message contains a tracking link that the user must click on
  5. Once clicked, Scannero identifies the phone’s geographical coordinates
  6. The location data is displayed on your Scannero dashboard in real-time

The text message Scannero sends appears to be a notification from an unknown source. For accurate tracking, the user must click the link to trigger a location ping.

If they do not click on it, Scannero will be unable to track the device’s whereabouts. This gives the target user some control over whether they want to be tracked or not.

Some key things to note about Scannero:

  • It only provides real-time tracking, not historical location data
  • The phone must have an active internet/data connection
  • Results may not be 100% accurate depending on network strength
  • It cannot track phones that are switched off or have no reception

Now let’s take a look at some of the core features and capabilities of Scannero.

Key Features and Capabilities

Here are some of the key features and capabilities of Scannero:

  • Real-time location tracking – Scannero provides live location updates of the target phone as long as it is powered on and connected. The location data is displayed on an interactive map within your account.
  • GPS coordinates – Get the exact GPS coordinates of latitude and longitude for pinpoint accuracy. This helps identify the address and surrounding area.
  • Mobile phone number lookup – Just input a valid mobile number from anywhere worldwide to track its location. No other identifiers required.
  • Location monitoring – Keep continuous tabs on your target phone’s movements with real-time tracking. Set up alerts for when they enter or leave a specific location.
  • Web-based platform – Scannero is accessible from any desktop or mobile web browser. There are no apps to install on devices.
  • Customizable SMS message – Change the content of the SMS text message sent to the phone number for tracking. Add your own text to improve response rate.
  • No target device access needed – Scannero remotely tracks phones without needing direct access to install software. The user just has to click the link.
  • Privacy controls – The target user must consent by clicking the tracking link, giving them control over their privacy. No covert tracking without permission.
  • Security – Scannero states they do not store any personal data of its users. All location tracking is facilitated via anonymous IP addresses.

These capabilities make Scannero a versatile phone tracking solution for a range of personal and professional use cases. Next, let’s go over compatibility.


One of the major benefits of Scannero is that it works with all major mobile platforms and carriers:

  • iOS devices (iPhone)
  • Android devices
  • Landline phones with SMS capabilities
  • Tablets (as long as it has an active cell plan)
  • Global phone carriers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Vodafone, etc.

The only requirement is that the target phone number belongs to an active mobile or cell phone line. Since it is web-based, Scannero also works across operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.

You can input local or international phone numbers from around the world. As long as the number is valid and tied to an active device, Scannero will be able to track its location.

Pricing Plans

Scannero offers a single pricing plan, which is a monthly subscription. There is a 1-day trial available for $0.89 to test out the service.

Here are the details on Scannero’s pricing:

  • 1-Day Trial – $0.89 one-time payment for unlimited searches for 24 hours
  • Monthly Plan – $49.80 billed monthly for unlimited phone number searches
  • Cancel anytime with no contracts

The monthly plan allows you to perform as many searches as needed within a 30 day period. For most users, the unlimited searches make it a cost-effective option.

Compared to other phone tracking services, Scannero is priced competitively. The major downside is that there are no annual or quarterly discounts for long-term subscribers.

Next, let’s weigh some of the key pros and cons of using Scannero for phone tracking.

Pros and Cons of Scannero


  • Simple and easy to use
  • No apps or software to install
  • Works on all mobile devices and carriers
  • Provides real-time location tracking
  • Unlimited searches on monthly plan
  • Competitive pricing
  • 1-day trial available


  • Only offers monthly pricing (no annual plans)
  • Limited to real-time tracking, no location history
  • Accuracy depends on phone signal strength
  • User must click on tracking link for it to work
  • Lack of reviews and reputation as a new service

Scannero provides an easy and straightforward solution for identifying the live location of a phone number. But the major caveat is that it only works if the target user clicks the tracking link they receive. This somewhat limits its effectiveness for covert tracking or gathering historical data.

Scannero User Reviews

Since Scannero appears to be a relatively new service, there are not many customer reviews available yet online.

On popular review sites like SiteJabber, Scannero has a mix of positive and negative ratings from users:

  • Positive – Simple setup, accurate locations, good for tracking kids
  • Negative – Did not work even after target clicked link, poor customer service

Most of the critical reviews seem to focus on the accuracy issues and problems receiving any tracking data after inputting a number.

However, when it does work as advertised, users mention Scannero provides an easy and helpful way to track a phone number’s location. But the reliability appears to be hit or miss based on early user reviews.

As Scannero matures as a service, the performance and user experience will become more clear over time. For now, it seems ideal for casual personal use but may lack the sophistication for full-time business tracking needs.

How to Use Scannero to Track a Phone Number

Scannero track phone number

Using Scannero to track a mobile number involves just a few simple steps:

Step 1: Create a Scannero Account

  • Go to and enter your email address
  • Choose a password to register your new account

Step 2: Input Target Number

  • Log into your Scannero dashboard
  • Enter the 10-digit mobile number you want to track

Step 3: Customize Text Message

  • Scannero will pre-populate a text message to send the number
  • Edit the message to improve open rates (e.g. urgent alert)

Step 4: Send SMS With Tracking Link

  • Verify the message and click send
  • This will send the text with tracking link to the target number

Step 5: Wait for Link Click

  • Once the user clicks the link, their location will appear on your dashboard
  • You may need to send a few reminder texts to get them to click it

And that’s it! Within a few minutes of the user clicking the link, you will see their phone’s coordinates displayed on the map along with the current address.

Monitor the dashboard to check for any location changes in real-time.

Scannero Alternatives

While Scannero provides a basic phone number tracking solution, there are other options on the market with more robust features for personal and business use cases.

Here are some top alternatives to consider:


Spylix is a phone monitoring service compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It does not require the user to click any links for tracking.


Key features:

  • Tracks location history and real-time data
  • Monitors texts, calls, apps, browsing history
  • Powerful location based alerts
  • Stealth mode functionality

Pricing starts at $12.99/month for comprehensive monitoring.


Geofinder specializes in location tracking by phone number across US and Canada. It captures 30 days of location history.

Key features:

  • Detailed maps of device movement
  • Location, call, and text logging
  • SMS messaging logs
  • Media files and contacts list

Subscription plans start at $19.99/month.


mSpy is a leading parental and employee monitoring solution for phones and tablets. It captures precise historical and live location data.


Key features:

  • Call monitoring and recording
  • Tracks social media activity
  • Keylogger and screenshot capture
  • Completely stealth operation

Plans start at $16.66/month for full phone surveillance capabilities.

Finding the Right Fit

Evaluate your specific tracking needs to choose the right service. Scannero provides only real-time location pinging. But Spylix, Geofinder, and mSpy offer more powerful history, alerts, media access, and covert tracking modes.

Scannero Review FAQs

Does Scannero really work?

Yes, Scannero can accurately track the location of a phone number in real-time. But it relies on the user clicking the tracking link sent via SMS. If they do not open the message and click the link, Scannero will not be able to trace their phone.

Is Scannero free to use?

No, Scannero does not have a free version. It offers a 1-day trial for $0.89 and a monthly subscription plan for $49.80. There is no long-term annual pricing option.

Can Scannero track a turned-off phone?

No, Scannero cannot track a phone that is switched off or has no network reception, as it relies on data signals for location pings. The target phone must be powered on and have cellular or WiFi connection.

Does Scannero notify the user they are being tracked?

Yes, Scannero sends an SMS text message with a tracking link that the user must click for their location to be identified. So it does notify the target user, giving them a chance to opt-out if they choose.

Can Scannero track locations without the user knowing?

No, Scannero does not offer any stealth tracking capabilities. The person must actively click the tracking link, so it does not work covertly without their knowledge or permission.

Key Takeaways

  • Scannero provides real-time location tracking of phone numbers via online dashboard
  • Simply input the target number and edit text message with tracking link to send
  • Compatible across all mobile devices, carriers, and countries
  • $49.80 monthly fee includes unlimited searches
  • User must click tracking link in SMS message to enable location ping
  • Accuracy depends on cellular and GPS signal strength of the target phone
  • Currently limited user reviews as a new service on the market
  • Useful for personal and family tracking but may lack robustness for business

The Bottom Line

Scannero provides an easy web-based solution for identifying the live location of a phone number through a simple tracking link. It can be helpful for keeping tabs on phones of children, spouses, elderly parents, and employees out in the field.

However, take into account that Scannero has limited functionality around historical data, analytics, or completely covert tracking. The service remains in the early stages without extensive customer feedback available yet.

For most casual personal use cases, Scannero delivers an adequate solution for under $50 bucks a month. But businesses may require more sophisticated capabilities and assurances before relying on it for critical tracking needs.

Overall, Scannero makes real-time location tracking of any phone number readily accessible. Try out the 1-day trial to experience the service firsthand. Just set appropriate expectations around functionality and accuracy based on reading this complete guide to Scannero.