How to Remotely Turn on iPhone Microphone Free?

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Have you ever tried to remotely turn on iPhone microphone free?

As a guardian, friend, or responsible companion, there are moments when you need to know what’s taking place in the lives of your near ones to ensure their safety and security.

There was a time when it was impossible to even think about this, but things have changed entirely.

The article lets you know how to wirelessly access any user’s microphone.

You will also learn about some of the best microphone monitoring tools available in the market.

Top Apps to Remotely Turn on iPhone Microphone Free

Many users often ask how to remotely turn on the iPhone microphone for free. This feature is currently not available on iOS devices.

However, you can use a few alternative ways to achieve this.

In the market, many competent apps provide the provision to monitor someone’s microphone.

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Can You Turn on the iPhone Microphone Remotely?

Using those apps, you can gain access to the device and monitor the activities of the microphone. You can also choose to record the conversation on your device.

The only problem is that there are too many applications in the market. Many of them appear credible, but once you finish the payment to avail of their paid subscriptions, they turn out to be a hoax.

Hence, you’ll need to be cautious when looking for the app that fulfills your requirements.

Here, to ensure you get the best deal possible, we’ve come up with two of the most credible monitoring apps you can use to spy on anyone’s microphone.

Also, let’s figure out how to spy on a cell phone without access to the phone.

1. KidsGuard (World’s #1 Phone Monitor App)

We’ll begin with one of the finest spy tools available for iOS and Android users in the app market to remotely turn on an iPhone microphone for free, KidsGuard.

It is primarily designed to satisfy the requirements of guardians.

For a guardian, the spy can help in tracking every online activity of a child, along with providing total access to their device’s microphone.

Remotely Turn on iPhone Microphone Free Using KidsGuard

Virtual Conversation Recording

The app alerts you on the interface whenever the target user makes or receives a call. The software also provides complete details about the call, including the call duration, caller ID, and the date and timings of the conversation.

Also, users need not worry about exhausting their device storage as the KidsGuard provides a smooth backup option for all the recorded calls.

Once you remotely turn on the iPhone microphone free and record a conversation, you can either choose to save it on your device or upload it on the cloud service by KidsGuard.

Once you upload it on the KidsGuard Cloud servers, you can access this recording later anytime from any smartphone or PC with an internet connection.

Quick Setup

KidsGuard offers a user-friendly and hassle-free installation. It should not take more than 10 minutes for beginners to set up the application on the target device and start monitoring immediately afterward.

Functions in Background

At times, the target users may become suspicious of any unexpected activity and figure out there’s a spy app installed on their device.

To prevent this from happening, KidsGuard works in the background the entire time, keeping it hidden from the user.

This also allows you to continue monitoring without the fear of getting detected.

Steps to Remotely Turn on iPhone Microphone Free:

Follow the steps below to remotely turn on the iPhone microphone free:

 1. Install KidsGuard Application
  • To begin using the monitoring services of KidsGuard, go to its official website.
  • You’ll need to start by creating an account. Set up a profile and choose the desired subscription.
  • Follow the instructions specified by the website to download the KidsGuard Spy App on the target device without any hassle.
Install KidsGuard
2. Access the Conversations Virtually

As you finish the installation process on the target device, the KidsGuard will get activated to remotely turn on the iPhone microphone for free.

Henceforth, it will continue to work in the background without any detection. It will also keep you updated with call records and other essential information.

  • Go to the application’s interface and select the device you want to monitor. In the sidebar, look for “Remote Control“.
  • Tap on it and select “Record Calls“.
Remotely Turn on iPhone Microphone Free
  • Verify the contact first to ensure that you know the target person properly. This is also to confirm that you only track the right person’s information.
  • From there, hit the play button to access their phone conversations. You can also tap the download button to store it on your device and listen to it later whenever you feel like it.
Record Calls via KidsGuard

2. How Can I Spy My iPhone Microphone By Flexispy?

After learning about plenty of fraudulent cases in the name of spy tools, many users are often hesitant to invest in any spy application to remotely turn on an iPhone microphone free.

Looking into that, we propose a very reliable and feature-rich iPhone microphone spy application – Flexispy.


This application is endorsed and appreciated by millions of its satisfied customers worldwide.

If you are someone who wants to tap someone’s microphone and listen to the entire conversation of the target user, then this monitoring application is ideal for you.

  • It also allows you to record the conversation and capture the screenshots remotely from your device.
  • All this, without the fear of getting caught as the application claims to be undetectable by hiding in the background.
  • The displace interface of this software is customizable and highly user-friendly.
  • You can access all the necessary features without any hassle or delay.

Key Features of Flexispy to Remotely Turn on iPhone Microphone Free

Below, we’ve mentioned a few key features of this spying tool that will help you better understand why it is the best tool in the market presently.

Enable the Microphone Seamlessly

The spy application is easy to use as you’re not required to manually interfere when the target person makes or receives a call.

It is intended to begin recording immediately after the user connects the call.

The recorded call is stored in the app and is available on your interface.

From here, you can access the recording anytime you feel like it.

VOIP Call Recordings

The spy application to remotely turn on the iPhone microphone free is designed so that it does not let the target user ever discover that their calls are being monitored.

The possibility of discovering the presence of this application is quite minimal as it works in the background with no trace of detection.

Once you set up this tool on the target user’s device, it will continue to work without displaying any notification or alarm.

Prompt and Hassle-free Installation

With this application, you can quickly deploy the application on the target device and begin to spy without any prior expertise.

The monitoring software to remotely turn on the iPhone microphone free is user-friendly, and even beginners can understand all the features in a short period.

Holistic Package

The software to remotely turn on the iPhone microphone free comes loaded with dozens of features that are extremely handy when you are looking forward to spying on some device.

These functions can provide extreme minute details about the target online activities.

Besides tapping the microphone and recording the conversation, the software also allows you to keep track of different social media outlets, contact history, live GPS location, and take snapshots virtually from your device.

3. Other Monitoring Software in the App Market

The two spying tools mentioned above are the best deals you can presently find in the market to remotely turn on an iPhone microphone for free.

There is a variety of other smartphone applications out there that give you a whole range of similar features.

However, the users have found certain complications with these applications that you should be aware of before you make any financial investment in their subscription packs.

  • As most of these applications are not perfectly undetectable, there is a high chance that you may end up getting trapped if the target user figures out any suspicious activity on their device and investigates further.
  • The apps to remotely turn on iPhone microphone free are not quite reliable regarding the immediate activation of their services. Because of this, you may miss a substantial amount of information when the software does not activate itself properly.
  • Often, the recorded calls are not stored in an appropriate, high-quality format. Because of this, the audio playback that you get is quite poor.

Is It Possible to Remotely Turn on the iPhone Microphone for Free?

The provision to remotely turn on the iPhone microphone offers enormous privileges. Many users may also look unbelievable as they often question this.

However, it’s very much possible to tap into someone’s microphone. Once you hack someone’s smartphone, you also get access to all the conversations the target user makes using his device.

There are a variety of spying tools available in the app market that let you enable the microphone of the target device and offer you the provision to see what’s happening in the background.

From this information, you can get a general idea of the life of the target user and who the target user is interacting with.

Final Thoughts

We are certain that with the completion of this article now, you have understood how to remotely turn on the iPhone microphone for free

We taught you how you could set up the monitoring software without letting the target person know.

The remote microphone surveillance app is often required by many users.

You can use it to learn a variety of things, such as how to virtually watch your kids keep them secure or how to catch a dishonest partner.

To summarise, KidsGuard and Flexispy are two of the finest spy apps available in the app market.