The Ultimate Guide to Radaris for Background Checks and People Search

March 19, 2024

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Radaris is one of the most popular online people search and background check services. With access to extensive public records and professional data sources, it can provide detailed reports on individuals for a variety of purposes.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Radaris, including how it works, the different reports offered, search capabilities, data sources, limitations, pricing, customer support, and alternatives.

Overview of Radaris

Radaris Logo

Radaris describes itself as a universal people directory and information indexing system. The main goal is to help users find useful information about individuals using public records and data from professional sources.

The service allows you to perform various searches:

  • People search
  • Background checks
  • Criminal record checks
  • Reverse phone lookup
  • Reverse address lookup

Some key features include:

  • Access to hundreds of millions of public records
  • Criminal history and arrest records
  • Email and phone verification
  • Comprehensive background reports
  • International searches in select countries
  • Real-time monitoring with Radar feature
  • Mobile apps for on-the-go access

How Does Radaris Work?


Using Radaris is simple. Just go to their website and choose the type of search you want to perform. Options include:

  • People search
  • Background check
  • Business search
  • Property search
  • Phone number search

Enter the name, phone number, or other details of the person you want to look up. Radaris will search through its databases and provide a list of potential matches.

To access more than just basic information, you’ll need to purchase a report or subscribe to a membership plan. Reports range from $2 to $50 depending on how comprehensive you need them to be. Memberships offer unlimited reports from $20-50 per month.

Once you purchase a report, you’ll get access to various records found in Radaris’s databases on that individual, including:

  • Full name and age
  • Current and past addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Criminal history
  • Bankruptcies, liens, judgments
  • Marriages, divorces
  • Relatives and neighbors
  • Education and employment history
  • Social media profiles
  • Photos

Key Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Reports

Radaris offers detailed reports on individuals, businesses, properties, and phone numbers. For people, you can get standard contact info or criminal history, bankruptcies, marriages, education, relatives, and more.

Criminal and Arrest Records

Unlike some free people search sites, Radaris provides criminal records and arrest history as part of its background checks. This can help identify any red flags.

Email and Phone Verification

Radaris can verify if an email or phone number belongs to the person you’re searching for. This helps ensure you have the right contact information.

Real-Time Monitoring

The Radar feature alerts you anytime the person’s name appears in news, publications, videos or reports. It’s great for keeping tabs on someone.

International Searches

Many background check sites focus just on the US. Radaris offers searches in India, Spain, UK, Germany and some other countries.

Mobile Apps

Radaris has mobile apps for iOS and Android to do people search, reverse phone lookups, and sex offender searches on the go.

Radaris Mobile Apps

Radaris Report Types

Radaris offers a range of reports depending on how much information you need.

People Reports

Radaris People Search

Advanced People Search ($5.95)

  • Full name
  • Age and DOB
  • Current address
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Residence history
Radaris Advanced People Search

Background Check Report ($39.95)

Includes everything in Advanced report plus:

  • Criminal records
  • Bankruptcies
  • Liens and judgments
  • Marriages and divorces
  • Relatives and neighbors
  • Education and employment history

Business Reports

Business Background Report ($49.95)

  • Business credit scores and risk factors
  • Bankruptcies and liens
  • UCC filings
  • Banking and financial history
  • Previous business registrations

Property Reports

Property Detail Report ($9.95)

  • Ownership information
  • Property details and characteristics
  • Transaction history
  • Tax details
  • Market value

Additional Features

Reverse Phone Lookup

Enter a phone number to find the owner.

Radaris Reverse Phone Lookup

Email Search

Verify if an email belongs to the person.

Radar Monitoring

Get alerts when your search subject appears in news/reports.

International Sites

Run searches globally in select countries.

Pros and Cons of Radaris


  • Hundreds of millions of public records
  • Criminal histories and arrest records
  • Comprehensive background reports
  • Email and phone verification
  • Monitoring with Radar feature
  • International people search
  • Mobile apps for on-the-go access


  • No instant checkmate style single report
  • Website feels a bit dated
  • Lacking some competitor features
  • Mixed reviews from some users
  • Concerns about removing records

Is Radaris Legit and Safe to Use?

Radaris pulls data from legitimate public records and sources, so the information itself is accurate and reliable. Many users find the background reports helpful for screening dates, neighbors, etc.

However, Radaris itself has received some criticism over the years. Some common concerns include:

  • Removal requests not always honored quickly
  • Membership cancellation issues reported
  • Potentially outdated records shown
  • Privacy advocates concerned about data aggregation

While Radaris seems reasonably safe and legitimate for most purposes, you may want to take some precautions:

  • Verify records against other sources
  • Don’t rely solely on Radaris for decisions
  • Look out for any outdated information
  • Use alias if searching yourself

Radaris Membership Plans and Pricing

You can pay per report at Radaris or subscribe to a membership for unlimited reports. Here are the pricing options:

Pay Per Report

  • People Search – $5.95
  • Background Check – $39.95
  • Business Report – $49.95
  • Property Report – $9.95


Basic ($24.95/month)

  • Unlimited people searches
  • Background checks $9.95 each

Premium ($49.95/month)

  • Unlimited people searches
  • Background checks $3.95 each

Property ($24.95/month)

  • Unlimited property reports for $5.95 each

Corporate ($150/month)

  • Unlimited business background reports

Radaris Customer Support

Radaris offers customer support by phone and email:

Phone: 855-RADARIS (855-723-2747)

Monday-Friday 9:30am – 8pm ET Saturday 10am – 4pm ET

Email: Submit request form on website

There is also an extensive frequently asked questions knowledge base on their site.

Radaris Competitors and Alternatives

Some top competitors and alternatives to Radaris include:

Free people search engines like PeekYou, Nuwber, and PeopleLooker can also be good Radaris alternatives for casual searches.

Is Radaris the Best Choice for You?

Radaris can be a helpful tool for due diligence searches. The comprehensive reports, criminal records access, and monitoring features make it more powerful than many free search engines.

However, the membership focus and a la carte pricing may not work for everyone. Make sure to compare against competitors like BeenVerified and Instant Checkmate.

For basic people search needs, a free service like PeopleLooker may be sufficient. But serious background checks call for paid services like Radaris.

The Bottom Line on Radaris

Radaris leverages extensive public records and data sources to offer detailed background checks and people searches. The criminal records access and monitoring alerts add useful capabilities beyond just finding contact info.

However, the website feels a bit dated, and some users have had issues with removing records. Exercise caution, verify records independently, and don’t rely solely on Radaris reports for any major decisions.

Overall, Radaris can be a helpful tool as part of a diligent background check process when used properly. Just go in with realistic expectations. For serious checks, pairing Radaris with a competitor service helps give you a more complete picture of an individual.

Key Takeaways on Radaris:

  • Offers several types of people search and background checks
  • Criminal records and arrest histories available
  • Real-time monitoring with Radar feature
  • International searches in select countries
  • Mobile apps for people search and reverse phone lookups
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing or membership plans
  • Concerns from some users about removal requests
  • Compare against competitors like BeenVerified and TruthFinder
  • Useful tool but don’t rely solely on Radaris reports

Frequently Asked Questions about Radaris

What does Radaris include in a background check?

Radaris background checks can include full name, age, current and past addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, criminal records, liens, bankruptcies, marriages, divorces, relatives, education history, employment history, and more.

Is Radaris better than Spokeo?

Radaris offers more comprehensive background check reports compared to Spokeo’s focus on basic contact information and social profiles. But Spokeo is easier to use and more affordable for casual searches.

Can you see who viewed your Radaris report?

No, Radaris does not allow you to see who has searched for or viewed your own report on their site.

Is Radaris safe to use? Are my results private?

Radaris pulls data from public sources so can be safely used for lookups. However, they do aggregate and display records publicly on their site, so you may wish to use an alias if searching yourself.

Does Radaris offer refunds? What is their cancellation policy?

Radaris does not clearly explain refund or cancellation policies on their website. You have to contact their customer service team to request a refund or membership cancellation on a case-by-case basis.

Can Radaris remove my records if I request opt-out?

You can submit an opt-out request to Radaris to potentially have your records removed. However, many users report issues getting them to comply fully with removal requests in a timely manner.

Radaris is better suited for comprehensive background checks because of its access to criminal records, vs just basic contact info in people search engines. For casual searches, a free people search site may be sufficient.

What is the Radaris monthly membership cost?

Radaris monthly memberships cost $24.95 for basic, $49.95 for premium, and $24.95 for property. Corporate is $150/month. Memberships allow unlimited reports for reduced per-report pricing.

Can Radaris search other countries beside the US?

Yes, Radaris offers international people search options in select countries including the UK, Spain, Germany and India. But availability is limited compared to their extensive US records access.