PrivacyHawk vs DeleteMe: Choosing the Right Personal Data Removal Service

March 18, 2024

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As an expert in online privacy protection with over a decade of experience researching and testing solutions, I’ve seen firsthand how important personal data removal services have become. With data brokers collecting and selling our private information, the risks of identity theft, spam, scams and loss of privacy have never been higher.

In this in-depth comparison, I’ll be taking a close look at two of the top personal data removal services: PrivacyHawk and DeleteMe. I’ll break down their features, pricing, pros and cons to help you determine which one is the best fit for safeguarding your sensitive data.

Why You Need a Personal Data Removal Service

Your personal information is continuously being harvested by hundreds of data brokers – companies that specialize in gathering details like your name, address, age, income, online activity and much more. They package this data into profiles that are sold to marketers, criminals, even potential employers.

This puts you at risk of:

  • Identity theft
  • Targeted scams
  • Endless spam emails and robocalls
  • Companies tracking your online activity
  • Hackers accessing your accounts
  • Public exposure of sensitive info

Manually opting out from data brokers is a painstaking, time-consuming process. A personal data removal service does the hard work for you by contacting brokers on your behalf and demanding the removal of your information. The best services will drastically reduce your digital footprint and continually monitor for any new instances of your data appearing.

What to Look for in a Personal Data Removal Service

Not all data removal services are created equal. When evaluating your options, look for a service that offers:

  • Removal from a large number of data brokers (ideally hundreds)
  • Ongoing monitoring and data removal, not just a one-time clean
  • Responsive customer support to handle any issues
  • Affordable pricing for both individual and family plans

It’s also wise to choose an established, reputable provider that has a proven track record and stands behind their service with a strong privacy policy and guarantee.

PrivacyHawk: An In-Depth Review


Launched in 2019, PrivacyHawk has quickly established itself as a leader in the personal data removal space. They differentiate themselves through an extremely comprehensive approach that targets as many data brokers as possible.

Key features include:

  • Opt-out from 300+ data brokers
  • Deep scanning for personal info across 190+ sites
  • Removal of your email address from databases
  • Suppression of phone numbers from caller ID services
  • Ongoing quarterly monitoring and data removal
  • Privacy protection guides and resources

Pricing starts at $129/year for an individual plan, with family plans available for $229/year. While not the cheapest service, PrivacyHawk justifies their pricing through the sheer number of sites they target for data removal.


✔️ Removes data from more brokers than competitors

✔️ Proactive quarterly re-scans to identify new information

✔️ Helpful privacy guides and white papers

✔️ Responsive customer support


❌ Higher prices than some alternatives

❌ Additional family member coverage costs extra

❌ No mobile apps for on-the-go account management

Customer experiences with PrivacyHawk are largely positive. Many users report a substantial decrease in spam and robocalls after having their data removed. The company maintains an “Excellent” Trustpilot rating.

However, some customers express frustration with the time it takes for removals to take effect and the inability to expedite new requests. Customers also wish the service integrated with identity theft solutions.

DeleteMe: An In-Depth Review


Founded in 2010, DeleteMe is one of the original data removal services. They are owned by Abine, a respected name in online privacy. DeleteMe takes a “white glove” approach focused on a high level of personalized customer service.

Key features include:

  • Removal from major data brokers
  • Customized personal information removal requests
  • DeleteMe Privacy Advisor for privacy guidance
  • Continuous data broker monitoring
  • Quarterly email updates on removal status
  • Password manager integration

DeleteMe pricing starts at $129/year for individual plans or $329/year for their Concierge service which includes data removal for up to 4 family members.

Deleteme Pricing And Subscription Plans


✔️ Personalized privacy advisor to handle concerns

✔️ Good customer reviews and Abine’s solid reputation

✔️ Concierge service covers full family

✔️ Works well for removing sensitive info like bankruptcy


❌ Lower number of total sites covered than PrivacyHawk

❌ Higher pricing than some competitors

❌ No mobile apps available

DeleteMe gets consistently positive feedback from customers who appreciate their focus on service and privacy education. Many note how responsive and helpful the Privacy Advisors are. The biggest complaints are around the high cost compared to other services.

Several third-party review sites rank DeleteMe among the best data removal services, citing their reliability and solid feature set. Like PrivacyHawk, they maintain a Trustpilot rating of 4+ stars.

PrivacyHawk vs DeleteMe: Head-to-Head Comparison

To decide between PrivacyHawk and DeleteMe, it’s helpful to compare them directly across key criteria:

Data brokers covered300+~30
Renewal price$129/year$129/year
Family plans$229/year$329/year
Customer supportPhone, emailPhone, email, chat
Monitoring frequencyQuarterlyQuarterly

PrivacyHawk comes out ahead in terms of sheer coverage, removing data from 10x more brokers than DeleteMe. They also offer lower pricing for family plans.

However, DeleteMe provides a higher level of personalized service with their Privacy Advisors. Their white glove Concierge plan makes sense for those who want full-service data removal for their entire family with minimal effort.

In terms of customer reviews and expert opinions, both services are highly regarded with ratings of 4+ stars. You can’t go wrong with either one from a reputation standpoint.

Which Service is Right for You?

After evaluating both services in depth, here are my recommendations:

Choose PrivacyHawk if:

  • You want the most comprehensive data removal possible
  • You’re tech savvy and don’t need much handholding
  • You want the best individual subscription price

If PrivacyHawk doesn’t quite meet your needs, consider exploring PrivacyHawk alternatives for other options.

Choose DeleteMe if:

  • You want VIP-level personal service
  • You need coverage for your whole family
  • You want a proven provider with 10+ years of experience

If DeleteMe doesn’t quite fit your needs or budget, consider looking into alternatives to DeleteMe for other reputable data removal services.

Key Takeaways

  • Data removal services protect your privacy by getting your personal information deleted from broker websites
  • PrivacyHawk covers 300+ data brokers while DeleteMe handles ~30
  • Both services cost $129/year for individuals, with DeleteMe’s family plan priced higher
  • PrivacyHawk is best for extensive data removal, DeleteMe for premium service
  • Expect a reduction in spam and more control over your personal information


How long does data removal take?

Most removals process within 7-14 days, but some can take 45+ days.

Can I trust these services with my personal information?

PrivacyHawk and DeleteMe employ strict security measures to protect your data. However, no system is 100% foolproof.

Is data removal permanent?

Data can repopulate over time as brokers re-collect it. Ongoing monitoring is necessary to maintain privacy.

Can I cancel if I’m not satisfied?

Both services offer refunds within 30 days if you’re not satisfied.

Will this stop all spam and robocalls?

Data removal significantly reduces unwanted contact but may not eliminate it entirely. Consistent monitoring helps.

After extensively researching and testing both services, I’m confident that PrivacyHawk and DeleteMe are the two best options for protecting your privacy by removing personal data from invasive brokers. While neither is perfect, they provide an effective way to reduce your digital footprint and safeguard your sensitive information. By carefully evaluating their strengths and your unique needs, you can choose the right service to reclaim your privacy.

As we continue to share more of ourselves online, data removal will only become more essential. Taking the proactive step of investing in a service like PrivacyHawk or DeleteMe can provide invaluable peace of mind now and in the future. Your privacy is worth protecting.