Privacy Bee vs DeleteMe: Which Data Removal Service Reigns Supreme?

March 18, 2024

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In the battle against data brokers, Privacy Bee and DeleteMe have emerged as two leading services promising to erase your personal information from the web. But which one delivers superior protection for your online privacy?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore:

  • The background and approach of each company
  • What services Privacy Bee and DeleteMe offer
  • Pricing and customer support comparisons
  • Effectiveness in removing personal data
  • Key pros and cons to consider

By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of how these services stack up and which one is the best fit for safeguarding your sensitive data. For more comparisons, see our guides on Incogni vs Privacy Bee and Privacy Bee vs Optery.

Company Backgrounds and Philosophies

Privacy Bee: The Fresh Face in Privacy Protection

Privacy Bee

Launched in 2020, Privacy Bee is an ambitious startup based in Atlanta aiming to empower users in managing their digital footprint. Despite being a relative newcomer, they’ve quickly gained attention for their proactive, AI-powered approach to data removal.

  • Global team focused on anticipating privacy threats
  • Browser extension for more user control
  • Ethos centered on user empowerment and vigilance

DeleteMe: The Veteran Fighter Against Data Brokers


DeleteMe, founded in 2011, is the seasoned expert in online privacy with over a decade of experience removing personal info from data broker sites. As a subsidiary of Abine Inc., they’ve built a reputation for thoroughness and effectiveness.

  • Processed over 30 million opt-out requests
  • Dedicated team of privacy protection experts
  • Emphasis on precision and personal service

While both companies share a commitment to privacy, their distinct backgrounds shape their approaches. Privacy Bee brings an innovative edge, while DeleteMe offers deep-rooted expertise.

Service Offerings Compared

When evaluating data removal services, it’s crucial to understand exactly what you get. Here’s how Privacy Bee and DeleteMe’s core offerings measure up:

Privacy Bee’s Suite of Proactive Protections

  • 24/7 data exposure scanning system
  • Browser extension for flagging untrusted sites
  • Automated removal requests to 200+ data brokers
  • Continuous monitoring for data re-appearances
Privacy Bee Dashboard

Privacy Bee’s service revolves around always-on vigilance, casting a wide net to identify and resolve privacy issues swiftly. See how this compares to other services in our Privacy Bee alternatives guide.

DeleteMe’s Hands-On, High-Precision Process

  • Personally handled data removal by privacy experts
  • Thorough scanning of 580+ data broker sites
  • Detailed initial privacy report within 7 days
  • Quarterly data rescanning and removal
Deleteme Dashboard

DeleteMe sets itself apart with meticulous, manual data hunting and erasure, ensuring a comprehensive clean-up of your digital tracks.

Pricing Plans & Customer Support

Privacy Bee Packages & Support Channels

Privacy Bee offers one straightforward plan:

  • Annual subscription: $197/year
Privacy Bee Pricing Options

Support options:

  • Contact form
  • Chatbot for basic inquiries

The simplified annual plan provides full access to their suite of privacy protection tools. However, support is limited to a contact form and basic chatbot.

DeleteMe Subscriptions & Service

DeleteMe provides three flexible subscription options:

  • Standard (8+ removals): $129/year
  • Plus (12+ removals): $179/year
  • Premium (unlimited removals): $229/year
Deleteme Pricing And Subscription Plans

Customer care:

  • Email support
  • Phone support during business hours
  • Live chat

DeleteMe’s tiered plans accommodate different privacy needs and budgets. Their responsive support team is reachable through multiple channels for prompt, personalized help.

Trustworthiness and Track Record

Privacy Bee: Promising Potential, Limited Proof

  • Ongoing scanning for data exposures
  • Automated bulk removal from 200+ sites
  • Newer service, fewer customer reviews
  • Some questions on precision of broad approach

Privacy Bee shows great initiative with proactive monitoring and removals. But their relative youth and reliance on automation leave some uncertainty about consistent results. For other options, check out our Privacy Bee alternatives roundup.

DeleteMe: Proven Reliability and Results

  • Over 30 million successful data removals
  • Privacy experts manually processing requests
  • Hundreds of positive customer reviews
  • A+ BBB rating and strong industry reputation

DeleteMe’s longevity, hands-on methodology, and extensive track record instill confidence. User testimonials and industry accolades affirm their trustworthiness and impact. For other options, check out our DeleteMe alternatives roundup.

Privacy Bee vs DeleteMe: Which Wins?

Key Factors to Consider

When choosing between Privacy Bee and DeleteMe, weigh these key points:

  • DeleteMe is the clear leader in experience and results
  • Privacy Bee excels in always-on monitoring
  • DeleteMe offers greater plan flexibility and support
  • Privacy Bee’s automated approach raises some precision concerns
  • DeleteMe provides regular privacy report updates
  • Privacy Bee is unproven, while DeleteMe has an established reputation

For comparisons to other services, see our guides on Incogni vs Privacy Bee, Privacy Bee vs Optery, DeleteMe vs Incogni, and OneRep vs DeleteMe.

The Verdict

For most users seeking maximum privacy protection, DeleteMe is the winning choice. Their comprehensive hands-on service, proven results, transparent reporting, and strong reputation justify the cost.

However, those drawn to Privacy Bee’s AI-powered monitoring and removal tools may find it a compelling proactive solution, if less tested long-term.

Final Thoughts

Protecting your personal information online has never been more vital. Privacy Bee and DeleteMe both offer valuable services to help you regain control over your data.

But with its industry-leading experience, painstaking manual process, and verified results, DeleteMe emerges as the top pick for reliable, full-service privacy protection you can trust.

Whatever your specific concerns, investing in the right data removal partner brings greater peace of mind in an increasingly invasive digital world. Take the first step towards stronger privacy today.

Key Takeaways:

  • DeleteMe outperforms with proven manual data removal and reputation
  • Privacy Bee shows promise with unique AI monitoring tools
  • Experience, results and flexibility favor DeleteMe overall
  • Removing personal info is crucial for privacy and security
  • The right removal service depends on your needs and priorities


Does DeleteMe offer a free trial?

No, but they provide a privacy risk score tool for free.

How long does data removal take with Privacy Bee vs DeleteMe?

Privacy Bee starts immediately with 24/7 scanning. DeleteMe provides an initial privacy report in 7 days.

Can I see what data brokers have my info before signing up?

DeleteMe’s privacy scoring tool shows your risk level for free based on the info exposed.

What happens if my information reappears on data broker sites later?

Both services include ongoing monitoring and removal of any resurfaced personal data as long as you remain a subscriber.

Can I purchase a one-time data removal rather than a subscription?

No, both Privacy Bee and DeleteMe only offer recurring subscriptions to ensure continuous privacy protection against data brokers re-posting your information.