How to Find Someone’s Username on Plenty of Fish: The Complete Guide

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Pof Username Search

Finding someone’s POF username can be tricky, but there are several effective methods you can try. As an online dating expert with over 10 years of experience studying and using platforms like POF, I’ve discovered the most reliable ways to search POF profiles both with and without an account.

Why Search for a POF Username?

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There are a few common reasons people want to lookup a POF username, such as:

  • Reconnecting with an old flame or friend who you’ve lost touch with
  • Checking if your partner or spouse has a dating profile
  • Identifying someone you met offline who gave you their first name and location
  • Verifying information someone gave you with their alleged POF profile details

While searching for someone’s dating profile should always be done ethically, the methods below can help you find the information you need.

Can You Search POF Without an Account?

POF does not allow username searches by non-registered users. However, there are still a couple potential workarounds:

  • Use Google Search Operators: Try searching the username in Google along with the operator to surface matching profiles.
  • Check Email Availability: Attempt to create a new account with the person’s email address. POF will notify you if it is already in use.

However, to access the most search options you will need to sign up for an account.

4 Methods to Search for a POF Profile

As a dating industry professional since 2013, I’ve used the following approaches successfully to find POF usernames both for personal and professional searches:

  • Navigate to the Search section
  • Select “Username Search
  • Enter the exact username and click Find User
  • Results will display profiles with matching usernames
Plenty Of Fish Username Search

Limitations: Requires paid account. Only finds users currently on POF.

  • Take a screenshot of one of their dating profile photos
  • Go to Google Images or TinEye
  • Upload the image and run a search
  • Any public social media and dating profiles using that photo will surface
Google Images Reverse Image Lookup

Note: Facial recognition searches violate many platforms’ TOS.

  • Adjust your search filters by age, location, gender, interests etc.
  • Browse through the results looking for matching profiles
  • Use the filters to narrow down potential matches
Plenty Of Fish Advanced Filters Search

Tip: Leave filters broad initially, then gradually add more specifics.

4. External Username Checker Sites

Third-party username checker sites like UserSearch consolidate data from various platforms into centralized reports:

  • Input the username + basic details like location
  • Select the dating site category to scan
  • UserSearch will display matches across multiple networks

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best free POF search methods?

The top free options are using Google search operators, reverse image searches, and third party username checker sites like UserSearch. You can also browse with filters but it is time consuming.

What search options require a paid POF account?

The username search feature which looks up an exact username is only available for premium paid members. Additionally, more advanced filters are accessible if you upgrade.

Is it possible to see someone’s email address on their POF profile?

No their actual email is not shown. However, you may be able to uncover it through searching the page source code for their hashed email.

Can I find out when someone last logged into their POF profile?

Only paid members can see the last login date and time for other users. As a free member you can only see if someone is currently online.

How do I know if someone has read my POF message?

Paid accounts have access to read receipts so you can tell if your message has been opened. For free members, there is no way to confirm it was viewed.

Can someone tell if I’ve viewed their POF profile?

Yes, upgraded accounts enable users to view profile visitors. So if you click on someone’s profile they may see your profile and that you visited them.

Is it possible to search without creating a POF account?

While limited, you can attempt a search on Google using operators. Or use a third party username checking site without registering for POF. But creating an account gives you more search capabilities.

What are username checker sites and how do they work?

Sites like UserSearch aggregate data from across the web to create centralized reports. Enter a username and profile details to check against their collected database.

Is searching for someone’s POF profile illegal?

It depends why you’re searching. If done ethically and legally only using public data, it is allowed. Harassment or stalking is illegal. Remember to respect privacy.

What should I do if I find a suspicious profile?

If you uncover concerning activity, report it to POF right away so they can investigate. You can also perform reverse searches to try gathering more information responsibly.

While username searches should always respect privacy, these ethical search methods can help verify information and reconnect with people on POF. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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