The Ultimate Guide to Pipl Alternatives for People Search

March 19, 2024

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Searching for someone online can be tricky. You may only have limited information like a name, former address, or place of employment. Pipl is a popular people search engine that aggregates data from public sources to help you find contact details and background information on individuals.

However, Pipl has some downsides – it can be expensive, limited in capabilities, and inconsistent in accuracy. That’s why it’s useful to know the top alternatives to Pipl that may better suit your searching needs.

Key Features of Pipl


First, let’s quickly recap what Pipl offers:

  • Search by name, username, email, phone number, or address
  • Draws data from public sources like social media and court records
  • Provides contact details like phone numbers and emails
  • Gives background info like employment, education, etc.

Some key upsides are Pipl’s large data pool and ability to search with limited info. However, there are also several downsides to be aware of.

Drawbacks of Using Pipl

While Pipl can be helpful in some cases, some common complaints include:

  • Expensive pricing – Pay per report starting at $0.05, with costly packages up to $70/month
  • Inconsistent accuracy – Public data isn’t always correct
  • Limited search capabilities – No advanced filter options beyond name and location
  • Restrictive blocking – IP addresses may get blocked for running too many searches

For more details on opting out of Pipl, check out this guide.

When to Use Pipl Alternatives

Here are some examples of when Pipl alternatives may be preferable:

  • If you need more detailed reports on an individual like criminal records, bankruptcies, etc.
  • For unlimited searching without getting IP blocked
  • To run searches with advanced filters beyond name and location
  • If you want precise accuracy backed by quality verification
  • For professional/legal searches that require reliable data
  • To access records from exclusive sources not available to the general public
  • If Pipl’s pay-per-report model doesn’t fit your budget

Pipl is best for quick, basic searches. But for anything more in-depth, the following alternatives are worth considering.

Top 10 Pipl Alternatives

There are many services that provide similar or better people search capabilities compared to Pipl. Here are 10 top alternatives to consider:

1. Swordfish AI

Swordfish Ai

Swordfish AI focuses on verifying online identities and preventing fraud. Key features:

  • Draws from 5 billion+ public records and data sources
  • Real-time monitoring options to track individuals
  • Instant identity verification for signup and transactions
  • Prevent fraud with deep social media analysis

Best for: Financial services, online businesses, fraud prevention

2. BeenVerified


BeenVerified provides comprehensive background checks on individuals. Key features:

  • Reports with address history, phone numbers, email addresses, relatives, and more
  • View social media profiles connected to the person
  • Access criminal records, bankruptcies, judgments, and other court records
  • Unlimited search and reports with monthly paid plans

Best for: Dating, tenant screening, sensitive business searches

3. Intelius


Intelius has one of the largest online public record databases available. Key features:

  • Over 20 billion public records in their database
  • Find contact info, marriage/divorce records, criminal history, and more
  • Get an accuracy guarantee with their paid “Resolution” service
  • Implements strict procedures to ensure data quality

Best for: Legal investigations, background screenings, finding difficult contacts

4. Radaris


Radaris organizes public data for easy people searching. Key features:

  • Search by name, phone number, username, email, and address
  • Find contact info, employment history, property records, and more
  • View associated relatives and map of known addresses
  • See latest social media posts from linked accounts

Best for: Finding contacts, connecting on social media, public record checks

5. Spokeo

Spokeo Search Options

Spokeo searches thousands of sources to build profiles on people. Key features:

  • Find email addresses, phone numbers, social media profiles
  • View satellite images of home addresses
  • Build a comprehensive profile with employment, education, net worth estimates, and more
  • Regularly scan to get alerts on changes

Best for: Identifying contacts, gathering background intel

See how Spokeo compares to Pipl in this head-to-head comparison.

6. PeekYou


PeekYou provides a deep search of social media profiles. Key features:

  • Find associated social media accounts on all major platforms
  • See posts, photos, likes, friends, and followers
  • Filter by school, employer, usernames, and more
  • See an interactive map with key places connected to the person
  • Completely anonymous searching

Best for: Social media research, online reputation monitoring

7. TruthFinder


TruthFinder is known for accurate and detailed reports. Key features:

  • Criminal records, court filings, marriage/divorce history, and more
  • Interactive map of current + historical addresses
  • Social media account links and posts
  • Dark web scan reveals compromised accounts
  • Unlimited monthly plans, $28-$48/month

Best for: Comprehensive background checks, identity verification

8. PeopleLooker


PeopleLooker reveals connections between people and organizations. Key features:

  • Associated social media profiles and contact details
  • Interactive network map shows relationships between people and businesses
  • Filter by company, school, interests, usernames, and more
  • View source links to the original public data

Best for: Discovering connections, business intelligence

9. PeopleFinders


PeopleFinders provides unlimited searches and reports for a low monthly fee. Key features:

  • Criminal records, contact info, marriage/divorce records, and more
  • Lists of associated people – relatives, neighbors, associates
  • Monthly plans $24.95-$44.95 with unlimited reports
  • API access available for developers

Best for: High volume searching with flexible pricing

10. Nuwber

Nuwber Features

Nuwber gathers contacts from the Deep Web invisible to other search engines. Key features:

  • Find cell phone numbers, physical addresses, and email addresses
  • Data sourced from the Deep Web, not Surface Web
  • Manually verified information for maximum accuracy
  • International search in over 100 countries

Best for: Hard-to-find contact details for individuals and businesses

This covers 10 of the top alternatives, but there are even more out there! The key is finding one tailored to your specific needs and budget.

Key Differences Between Services

While these services all offer people searches, there are some key differences:

  • Data sources – Some draw from exclusive sources or billions of records vs. hundreds of millions
  • Search filters – Advanced filters beyond name/location vs. basic search capabilities
  • Accuracy – Varying levels of information verification and accuracy guarantees
  • Reports – Comprehensive reports vs. contact info only
  • Updates – Regular scanning for changes vs. single search
  • Pricing – Per report, monthly packages, or freemium models

Evaluate their unique features to find the best match for the depth of your search.

Best Uses for Each Alternative

To summarize, here are the specific best uses for each of the top 10 Pipl alternatives:

  • Swordfish AI – Fraud prevention, cybersecurity, financial services
  • BeenVerified – Background checks, online dating, tenant screening
  • Intelius – Legal investigations, professional contacts search
  • Radaris – Basic public record look ups, social media research
  • Spokeo – Business development, basic background checks
  • PeekYou – Social media monitoring, online reputation management
  • TruthFinder – Comprehensive identity verification, dark web monitoring
  • PeopleLooker – Discovering connections for sales/networking
  • PeopleFinders – Broad searching on a budget
  • Nuwber – Hard-to-find contact details

Tips for Effective People Searching

Here are some key tips to get the most accurate results from people search engines:

  • Start with basic info – Plug in their name, former locations, age range, etc.
  • Try multiple searches – Use name variations, initials, nicknames to cover all bases
  • Filter wisely – Use available filters like city, school, company strategically
  • Double check accuracy – Cross-reference results against reliable sources
  • Look at the full profile – Don’t just focus on contact details, view the full profile
  • Beware outdated data – Some information like addresses may be outdated
  • Refine with more details – Add more filters as you get more info to refine the search
  • Document your process – Track searches step-by-step in case you need to provide justification

Following best practices like these will improve your likelihood of tracing the right person and getting accurate, current information.

FAQs About Pipl and Alternatives

Is Pipl free?

No, Pipl offers limited free searching but charges per report starting at $0.05 to see full results.

What are the monthly costs for Pipl?

Pipl monthly plans range from $29.95 for 5 reports/month up to $79.95 for 30 reports/month. The corporate plan is $199.95 for 100 reports/month.

Does Pipl provide criminal record results?

No, Pipl does not provide criminal background checks. For that, services like BeenVerified or TruthFinder would be better choices.

Which sites let you search by image for facial recognition?

PimEyes and both offer facial recognition searches to find social media accounts using a profile picture.

What if I’m outside the United States?

Many services allow international searching. Nuwber and Intelius both have broad global coverage to find people internationally.

How do I remove my information from these sites?

Unfortunately most people search sites do not allow profile removal given the public nature of their data. Using privacy settings on social media sites can help.

What if I think the information found is inaccurate?

First investigate yourself to confirm details. If anything is incorrect, you can contact the site’s customer support to submit evidence requesting record correction or removal.

Key Takeaways

  • Pipl offers basic people searching but has downsides like inconsistent accuracy and expensive pricing.
  • Alternatives like BeenVerified, TruthFinder and Spokeo offer more comprehensive searching capabilities.
  • Match the service to your specific needs – identity verification, contact details, background checks, etc.
  • Understand key differences between sources like data breadth, accuracy, report details and pricing.
  • Use search best practices like checking multiple name variations, adding filters, and verifying data.
  • For hard-to-find contacts internationally, Nuwber is a top choice to uncover hidden profiles.


I hope this guide gives you a comprehensive overview of the top alternatives to consider beyond Pipl for researching individuals online. People search engines open up many possibilities, but can also be misused. Always use ethically and legally within the bounds of privacy laws.

The key is finding the right service for your specific situation that balances features, depth of information and budget wisely. With the right tools, you can uncover accurate details to reconnect with old friends, do due diligence on major business deals, and much more.

Have experience with any of these Pipl alternatives? Share your thoughts below!