PimEyes vs. Social Catfish: The Ultimate Comparison of Reverse Image Search Tools

March 22, 2024

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PimEyes and Social Catfish are two popular reverse image search engines that help users find information about people using facial recognition technology. But how do they stack up against each other in terms of features, accuracy, and value? As an expert who has tested both tools extensively, I’ll provide an in-depth comparison to help you determine which service is the better fit for your needs.

What is PimEyes?


PimEyes is a reverse image search website that allows you to upload an image and find visually similar photos on the internet. It utilizes facial recognition AI to detect and match faces.

To learn more about how PimEyes stacks up against another popular reverse image search engine, check out our in-depth PimEyes vs. TinEye comparison.

How PimEyes Works

To use PimEyes, you upload an image of a person’s face (or provide the image’s URL). The tool then scans its database of billions of images gathered from publicly available sources across the web. Using machine learning algorithms, it identifies and returns any matching images containing the same individual, along with the web pages where those images appear.

Pimeyes Works

Key Features of PimEyes

  • Facial recognition search identifies matching faces in online images
  • Searches over 900 million images gathered from publicly available sources
  • Bulk image upload and API access available
  • Monitoring mode to get alerts when new images of a person appear online

For a more comprehensive look at everything PimEyes has to offer, read our full PimEyes review.

What is Social Catfish?

Social Catfish Reverse Image Search

Social Catfish is an online investigation service that helps verify people’s identities using reverse image search, name search, email lookup, phone lookup, and more.

Social Catfish’s facial recognition search allows you to upload a photo of a person to potentially match against images and profiles in their database and uncover more details about the individual. Interested in a deeper dive on everything Social Catfish has to offer? Check out our comprehensive Social Catfish review for all the details.

How Social Catfish Works

With Social Catfish’s reverse image search, you upload a photo of someone’s face. Their facial recognition technology analyzes the photo and looks for matching images within their database. If any matches are found, it will return the images along with any associated names, usernames, and profiles. You can then click through the results to view the full profiles and information.

Social Catfish Image Searches

Key Features of Social Catfish

  • Searches 120+ social networks, dating sites and online data sources
  • Facial recognition technology identifies matching faces in online profiles
  • Detailed background reports including contact info, jobs, social profiles, criminal records, etc.
  • Option to create alerts to get notified if new info is found on a person
  • $5 5-day trial to test out the full service

PimEyes vs. Social Catfish: Feature Comparison

Search Capabilities:

  • PimEyes: Focuses solely on matching uploaded face images to visually similar online photos
  • Social Catfish: Offers multiple search methods including face search, name search, email lookup, phone lookup, username search Winner: Social Catfish, due to more comprehensive search options
Social Catfish Search Capabilities
Social Catfish

Facial Recognition Accuracy:

  • Both use advanced machine learning algorithms to match faces with a high degree of accuracy
  • Hard to determine which is definitively more accurate Winner: Tie

Database Size and Sources:

  • PimEyes: 900+ million images collected from publicly available online sources
  • Social Catfish: 120+ social networks, dating sites and data sources; size of facial image database unknown Winner: PimEyes appears to have larger overall facial image database

Additional Features:

  • PimEyes: Monitoring mode for alerts, bulk search, API access
  • Social Catfish: Detailed background reports, new info alerts, multiple search modes Winner: Social Catfish offers more features beyond facial recognition
Social Catfish Work
Social Catfish

PimEyes vs. Social Catfish: Pricing

  • PimEyes: Starts at $29.99/month for 25 searches; up to $299.99/month for Unlimited searches
Pimeyes Pricing
  • Social Catfish: $5 for a 5-day trial; $27.48/month for unlimited searches
Social Catfish Pricing

Winner: Social Catfish is more affordable, especially considering the $5 trial

PimEyes vs. Social Catfish: Pros and Cons

PimEyes Pros:

  • Huge facial image database
  • Accurate facial recognition
  • Monitoring feature for new image alerts PimEyes Cons:
  • Only does face searches
  • Steeper monthly pricing
  • Some privacy concerns regarding their image scraping

Social Catfish Pros:

  • Multiple ways to search for someone
  • Detailed background reports
  • Affordable $5 trial Social Catfish Cons:
  • Facial database may be smaller than PimEyes
  • Search results can take longer

Privacy Concerns with PimEyes and Social Catfish

It’s important to note that both PimEyes and Social Catfish have raised some privacy concerns. PimEyes scrapes publicly accessible images from across the web without consent. Users worry their photos may end up in the database against their wishes.

Social Catfish aggregates personal information from public records, online profiles and data brokers – a perfectly legal practice, but one that still makes some uncomfortable.

While Social Catfish states that they only gather data from public databases and websites, the amount of information they compile can feel invasive to certain individuals.

If you’re interested in stepping through the process, we’ve created a detailed guide on how to opt out of PimEyes.

Social Catfish offers an opt-out form on their website where you can request to have your personal information removed from their people search results. If you need assistance with this, our step-by-step Social Catfish opt-out guide walks you through the process.

PimEyes vs. Social Catfish: Which is Right For You?

So which facial recognition search tool should you choose? It really depends on your needs:

Choose PimEyes if:

  • You only need to match photos to similar face images online
  • You want the largest possible facial image database to search
  • You need batch search capabilities or API access

Choose Social Catfish if:

  • You want multiple ways to search for someone (face, name, email, etc.)
  • You need in-depth background reports on people
  • You want a more affordable monthly price and a low-cost trial

And if neither PimEyes nor Social Catfish seem quite right for your needs, explore a few other top PimEyes alternatives worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PimEyes or Social Catfish more accurate?

Both use advanced machine learning and facial recognition technology. In my experience, they offer comparably accurate face matches. Without a formal study, it’s difficult to declare a definitive winner in accuracy.

Can I try PimEyes or Social Catfish for free?

PimEyes does not currently offer a free trial. Social Catfish has a $5 5-day trial that gives you full access to test the service.

How do I remove my information from PimEyes or Social Catfish?

For PimEyes, you need to contact them and provide proof of identity to get your face removed from their database. Social Catfish allows you to request an “opt-out” to have your profile removed from their search results.

Do PimEyes and Social Catfish have mobile apps?

As of now, neither service offers a mobile app. But both have mobile-friendly websites you can access from your phone’s browser.

Are PimEyes and Social Catfish legit?

Yes, both are well-established, legitimate businesses. However, always be cautious when using any service that compiles personal information and use methods to protect your own privacy.

Key Takeaways

  • PimEyes and Social Catfish are two powerful reverse image search engines for finding info on people using facial recognition
  • PimEyes has a larger facial image database, while Social Catfish offers more search options and detailed background reports
  • In terms of accuracy, both perform facial matching quite well using advanced AI
  • Social Catfish is more affordable, with a $5 5-day full access trial
  • Understand the privacy implications before using either service
  • Consider your specific needs when deciding between PimEyes, Social Catfish, or another people search tool

When it comes to finding information about someone by their photo, PimEyes and Social Catfish are two of the top choices. PimEyes boasts an enormous database of facial images and includes some handy monitoring features. Social Catfish provides a wider variety of search tools and more detailed person reports.

In my extensive testing, both tools delivered accurate facial matches, so you can’t go wrong with either on that front. Pricing is the biggest differentiator, with Social Catfish being more budget-friendly, especially with their $5 5-day trial offer.

Ultimately, your specific use case will determine which is the better fit. If you simply need to match a face photo to other online images, PimEyes is a solid choice. If you want more expansive search capabilities, detailed background info, and a lower cost, Social Catfish is the way to go. Evaluate your requirements and let those guide your decision.

Whichever you choose, be mindful of the privacy implications of using facial recognition search engines. While the data is public, compiled profiles can feel invasive to some. Always use these powerful tools responsibly.