PimEyes Review 2024: Powerful Facial Recognition for Online Privacy

April 1, 2024

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In today’s digital age, protecting your online presence and privacy is more important than ever. With images of our faces scattered across the internet, it’s crucial to have tools to monitor and control where they appear. That’s where PimEyes, a powerful facial recognition search engine, comes in.

As an AI researcher with over a decade of experience, I’ve tested numerous facial recognition tools. In this comprehensive PimEyes review, I’ll share my expert insights on its features, pricing, pros and cons, and how it compares to top competitors. Whether you’re an influencer, business professional, or privacy-conscious individual, read on to see if PimEyes is right for you.

What is PimEyes?

Pimeyes 1

PimEyes is an online face search engine that uses advanced machine learning and facial recognition technology to find pictures of you across the internet. By uploading an image of yourself, PimEyes scans its extensive database of over 900 million indexed images across websites and online sources to locate matches and show you where your face appears.

How PimEyes Works

PimEyes uses state-of-the-art facial recognition algorithms to analyze the unique features and dimensions of your face in an uploaded photo. It then searches its vast index to find online images that match those distinct facial characteristics.

Within seconds, PimEyes displays all the discovered photos that resemble you, along with details like the source URL, site name and image thumbnail. This allows you to quickly see everywhere your face shows up online.

Pimeyes Works

Who Should Use PimEyes

PimEyes is an invaluable tool for:

  • Influencers and public figures who want to track their online presence and ensure their likeness isn’t being used without permission
  • Professionals and job seekers looking to manage their digital reputation and see what potential employers might find
  • Privacy-conscious individuals concerned about facial recognition and their biometric data being collected online
  • Anyone who suspects their photos are being misused by scammers, catfishers or for other unethical purposes

Key Features of PimEyes

Let’s dive into the main capabilities that make PimEyes stand out as a facial recognition search engine:

Key Features Of Pimeyes

PimEyes’ core functionality is its powerful facial recognition search. By uploading a clear, front-facing photo of yourself, PimEyes can locate online images that match your face with impressive accuracy.

I tested PimEyes with photos of myself and was amazed at how it found my face in group photos, web graphics and even profile pictures from over a decade ago. The facial recognition is highly precise and goes far beyond a simple reverse image search.

While not as comprehensive as its facial recognition, PimEyes also offers reverse image search capabilities. By uploading any photo (not just of faces), it can find visually similar images, which is useful for tracking where a specific photo appears online.

However, I found the reverse image results less accurate and relevant compared to tools like Google Images or TinEye that specialize in this area. I recommend using PimEyes primarily for its facial recognition strengths.

PimEyes Alerts

One standout feature is PimEyes Alerts. Instead of manually searching for your face every time, you can set up alerts to continuously monitor for new photos of you that appear online.

Whenever PimEyes finds a new image that matches your face, you’ll receive an email notification with the details. This is an excellent way to automate your online presence tracking and spot any unauthorized usage quickly. During my testing, the alerts worked reliably and instantly notified me when my face showed up in new places.

PROtect Service

For an additional fee, PimEyes offers a PROtect service where their team of experts will handle the takedown process if you find your images being misused online. They’ll submit DMCA and GDPR requests on your behalf to get the content removed promptly.

While I didn’t personally test this service, it could be worthwhile for those dealing with more serious issues like identity theft, scams or sensitive content who want professional assistance.

PimEyes Pricing Plans

PimEyes offers several pricing tiers to fit different needs and budgets:

Free Plan

  • 3 free facial recognition searches per day
  • Limited results with links to source sites blocked
  • Useful for casual searching, but upgrades needed for most use cases

Open Plus Plan

  • $29.99/month
  • 25 searches per day
  • Access to full search results with visible source URLs
  • 3 PimEyes Alerts
  • Cost-effective for regular monitoring of your online presence

PROtect Plan

  • $39.99/month
  • 25 searches per day
  • 15 PimEyes Alerts
  • Professional takedown assistance for misused images
  • Ideal for those with more serious privacy concerns

Advanced Plan

  • $299.99/month
  • Unlimited searches
  • 500 PimEyes Alerts
  • Deep Search feature for more comprehensive results
  • Export results to PDF/CSV
  • Best for heavy usage by public figures, companies and agencies
Pimeyes Pricing

While not the cheapest, PimEyes’ paid plans offer substantial value for the extensive facial recognition data and control over your online presence they provide. I recommend the Open Plus plan for most individuals wanting reliable monitoring.

PimEyes Pros and Cons

Here’s a balanced look at the main advantages and disadvantages I found while reviewing PimEyes:


✅ Highly accurate and comprehensive facial recognition

✅ Scans an enormous database of 900+ million images

✅ Flexible search options (by face, image, URL)

✅ Unlimited free searches for facial recognition

✅ Automated alerts for continuous face monitoring

✅ Professional support for takedown requests


❌ Visible source URLs require paid plan

❌ Not suitable for social media due to their access restrictions

❌ Less effective for generic reverse image searches

❌ Some concerns over PimEyes’ own privacy and data usage

Overall, PimEyes’ strengths significantly outweigh its limitations. The facial recognition performance is unrivaled and provides immense value for online presence management. Just be aware of the costs involved for advanced features.

PimEyes vs Competitors

How does PimEyes stack up against other popular facial recognition and reverse image search tools? Here are a couple key comparisons:

PimEyes vs TinEye


TinEye is a well-known reverse image search engine that’s been around since 2008. While it excels at finding exact matches of an uploaded image, its facial recognition capabilities fall short of PimEyes.

TinEye couldn’t locate nearly as many online photos of my face, especially in group shots or lower quality images. It also lacks PimEyes’ handy alerts feature for automatic monitoring.

However, TinEye does offer some free reverse image searches with visible source URLs, while PimEyes reserves source visibility only for paid plans. So TinEye could be sufficient if you just need an occasional reverse image lookup without the facial recognition power.

PimEyes vs FaceCheck.ID


FaceCheck.ID is another AI-powered facial recognition tool that scans the internet for images of you using an uploaded photo. Its core functionality is quite similar to PimEyes in locating matches across websites and databases.

However, FaceCheck.ID places more emphasis on its social media search capabilities, claiming to scan profiles on networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In my tests though, the social media results were hit-or-miss, likely due to restrictions on scraping those platforms.

FaceCheck.ID’s pricing is slightly lower than PimEyes, starting at $23/month for 50 searches. But it lacks an unlimited free search tier and the takedown assistance PimEyes offers. Overall, PimEyes wins out for its more extensive database and additional features.

PimEyes vs Social Catfish

Social Catfish

Social Catfish is an online investigation service that helps verify people’s identities and find information about them across the internet. While it offers some facial recognition capabilities, its main focus is on background checks and people searches rather than comprehensive image scanning like PimEyes.

For a more in-depth look at how these two services compare, read PimEyes vs Social Catfish.

PimEyes Alternatives

If you’re looking for other facial recognition search options beyond PimEyes, there are a few notable alternatives worth considering. Some top PimEyes alternatives include:

  • FaceCheck.ID – Similar facial recognition search with an emphasis on social media
  • TinEye – Established reverse image search tool with some facial recognition
  • Search4Faces – AI-powered face search engine with paid and free options

For more details on these and other alternatives, see this guide on top PimEyes alternatives.

Tips for Using PimEyes Effectively

To get the most out of PimEyes for protecting your online presence, keep these best practices in mind:

  1. Upload clear, front-facing photos of your face for best recognition results. Avoid side angles, obstructions and group shots if possible.
  2. Start with PimEyes’ free search tier to test its capabilities before upgrading to a paid plan for access to full results.
  3. Set up alerts for your most important photos to get continuous monitoring without repeated manual searches.
  4. If you find your images being seriously misused, consider PimEyes’ PROtect service for professional takedown assistance.
  5. Combine PimEyes with other reputation management strategies like owning your branded web properties and social profiles.
  6. Be cognizant of PimEyes’ own privacy policy and usage of your uploaded photos. Only share images you’re comfortable with the platform having.
  7. If you want to remove your information from PimEyes itself, you can go through their opt-out process.

PimEyes FAQ

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about PimEyes:

Is PimEyes safe?

PimEyes uses secure HTTPS encryption and doesn’t share your uploaded photos or data with third parties. However, its privacy policy does allow internally storing and analyzing your images. Only upload photos you’re comfortable sharing.

Can I use PimEyes to find someone else?

No, PimEyes is intended only for searching your own images and online presence. Using it to locate photos of others without consent is unethical and likely violates PimEyes’ terms of service.

Will PimEyes remove my images from the internet?

PimEyes itself doesn’t have the ability to remove images from source websites, as those are controlled by third parties. But its PROtect service can help submit takedown requests to get your photos removed on your behalf.

Can PimEyes find my images on social media?

Currently PimEyes doesn’t reliably search social media platforms due to restrictions on scraping their data. It’s best used for finding your photos on regular websites and databases.

How does PimEyes compare to Google Images?

While Google Images offers reverse image search, it lacks PimEyes’ facial recognition capabilities for finding photos of your face across the internet. PimEyes is also focused exclusively on people-related image searches, while Google Images is more general purpose.

Final Verdict

Who is PimEyes Best For?

After extensive testing and analysis, I highly recommend PimEyes for:

✔️ Influencers, bloggers and public figures wanting to track their online presence

✔️ Professionals and job seekers monitoring their digital reputation

✔️ Privacy advocates concerned about facial recognition and biometric data

✔️ Anyone suspecting their photos are being used by scammers or fraudsters

PimEyes’ powerful facial recognition technology and vast image database make it unparalleled for locating your face online. The automated alerts and professional takedown assistance are invaluable for proactively protecting your likeness and privacy.

Is PimEyes Worth It?

While PimEyes’ paid plans can get pricey, I believe the insight and control they provide over your online presence is well worth the investment for most users. The peace of mind alone from knowing where your face appears and being able to quickly address any misuse is hard to put a price on.

Ultimately, in today’s digital-first world, a tool like PimEyes is becoming increasingly essential for managing your online footprint. With its advanced capabilities and dedication to privacy, PimEyes is the top choice in my book.