11 Best PimEyes Alternatives for Reverse Image Search in 2024

March 24, 2024

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PimEyes is a popular reverse image search engine known for its facial recognition capabilities. However, PimEyes has some notable limitations that may have you seeking alternatives. Its database is smaller than some competitors, it relies heavily on high-quality images, supports limited languages, and has raised privacy concerns. Learn more in our in-depth PimEyes review.

As an expert in digital privacy with over a decade of experience reviewing people search tools, I’ve thoroughly tested the top PimEyes alternatives. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll share my honest assessment of the 11 best sites like PimEyes for accurate reverse image searches in 2024. Whether you need to find people, protect your online reputation, or identify objects, these powerful tools have you covered.

The 11 Best PimEyes Alternatives:

Social Catfish

Social Catfish Reverse Image Search

Social Catfish is a top alternative that surpasses PimEyes in many areas. See how they stack up in our detailed PimEyes vs Social Catfish comparison.

  • Vast database with billions of records
  • Advanced facial recognition
  • Detailed background reports
  • Real-time alerts on image usage


Spokeo Search Options
  • 12 billion records including court records and social profiles
  • Name, email, phone and username search
  • Facial recognition technology
  • Detailed reports with location history and more

Google Images

Google Images Reverse Image Lookup
  • Massive, continuously updated index
  • Visually similar image results
  • Filter by usage rights
  • Reverse image search on desktop and mobile



TinEye is another leading reverse image search engine that takes a different approach than PimEyes. Explore the differences in our PimEyes vs TinEye comparison.

  • Over 56 billion indexed images
  • Find altered or resized copies of images
  • Bulk image search
  • API for integration with your own tools

Google Lens

Google Lens Logo
  • Identify landmarks, plants, animals and more
  • Copy and translate text from images
  • Find visually similar products
  • Available on Android and iOS

Yandex Image

Yandex Image
  • Reverse image search millions of images
  • Adult content filtering
  • Narrow results by size, color, type
  • Search for images on a specific site
Bing Visual Search
  • Find similar images, products, people
  • Powered by Microsoft’s computer vision AI
  • Draw or crop to search part of an image
  • Available on desktop, mobile, and Edge browser


  • Focused on anime art, but covers other categories
  • Indexes Pixiv, Danbooru, DeviantArt and more
  • Open source tool
  • Browser extensions available


  • Tracks over 100 million images
  • Alerts you to unauthorized image use
  • Automates DMCA takedown process
  • Free for up to 500 images


  • Monitors images and videos for copies
  • Searches Google, Bing and more
  • Provides infringer contact info
  • Cancel anytime


  • AI-powered visual search
  • Identifies objects in images and videos
  • Get product info and local buying options
  • Free AI helper for questions and insights

How to Choose a PimEyes Alternative

When evaluating alternatives to PimEyes, look for:

  • High accuracy rates and low false positives
  • Advanced search features like facial recognition
  • Expansive, frequently updated databases
  • Transparent privacy policies that protect your data

Consider your specific needs – are you focused on people searches, art, products, or all of the above? The ideal tool will depend on your use case.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is PimEyes legal? PimEyes operates in a legal gray area. Using it to stalk or harass others is illegal.
  • How accurate is PimEyes? PimEyes is fairly accurate but relies heavily on high-quality images. Some alternatives have higher accuracy rates.
  • Does PimEyes save searched photos? PimEyes retains uploaded images. Look for alternatives with stronger privacy measures if this concerns you.
  • What provides the highest facial recognition accuracy? Of the tools I tested, Social Catfish and Spokeo had the most accurate facial recognition capabilities.
  • Does PimEyes save searched photos? PimEyes retains uploaded images. If you’ve used it and want to remove your information, see our guide on how to opt out of PimEyes.

Key Takeaways

  • PimEyes has powerful facial recognition but significant limitations.
  • The best PimEyes alternatives offer vast databases, accurate results, and strong privacy policies.
  • Top choices include Social Catfish, Spokeo, Google Images, TinEye and Google Lens.
  • Consider your specific needs when choosing a tool.
  • Avoid any service that retains your photos or enables unethical uses.

With the right PimEyes alternative, you can accurately identify people and objects in images while protecting your own privacy. I hope this expert guide helps you find the perfect solution for your needs!