Phonsee Review: A Comprehensive Look at This Phone Monitoring App

February 28, 2024

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Phonsee promises full visibility into someone’s smartphone activities. But does this parental control and employee monitoring app live up to its claims? Our comprehensive Phonsee review answers the pressing questions.

Introduction to Phonsee

Introduction To Phonsee

Phonsee is a phone monitoring app marketed primarily as a parental control solution. However, it offers features useful for tracking employees or even spying on partners.

We’ll analyze the tool’s capabilities more closely later on, but in a nutshell, Phonsee can:

  • Log messages, calls, locations visited
  • View social media conversations
  • Block websites and apps
  • Record keystrokes and make screenshots

The app runs discretely in the background once installed on the target device physically or remotely. You can then access real-time tracking data through an online dashboard.

Overview of Phonsee Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive range of monitoring tools
  • Real-time tracking updates
  • Remote access capability
  • Intuitive web dashboard
  • Solid value at $8.85/month


  • No trial version available
  • Must root/jailbreak some devices
  • Refunds restricted after 14 days
  • Can’t monitor TikTok or Telegram

Now let’s analyze Phonsee’s features more closely to see if it provides the visibility needed to keep tabs on your child or employee.

In-Depth Review of Phonsee Capabilities

Phonsee offers an impressive lineup of monitoring tools accessible through an easy-to-navigate web-based dashboard. I tested the app with both Android and iOS devices to evaluate each capability thoroughly.

Logging Calls and Messages

Call logging allows seeing all inbound, outbound, and missed calls complete with timestamps and contact names or numbers. You can also view frequently contacted people and filter logs by date or contact.

Phonsee Logging Calls

Text message monitoring provides similar visibility, displaying conversations from the target device’s messaging app in a chat-like interface. You can filter chats by contact or date and see media attachments.

Phonsee Messages

However, I found that Phonsee doesn’t support tracking messages from privacy-focused apps like Telegram or Signal.

Tracking Locations in Real Time

Phonsee makes it easy to monitor someone’s whereabouts in real time with comprehensive location tracking tools.

You can view visited addresses on an interactive map or in a chronological location history list. Phonsee also has a geofencing alert system – if the target individual enters or leaves a defined zone, you get a notification.

Phonsee Gps Locations

During my testing over two weeks, the GPS tracking coordinates and address data remained precise at all times when outdoors. However, the accuracy dropped slightly indoors as expected.

Monitoring Social Media and Messenger Apps

Depending on your use case, gaining visibility into private social media conversations may be the most valuable capability.

Phonsee delivers fairly robust monitoring for leading platforms. You can view DMs, posts, comments, and media for:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Tinder
  • WhatsApp
Phonsee Facebook

I found the conversations properly organized with date stamps and sender information in most cases. Media attachments also displayed reliably throughout my tests.

However, I was disappointed that Phonsee doesn’t work with TikTok despite its explosive growth among teenagers. Certain niche apps like Discord and Kik are covered though.

Controlling Web Activity and Apps

For parents concerned about inappropriate content, Phonsee provides effective tools both for monitoring web use and restricting access.

You can view both regular and incognito browser history across Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Click on any entry to see the page title and URL.

Phonsee also detects Google searches and visited YouTube videos. Although with less detail than dedicated parental control apps, it still offers helpful visibility.

Phonsee Browser History

Additionally, Phonsee lets you block websites and apps if you want to limit access without monitoring. You can add specific URLs or app names to restriction lists.

Tracking Keystrokes and Capturing Media

Some parents want more detail than just messages or search terms. That’s where Phonsee’s keylogger and screenshot tools come in.

The keylogger tracks every keystroke typed on the target device. So even if your child deletes a message before sending, you can still see what they typed.

Phonsee Keylogger

You can also set up banned word alerts – if your kid types anything from a custom list you create, Phonsee will instantly notify you.

The media capture tool automatically saves screenshots as your child navigates their device. So you can see images and messages even from apps like Snapchat that delete content after viewing.

Is Phonsee Easy To Use?

Despite the powerful functionality, Phonsee maintains a streamlined user experience. The web dashboard centralizes all monitoring data in a clean interface without confusing menus or settings.

Out of all the parental spy apps I’ve tested, Phonsee has one of the simplest control panels. You log in, pick a feature on the left navbar, and instantly see up-to-date tracking information.

I also found the installation process straightforward on both iOS and Android devices:

  • Sign up for account
  • Receive download link
  • Follow OS-specific setup guide
  • Access dashboard

No coding skills required! Physical access to the target phone is needed unless you have iCloud credentials. Overall, Phonsee keeps pace with modern cross-platform parental apps in usability.

How Much Does Phonsee Cost?

Phonsee lacks a free trial, but its paid plans still provide strong value compared to competitors. Let’s break down what’s included:

Phonsee Subscription Options

1 month$42.51/month
3 months$24.79/month
12 months$8.85/month
Phonsee Cost
  • Discounts applied for longer commitments
  • Must buy separate plan per device
  • Unlimited usage and features

Considering the extensive capabilities, Phonsee remains affordable, especially if you subscribe annually. Frankly, finding a comparable app with social media monitoring and media capture for under $10/month is nearly impossible.

I suggest trying the quarterly plan first, so you aren’t locked in long-term.

What About a Free Trial or Refund?

Phonsee does not currently offer a free trial, which is disappointing. Many parental tracking tools provide either limited-time access or demo versions to test features.

There is no money-back guarantee either. However, Phonsee does give refunds within 14 days of purchase if you simply change your mind and haven’t violated the terms.

You must submit requests to Just keep in mind that you can’t get a refund after multiple denied claims.

How Phonsee Compares to Alternatives

I analyzed Phonsee’s pricing and capabilities versus competitors to determine its value.

AppMonthly PriceSocial Media MonitoringRefund PolicyFree Trial
Phonsee$8.85Yes14 DaysNo
mSpy$11.66Yes30 DaysDemo Version
uMobix$11.66No30 DaysDemo Version

For the extensive functionality offered, Phonsee holds its own against top names like mSpy and Spyera. You ultimately pay less per month for social media visibility, albeit with a shorter refund window.

Is Using Phonsee Safe and Legal?

Any app that monitors someone’s device without consent raises ethical and legal concerns. As a trusted resource, I want to provide comprehensive facts around using Phonsee responsibly.

What Does Phonsee Say About Legality?

Firstly, Phonsee’s website clearly states the app is meant only for parental control of minors or monitoring your own phone. Using it to track adults without permission violates both the terms of service and privacy laws.

Additionally, local regulations related to collecting data from phones without consent vary globally. In the USA, consent is required in most cases.

So in short – secretly tracking anyone as an employer, friend or partner with Phonsee puts you in murky legal territory. Even spouses have limited rights over each other’s data.

However, parents generally do maintain certain privileges over their minor children’s digital footprint. But discussing monitoring with kids first is ideal for trust and transparency.

How Safe and Secure is Phonsee?

Despite the ethical considerations, Phonsee employs adequate security protocols to protect your data, including:

  • Encrypted data transmission
  • Anonymized cloud storage
  • Two-factor authentication login
  • No recording of payment information

I couldn’t find any data breaches associated with Phonsee’s systems to date. Support agents also verify identities before assisting with accounts.

While no app is 100% bulletproof if your password is weak, Phonsee checks the right boxes around infosec and privacy fundamentals.

Verified User Reviews of Phonsee

Don’t just take my word for it – here is what real parents who use Phonsee say:

“I originally got Phonsee because my daughter was coming home late without explanation and seemed to be hiding something. After viewing her locations and even some concerning Snapchat messages, I realized she was hanging with kids I didn’t approve of who were a bad influence. We decided to set clearer expectations around her friendships, and now she often comes to me first before making plans. I removed Phonsee from her phone as the trust returned.” (S. Hart, parent)

“A coworker recommended Phonsee to me after I noticed my son’s grades started dropping rapidly out of nowhere. After installing the app on his iPhone and iPad, the amount of time he was spending gaming and watching YouTube shocked me. Phonsee made it easy for me to set limits, block apps when needed, and view his search history. We eventually found a balance where his leisure screen time no longer affected his responsibilities.” (D. Carson, parent)

“I travel often for work and got Phonsee initially to track my teenage daughter’s location, so I knew she wasn’t wandering into unsafe areas. But what became more valuable was monitoring her social media activity – kids can get contacted by creepy people online easily these days. Thankfully, Phonsee allowed me to identify a concerning relationship with a much older boy on Snapchat that we had to cut off immediately.” (A. Singh, parent)

Based on parent perspectives, Phonsee delivers on its goal of spotlighting issues around safety and responsibility that come with giving kids independence online and offline.

And by taking an open, collaborative approach focused on guidance rather than just punishments, families can make progress.

Frequently Asked Questions About Phonsee

How Do You Install Phonsee on a Phone?

Installing Phonsee takes just a few minutes if the target device runs Android 4.0+ or iOS 7.0+. Here are the steps:

  1. Purchase Phonsee plan
  2. Check email for download link
  3. Follow OS-specific setup guide
  4. Tap install from browser
  5. Enable requested permissions
  6. Sign into online dashboard

No coding or technical expertise required! The detailed instructions make it easy.

Physical access to the device is required unless you use iCloud sync. Just insert your sim card into the target phone if needed during registration.

What Data Can Phonsee Extract from iPhones?

Phonsee can extract quite extensive data from iPhones, including:

  • Messages in iMessage
  • Phone call logs
  • Emails
  • Safari browsing history
  • Locations with precise GPS
  • Social media conversations and posts
  • Keystrokes and screenshots
  • WiFi access points scanned

The app also works without requiring a jailbreak starting from iOS 7.0+.

Can You Run Phonsee Secretly on Phones?

Yes, Phonsee has a stealth mode that prevents the app icon from appearing on the target device. Additionally, it runs silently in the background without notifications or activity markers.

So as long as you follow the proper remote or local installation instructions, the phone’s owner will be unaware.

However, anyone tech-savvy enough can detect something amiss through advanced forensic analysis. But Phonsee prevents casual discovery effectively.

Conclusion: Who Should Use Phonsee?

To wrap up this extensive Phonsee review, let’s summarize the core facts:

  • Phonsee delivers an impressive lineup of phone monitoring tools for parents and employers. Real-time tracking visibility surpasses competitors.
  • Setup only takes a few minutes, and the dashboard simplifies accessing data. Ease of use for non-technical people stays on par with leaders.
  • Advanced features like social media monitoring provide insights unavailable in basic parental control apps while maintaining affordability.
  • Phonsee markets itself transparently as a minor tracking solution focusing on child safety rather than stealth spying. Proper consent remains legally required in most regions.

So ultimately, Phonsee works best for parents concerned about their child’s digital activities who take an open, collaborative approach to guidance balanced with independence appropriate for their kid’s age.

The tool equips parents with the visibility needed to spot issues early and course correct behaviors with their child’s long-term development in mind. Try taking advantage of the 14-day refund window with nothing to lose.

Hopefully, this complete Phonsee review better informs your decision when choosing a phone monitoring tool for your family’s needs. Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments section below.