PeopleFinders vs TruthFinder: Which Background Check Service is Best?

April 7, 2024

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Trying to choose between PeopleFinders and TruthFinder for online background checks? Both are popular services, but they have some key differences. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare PeopleFinders vs TruthFinder head-to-head, examining:

  • Features and search options
  • Background check details provided
  • Pricing and subscription plans
  • Ease of use and mobile apps
  • Pros, cons and customer reviews

By the end, you’ll have a clear idea of which background check company is the best fit for your needs. Let’s dive in!

Overview of PeopleFinders and TruthFinder

What is PeopleFinders?


PeopleFinders is a veteran online background check provider founded in 1998. It offers people search and background check services to help you find contact information, criminal records, property records and more. For an in-depth look at this service, read our full PeopleFinders review.

Some key facts about PeopleFinders:

  • Over 20 billion records searched
  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Unlimited background checks with membership plans
  • Android and iOS mobile apps available
  • 3-day trial for $0.95

PeopleFinders aims to provide an affordable, user-friendly way to access public records online. It prides itself on comprehensive data, excellent customer service, and straightforward pricing. To see how it compares to a top competitor, check out our Spokeo vs PeopleFinders comparison.

What is TruthFinder?


TruthFinder is a more recent player in the online background check space, founded in 2015. However, it has quickly become a popular choice thanks to its intuitive interface and deep-web searches that turn up information many competitors miss.

Key details about TruthFinder:

  • Aggregates millions of public records
  • Unlimited reports with membership
  • Dark web monitoring included
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Subscription-only pricing

TruthFinder stands out for its ease of use and extensive data sources. It’s known for uncovering hard-to-find info like social media profiles, dating profiles, and more.

Features Comparison

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s compare PeopleFinders vs TruthFinder in terms of search options and background check details.

Search Options

Both services offer various ways to search for information on an individual:

PeopleFinders Search Options:

  • People search by name
  • Reverse phone lookup
  • Reverse address lookup
  • Reverse email lookup

TruthFinder Search Options:

  • People search by name
  • Reverse phone lookup
  • Reverse email lookup

PeopleFinders has a slight edge here as it also offers reverse address lookups. Both make it easy to get background info with minimal details though.

Background Check Details

When it comes to the actual data provided in background checks, here’s what you can expect:

Details in PeopleFinders Background Checks:

  • Names and aliases
  • Contact info (phone numbers, email addresses)
  • Current and past addresses
  • Possible relatives and associates
  • Birthdate and age
  • Jobs and education
  • Criminal records and traffic offenses
  • Bankruptcies, liens, judgments
  • Properties owned
  • Marriage/divorce records
Peoplefinders Background Report

Details in TruthFinder Background Checks:

  • Similar data as PeopleFinders, plus:
  • Social media profiles
  • Online dating profiles
  • Dark web mentions
  • Weapons permits
  • DEA licenses
  • Hunting/fishing licenses
Truthfinder Report Quality

Overall, TruthFinder includes some unique info like social media and dark web data. But PeopleFinders covers all the essentials you’d expect from a background check service.

Ease of Use

Another important consideration is how intuitive the platform is. Fortunately, both PeopleFinders and TruthFinder are simple to navigate.

PeopleFinders has a clean, minimalist interface. The search bar is prominent on the homepage, allowing you to easily start a people search or reverse lookup. Results are returned quickly and are well-organized into sections.

TruthFinder also has a sleek design that’s easy on the eyes. The search process is straightforward, although wait times for reports are a bit longer than PeopleFinders. TruthFinder keeps you engaged with interesting questions and animations while you wait.

Mobile Apps

Both services offer mobile apps, which is great for background searches on the go. But there are slight differences:

  • PeopleFinders has apps for Android and iOS. The apps have 4+ star ratings and allow full access to people searches and background checks.
Peoplefinders Apps 1
  • TruthFinder’s apps are also available on Android and iOS. However, some functions like dark web scans are only accessible on the desktop site. Mobile app reviews are slightly lower than PeopleFinders.
Truthfinder Apps

Pricing Comparison

Of course, price is a key factor for many people. So how do PeopleFinders and TruthFinder stack up? For another look at how PeopleFinders compares price-wise, read our PeopleFinders vs Intelius breakdown.

PeopleFinders Pricing

PeopleFinders offers both one-off reports and membership plans. Here’s a quick overview:

One-Off Reports:

  • $1.95 – People search report with contact info and locations
  • $3.95 – Reverse phone lookup report
  • $39.95 – Background check with criminal records and more

Membership Plans:

  • $24.95/month – PeopleFinder membership for unlimited people searches and 1 background check
  • $29.95/month – Background check membership for unlimited searches
  • $0.95 – 3-day trial for both memberships
Peoplefinders Membership Plans

TruthFinder Pricing

TruthFinder only offers subscription plans – no one-time reports. The membership options are:

  • $28.05/month for unlimited background checks (auto-renews monthly)
  • $23.28/month for unlimited background checks, billed bimonthly ($46.56 every 2 months)
Truthfinder Pricing

So PeopleFinders is the more affordable and flexible option overall. But TruthFinder can be cost-effective if you need to run numerous background checks over time.

Pros and Cons

To summarize, let’s review the main pros and cons of each service.

PeopleFinders Pros and Cons

PeopleFinders Pros:

✔️ Comprehensive background checks

✔️ Multiple affordable pricing options

✔️ Fast, easy-to-use interface

✔️ High-rated mobile apps

✔️ Helpful, informative site

PeopleFinders Cons:

❌ No social media info in reports

❌ Cancellation fee for memberships

❌ Some outdated records according to reviews

TruthFinder Pros and Cons

TruthFinder Pros:

✔️ Deep web data sources

✔️ Social media and dating profiles

✔️ Detailed, engaging reports

✔️ Simple signup process

✔️ Unlimited checks with membership

TruthFinder Cons:

❌ Membership only – no one-off reports

❌ Slow search results

❌ Pricier than PeopleFinders

❌ Some features unavailable on mobile

Which is Better – PeopleFinders or TruthFinder?

Having tested both services extensively, our verdict is that PeopleFinders is the better background check service overall. While TruthFinder has some unique data points, PeopleFinders delivers where it counts:

  • Accurate, up-to-date records
  • Comprehensive background check reports
  • Fast, easy-to-use platform
  • Flexible, affordable pricing
  • Quality mobile apps

PeopleFinders is great for one-off reports or ongoing background check needs. The reasonable prices and unlimited options make it an excellent value.

However, TruthFinder is still a solid choice, especially if you want the added context of social media activity and dark web data. Its interface is beginner-friendly and the bimonthly billing can be convenient. But expect to pay a bit more and deal with slower results.

Ultimately, both are reputable background check services. PeopleFinders will suit most people’s needs at a lower cost. But TruthFinder is worth considering for its digital footprint data. The best choice depends on your specific priorities.

FAQs About PeopleFinders and TruthFinder

Still have questions? Here are answers to some common queries about PeopleFinders vs TruthFinder:

  1. How accurate are background checks from PeopleFinders and TruthFinder?

Both PeopleFinders and TruthFinder use public records databases and online sources to compile their background reports. While they strive to provide accurate, up-to-date information, no background check service can guarantee 100% accuracy. Errors can occur due to outdated or incomplete records, clerical mistakes, or identity mix-ups.

However, PeopleFinders and TruthFinder are well-regarded in the industry for their data quality. They use advanced algorithms and multiple sources to cross-verify information. If you do spot an inaccuracy, both services have dispute resolution processes to address errors.

  1. Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied?

PeopleFinders offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your report, you can request a refund within 5 days of purchase. Refunds are issued as credits which can be used for future searches or background checks.

TruthFinder has a similar policy. If you contact customer support within 5 days of signup and haven’t used your account, you can request a refund. However, partial refunds are not available if you’ve already run searches or background checks.

  1. Do these services access private data or just public records?

Both PeopleFinders and TruthFinder only gather information from public records databases and publicly available online sources. They do not access private data like medical records, financial details, or confidential government documents.

Public records searched may include:

  • Criminal records
  • Court records
  • Property records
  • Marriage/divorce records
  • Birthdates and death records
  • Phone number and address directories
  • Social media profiles (TruthFinder only)

While these records are considered public, many are not easily accessible to the average person. Background check services like PeopleFinders and TruthFinder aggregate this data into convenient reports.

  1. How do I cancel a PeopleFinders or TruthFinder membership?

To cancel a PeopleFinders membership, log into your account and navigate to the ‘My Account’ or ‘Billing’ section. There, you should see an option to cancel your subscription. You can also contact customer support by phone or email to request cancellation.

Note that PeopleFinders charges a $2.95 processing fee for cancellations. However, this is waived if you request cancellation within 3 days of signing up.

To cancel TruthFinder, log in and go to ‘My Account’ > ‘Membership Settings’ > ‘Cancel Membership’. You can also call TruthFinder’s customer support line during business hours to cancel by phone.

If you cancel TruthFinder within 5 days of signup and haven’t used your account, you may be eligible for a refund. Contact customer support to inquire.

  1. Are my searches confidential? Will the person I searched find out?

Yes, your searches with PeopleFinders and TruthFinder are completely confidential. The person you search will not be notified or otherwise learn about your search.

Both services take user privacy seriously. They do not sell or share your personal information with third parties. All searches are secured with encryption to protect your data.

Of course, you should still practice discretion when conducting background searches. Never use the information obtained to harass, stalk, or make unwanted contact with the individual. Only use background checks for legitimate purposes in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

If you want to remove your own information from PeopleFinders, read our PeopleFinders Opt-Out guide for instructions.

  1. How up-to-date is the data from these background check providers?

PeopleFinders and TruthFinder update their records frequently to provide the most current data possible. However, there can be a lag between when public records are filed and when they appear in background check databases.

Criminal records are typically updated every 30 to 60 days as they become available from state and county courts. Other public records like property deeds or marriages may be updated less frequently, every 90 days or so.

TruthFinder also scans social media profiles and online mentions daily to provide up-to-date digital footprint info.

While the data is not real-time, PeopleFinders and TruthFinder provide reliable information for most background check purposes. For time-sensitive situations, it’s best to verify results with official sources like courthouses or government agencies.

  1. Can I use these services for employment or tenant screening?

No, you cannot use PeopleFinders, TruthFinder, or any other public background check websites for employment or tenant screening purposes. These services are intended for personal use only, such as looking up old friends, researching a prospective date, or self-background checks.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) has strict guidelines around background checks for employment, housing, credit, and other areas. You must use a specialized Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) for these regulated purposes. CRAs provide FCRA-compliant background checks with procedures for accuracy disputes and consent/disclosure requirements.

If misused for professional purposes, background check sites like PeopleFinders and TruthFinder can open you up to legal liability and hefty fines. Stick to legitimate CRAs for hiring or housing decisions.

Key Takeaways

To conclude, here are the key points to remember when comparing PeopleFinders and TruthFinder:

  • Both offer detailed background checks using public records and online sources
  • PeopleFinders is more affordable and has both one-time and membership options
  • TruthFinder provides bonus info like social media and dark web data
  • PeopleFinders has the edge for ease of use, search speed, and mobile apps
  • TruthFinder is pricier and subscription-only, but offers deep web searches
  • Ultimately, PeopleFinders is the better overall value for most users’ needs

Ultimately, PeopleFinders is the better overall value for most users’ needs. But if you’re not satisfied with either service, check out our list of the best PeopleFinders alternatives for other background check options.

Hopefully this in-depth comparison has given you the insights needed to choose the best background check service for your needs. Whether you go with PeopleFinders, TruthFinder, or another provider, be sure to use these powerful tools responsibly and legally. Thanks for reading!