Parentaler Reviews: Everything Parents Need to Know

April 7, 2024

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Parenting in the digital age comes with an entirely new set of challenges. While technology offers valuable opportunities for education and connectivity, it also exposes children to potential risks like cyberbullying, explicit content, and online predators. As caring parents, it’s our responsibility to find an approach that protects our kids while still allowing them to benefit from technology.

This is where parental control apps like Parentaler come in. Parentaler provides parents with powerful monitoring and management tools to oversee their children’s digital activities. But how does it actually work, and is it right for your family?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Parentaler, from its key features to pricing and compatibility. You’ll find unbiased Parentaler reviews, pros and cons, and FAQs to help you make an informed decision. Let’s get started!

What is Parentaler and How Does it Work?

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Parentaler is an innovative parental control app available for both Android and iOS devices. It empowers parents to monitor their children’s phone calls, text messages, social media, web browsing, location and more – all from a centralized dashboard.

The app works by getting installed directly on the child’s smartphone or tablet. Once setup is complete, Parentaler will silently collect device data and activity logs which parents can access remotely from their own device.

Unlike some parental control apps that only offer time limits or content filters, Parentaler provides deeper insight with features like:

  • Social media monitoring
  • Text message logging
  • Geofencing
  • Keyword alerts
  • Screen time scheduling
  • Driving reports
  • Web filtering
  • Blocking of apps/games
  • Remote management

This enables parents to take a more hands-on approach to overseeing their child’s digital behaviors and interactions. The real-time monitoring capabilities allow parents to respond promptly to any issues that arise.

Key Features and Capabilities

Parentaler Dashboard

Parentaler includes an extensive set of features to accommodate monitoring children across various age groups and maturity levels.

Social Media and Messaging Monitoring

One of the core strengths of Parentaler is its social media and messaging oversight. Parents gain visibility into their child’s communications on platforms like:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • WhatsApp
  • SMS/Text messaging

You can review message contents, shared media, screenshots, and other details. This allows you to ensure your child is engaging appropriately online and not exposed to any predatory behaviors.

Web Filtering

Parentaler’s web filtering technology blocks access to explicit, dangerous or inappropriate websites. Parents can customize categories like gambling, drugs, pornography and violence.

The app digs deeper by analyzing web content in real-time. Instead of only blocking by URL, Parentaler can filter pages with harmful material even on benign domains.

Geofencing and Location Tracking

Parentaler uses GPS to track your child’s location history and provide real-time visibility into their location. As a parent, you can set up geofences (virtual boundaries) and get automatic alerts when your child enters or leaves a specified area.

This makes it easy to monitor their after school whereabouts or confirm they are attending classes. Geofencing brings peace of mind when your kid is out and about.

Time Management and Scheduling

You can implement daily or weekly time limits on your child’s device usage with Parentaler’s screen time management tools. Restrict app usage, block device functionality during certain hours, and encourage healthy digital habits.

Alerts and Notifications

Parentaler sends real-time alerts about concerning digital behaviors like cyberbullying, adult content, keyword detection, geofence changes and more. You can customize alerts to focus on your specific concerns as a parent.

Parentaler Pricing and Plans

Parentaler offers reasonable pricing and flexible subscription plans to meet different family budgets and needs.

There are 3 main subscription options:

  • Monthly – $42.69/month
  • Quarterly – $24.40/month
  • Annually – $10.17/month (billed at $121.99 for full year)
Parentaler Pricing And Plans 1

The annual plan is the most cost-effective for ongoing use of the platform. However, the monthly plan offers more flexibility if you only need short term monitoring.

Parentaler allows you to monitor an unlimited number of devices, making it perfect for families with multiple children. There’s also a 14 day money back guarantee if you aren’t fully satisfied.

Is Parentaler Easy to Setup and Use?

Most parents will find Parentaler straightforward to install and operate. Here’s an overview of the setup process:

For Android Devices

  1. Create your Parentaler account online and purchase a subscription
  2. Download the Parentaler installation file from your welcome email and open it on your child’s Android device
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the app and allow the required device permissions
  4. Login to your Parentaler dashboard from a web browser to start monitoring

For iOS Devices

  1. Purchase a subscription and obtain your registration code
  2. On your child’s iPhone or iPad, sync to your own computer with Parentaler’s iTunes WiFi Sync app
  3. Alternatively, you can input their passcode and Apple ID for remote installation
  4. Once installed, the device usage will sync to your Parentaler dashboard

Android does require brief physical access to the device for first time setup. For iOS, you can use remote access without needing the device in hand.

In most cases, the entire process takes less than 10 minutes. Ongoing use is very simple with an intuitive online dashboard and easy remote access via any web browser.

Parentaler Review: Pros and Cons

Advantages of Parentaler

  • Comprehensive monitoring: Tracks texts, calls, social media, browsing, location and more
  • Compatible: Works equally well on both iPhone and Android
  • Real-time alerts: Get notifications about issues as they arise
  • Geofencing capabilities: Monitor your child’s location and movements
  • Insightful reporting: Review detailed activity reports and trends
  • Simple to use: Easy installation and intuitive online dashboard
  • 24/7 support: Parentaler offers around the clock customer support

Potential Downsides to Consider

  • No free version: Must purchase a paid subscription
  • Short trial period: Just 14 days to evaluate the platform
  • Privacy concerns: Constant monitoring can feel invasive for some kids
  • Workarounds: Tech savvy kids may find ways to circumvent the app
  • Ongoing cost: Budget for an annual or monthly subscription

Overall, most parents find the tradeoff worthwhile to gain visibility and protect their kids online. But gauge your child’s maturity level before committing to a full monitoring and filtering approach.

What Do Other Parents Think About Parentaler?

Third party Parentaler reviews provide helpful insights from actual users. Here are excerpts from parent perspectives across the web:

“I was really worried about my daughter’s social media usage and who she was talking to online. Parentaler gave me peace of mind and helped me make sure she wasn’t in over her head.”

“The web filtering and time limits have been clutch for reducing distractions for my kids during homework. I noticed their grades improving within a few weeks.”

“As a single parent I can’t always be looking over my son’s shoulder when he uses his phone. Parentaler allows me to stay involved from anywhere.”

“I tried a few different apps but Parentaler has been the most comprehensive both for monitoring and controlling device usage. I also found their support team very helpful.”

The common themes in reviews are Parentaler’s robust capabilities, flexible remote access, and quality customer support. Most parents are pleased with the ability to protect and guide their kids despite busy schedules.

How Does Parentaler Compare to Other Options?

Parentaler isn’t the only option when it comes to parental control apps. Here’s how the core features stack up against some top competitors:

FeaturesParentalerQustodioBarkNet Nanny
Social Media MonitoringYesPartialPartialPartial
Text Message LoggingYesNoNoNo
Web FilteringYesYesYesYes
Time LimitsYesYesYesYes
Remote ManagementYesPartialPartialPartial

Parentaler leads the pack when it comes to social media oversight, text message monitoring, geofencing capabilities and remote control options. The app covers the full spectrum of parenting needs in the digital age.

Parentaler isn’t the only option when it comes to parental control apps. Here’s how the core features stack up against some top competitors like Heimdall:

Is Parentaler Easy to Use and Navigate?

The team at Parentaler prioritizes an intuitive user experience. Managing your child’s device usage is straightforward from your centralized dashboard.

After logging in, you simply select the child profile you wish to manage. You’re taken to an overview screen with their device activity and alerts. You can dig deeper into specific usage categories like apps, web browsing, texts and location.

The interface makes it easy to filter data, customize notifications, and set restrictions. Key settings and options are accessible from a sidebar menu on desktop or mobile.

You don’t need to be tech savvy to navigate the platform. Most parents can onboard and establish effective monitoring with minimal effort. Detailed help articles walk you through any areas of confusion.

How Does Parentaler Protect Privacy and Security?

Parents rightfully have concerns about their child’s data privacy when using monitoring apps. Parentaler employs industry best practices to keep information safe and secure:

  • Military-grade encryption – End-to-end encryption ensures data remains protected from prying eyes.
  • Anonymous data – Usage data is anonymized and privacy protected.
  • Limited data retention – Data is automatically deleted after a set time period.
  • Secure data centers – Servers are hosted in Tier IV classified facilities.
  • Restricted access – Only the parent has credentials to view monitoring data.

Before installing Parentaler, discuss privacy considerations with your child and align on acceptable monitoring behavior. Transparency builds trust in the long run.

Parentaler can provide value for families with children of all ages. However, the appropriate monitoring level depends on maturity and responsible use as demonstrated by your child.

For pre-teens and younger kids, more restrictive blocking and scheduling is recommended. As children grow into teens and young adults, you can scale back to focus on spot monitoring of higher risk activities.

Review activity reports periodically to determine if comprehensive monitoring is still warranted or if you can switch to selective notifications. Let your child’s personal development guide whether relaxed or stringent oversight is needed.

Can Parentaler Be Bypassed or Hacked?

Like any software solution, Parentaler has limitations. Tech savvy kids may find creative workarounds to bypass restrictions or attempt to disable the app.

However, Parentaler conducts routine updates to stay one step ahead of new hacking techniques. If your child has an advanced technical skillset, use additional precautions like device confiscation at bedtime.

The few instances of children fully circumventing Parentaler often involve gaining access to the parent’s account credentials. Safeguard your username and password to prevent unauthorized changes.

If your child has an advanced technical skillset, use additional precautions like built-in Samsung parental controls or device confiscation at bedtime.

Key Takeaways: What Parents Need to Know About Parentaler

  • Parentaler provides comprehensive monitoring and oversight of your child’s digital activities across social media, messaging, web browsing, location tracking and entertainment.
  • Setup is straightforward on both iPhone and Android devices with the ability for remote access. Ongoing use is intuitive through the online dashboard.
  • While inexpensive compared to alternatives, you do need an ongoing paid subscription to use Parentaler. A free trial is not available.
  • Consider your child’s age, technical abilities and level of responsible use to determine if full monitoring is warranted or if more selective oversight suffices.
  • Take reasonable precautions like protecting your account password to prevent workarounds. Use additional restrictions like bedtime confiscation if needed.
  • Discuss monitoring with your child transparently. Balance privacy considerations with the benefits of parental insight.

Frequently Asked Questions About Parentaler

Does Parentaler work on game consoles and other devices?

Parentaler is designed for smartphones and tablets. It does not provide visibility into video game consoles, computers, or other electronics. Focus is exclusively on mobile device monitoring.

Can I monitor multiple children with one account?

Absolutely. Parentaler allows you to add profiles for each of your kids. Monitor every child from the same centralized account. Upgrade to a family pricing plan as needed.

Is jailbreaking or rooting required to install Parentaler?

For standard monitoring features, rooting or jailbreaking is NOT required. However, for deeper access to encrypting messaging apps, device rooting may be needed.

How long does the battery last with Parentaler installed?

Most users do not notice a significant impact on battery performance. Parentaler runs efficiently in the background without draining battery.

What customer support options are available if I need help?

Parentaler offers 24/7 live chat, email ticketing, and phone support. Typical response time is under 5 minutes for critical issues.

What forms of payment does Parentaler accept?

Subscriptions can be purchased online with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and Amazon Pay.

Can I get a refund if unsatisfied with the service?

Parentaler provides a 14 day money back guarantee. Contact their support team within two weeks for a full refund.

Does Parentaler work outside of the United States?

Yes, Parentaler functions worldwide. However, keep in mind geofencing accuracy may vary slightly by country.

Final Thoughts

In closing, robust parental control tools like Parentaler empower parents to guide their kids safely in the digital world. With parental insight into texts, social posts, web activity, location and entertainment, you can ensure your children avoid online dangers.

Approach Parentaler openly and ethically with your kids. Find the right balance of oversight needed based on their demonstrated maturity. Leverage Parentaler’s capabilities to protect your children while still nurturing independence online.