Optery vs Kanary – Which Data Removal Service is Better in 2024?

March 26, 2024

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With data privacy and protection becoming increasingly vital in the digital age, services like Optery and Kanary provide solutions to reclaim control of your personal information online. Both companies offer data removal services to help delist your name, posts, images, and other details from search engines, websites, and people search directories.

However, Optery and Kanary take different approaches when it comes to removing and monitoring your data footprint across the web. This in-depth comparison examines key factors like the removal request process, turnaround time, comprehensiveness of removal, reputation management, customer support, and pricing to help you determine if Optery or Kanary is the best option for your data removal needs.

Overview of Optery Data Removal Service

Optery Logo

Optery markets itself as the fastest and most convenient data removal service available today. Here are a few key facts about Optery:

  • Founded: 2021
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California
  • Services: Submits removal requests to search engines, social networks, and other sites
  • Turnaround Time: Advertises 3-5 business days per request
  • Pricing: $10 per individual delisting request, discounts for request bundles

Optery aims to provide quick and affordable automated data removal through simple online request forms you submit. Once you complete the forms indicating what sites and listings you want deindexed, Optery’s team gets to work submitting opt-out requests on your behalf.

According to Optery’s website, their service allows you to:

  • Remove embarrassing social media posts and photos
  • Delist your information from people search sites
  • Delete old online profiles and accounts
  • Suppress outdated articles and news mentions

Their focus is speed and convenience – you fill out a form, and their service handles contacting the necessary sites to request taking down your data. Optery acts as your agent for data removal requests rather than removing listings manually.

You can learn more about Optery’s specific capabilities in this Optery review.

Overview of Kanary Data Removal

Kanary Logo

Kanary takes a more hands-on, holistic approach to data removal and ongoing reputation management. Details on Kanary include:

  • Founded: 2019
  • Headquarters: Seattle, Washington
  • Services: Manually submits removal requests, cleans up public/criminal records, provides monitoring
  • Turnaround Time: 1-2 weeks per in-depth removal plan
  • Pricing: Starts at $49 per month for subscription service

With Kanary, you are assigned a dedicated case manager who evaluates your online footprint and creates a customized data removal plan. Rather than automated form submissions, Kanary specialists manually research sites and submit detailed opt-out requests to each one.

The company emphasizes “undoing your digital past” through services like:

  • Mugshot removal
  • Arrest record redaction
  • Reputation repair and monitoring
  • Ongoing suppression of unwanted search results

Kanary also provides reputation safety scans to identify vulnerabilities, along with monthly monitoring to re-submit removal requests if needed. Their approach is focused on manual reputation rehab and defense rather than automated takedown requests.

Pricing starts at $14 per month for an ongoing subscription to their reputation management service. For users looking to completely overhaul their online presence and implement robust privacy protections, Kanary aims to provide in-depth restoration of online reputation.

For an in-depth look at Kanary’s services, check out this Kanary review.

Data Removal Request Process

When it comes to the actual process of submitting data removal opt-out requests, Optery and Kanary take different approaches:


  • Simple online request forms you submit for sites you want removed
  • Act as your agent and handle contacting sites directly
  • Focused on speed and convenience for the end user
Optery Dashboard


  • Work with dedicated case manager to create customized plan
  • Specialists manually research and submit detailed requests
  • More involved process but enhances scope of removal
Kanary Dashboard

With Optery, you fill out streamlined request forms indicating your name, the sites, and the listings you want deindexed. Their service then acts as your agent for removal by contacting sites and submitting automated removal requests on your behalf.

Kanary takes a more customized approach. You work one-on-one with your case manager to identify the footprint you want erased. The manager researches specific sites and pages, then manually submits customized removal requests to each one. This hands-on approach allows them to target a wider range of platforms with enhanced removal messages.

Optery Pros

  • Faster turnaround time per request
  • Simple automated process for end user

Kanary Pros

  • Custom plans targeting wider range of sites
  • Specialists directly handle requests for better results

The right approach depends on your specific situation. Optery offers speed and convenience, while Kanary provides a more customized experience.

Turnaround Time

When it comes to how quickly Optery and Kanary can process data removal requests, there are some notable differences:

  • Optery turnaround time: 3-5 business days per request
  • Kanary turnaround time: 1-2 weeks for complete customized plan

Optery emphasizes fast automated removal for individual opt-out requests. Once you submit your information via their online forms, they get to work immediately contacting sites and requesting deindexing. Most requests are processed within 3-5 business days.

Kanary’s more manual approach means removal plans take 1-2 weeks to fully implement. Their specialists devote extensive research to identify all relevant pages and accounts for removal. They then methodically submit customized requests to each platform. This level of detail results in a longer but more comprehensive turnaround.

When Optery Excels

  • Removing isolated links, posts, or pages
  • Quick removal of recent embarrassing content

When Kanary Excels

  • Addressing extensive historical footprint
  • Redacting public records/criminal history
  • Full reputation rehab and oversight

For one-off reputation management issues that are time sensitive, Optery’s speed could be beneficial. But Kanary is the better choice if you have an extensive online history to address or want ongoing reputation upkeep. Their hands-on process yields better results when fully undoing your broader digital footprint.

Kinds of Information Removed

Optery and Kanary both focus on removing personal information like search engine results, social media posts, and public listings. However, Kanary offers expanded options for suppressing records and enhancing privacy protection.


  • Search engine listings
  • Social media posts and photos
  • Online profiles and accounts
  • News articles and web pages


  • All services Optery provides
  • Arrest records and mugshots
  • Court/criminal documents
  • Background check results
  • Reputation monitoring

While Optery sticks to more common data removal tasks like deindexing search results and social posts, Kanary expands into removing public records, criminal history, and background check details.

A few examples of Kanary’s enhanced privacy services:

  • Getting mugshots taken down from crime sites
  • Redacting records on inmate lookup sites
  • Removing court documents from public view
  • Suppressing inaccuracies in background checks

Kanary also conducts ongoing reputation monitoring each month. They resubmit removal requests if unwanted information pops back up again. Optery focuses solely on initial removal.

For the most robust privacy protection and reputation rehab, Kanary offers the most comprehensive services. But Optery covers the basics of personal data removal sufficiently.

Reputation Management and Ongoing Monitoring

A major difference between Optery and Kanary is that Kanary provides extensive reputation management and ongoing monitoring after removing your data.


  • Focuses solely on initial data removal requests
  • No ongoing reputation monitoring


  • Continues monitoring online presence each month
  • Resubmits removal requests as needed
  • Provides detailed reputation management

With Optery, once your initial removal requests are processed, they consider the service completed. They do not provide ongoing reputation upkeep or re-removal services.

Conversely, Kanary continues working to defend your reputation after initial removal. Each month, your case manager will rescan for unwanted mentions and quickly move to re-remove any problematic pages or posts. They also provide detailed reports on your ongoing online presence and reputation.

For users who require not just removal but ongoing reputation management, Kanary is the superior choice. Their active, hands-on approach ensures maximum suppression of unwanted information over time.

However, Optery could meet the needs of users looking for a one-time removal without follow-up monitoring. For basic reputation defense focused solely on initial removal, Optery delivers on speed and affordability.

Customer Support and Satisfaction Guarantees

Having strong customer service and guarantees provides peace of mind when using a data removal service. Here is how Optery and Kanary compare:


  • Email and live chat support
  • Basic satisfaction guarantee


  • Direct communication with case manager
  • Satisfaction guarantee and rework policy

Optery provides customer service through email and live chat. You can reach their support team for any issues with the data removal process.

They also offer a general satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with their removal efforts, they will discuss next steps or process a refund.

Kanary assigns you a dedicated case manager who manages your reputation plan from start to finish. You can directly communicate with this specialist for a more personalized service experience.

Kanary also guarantees satisfaction with their work. If any removals were unsuccessful, they will re-submit requests or amend their plan. They provide rework until you are fully satisfied.

When Optery Excels

  • Quickly resolving one-off issues

When Kanary Excels

  • In-depth reputation management
  • Direct access to knowledgeable specialists

For fast resolutions of single removal issues, Optery’s email/chat support is sufficient. But Kanary’s direct case manager access provides superior ongoing reputation guidance.

Subscription Plans and Value

When it comes to pricing and overall value, Optery and Kanary take different approaches:

Optery Pricing

  • $10 per individual delisting request
  • Discounts for buying bundles of requests
  • Customized to your needs
Optery Pricing And Plans

Kanary Pricing

  • Starts at $14 per month for subscription
  • All-inclusive reputation management
  • Customized to your needs
Kanary Pricing And Subscription Plans

With Optery, you pay $10 per delisting request. There are bulk discounts available for buying bundles of 5, 10, or 20 removals.

Kanary starts at $14 per month for a subscription to their reputation management service. This includes your case manager, removal labor, monitoring, and ongoing support. Plans can be customized based on your specific situation.

Optery Value

  • Affordable à la carte removal requests
  • Good for one-time reputation clean up

Kanary Value

  • Comprehensive reputation rehabilitation
  • Ongoing removal maintenance
  • Worth premium for full privacy

Optery offers value with low-cost pay-as-you-go removal orders. But Kanary provides superior long-term value for users wanting continuous reputation guarding. Their monthly plans cost more but include extensive services.

For occasional, limited removal needs, Optery provides good value. But for full reputation oversight, Kanary’s premium service is worth the investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take Optery and Kanary to remove information?

A: Optery processes automated removal requests within 3-5 business days. Kanary’s manual approach takes 1-2 weeks for a complete plan.

Q: What kind of sites can these services remove my data from?

A: Both remove search listings, social media posts, and public records. Kanary offers additional options like mugshot, court document, and background check removal.

Q: Does Kanary completely delete or just deindex my information?

A: Kanary submits removal requests to deindex pages from search and remove data from sites. But full data deletion is complex. They focus on practical suppression of information.

Q: Can these services remove true negative information?

A: They can request removal but sites are only required to take down inaccurate, outdated, or irrelevant details. True negative facts may persist.

Q: Is using a removal service safe and ethical?

A: These legitimate services follow proper legal procedures for submitting opt-out requests. However, manually deleting certain legal records could violate terms of service.

Q: What happens if new unwanted content appears later?

A: Optery only provides initial removal. But with Kanary’s ongoing monitoring, your case manager proactively identifies and removes any new issues.


When it comes to data removal services, both Optery and Kanary provide solutions to reclaim your online privacy. Optery offers quick automated removal at just $10 per request, making them ideal for convenient one-off delistings.

However, Kanary goes more in-depth to completely undo your digital footprint with hands-on reputation rehab and ongoing monitoring. While Kanary costs more at $14 per month, their comprehensive approach ensures maximum suppression of your information over time.

Ultimately, Optery is sufficient for basic removal needs, but Kanary is worth the premium for robust defense against emerging online threats to your reputation and complete restoration of your privacy. If your priority is comprehensive removal without worrying about new issues in the future, then Kanary is the superior choice.