Optery Review 2024: Reclaim Your Data from Hundreds of Broker Sites

March 9, 2024

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In today’s digital age, protecting your personal information is more important than ever before. All your online activities leave traces that data aggregators eagerly collect and transform into detailed profiles. They then sell these profiles to the highest bidder – which is how advertisers seem to know everything about you.

Fortunately, there are services like Optery that help shield your digital identity. Optery offers a free account and paid subscriptions to find and remove your personal data from broker sites.

This comprehensive review will explore Optery’s key features, company reputation, privacy protection, pricing, and more. By the end, you’ll have all the details to decide if Optery is the right choice to safeguard your online privacy.

Key Takeaways

  • Optery helps remove personal data from over 270 data broker and people search sites through automated opt-outs.
  • It provides user-friendly account management, detailed removal reports, and custom opt-out requests.
  • Optery has a 95%+ success rate and a reputation for reliable, secure services.
  • Paid plans start at $3.99/month, with a forever free option for basic DIY opt-outs.
  • Strong security, privacy policies, and customer support add value to the Optery service.

Pros and Cons of Optery


  • Automates the data removal process
  • Identifies data brokers with your personal information
  • User-friendly interface for managing opt-out requests
  • Detailed “before” and “after” removal reports
  • Custom opt-out requests beyond standard coverage
  • Covers over 270 data broker and people search sites
  • 30-day money-back guarantee on paid plans


  • Dependent on compliance from data brokers
  • Large number of sites can feel overwhelming
  • Pricier subscription than some competitors
  • Limited capabilities on free tier

Optery’s Key Features

Optery offers a robust set of capabilities to take control of your personal data.

Automated Data Removal

Optery handles sending opt-out requests and monitoring sites to ensure your data stays removed. This automation eliminates the hassle of managing the process yourself.

Data Broker Detection

Optery thoroughly searches data broker profiles to identify any that contain your personal information. This makes it easy to discover where your data is exposed.

User-Friendly Interface

The intuitive Optery dashboard lets you easily monitor and manage your account, opt-out requests, and account settings.

Optery Dashboard

Detailed Removal Reports

Optery provides “before” and “after” removal reports with screenshots confirming your personal data was eliminated from broker sites.

Detailed Removal Reports

Custom Removal Requests

Need personal data removed from sites not covered by Optery? With the Ultimate plan, you can request custom opt-outs beyond Optery’s standard coverage.

Custom Removal Requests

Extensive Site Coverage

Optery tracks over 270 data brokers and people search sites, offering comprehensive protection for your personal data.

Company History and Reputation

Can You Trust Optery?


Founded in 2020 by Lawrence Gentilello, Optery serves as a personal data removal service focused on protecting user privacy.

Although details about the company are limited, Optery has built a reputation as a reliable and secure service, with a 95%+ success rate in removing personal data from the internet.

Optery achieves this by directly handling opt-out requests and removals on behalf of users. Their commitment to privacy protection has made Optery a trusted choice for keeping personal information secure.

For your passwords, a dedicated password manager can make sure they’re strong, unique, and protected.

How Optery’s Data Removal Process Works

Optery’s process for removing your personal data involves:

  • Identifying exposed data: Optery detects your personal information on data broker and people search sites.
  • Sending opt-out requests: Optery handles submitting opt-out requests to get your data removed.
  • Monitoring sites: Optery continually monitors broker sites to ensure your personal data does not reappear.
  • Providing removal reports: You receive reports with before/after screenshots to confirm your data was eliminated.

This comprehensive process ensures your personal information is completely and reliably removed from the internet.

Preventing Data Reappearance

Optery doesn’t stop at the initial data removal. They constantly monitor data broker sites for any reappearance of your personal information.

If your data does resurface somewhere, Optery takes prompt action to get it removed again. This ongoing vigilance helps mitigate risks like:

  • Identity theft
  • Fraud
  • Phishing scams
  • Spam calls and emails

Optery also offers resources to help you proactively tidy up your own information. Their commitment to preventing data reappearance provides peace of mind your privacy stays protected.

Streamlining Data Broker Opt-Outs

Handling opt-outs from hundreds of brokers yourself would be an enormous headache.

Optery simplifies the process by:

  • Automating opt-out submissions to data brokers
  • Covering over 270 data broker and people search sites
  • Removing sensitive information like your home address, phone number, and email

This extensive coverage gives confidence Optery can comprehensively remove your personal data from a wide array of sites.

Getting Started With Optery

Signing Up

Registering with Optery is straightforward. You can sign up using:

  • Your Google account
  • Email address
  • Single sign-on for enhanced privacy

You’ll need to provide personal details like your name, email, location, and birth year so Optery can accurately match you to data broker profiles containing your information.

Once signed up, you can start using Optery to monitor exposure of your data and submit opt-out requests.

Right now Optery only fully serves users located in the USA. If you’re outside the US, you can still sign up and Optery will notify you if the service expands to your country.

Optery Benefits and Features

Now let’s explore the key benefits Optery provides to help you take control of your personal data:

Automated Data Removal

Optery’s automation is the core of their service. Once you submit opt-out requests, Optery handles continually monitoring sites and ensuring your data stays removed.

This hassle-free approach saves you time and effort while keeping your privacy protected.

Identifying Exposed Data

Optery thoroughly searches hundreds of data broker profiles to uncover any that contain your personal information. This makes it easy to discover all the places your data is exposed so it can be removed.

User-Friendly Account Management

Optery’s intuitive online dashboard lets you easily monitor your opt-out requests, view progress, and manage your account settings.

Even users without much technical expertise can smoothly control their privacy settings.

Detailed Removal Reports

Optery provides comprehensive removal reports that include:

  • Screenshots showing where your personal data was found
  • Confirmation screenshots after removal from each site
  • Links to verify removal directly on broker sites

This concrete evidence confirms Optery successfully eliminated your exposed personal data.

Custom Data Removal

With Optery’s top-tier Ultimate plan, you gain access to custom opt-out requests. If your personal data appears on sites not covered by Optery’s standard service, their team will make their best effort to get it removed for you.

This ensures no stone is left unturned in removing your personal data from the internet.

Extensive Site Coverage

Optery tracks over 270 data broker and people search sites where your personal information may be exposed. This extensive coverage provides complete protection for your sensitive data.

Optery Security and Privacy

Is Your Data Safe With Optery?

Optery implements stringent security and privacy measures to keep your personal information protected, including:

  • Encryption of all account data and communication
  • Strong password policies
  • Optional multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Data hosted on secure AWS infrastructure
  • No selling or sharing of user data

Their privacy policy also provides options to request data disclosure or deletion at any time. Rigorous security and commitment to privacy help ensure your data stays safe with Optery.

Optery Customer Support

Optery offers solid customer support through:

  • Step-by-step guides and FAQs
  • Email and social media contact
  • Online help desk and knowledge base
  • Live chat support

The help desk, guides, email, and social support provide valuable self-service resources. Live chat is available for any issues needing real-time help.

Optery Pricing and Plans

Optery Pricing And Plans

Optery offers flexible pricing suitable for different needs:

Forever Free Plan

The Free Basic plan provides access to:

  • Exposure assessments showing data broker profiles with your info
  • DIY opt-out guides for basic data removal

This free plan works best for those with more time than money.

Optery’s paid plans add automation and enhanced features:

  • Core: $3.99/month or $39/year. Automated removal from 110+ sites.
  • Extended: $14.99/month or $149/year. Automated removal from 170+ sites.
  • Ultimate: $24.99/month or $249/year. Automated removal from all 270+ sites plus custom opt-outs.

All paid subscriptions include a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Family Plan

The family plan allows 20-30% savings for multiple accounts. The organizer handles billing but cannot access other members’ personal data.

Getting Started with the Free Plan

Optery’s Free Basic plan provides an excellent starting point to understand their service before paying.

With the free plan you can:

  • Access exposure assessments showing your personal data found on broker sites
  • View screenshots of profiles containing your information
  • Follow opt-out guides to manually submit removal requests
  • Periodically scan for new exposures of your data

The limitations are having to opt out manually from each site and access to only basic broker information. But it’s a great free introduction before upgrading to unlock Optery’s full capabilities.

How Does Optery Compare to Alternatives?

Competitors like DeleteMe and Privacy Bee also help remove personal data from people search and data broker sites.

However, Optery’s combinations of transparent reporting, ironclad security policies, intuitive interface, and competitive pricing make it a top choice in its category. See how it directly compares to DeleteMe and Kanary here.

Its detailed removal reports with screenshots before and after opt-outs provide unmatched verification of results. Optery also starts with a generous and fully functional free plan – a rarity among competitors.

For those seeking automation and enhanced privacy protection, Optery delivers excellent value.

Optery FAQs

Does Optery really work?

Yes, Optery is very effective at finding and removing personal data from data broker sites based on testing for this review and verified customer feedback. It’s a legit solution for eliminating exposure of your sensitive information.

What types of personal data does Optery help remove?

Optery specializes in removing home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and other identity details sold online by data brokers and people search sites.

How does the Optery data removal process work?

Optery first detects your personal data on broker sites, then handles submitting opt-out requests and following up to confirm your data is removed. You can track progress and receive detailed removal reports.

Where is Optery located?

Optery is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area but operates as a remote company with team members distributed worldwide.

The Verdict: Is Optery Worth It?

If you’re concerned about the spread of your personal information online by data brokers, Optery delivers an extremely effective solution.

The combination of automated opt-outs, detailed removal reporting, strong privacy policies, and responsive support makes Optery a top choice for eliminating exposure of your sensitive data.

Optery removes the burden of trying to manage hundreds of data brokers yourself. For complete digital privacy protection, it is a sound investment and comes highly recommended.

So whether you’re an individual, family, or organization wanting to reclaim control of your data, Optery has you covered.