OneRep vs DeleteMe: Privacy Protection Services Compared

March 5, 2024

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With data breaches and identity theft on the rise, protecting your personal information online has become more important than ever. OneRep and DeleteMe are two leading services that help remove your private data from public people-search websites and data brokers. But how exactly do they compare?

This in-depth guide examines all aspects of OneRep and DeleteMe to help you determine which privacy protection service may be better suited for your needs.

What Are OneRep and DeleteMe?

OneRep and DeleteMe both aim to help individuals regain control over their personal data.


Onerep Logo

Founded in 2015, OneRep specializes in automated removal of your information from public data sources. Their proprietary software detects and deletes your records from over 190 different people search websites and data brokers.

OneRep emphasizes complete automation – their system handles everything from monitoring for your data to sending opt-out requests on your behalf. Human agents only get involved for complex cases.


Deleteme Logo

Operating since 2009, DeleteMe combines software automation with human agents to remove your personal details. While you can request opt-outs from over 750 sites, their standard service focuses on getting you off the top 30-40 data brokers.

DeleteMe takes a hybrid approach – software monitors and flags potential data leaks, then a team of privacy experts handles manual removal requests.

OneRep vs DeleteMe – Main Features Compared

Number of Sites Covered190+750+ (30-40 major sites by default)
Service TypeFully automatedHybrid human + software
Custom DashboardYesYes
Regular MonitoringYesYes
Automatic Opt-OutsYesNo
Human Agents AssistRarelyYes
International ServiceNo – US onlyYes

From this overview, you can see OneRep focuses on automating the entire process while DeleteMe relies more on human expertise. DeleteMe also offers international service.

Both provide dashboards to track your removal status and ongoing monitoring to detect any new leaks. Key differences are OneRep’s 100% automated opt-outs versus DeleteMe’s manual approach.

How Does OneRep Work?

The OneRep process is straightforward thanks to full automation:

  1. Enter your details – Provide your personal info like name, address, phone, etc.
  2. OneRep detects data – Proprietary software searches over 100 sites for your records.
  3. Automated removal – OneRep’s system sends opt-out requests to get your data taken down.
  4. Ongoing monitoring – Software continues checking sites to ensure your info stays removed.
  5. Monthly status updates – Get email reports on your current privacy status.

OneRep emphasizes hands-off convenience. Once you submit your details, their automation handles the rest – searching, deleting, monitoring, and updating you monthly. No need to submit manual removal requests or follow up yourself.

How Does DeleteMe Work?

DeleteMe takes more of a collaborative approach between software automation and human experts:

  1. Submit info – Provide your personal details to get started.
  2. Initial search – DeleteMe’s software scours top sites for your records.
  3. Manual removal – Privacy experts send individual opt-out requests to get your info taken down.
  4. Ongoing monitoring – Software keeps checking for new leaks to flag.
  5. Quarterly scans – Every 3 months your account is rescaned for new exposures.
  6. Status updates – Get quarterly reports on your privacy status.

The key difference is DeleteMe handles opt-outs manually through their trained staff. This allows for a more tailored approach if any complications arise with particular data brokers. Their experts also provide ongoing assistance if desired.

DeleteMe vs OneRep: Comparison of Pricing

One big factor often comes down to cost. Here’s how OneRep and DeleteMe’s pricing compares:

ServiceStarting PriceDetails
OneRep$179/year– Individual plan
– Covers 1 person
– US only
DeleteMe$129/year– Individual plan
– Covers 1 person
– International service

OneRep offers cheaper pricing, in part because automation costs less than manual service. Their basic individual plan is $179/year for one person.

Onerep Pricing & Plans
OneRep Pricing

DeleteMe starts at $129/year for one person. However, this gets you international coverage plus access to human experts.

Deleteme Pricing And Subscription Plans
DeleteMe Pricing

Both offer discounted multi-year packages:

  • OneRep: $214.95 for 2 years
  • DeleteMe: $209 for 2 years

For the extra $30/year, DeleteMe provides international reach and assistance from privacy professionals. OneRep remains the budget pick for US-only coverage.

OneRep vs DeleteMe: Ease of Use

Privacy protection services should make guarding your data easy. Here is how OneRep and DeleteMe compare when it comes to usability:

Account Setup

  • OneRep – Enter your details and personal info to get started.
  • DeleteMe – Provide your personal information and payment.

The initial onboarding process is simple and straightforward with both. You’ll fill out forms with your name, contact info, etc.


  • OneRep – Dashboard shows detected records and deletion progress.
Onerep’s Dashboard
  • DeleteMe – Dashboard displays status updates and actions taken.
Deleteme Dashboard

Both include centralized dashboards that let you view the status of your account and actions taken to remove your details.

Ongoing Use

  • OneRep – Fully automated after setup.
  • DeleteMe – Optional human assistance available.

This is where the services differ – OneRep operates autonomously in the background after you sign up, while DeleteMe allows you to work with their privacy experts if desired.

Customer Support

  • OneRep – Email and in-site support.
  • DeleteMe – Email, phone, and chat support options.

DeleteMe offers more ways to get assistance from their service team if questions ever come up.

For most basic use cases, both privacy services are similarly easy to use. OneRep offers complete automation, while DeleteMe provides the option for more hands-on help from their staff.

OneRep vs DeleteMe: Customer Reviews

With over 450,000 users, OneRep maintains a strong 4 out of 5 star average across customer review sites like TrustPilot. Here’s a sample:

“OneRep made it super easy to opt out of having my personal info displayed on sketchy people search sites. I searched for myself and found way too many of my details were public. After using OneRep’s automated removal process it was all taken down. Now I feel much better about my family’s privacy being protected.”

DeleteMe also scores highly with over 4.7 out of 5 stars averaged from 700+ user reviews:

“I used DeleteMe to get my information removed from data brokers. The whole process was very smooth. Their team helped with removing my details wherever I requested. They also did quarterly checks to make sure my data stayed off those sites. For less than $11 a month it’s absolutely worth it for the peace of mind.”

Based on verified customer feedback, both OneRep and DeleteMe deliver excellent service and results overall. Users highlight the convenience, as well as the relief of regaining control over their personal data.

OneRep vs DeleteMe: The Bottom Line

When weighing OneRep against DeleteMe for privacy protection, both services excel at searching sites for your information and getting your records taken down.

For affordability and convenience, OneRep is tough to beat. Their fully automated process requires minimal effort on your part. If you value human oversight and assistance, then DeleteMe’s hybrid approach may provide more peace of mind.

Here are some key takeaways when comparing OneRep and DeleteMe:

  • Monitoring – Both regularly scan for your data across people search sites and data brokers.
  • Removal – OneRep fully automates opt-out requests, while DeleteMe uses manual requests from privacy experts.
  • Support – DeleteMe offers more ways to contact their customer support team.
  • Cost – OneRep starts at $179 per year for US-only coverage, while DeleteMe’s $129 plan includes international service.
  • Reviews – Both score very positively from customers online.

The right choice comes down to your budget, location, and preference for automation vs human assistance. Overall, OneRep and DeleteMe deliver excellent privacy protection services with some differing approaches.

FAQ About OneRep vs DeleteMe

Still have some questions? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about OneRep and DeleteMe:

What sites does OneRep remove your data from?

OneRep claims to automatically remove your personal information from over 190 different people search websites, background check services, data brokers, and public record aggregators.

What sites does DeleteMe remove your data from?

The DeleteMe standard plan focuses on getting your records taken down from the top 30-40 data broker sites. You can optionally request removal from over 750 additional sites for an added fee.

Is DeleteMe fully automated like OneRep?

No, DeleteMe uses a combination of software automation plus human agents. Their privacy experts manually request takedowns from sites after identifying exposures through scanning.

Does OneRep remove your information internationally?

No, OneRep only searches sites and offers removal in the United States. DeleteMe provides both US and international data removal.

Can you get help from a real person with OneRep?

Since OneRep emphasizes automated service, human assistance is rarely needed. But you can contact their customer support by email if any issues arise.

How often does DeleteMe check for new data leaks?

The DeleteMe software scans your accounts for new exposures quarterly. You’ll receive status reports on their findings every 3 months.

Give Your Personal Data the Protection It Deserves

Your private information should remain private. As data breaches run rampant, services like OneRep and DeleteMe empower you to take control and remove your details from prying eyes.

While both deliver excellent privacy protection, OneRep offers unmatched automation at the lowest cost, while DeleteMe provides international coverage and access to human experts. Evaluate your specific needs to choose the best option for safeguarding your personal data.

Your privacy matters. Use this guide to make an informed decision on the right service and take action to protect your personal information.