The Ultimate OneRep Review: Is This Privacy Service Worth It?

March 26, 2024

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Online privacy is becoming increasingly important in today’s digital world. With data breaches and tracking by advertisers happening more frequently, many people are looking for ways to take control of their personal information.

One way that your data can be spread online without your consent is through data brokers. These companies compile profiles containing your name, address, phone number, age, family members, property records, and more. Then they make money by selling this data to marketers, government agencies, and even hackers or cybercriminals in some cases.

Understandably, many consumers want to remove their personal information from these data broker sites. But the opt-out process is often long and complicated by design, making it extremely difficult to do on your own.

This is where OneRep comes in. OneRep offers an automated service that locates your data on over 100 different data broker and people search sites. Then it automatically submits opt-out requests to have your information permanently deleted.

We tested OneRep ourselves to provide an honest, in-depth look at how well it protects your privacy. Keep reading to see if it’s the right solution for you.

What Are Data Brokers and How Do They Collect Your Data?

Data brokers are companies that compile profiles containing personal information on almost every US citizen. They get this data by scraping and aggregating public records such as:

  • Property records
  • Voter registration
  • Bankruptcies
  • Birth and death records
  • Social media activity

Data brokers also buy consumer data in bulk from banks, retailers, social networks, and other businesses. Their sources can include:

  • Purchase history
  • Browsing history
  • Mobile app usage
  • Warranty registrations
  • Survey responses

Often this data is stripped of identifiers, but data brokers use sophisticated matching algorithms to tie it back to individuals. The more data sources they can aggregate, the more complete the digital profile.

So how much information do these data brokers have on you?

Go ahead and search your name on Google, followed by terms like “phone number”, “address”, or “email”. You’ll likely find pages and pages of results exposing your sensitive details.

Data brokers display this information publicly on their own directory sites and sell it to practically anyone – old classmates, marketers, government agencies. But also to criminals looking to steal identities or commit fraud.

“Data brokers are public enemy no. 1 for privacy” – OneRep

Having so much personal data available to strangers online creates serious risks. You could be more vulnerable to cyberstalking, identity theft, discrimination, and other harassment.

Understandably, most people want their information off these sites. But data brokers intentionally make it very difficult to opt-out. The harder they make it, the longer your data stays up and the more money they can make selling it.

This is where a service like OneRep comes in handy.

How Does OneRep Work to Remove Your Data?

OneRep offers a straightforward, 3-step process to erase your personal information from data broker sites:

1. Identify

OneRep starts by scanning over 100 different data broker and people search sites for your name, address, phone number, etc. Any listings found are compiled into an online dashboard so you can see exactly where your privacy is being compromised.

2. Delete

This is OneRep’s biggest time-saving feature. Once your data is identified, OneRep automatically submits opt-out requests to every site on your behalf.

It doesn’t matter how long or difficult the manual removal process is, OneRep handles it for you until your data is fully deleted. You don’t have to fill out any CAPTCHAs, click email verification links, or anything.

3. Remediate

OneRep continues monitoring sites that previously published your data, as well as sites that might post it again in the future. If your information reappears somewhere, OneRep deletes it again right away.

This prevents your data from being re-aggregated if data brokers obtain it from a new source. OneRep stays on top of the process so you don’t have to.

“OneRep follows these 3 steps to protect your privacy: Identify, Delete, and Remediate.”

4 Key Benefits of Using OneRep

1. Saves You Time

Manually opting out of 100+ data broker sites would take an enormous amount of effort and monitoring. OneRep handles the entire process for you automatically.

2. More Comprehensive Removal

OneRep’s list covers over 100 different data broker and people search sites. More coverage means more of your data gets removed from the web.

3. Ongoing Monitoring

Even if you successfully delete your info now, data brokers may re-post it in the future if they acquire it again. OneRep continuously scans for and removes any new occurrences.

4. Peace of Mind

Knowing your sensitive personal details aren’t being sold to strangers or criminals online anymore gives you greater peace of mind about privacy.

Step-by-Step: How to Use OneRep

We tested OneRep directly so we could walk through the simple setup process:

1. Start Your Free Trial

Go to and enter your name and location. This runs an initial scan to look for your data.

Onerep Website

After getting the results, enter your email address which allows you to start a 5-day free trial of OneRep. No credit card required.

5-day free trial of OneRep

2. Check Your Privacy Status

Once your account is created, you’ll see a dashboard showing:

  • Profiles found – Sites currently displaying your info
  • Potential sites – Sites likely to post your data in the future
  • Removal in progress – Pending deletion requests
  • Removed – Sites your data was successfully deleted from

This lets you view the status of your privacy at a glance.

Onerep’s Dashboard

3. Provide Optional Details

For a more targeted scan, add identifying details like aliases, maiden names, past addresses, etc. This helps find more of your listings.

Provide Optional Details

4. Monitor Your Removal Progress

Sit back and watch OneRep work! It continually monitors and updates your dashboard as new opt-out requests are sent and deletions are confirmed.

5. Subscribe to Continue Protection

After your 5-day trial, subscribe to a paid plan if you want OneRep to remove the rest of your identified listings and provide ongoing monitoring.

“Setting up OneRep was quick and easy. Within 5 days our dashboard showed sites actively removing our data.”

The process requires very minimal effort on your part. OneRep does the heavy lifting to locate and automatically submit deletion requests.

OneRep Pricing & Plans

Onerep Pricing & Plans

OneRep offers affordable pricing with monthly or yearly subscriptions available.

Individual – $14.95/month or $8.33/month billed annually

Family – $27.95/month or $15/month billed annually (covers up to 6 people)

Individual+ – For “complex cases”, this offers customized removal starting at $229.95/month

The Individual plan lets OneRep automatically remove your information from over 100 data brokers and provides 24/7 email support. It’s an excellent value compared to doing the opt-out process manually.

For the best deal, the Family plan covers up to 6 people for only $15/month per person when billed annually. If you want to protect your family’s privacy, this offers big savings over individual plans.

OneRep also offers a handy 5-day free trial so you can test it out at no cost before subscribing.

How Does OneRep Compare to Competitors?

OneRep was one of the first services to fully automate data removal, but there are a few competitors like ReputationDefender and DeleteMe that offer similar services.

Here’s how OneRep stacks up:


Reputationdefender Logo

ReputationDefender caters to executives and high net worth individuals. Their privacy plan for everyday consumers, Privacy Pro, costs $99/year.

However, this plan only removes your data from ~20 sites. OneRep deletes your information from 5x more data brokers for roughly the same price.


Deleteme Logo

DeleteMe also removes personal data from people search sites. But there are some key differences:

  • DeleteMe uses manual removal while OneRep offers full automation
  • DeleteMe’s standard plan covers ~30 sites vs OneRep’s 100+ sites
  • DeleteMe costs $129/year compared to OneRep’s $99.95/year standard pricing

Again, OneRep provides superior coverage for a better price.

“OneRep deletes personal data from around 5x more sites than competitors for less money.”

Is OneRep Worth the Money? Our Verdict

In our experience testing OneRep hands-on, we think it provides excellent value for removing your personal data from people search sites.

Here are the main reasons we recommend OneRep:

  • Easy set-up – Starting the free trial and setup only takes minutes.
  • Clear dashboard – You can view your privacy status and removal progress at a glance.
  • Fully automated – OneRep handles the entire opt-out process automatically.
  • Broad coverage – It removes your data from over 100 different data broker and people search sites.
  • Continuous monitoring – OneRep resubmits deletion requests if your data reappears.
  • Affordable pricing – Costs are competitive, especially for the family plan.
  • Helpful support – OneRep offers 24/7 email customer support.

Considering the time and effort required to manually remove personal information from so many sites, OneRep provides excellent value. It simplifies the process while maximizing how many of your data listings get deleted.

The family plan covers up to 6 people for $15/month, making OneRep affordable for protecting your whole family’s privacy.

Overall, OneRep succeeds at making a complex data removal process simple and automated. For less than $100/year, it’s an inexpensive way to take control of your personal information.

Frequently Asked Questions About OneRep

Does OneRep completely remove my data from Google?

OneRep can’t delete your information directly from Google. But by removing your profiles from data brokers, this eliminates those listings from appearing in Google results.

It can take weeks or months for Google to drop outdated broker pages from its index. But cleaning up the source stops your info from spreading further.

Does OneRep remove social media profiles?

No, OneRep focuses specifically on data broker sites that collect and display your information without consent. It doesn’t delete social media accounts or posts.

What happens after my OneRep subscription ends?

Once your subscription expires, OneRep stops monitoring sites and submitting new opt-out requests. But any deletions already confirmed will remain in effect.

Information previously removed from data brokers does not automatically re-appear after you cancel. However, data brokers could eventually re-post your data if they acquire it from new sources.

Can OneRep help remove mugshots or arrest records?

OneRep focuses primarily on consumer data brokers, rather than criminal record sites. To potentially get mugshots removed, you would need to contact each site displaying them directly.

Removing arrest records requires contacting the arresting agency and/or court system that originally made the records public.

Does OneRep work for addresses outside the US?

OneRep only operates within the United States currently. For full international address support, check if the data broker site allows worldwide opt-out requests before subscribing.

What payment methods does OneRep accept?

OneRep accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, and Venmo. Cryptocurrency payments are not supported at this time.

Take Control of Your Personal Data

Your privacy is valuable. Data brokers treat it like a commodity they can sell without your consent.

OneRep makes the complex process of removing your information from these sites simple and automated. Instead of spending hours submitting opt-out requests manually, you can let OneRep handle the work.

Its affordable pricing and ability to manage removals for entire families also makes OneRep accessible to everyday consumers.

If you’re concerned about how much of your personal data is being bought and sold online, OneRep delivers an easy solution. We highly recommend giving its free trial a try.

You deserve to control your privacy. Don’t let shady data brokers profit from your personal information any longer.

Key Takeaways:

  • Data brokers compile detailed consumer profiles and sell them without consent
  • Manually opting out of 100+ sites is extremely difficult
  • OneRep automatically locates and removes your data from people search websites
  • Setup only takes minutes and you can see removal status on your dashboard
  • Coverage is more comprehensive and pricing lower than competitors
  • Continuous background monitoring prevents data reappearing
  • OneRep provides a simple, affordable privacy solution for individuals and families