10 Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup Alternatives to NumLookup (2024)

March 22, 2024

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Unknown numbers constantly calling you can be irritating and even concerning. Is it an old friend trying to reconnect, a persistent telemarketer, or worse – a scammer? Reverse phone lookup tools like NumLookup allow you to quickly identify mystery callers for free.

As a cybersecurity expert with over a decade of experience testing such tools, I’ve compiled the definitive list of the best free NumLookup alternatives in 2024. These reverse phone number lookup services reveal details about any U.S. phone number, including the owner’s name, address, carrier and more.

Whether you want to reconnect with long-lost friends, screen your calls, or perform a background check, these tools have you covered. I’ll walk you through the top 10 options, highlighting key features, pros, cons, and pricing.

1. Searqle


Searqle is our pick for the best overall NumLookup alternative thanks to its comprehensive results, user-friendly interface, and helpful additional features. Key facts:

  • Retrieves name, address, online profiles, email, criminal records, weapons permits, and more
  • Owned by Radaris, one of the oldest & most trusted data brokers
  • User-friendly website with instant results
  • Advanced search filters to narrow down results
  • 100% confidential search protected by CloudFlare
  • No registration required


  • Provides more details than other free options, including possible criminal records
  • Completely free – no trials or billing info needed
  • Lightning-fast results in seconds
  • Integrates multiple databases for maximum accuracy
  • Sleek, intuitive interface with no ads


  • Cannot perform searches on numbers outside the U.S.
  • May return an overwhelming amount of information


  • Completely free to search
  • $24.99/mo for unlimited background checks and contact information

2. Intelius


Intelius impresses with its huge database, consistently accurate results, and responsive customer service. Key details:

  • Accesses over 20 billion constantly-updated public records
  • Provides names, ages, addresses, email addresses, and social profiles
  • Monitors numbers for status changes and new information
  • Straightforward pay-as-you-go system with no subscriptions
  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act


  • Delivers accurate, up-to-date information
  • Unlimited searches for paid customers
  • Detailed background reports available
  • Established company with strong reputation


  • Initial free search only returns basic details
  • Credit card required for full results


  • Basic results free
  • $0.95 for full report
  • Detailed background checks from $39.95

3. TruePeopleSearch


TruePeopleSearch is a powerful free people search engine that excels at reverse phone lookups. Key features include:

  • Completely free with no registration required
  • Aggregates data from millions of public records
  • Provides names, ages, current and past addresses, relatives, and more
  • Clean, user-friendly interface with prominent search bar
  • Offers additional free searches for addresses, emails, and names


  • 100% free for full access to all available details
  • Draws from a vast array of constantly updated sources
  • Intuitive search process with near-instant results
  • Bonus tools for address/email/name lookups


  • Rarely, some numbers return no information
  • Lacks built-in spam call identification


  • Totally free for unlimited reverse phone searches

4. CocoFinder


CocoFinder stands out for its unique ability to search by name, address or phone number to reveal hard-to-find details. Key features:

  • Flexible search options for phone, name, address or email
  • Uncovers online profiles, images, education history, jobs and more
  • Detailed background check includes criminal records and financial history
  • 100% confidential and secure


  • Powerful tool for reconnecting or screening people
  • Finds information buried across the web
  • In-depth background reports with sensitive details
  • Simple, easy to navigate interface


  • Free search is very limited
  • Requires payment for most useful features


  • Basic phone/name search free
  • Background reports start at $9.99
  • $29.99/mo for unlimited searches

5. Spokeo

Spokeo Search Options

Spokeo is a versatile people search tool that offers strong reverse phone lookup capabilities. Top features:

  • Provides names, email addresses, locations, family members and more
  • Aggregates 12 billion records from 1000s of databases
  • Unique “wealth rating” estimates financial status
  • Desktop and mobile apps for searching on the go
  • Monitors reports for updates and removes info on request


  • Finds elusive details like social media and wealth info
  • User-friendly mobile apps
  • A la carte pricing for single searches
  • Proactively updates records


  • Gets pricey for multiple searches
  • Some info only in paid reports


  • $0.95-4.95 per search
  • $19.95/mo for unlimited searches
  • $35.40/mo for ongoing monitoring

6. ZabaSearch

Zabasearch People Search

ZabaSearch offers completely free reverse phone and people searches with an extensive database. Highlights include:

  • 100% free people searches with no payment required
  • Accesses billions of records from public sources
  • Provides age, relatives, current and past addresses
  • Option to remove your own info from results
  • Easy categorized searches for businesses, jobs, phones, etc.


  • Totally free for all searches
  • Simple categorized search interface
  • Control over your own information
  • Established company operating since 2000


  • Requires a name to retrieve phone details
  • Less modern interface


  • Completely free unlimited searches

7. PeopleFinders


PeopleFinders boasts over 40 years in business with a huge database of contact info and public records. Key details:

  • 250 million+ adult Americans in database
  • 3 billion+ phone numbers covered
  • Uncovers phone type, carrier, name, address, age and relatives
  • Detailed background checks available
  • iOS and Android apps


  • Extensive, accurate database with 40 years of records
  • In-depth background reports include criminal checks
  • Well-designed mobile apps for on-the-go searching
  • Clear, readable report formats


  • Subscription required for reverse phone lookups
  • Gets expensive for ongoing use ($29.95/mo)


  • People searches free
  • $29.95/mo unlimited background and phone reports
  • $9.95/single report

8. Whitepages


Whitepages is a leading people search tool with billions of records and unique spam risk indicators. Highlights:

  • Database of 90%+ of U.S. adults
  • Provides names, addresses, relatives and phone details
  • Rates phone numbers with spam scores
  • Advanced filtering by age, location and more
  • Simplified pay-as-you-go system


  • Identifies potential spam/scam numbers
  • Flexible searching by location or demographic
  • Easy to understand pricing
  • Authoritative resource used by major companies


  • Full details require payment
  • Pricing adds up for heavy use


  • $4.99 per report
  • $19.99/mo for 20 searches

9. USPhoneBook


USPhoneBook offers a no-frills free reverse phone lookup experience with a substantial database. Key facts:

  • 100% free with no upgrade required
  • Accesses billions of residential and business numbers
  • Returns full name, address, phone type and carrier for free
  • Also offers address and area code searches
  • Simple, clean interface with minimal ads


  • Completely free with comprehensive results
  • Intuitive interface with no distracting upsells
  • Covers both landlines and mobile numbers
  • No registration required


  • Occasional outdated data
  • Minimal search customization options


  • 100% free to search

10. Spy Dialer

Spy Dialer

Spy Dialer takes a unique pay-per-search approach with its user-friendly reverse phone lookup tool. Highlights:

  • Search any phone number for owner name and address
  • Paid results include email addresses and background details
  • Integrates user-reported information for maximum coverage
  • Simple search-based interface with no ads
  • Transparent pay-per-search system


  • Combines official records with user-submitted intel
  • Clean interface with prominent search bar
  • Clearly structured paid reports
  • Straightforward on-demand pricing


  • Initial free search provides minimal details
  • Some numbers still return no information


  • Free search for owner name and location only
  • $2 per detailed report with emails, associates and more

Key Takeaways

  • Reverse phone lookup tools allow you to identify unknown callers and gather key details about them.
  • The best free services are Searqle, PhoneNumberLookupFree and ZabaSearch.
  • For maximum data, try paid options like Intelius, Spokeo and PeopleFinders.
  • Features to look for include owner name/address, phone type, carrier, and background information.
  • Be prepared to pay $1-10 for the most detailed and accurate reports.

For an expert review of NumLookup’s capabilities, check out FoneSpy’s in-depth analysis.


  1. Are reverse phone lookup services legal? Yes, if they only provide information from public records and official databases. Reputable tools like those listed here adhere to all relevant laws and best practices.
  2. Can I look up unlisted or cell phone numbers? Usually, yes. While results may be more limited than with landlines, most reverse phone services can provide some details on mobile and unlisted numbers by aggregating data from many sources.
  3. Why would I need to do a reverse phone search? Common reasons include identifying unknown callers, reconnecting with old friends/relatives, verifying someone’s identity, or screening potential dates or business partners.
  4. What details can I find from a phone number? A good reverse phone search returns the owner’s name, current address, carrier, phone type (mobile/landline), and relatives. More advanced tools also find email addresses, social profiles, and criminal histories.
  5. Are these searches confidential? Yes, legitimate reverse phone lookup services never notify the number’s owner about your search. Your search history and personal information is kept private.
  6. How can I remove my information from NumLookup? If you want to opt out of NumLookup and remove your personal details from their database, follow the steps in this comprehensive guide from FoneSpy.

In our increasingly digital world, the need to know who’s on the other end of the line has never been greater. Scammers get sneakier, and spam calls seem to multiply by the day. A high-quality reverse phone lookup tool is an invaluable resource for your safety and peace of mind.

As a longtime cybersecurity consultant and researcher, I’ve tested dozens of these services. The 10 NumLookup alternatives spotlighted here lead the pack in accuracy, affordability, ease of use, and scope of data. Whether you opt for a completely free solution or spring for paid background checks, you’ll be empowered with priceless knowledge about mystery numbers.

When selecting a reverse phone lookup service, prioritize your specific needs. Is budget your main concern, or do you require maximum details? How often will you be performing searches? Let your answers to these questions guide you to the ideal tool.

No matter which you choose, you’ll finally have a surefire way to shine a light on unknown numbers. So go forth and search with confidence! Those cryptic callers stand no chance against your new detective powers.