mSpy vs TeenSafe: Which Phone Monitoring App is Better in 2024?

November 25, 2023

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Parents today face many challenges keeping tabs on their kids’ digital activities. With smartphones providing constant access to all that the internet offers, ensuring child safety has become more complex. This has driven many parents to turn to phone monitoring apps like mSpy and TeenSafe. But how do you choose between them?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare the key features, compatibility, pricing and ease of use of mSpy and TeenSafe. You’ll learn the pros and cons of each platform to determine which solution best fits your family’s needs in 2024. We’ll provide a detailed analysis of factors like call and text monitoring, location tracking, app blocking, and remote access.

By the end, you’ll have the information you need to decide whether mSpy or TeenSafe is the better monitoring app for your child’s smartphone and your peace of mind. Let’s dive in and start unraveling the differences between these powerful monitoring tools.

Main Features of mSpy vs TeenSafe

The main reason parents use phone spy apps is to monitor their child’s activities like calls, texts, location, app usage and more. mSpy and TeenSafe share some common functionality but also have key differences in their feature sets.

Main Features of mSpy vs TeenSafe


mSpy offers comprehensive monitoring capabilities including:

  • Call Monitoring: Listen to live calls or view call logs showing all incoming/outgoing calls, duration, and timestamps.
  • Text Message Monitoring: Discreetly read the content of all sent and received texts, along with contact names and time stamps.
  • GPS Location Tracking: Pinpoint your child’s location in real-time using the location history feature. Works even when the phone is off.
  • App and Website Blocking: Block access to inappropriate apps and websites to protect your child from dangerous content.
  • Time Restrictions: Set time limits and schedules for phone and app use like school hours or bedtime curfew.
  • Remote Control: Remotely lock the device or wipe data if the phone is lost or stolen.


TeenSafe provides more limited monitoring capabilities including:

  • Text Message Monitoring: View all sent and received SMS messages with timestamp and contact information.
  • Browser History & App Monitoring: Monitor which websites were visited and which apps were used and for how long.
  • Location Tracking: Check-in on your child’s location history but no real-time tracking.
  • Driving Reports: Get alerts if your child texts, calls or speeds while driving.
  • Limited Remote Control: Remote lock available but no advanced features like remote data wipe.

When it comes to robust call and text monitoring combined with advanced features like GPS tracking, blocking, time restrictions and remote access, mSpy comes out ahead. It provides deeper insights into your child’s activities.

Ease of Use: mSpy vs TeenSafe

For any monitoring app to work, the initial setup process must be straightforward and the dashboard easy to navigate. Here’s how mSpy and TeenSafe compare when it comes to user-friendliness.

Ease of Use mSpy vs TeenSafe


mSpy aims to make the monitoring process effortless for parents. To set up mSpy:

  • Create an account online or through the mobile app.
  • Select a subscription package.
  • Follow simple installation instructions to download the app on your child’s phone.
  • Once installed, data will sync to the secure online dashboard.

The mSpy dashboard provides intuitive data organization and filtering so you can access the monitoring insights you need with just a few clicks. Customizable alerts and report summaries keep you informed without information overload.


The TeenSafe setup involves a few more steps:

  • Purchase a subscription plan.
  • Install monitoring profile on child’s iPhone or install app for Android.
  • Create account during TeenSafe activation process.
  • Child must verify monitoring through the TeenSafe Guardian app.

TeenSafe’s parental portal has a somewhat dated design and is less user-friendly than mSpy’s dashboard. It can take more time to navigate between features and find the information you need.

Overall, mSpy has a simpler setup process and more polished dashboard interface providing a better user experience for parents.

Compatibility: Which App Supports More Devices?

For maximum monitoring capability, you need an app that’s compatible with your child’s phone. Here’s how mSpy and TeenSafe compare when it comes to device support:

Phones Supported by mSpy

  • iPhones and iPads running latest iOS versions
  • Android phones and tablets – supports most models
  • Jailbreak needed for advanced monitoring on iPhone

TeenSafe Phone Compatibility

  • iPhones only – no Android support
  • Older iOS versions – doesn’t always support latest Apple updates
  • Monitoring limited without jailbreak on iPhone

mSpy supports more phone models, including both iPhone and Android. TeenSafe works exclusively with iPhones but lacks support for newest iOS versions in some cases.

Pricing and Plans: mSpy vs TeenSafe

Pricing is another essential factor when selecting a phone monitoring service. Here is an overview of what each app charges:

Pricing and Plans mSpy vs TeenSafe

mSpy Subscription Packages

  • Basic: $39.99/month or $199.99/year
  • Premium: $69.99/month or $359.99/year

Key Features: Call & text monitoring, GPS tracking, keyword alerts, basic app blocking, web filter

TeenSafe Pricing Tiers

  • Premium: $14.95/month
  • Ultimate: $19.95/month

Key Features: Text monitoring, location history, driving alerts, app usage tracking, web filtering

Comparing plans with similar capabilities, mSpy comes out more affordable in the long run. For deeper monitoring with extras like call recording and remote access, you’ll pay higher premiums with mSpy. But the lower pricing tiers offer strong core features compared to TeenSafe.

Frequently Asked Questions about mSpy vs TeenSafe

Is mSpy or TeenSafe better for monitoring texts?

Both mSpy and TeenSafe enable parents to monitor text messages on their child’s phone. mSpy provides more extensive text monitoring by capturing not just SMS texts but also messages from apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, and more.

Can mSpy and TeenSafe record phone calls?

Only mSpy has call recording capability to let parents listen to live calls or view archived call logs. TeenSafe does not currently support phone call monitoring or recording.

Which app works better on Android phones?

mSpy is the clear choice if you need to monitor an Android phone. It offers full support for most Android models. TeenSafe only works on iPhones currently.

Is location tracking better on mSpy or TeenSafe?

mSpy offers real-time GPS tracking to pinpoint your child’s location at any time. TeenSafe only shows location history, not current location. So mSpy provides more powerful, precise location monitoring.

Can I remotely wipe data if my child loses their phone?

Yes, mSpy allows you to remotely delete all data from the monitored device if it is lost or stolen. TeenSafe has no remote data wipe capability.

Which app is easier to set up and use – mSpy or TeenSafe?

With its simpler installation process and more intuitive dashboard, most parents find mSpy easier to set up and navigate for a smoother monitoring experience.

Which is more affordable – mSpy or TeenSafe?

mSpy tends to offer better long-term value, especially for plans with robust capabilities. TeenSafe pricing is competitive but lacks some advanced features found in comparably priced mSpy plans.

Final Verdict: mSpy vs TeenSafe

When weighing all the key considerations like features, ease of use, compatibility and pricing, mSpy emerges as the winner when compared to TeenSafe.

Here’s a quick recap of the main similarities and differences:


  • Text message monitoring capability
  • Family location tracking
  • App/web use insights

Key Differences:

  • mSpy has more advanced features like call monitoring, real-time GPS tracking, advanced blocking, remote access
  • mSpy supports both iPhone & Android; TeenSafe is iPhone only
  • mSpy is more affordable long-term, especially for robust monitoring
  • mSpy has superior, user-friendly dashboard interface

For parents seeking a powerful yet easy-to-use phone monitoring solution, mSpy provides the most complete set of features to help ensure your child’s safety in the digital world.

The choice ultimately comes down to matching monitoring needs with budget and device compatibility. But for most families, mSpy offers the best blend of functionality, ease of use and affordability in a phone spy app.