mSpy vs Hoverwatch: Comprehensive Comparison Guide

November 24, 2023

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Mobile monitoring apps like mSpy and Hoverwatch allow parents and employers to track activities on devices used by children and employees. With rising digital risks, spy apps provide monitoring and ensure safety.

Choosing the right spy app can be tricky with so many options. In this guide, we’ll compare mSpy and Hoverwatch to help you decide which is better for your needs.


mSpy and Hoverwatch are leading mobile spy apps that allow you to:

  • Track device location in real-time
  • View call logs, messages, social media, web activity
  • Remotely monitor iOS and Android devices
  • Block apps and websites (parental controls)
  • Record phone calls (on jailbroken/rooted devices)

Both offer useful features to monitor kids and employees. But mSpy has more advanced capabilities, especially for social media and text monitoring. Hoverwatch is better suited for basic device tracking and parental control needs.

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Key Differences

Wider range of featuresMore focus on device monitoring
Social media monitoringCall/text logs and location tracking
More expensiveBudget-friendly pricing
Easier to useSlight learning curve

How They Work

mSpy and Hoverwatch work similarly – by installing an app on the target device which then sends activity data to your personal online dashboard.

But mSpy offers more flexible and easier installation options. Hoverwatch requires manual app installation on each device, while mSpy can be installed remotely without access.

Once set up, you simply log into your secure online account to monitor activity through a user-friendly dashboard. All data is encrypted for privacy.

mSpy App Installation

install mspy app on target device

mSpy offers two installation options:

  1. Remote Installation – Requires iCloud credentials to install without physical access for iOS. For Android, brief accessibility is needed.
  2. Manual Installation – Download and install the app manually on the target device if you have direct access.

Hoverwatch App Installation

Hoverwatch App Installation

Hoverwatch requires manual installation by downloading the app file onto each target device you want to monitor. Physical access is needed for about 5-10 minutes to complete installation and setup.

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Monitoring Features

Let’s compare the main features of mSpy and Hoverwatch:

Call MonitoringTrack call logs, record calls, listen to live calls.View call history but no recording capability.
Text Message MonitoringTrack SMS and messages from WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat etc.SMS and multimedia messaging monitoring but limited for other apps.
Location TrackingReal-time location with geofencing for alerts and restrictions.Live location tracking available but less detailed capabilities.
Social Media MonitoringTrack popular social apps like Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok etc.Limited social media tracking. Mainly Facebook, Snapchat and WhatsApp.
Web Activity MonitoringView web history and take screenshots. Block websites.Monitor web activity and restrict websites.
Device CompatibilityCompatible with Android, iPhone, iPad with 200+ device models supported.Mainly designed for Android. Limited iOS device support.
Remote ControlRemotely lock or wipe target device if needed.No remote device control features offered.

As you can see, mSpy offers more robust monitoring capabilities, especially for tracking messages, social media use, and device control options.

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Ease of Use

mSpy provides a more user-friendly interface and convenient dashboard. The setup process is also simpler than Hoverwatch.

Mspy Dashboard

Hoverwatch has a steeper learning curve and the dashboard can be less intuitive at first. But it offers adequate features for basic monitoring needs.

Hoverwatch Dashboard

For non-tech savvy users who want quick and easy setup, mSpy has better usability. Hoverwatch is better suited for those willing to spend time learning the features.

Customer Support

mSpy is known for its excellent customer support with 24/7 live chat, phone assistance, email and ticketing options. Users often praise their responsive and helpful team.

Hoverwatch provides decent customer service through email and in-app messaging. But support hours are limited and live chat is not available.

For those who prioritize customer service access, mSpy is the safer choice. But Hoverwatch still offers adequate support channels.

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Pricing and Plans

Hoverwatch has more budget-friendly pricing, starting at $9.99/month for personal monitoring. mSpy is better suited for comprehensive monitoring needs but at higher prices, starting at $29.99/month.

Let’s compare the pricing options:

Number of Devices1 deviceUp to 5 devices
Annual PlansAvailableAvailable

mSpy Pricing

Mspy Pricing

mSpy has two main pricing plans:

  • Basic ($29.99/month) – GPS tracking, messaging monitoring, web history, contacts, basic features.
  • Premium ($69.99/month) – Everything in Basic plus social media monitoring, call recording, remote control.

You can add additional devices for $5 per month. Annual plans offer significant savings up to 40%.

Hoverwatch Pricing

hoverwatch pricing

Hoverwatch offers three pricing tiers:

  • Personal ($24.95/month) – Tracks 1 device with call logs, SMS, messaging apps, location tracking.
  • Professional ($49.95/month) – Monitor up to 5 devices with added social media and web tracking.
  • Business ($149.95/month) – For larger organizational needs with 25 devices and priority support.

Each tier offers monthly, quarterly or annual subscriptions with increasing discounts for longer durations.

Overall, Hoverwatch has better value for basic monitoring at lower prices. But mSpy offers premium features and extensive capabilities that justify the higher pricing for serious tracking needs.

Final Verdict

Choose mSpy if you want:

  • Complete monitoring with social media tracking
  • Easy remote access installation
  • Call recording and live listening capabilities
  • Robust location tracking with geofencing
  • Top-notch customer support

Choose Hoverwatch if you want:

  • Budget-friendly basic tracking
  • Simple parental control app
  • Limited iOS device support
  • Adequate live location tracking
  • Basic device activity monitoring

While mSpy has more powerful capabilities, Hoverwatch can also fulfill basic monitoring and parental control needs at lower prices. Evaluate your specific requirements to pick the right one for your needs.

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In Summary:

  • mSpy is best suited for comprehensive monitoring and tracking needs, especially social media activity and advanced location restrictions.
  • Hoverwatch offers a budget option for basic device monitoring, location tracking and parental control.


Is mSpy better than Hoverwatch?

mSpy is considered better overall because it offers more advanced monitoring features, especially for tracking social media, texts, calls, and location on both Android and iOS. It’s also easier to use with top-notch customer support.

Does mSpy work on all phones?

Yes, mSpy is compatible with all major smartphones. It supports Android 5+ and iOS 9.0+ (iPhone, iPad). Over 200 mobile device models are supported.

Can mSpy be detected?

No, mSpy runs discreetly in the background without disrupting normal use of the device. As long as the app stays installed, it will not be detected.

Does Hoverwatch work on iPhones?

Hoverwatch has limited iOS support. The iPhone version offers basic features like location tracking and SMS monitoring but lacks some advanced capabilities. It is designed mainly for Android devices.

Is Hoverwatch invisible?

Yes, Hoverwatch runs stealthily after installation on the target device. Its icon is hidden from the app menu and it does not disrupt normal usage or drain the battery.

Can spy apps be hacked?

mSpy and Hoverwatch use enterprise-grade encryption and security measures like SSL protocols and HTTPS to keep your data safe from hacking. As long as you use a strong password, your account should remain secure.

Final Thoughts

mSpy and Hoverwatch both offer helpful monitoring features, but mSpy has a clear advantage for those who need robust capabilities. With its versatile tracking tools and responsive customer support, mSpy ensures complete user satisfaction.

Hoverwatch, on the other hand, is ideal for basic device monitoring, GPS location tracking and parental control needs on a budget.

Take time to evaluate your specific needs and compatibility requirements before choosing the right spy app. This will ensure you get the best value by utilizing the most relevant features.