mSpy vs Cocospy in 2024: Which Spy App is Better for Phone Monitoring?

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Mspy Vs Cocospy

With the prevalence of smartphones, monitoring your kids’ or employees’ devices has become crucial. Spy apps allow you to secretly track a target phone and view its data remotely. In this article, we compare mSpy and Cocospy – two leading spy apps available in 2024 for Android and iPhone monitoring.

This side-by-side comparison analyzes their features, compatibility, installation process, pricing, and more to help you make an informed decision on which spy app is better for your needs. Read on to find out.

Overview of mSpy and Cocospy 2024

mSpy and Cocospy are two of the leading spy apps available on the market in 2024 for monitoring Android and iOS smartphones. They allow parents to keep tabs on their kids and employers to track their employees through the target device’s data.

Both mSpy and Cocospy offer similar features like monitoring text messages, calls logs, location tracking, accessing contacts list, social media spying, etc. However, some features may be limited on one but not on the other.

We will compare them side-by-side in this mSpy vs Cocospy comparison to help you determine which spy app is better suited for your needs in 2024.

Compatibility with iOS and Android

One of the first things to check when choosing a phone monitoring app is its compatibility with your target device’s operating system.

Both mSpy and Cocospy are compatible with Android and iPhone devices. So you can use them to monitor both smartphones easily.

mSpy works on Android phones and tablets running 4.0 and up. For iPhones and iPads, it supports iOS 7 to 17.

Cocospy is also fully compatible with Android 4 and above. It supports iPhone monitoring on iOS up to the latest version 16.

So when it comes to OS compatibility, both mSpy and Cocospy support all modern Android and iOS smartphones. You won’t have any compatibility issues with them.

Cocospy vs mSpy: Installation Process

The installation process is straightforward for both mSpy and Cocospy. However, mSpy requires you to root/jailbreak the target device first for full monitoring. Cocospy, on the other hand, does not need rooting or jailbreaking.

Here are the steps to install each spy app:

How to Install mSpy

To install mSpy on Android:

  • Purchase mSpy subscription and set up your account
  • Root the target Android device
  • Download and install the mSpy app on the phone
  • Hide the icon and delete installation file

For iPhone install:

  • Jailbreak the iPhone before installing mSpy
  • Install the app using mSpy login credentials
  • Hide the mSpy icon

How to Install Cocospy

Follow these steps to install Cocospy on Android and iOS devices:

  • Go to Cocospy website and select a subscription plan
  • Enter your email ID and set password to create your account
  • Use the credentials to log into your Cocospy dashboard
  • Download the app on target device and install it
  • Delete the app icon to hide it after installing

The main difference is that mSpy requires you to root or jailbreak first which can be tedious. Cocospy does not need rooting or jailbreaking so it is easier to set up on both Android and iPhone.

mSpy vs Cocospy: Features Comparison

Now let’s do an in-depth comparison of the features offered by mSpy and Cocospy.

mSpy vs Cocospy Features Comparison

Call Logging

Call logging allows you to view all incoming and outgoing calls on the target device along with details like phone number, duration, time, etc.

Both mSpy and Cocospy offer comprehensive call logging features. You can log all calls, see call history, record calls, and listen to live calls as they happen.

So for call monitoring, both provide similar capabilities.

Text Message Monitoring

To read the target user’s text messages, both apps enable SMS monitoring.

With mSpy and Cocospy, you can read all sent & received text messages with the phone number, date, and full content. Both also allow deleting messages remotely.

Cocospy also has advanced filtering to view messages from specific contacts only. But the text message monitoring capabilities are largely the same.

Social Media Spying

Modern kids and employees extensively use social media apps on their phones. So it is important for a spy app to monitor popular social media platforms.

mSpy allows spying on Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Line, Tinder, Telegram, etc. You can see messages, shared media, downloads, and stories.

Cocospy also offers monitoring of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Telegram, etc. You can read chats and shared content on these apps as well.

Both provide social media monitoring but mSpy supports more platforms than Cocospy. However, Cocospy plans on adding more messaging apps soon.

GPS Location Tracking

To track the physical whereabouts of your target user, mSpy and Cocospy use GPS location tracking.

mSpy shows the location history with details like coordinates, date, time, addresses, etc. You can also set location alerts or boundaries.

Cocospy enables real-time GPS tracking and location history for the past 7 days. It also gives you location alerts when the user enters or leaves a specified area.

For location monitoring, both apps give you similar functionality and tracking capabilities.


A keylogger records all the keystrokes typed by the user on their phone. It lets you see everything they type, like messages, search terms, usernames, passwords, etc.

mSpy offers keylogging for both Android and iPhone devices. You can log keypresses, see timestamps, and get password alerts.

Cocospy, however, does not have an active keylogger feature currently. But it does retrieve typed passwords from mainstream apps and browsers which is quite useful.

So mSpy provides better keyboard monitoring through its keylogger.

Additional Features

Apart from the above main features, mSpy and Cocospy provide some extra monitoring capabilities too:

  • Photos/Videos – View photos and videos on the target phone.
  • Contacts/Calendar – Access their contacts list and calendar entries.
  • Browser History – See all webpages visited and bookmarks.
  • Apps – Get a list of apps installed on the device.
  • Wi-Fi Logs – Check connected wifi networks and their passwords.
  • Camera Access – Remotely take pictures with their camera.

mSpy also offers ambient recording to capture surrounding sounds. Cocospy, on the other hand, has better social media monitoring and powerful screen recording capability.

So for additional features, both provide useful functionalities with some differences.

Pricing Plans

mSpy vs Cocospy Pricing Plans

mSpy offers 3 packages – Basic, Premium, and Family Kit. The plans are cheaper for Android compared to iPhone monitoring.

  • Basic – $29.99 (Android) / $39.99 (iOS) per month
  • Premium – $69.99 (Android) / $84.99 (iOS) per month
  • Family Kit – $199.99 (Android) / $209.99 (iOS) one-time payment

Cocospy also has 3 subscription options:

  • Basic – $9.99 per month
  • Premium – $12.49 per month
  • Family Kit – $149.99 one-time payment

Cocospy’s plans are more affordable especially for iPhone monitoring. The Family Kit offers better value for money to monitor multiple devices.

So in terms of pricing, Cocospy offers cheaper plans making it more budget-friendly.

Customer Support

mSpy and Cocospy both provide customer support via email. mSpy also offers live demo and chat support.

Users report mSpy can take 1-2 days to respond while Cocospy’s customer service is quite prompt.

So for customer support, Cocospy appears to be more responsive than mSpy based on user reviews.

Ease of Use

A spy app’s user interface can make or break the monitoring experience. Complex interfaces lead to poor user experience.

Both mSpy and Cocospy offer user-friendly control panels that make it easy for anyone to use their features. The menus and options are well laid out.

Many customers praise Cocospy for its polished and intuitive dashboard that enhances usability. Managing features is also easier with Cocospy’s fast performance.

So Cocospy edges past mSpy when it comes to the user-friendliness aspect.

Stealth and Security

Being undetectable is the most crucial requirement for a spy app. mSpy and Cocospy use advanced stealth to avoid detection on devices.

Once installed correctly, it becomes impossible to detect mSpy and Cocospy running in the background. They also use encryption to keep the data secure.

Overall, both offer excellent stealth and security. But Cocospy has better anti-tampering protections for utmost stealth.

Which Spy App is Better?

Based on this detailed side-by-side comparison, we can conclude that Cocospy is better than mSpy in certain aspects.

Cocospy does not require rooting or jailbreaking to install which makes setup easier. It offers cheaper pricing plans making it more affordable especially for iPhone monitoring.

Cocospy also provides a more user-friendly and intuitive interface. Its customer support is faster and more responsive than mSpy.

However, mSpy has a keylogger and supports more social media platforms. So for maximum features, mSpy may be slightly better.

But Cocospy offers the core phone monitoring features at a lower price. With its easy installation, intuitive UI, responsive support and competitive pricing, Cocospy emerges as the winner in this matchup.


Does mSpy work without rooting?

No, mSpy requires you to root Android or jailbreak iOS for complete monitoring. Without root, some mSpy features don’t work.

Is Cocospy really hidden and undetectable?

Yes, Cocospy uses advanced stealth technology making it impossible for the user to detect once installed correctly. It runs entirely in the background without any signs.

Can I spy on Tinder with mSpy and Cocospy?

Yes, both mSpy and Cocospy enable Tinder spying. You can see their messages, sent/received photos, and other dating app activities.

What information can I see with Cocospy?

Cocospy lets you view calls, messages, contacts, GPS location, browser history, photos, keystrokes, social media activities, and more. It provides comprehensive monitoring capabilities.

Key Takeaways

  • mSpy and Cocospy allow secretly monitoring Android and iPhones
  • Cocospy does not require rooting or jailbreaking making it easier to set up
  • mSpy has wider social media monitoring support but Cocospy plans to add more platforms
  • Cocospy has cheaper pricing plans compared to mSpy
  • mSpy offers a keylogger while Cocospy retrieves typed passwords
  • Both provide excellent stealth and security on target devices
  • Cocospy is more user-friendly and has better customer support
  • Overall, Cocospy emerges as the better spy app in this comparison

So choose Cocospy if you want the core phone monitoring features at a pocket-friendly price. But go with mSpy if you need maximum app support and keylogging capability.

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