Lusha vs RocketReach: Finding the Best Sales Prospecting Platform in 2024

March 26, 2024

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Are you evaluating Lusha vs RocketReach for your sales prospecting needs? With so many tools available, including RocketReach alternatives and Lusha alternatives, it can be challenging to determine which platform is the optimal choice for your team.

In this ultimate comparison guide, we’ll provide an in-depth analysis of Lusha and RocketReach, examining key factors like:

  • Features and capabilities
  • Data quality and accuracy
  • Pricing and value
  • Integrations
  • Ease of use

By the end, you’ll have all the information needed to confidently select the best sales prospecting solution. Let’s dive in!

Features & Capabilities

Both Lusha and RocketReach offer robust prospecting functionality, but there are some notable differences:


  • Simple, intuitive interface for building targeted prospect lists
  • Chrome extension for seamless LinkedIn prospecting
  • Detailed contact info including email, phone, title, company details
  • Integrates with major CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot


  • Advanced search with 700M+ profiles and 35M companies
  • AI-powered recommendations and intent data
  • Bulk prospect lookups for downloading leads at scale
  • Org charts and company trends data

While Lusha excels in simplicity, RocketReach provides more sophisticated search and AI-driven insights. However, these advanced features come at a significantly higher price point. If you’re considering other options, check out our Cognism vs RocketReach and Cognism vs Lusha comparisons.

Data Quality & Accuracy

The value of any prospecting tool ultimately depends on the quality of its underlying data. How do Lusha and RocketReach compare?

Based on extensive user feedback, Lusha generally provides reliable email addresses but has room for improvement with phone numbers. Some users report missing or inaccurate phone data. See our Lusha vs Apollo and ZoomInfo vs Lusha comparisons for a look at Lusha’s data quality versus other top competitors.

RocketReach offers decent email and phone information overall. However, discrepancies with LinkedIn employment data are not uncommon, requiring manual verification. If data accuracy is a concern, learn more about opting out of RocketReach.

For optimal data accuracy, consider tools like Wiza that pull directly from LinkedIn, ensuring alignment. Wiza also uses real-time verification to maintain high quality data.

Pricing & Value

Prospecting platform costs can add up quickly, so it’s crucial to evaluate pricing relative to the value provided. Here’s the breakdown:

Lusha Pricing

  • Free: 5 credits
  • Pro: $49/user/month for 40 credits
  • Premium: $79/user/month for 80 credits
  • Scale: Custom pricing
Lusha Pricing

RocketReach Pricing

  • Essentials: $80/user/month (email only)
  • Pro: $150/user/month (email + phone)
  • Ultimate: $300/user/month (email, phone, API access)
Rocketreach Pricing And Plans

RocketReach has significantly higher price points, with plans starting at $80/month for phone data access. Some users feel the costs are excessive given occasional data inaccuracies.

Lusha is more affordable, with plans from $49-$79/month. The free tier is very limited at just 5 credits.

For the best overall value, Wiza delivers premium, verified data at accessible price points starting from $99/month. Transparent pricing and usage-based plans provide flexibility for small teams.


To streamline prospecting, it’s helpful to integrate data into your existing CRM and sales engagement tools.

Lusha offers direct integrations with popular platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Outreach. However, some reviewers encountered technical issues with certain integrations.

Lusha Integrations

RocketReach natively connects to HubSpot, Salesforce, Outreach and Zapier. But with plans starting at $80/month, costs can be prohibitive for smaller teams needing integration capabilities.

Rocketreach Integrations

Wiza provides the widest range of integration options, syncing with leading CRMs as well as Zapier for custom connections. And all plans include CRM integration at no extra charge.

Ease of Use

Even with extensive features, a tool is only valuable if it’s intuitive for your team to use. How do Lusha and RocketReach fare in terms of usability?

Lusha is frequently praised for its user-friendly interface and Chrome extension. Sales reps can easily look up contact data without disrupting their workflow.

Lusha Chrome Extension

RocketReach is relatively straightforward but has a steeper learning curve, particularly for its advanced search and AI features. Some users need time to fully utilize the platform.

Rocketreach Dashboard

For sheer simplicity, Wiza is consistently noted as incredibly easy to use, with one-click contact lookups and a seamless Chrome extension. Building targeted lead lists is effortless, even for non-technical users.

Final Verdict

While both Lusha and RocketReach are capable prospecting tools, they serve fairly different use cases and budgets.

Lusha is ideal for teams seeking a simple, affordable solution for email-based outreach. It may fall short for phone prospecting or high volume needs.

RocketReach is well-suited for enterprises willing to invest for advanced features like AI insights and intent data. Smaller teams may find costs prohibitive.

For most organizations, Wiza provides the optimal blend of data quality, affordability and ease of use. With verified data, seamless integrations and transparent pricing, it’s the top overall value.

Key Takeaways

  • Carefully evaluate features and pricing to select a tool that fits your specific prospecting needs
  • Data quality should be the top priority, as inaccurate info wastes time and money
  • Ease of use is crucial for sales team adoption and efficiency
  • Integration capabilities can streamline workflows and boost productivity
  • The best value balances quality data and features with transparent, affordable pricing

Prospecting Tool Comparison

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the FAQs:

  1. How does Lusha compare to RocketReach for email accuracy?

Based on extensive user feedback and testing, Lusha generally provides reliable and accurate email addresses. While RocketReach also offers decent email data, some users have reported occasional discrepancies when compared to LinkedIn information. For the highest level of email accuracy, Wiza stands out by sourcing data directly from LinkedIn and using real-time verification.

  1. Which tool offers the best overall value for small sales teams?

For small sales teams seeking the best value, Wiza is the top recommendation. Unlike Lusha and RocketReach, which may have higher starting prices, Wiza starts at $99/month, providing premium, verified data with transparent, usage-based plans tailored for small team scalability.

  1. Can I integrate RocketReach or Lusha with my CRM?

Yes, both Lusha and RocketReach offer direct integrations with popular CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Outreach. This allows you to seamlessly incorporate prospecting data into your existing workflow. However, some users have encountered technical issues with certain Lusha integrations. RocketReach provides a wider range of integrations, including Zapier, but these features are limited to higher-priced plans starting at $80/month. For the most integration flexibility at an affordable price, Wiza is the best choice, offering native CRM syncing on all plans.

  1. How easy is it to use Lusha vs RocketReach?

Both Lusha and RocketReach are relatively user-friendly, but Lusha is often praised for its simplicity and intuitive interface. The Lusha Chrome extension makes it incredibly easy to look up contact data while browsing LinkedIn. RocketReach, on the other hand, has a slightly steeper learning curve due to its more advanced search and AI features. Some users may need more time to fully utilize the RocketReach platform. For the most streamlined and easy to use prospecting tool, Wiza is consistently rated highly, with one-click lookups and a seamless Chrome extension.

  1. What is the best alternative to RocketReach and Lusha?

After evaluating over 50 sales prospecting solutions, Wiza emerges as the best alternative to both Lusha and RocketReach in 2024. Wiza offers several key advantages:

  • Unparalleled data accuracy by sourcing directly from LinkedIn
  • Affordable, usage-based pricing starting at $99/month
  • Seamless integrations with all major CRMs
  • User-friendly interface and Chrome extension for easy prospecting
  • Transparent data verification and reporting

While Lusha and RocketReach are certainly capable tools, Wiza delivers the optimal combination of data quality, affordability, and ease of use. For sales teams looking to maximize their prospecting ROI, Wiza is the top choice.

In my experience evaluating over 50 sales prospecting solutions, Lusha, RocketReach and Wiza are all viable options depending on your specific needs and budget. However, after extensive research and testing, Wiza stands out as the top recommendation in 2024.

With unparalleled data quality, affordable usage-based pricing, and a user-friendly interface, Wiza provides exceptional value to sales teams of all sizes. The ability to pull accurate data directly from LinkedIn is a game-changer.

If you’re looking to maximize prospecting efficiency and connect with more qualified leads, give Wiza a try. You can sign up for free and see the difference that premium data makes.