Kidslox vs OurPact: Which Parental Control App is Better?

November 24, 2023

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Parental control apps like Kidslox and OurPact offer parents easy and effective tools to manage their kids’ digital activities. With the ability to block apps and websites, set screen time limits, and track a child’s location, these apps provide greater supervision over a child’s online behaviors.

But when it comes to choosing the best parental control app for your family, the two top options are Kidslox and OurPact. Both have excellent capabilities to restrict and filter content as well as monitor screen time usage. However, there are some key differences between Kidslox vs OurPact in terms of features, availability, and pricing.

This comprehensive comparison of Kidslox and OurPact will help you determine which parental control app is the better choice for your family’s needs.

Ease of Setup and Use

One of the first factors to consider when choosing a parental control app is how easy it is to setup and start using. Both Kidslox and OurPact aim to provide an intuitive user experience, but there are some differences.

Kidslox has a simple 3-step installation process that is quick and easy. The interface is streamlined with the main features accessible from a sidebar. OurPact also has a straightforward setup, though it may require creating accounts for each child. OurPact provides more customization options which parents can find powerful, but it may involve a more complex learning curve.

Overall, Kidslox edges out OurPact when it comes to the fastest and simplest installation. For parents who want an app they can start using in minutes, Kidslox is likely the better choice.

Availability and Compatibility

In order for a parental control app to be effective, it needs to work across the various devices that kids use. Both Kidslox and OurPact are available as apps for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

When it comes to desktop platforms, Kidslox offers a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. OurPact does not provide desktop supervision capability at this time.

One advantage of OurPact is integration with Kindle Fire devices. So for parents with kids who use Kindles, OurPact allows you to monitor activity and set limits on those devices.

For maximum flexibility across smartphones, tablets and desktops, Kidslox appears to have the edge. But OurPact leads when it comes to Kindle Fire integration.

Filtering and Blocking Capabilities

At their core, parental control apps promise to filter inappropriate content and block access to apps, sites and features parents deem unsuitable. Let’s compare the restrictions capabilities of Kidslox and OurPact.

Kidslox enables blocking by both app and website. Parents can easily select apps like Snapchat or Instagram and restrict access. The same goes for website categories like social media, adult content or specific sites. Unique to Kidslox is keyword blocking for websites which looks for restricted words in URLs.

OurPact matches Kidslox when it comes to app and website blocking. It also allows setting restrictions during certain times or days. Parents can block apps on school nights or social media during homework time for example. For maximum flexibility, OurPact appears to have an edge.

Both apps offer solid blocking capabilities, but OurPact provides greater customizable restriction options. For another perspective, see how Kidslox compares to Bark and OurPact stacks up against Bark.

Time Limit and Scheduling Options

Setting healthy limits on screen time is one of the main benefits of parental control apps. Kidslox and OurPact both provide scheduling and time restrictions, but with varying approaches.

With Kidslox, daily screen time limits can be set per device or per app category. Time limits apply across all devices linked to a child’s profile. Scheduling restrictions are also available to disable app usage during set times, like school hours or bedtime.

OurPact allows setting daily or weekly screen time limits on a per device basis. Time limits in OurPact don’t sync across a child’s devices. More advanced scheduling is offered by OurPact, with options to create highly customized schedules tailored to your family routine.

For parents who want the simplest tool to set a total daily time limit across all devices, Kidslox is the winner. But OurPact is the clear choice for parents who need flexible and detailed scheduling capabilities.

Location Tracking

Knowing your child’s location when they leave the house with a phone or tablet provides peace of mind. Both Kidslox and OurPact integrate location tracking features.

The Kidslox app shows your child’s device location on a map. Location updates are provided as long as the app is installed on the child’s device. OurPact also shows location, but instead of constant tracking, it pings the device every 5 minutes for an updated position when location services are enabled.

For real-time location tracking, Kidslox is the better choice. OurPact provides periodic location checks but not constant live tracking.

Pricing and Plans

One final comparison point between these two top parental control apps is their pricing structure. Here is a breakdown of their plans:

Kidslox offers a free plan covering one child on a single device with limited functionality. A premium monthly subscription is $7.99 per month billed annually and enables full features for up to 5 child profiles across unlimited devices.

OurPact also offers a free plan for a single child on one device. The premium plan is $7.99 per month billed monthly or $69.99 annually. The premium plan supports up to 20 child profiles with full functionality.

The free versions provide a solid trial of capabilities. But for complete parental controls, the paid plans offer much greater value. Based on maximum child profiles supported, OurPact has an advantage at 20 kids compared to 5 for Kidslox. However, Kidslox offers a lower annual cost at $7.99 per month versus $5.83 for OurPact monthly.

For large families with several children, OurPact may provide a pricing edge. But for smaller families, Kidslox offers strong value.

The Verdict

Kidslox and OurPact both provide robust capabilities for restricting content, tracking screen time, blocking apps and filtering the web. In terms of simplicity and ease of use, Kidslox appears to have an advantage with quicker setup and more intuitive controls.

When it comes to flexibility and advanced scheduling, OurPact is the winner. OurPact also leads for families with Kindle Fire tablets. For pricing and value, Kidslox provides strong capabilities for the money across unlimited devices.

In summary, here are some key considerations when choosing between Kidslox and OurPact:

  • Kidslox is best for parents who want simple, easy to use controls.
  • OurPact is ideal if you need maximum customization and scheduling flexibility.
  • Kidslox enables real-time location tracking on iOS and Android.
  • OurPact is better for monitoring Kindle Fire usage.
  • Kidslox provides strong value especially for smaller families.

Both Kidslox and OurPact deliver excellent parental control apps. Consider which features align closest to your family’s needs and priorities to determine which option is the best fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages are Kidslox and OurPact designed for?

Both apps are designed for children ages 3 and up. They can be used to monitor kids’ digital usage from a young age through the teen years.

Can I remotely install the apps on my child’s device?

Yes, both Kidslox and OurPact allow remote installation over-the-air for iOS and Android devices. This allows discreetly installing the app without physical access to the device.

Do these apps support gaming consoles?

Currently neither app provides parental controls specific to gaming consoles. They focus on managing smartphones, tablets, computers and in the case of OurPact, Kindle Fire devices.

What happens if my child uninstalls the app?

The parent receives a notification alert if the child attempts to uninstall Kidslox or OurPact. The app can then quickly be reinstalled remotely. Both apps are designed to prevent unauthorized uninstall.

Can I view my child’s browsing history and messages?

OurPact has a feature to view web browsing history. However, neither app allows the ability to view direct messages within apps due to privacy reasons. The apps focus on restricting access not monitoring private communications.

Which app is easier to use for parents?

Overall Kidslox is considered simpler and more intuitive, especially for less tech-savvy parents. OurPact offers greater controls but involves more customization and learning curve. Kidslox setup takes just a few minutes for basic use.

Do these work outside the home on cellular networks?

Yes, both apps work anywhere on cellular data or WiFi networks. The controls and tracking capabilities function anytime the child’s device is connected to the internet.