Kidslox vs Bark: Which Parental Control App is Best?

November 24, 2023

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Parenting in the digital age comes with a unique set of challenges. From monitoring screen time to keeping kids safe online, parents need help navigating the complexities of the internet. This is where parental control apps like Kidslox and Bark come in handy. But how do you decide which one is right for your family?

In this post, we’ll compare the key features of Kidslox and Bark to help you determine the best parental control software for your needs.

What is Kidslox?


Kidslox is a parental control app launched in 2014 that empowers parents to set limits on app and internet use. The Kidslox platform offers:

  • Customizable time limits for individual apps or app categories
  • Ability to block access to specific apps and websites
  • Location tracking to see where your child’s device is
  • Alerts for potential cyberbullying or explicit content

A core strength of Kidslox is the flexible time limit settings. Parents can establish daily or weekly time quotas for individual apps or entire app categories. You can easily schedule specific times when certain apps should be blocked, like during school or bedtime.

Kidslox supports iOS and Android devices. The parent dashboard provides visibility into the apps and websites your child accesses and how much time is spent on each.

What is Bark?


Bark takes a different approach than traditional parental control apps. Launched in 2015 by tech executives Brian Bason and Titania Jordan, Bark monitors texts, YouTube, emails and social media for signs of issues like cyberbullying, depression, and online predators.

The Bark app uses machine learning algorithms to analyze messages, images and videos for any concerning content. If Bark detects potential threats, it generates alerts for parents.

Beyond alerts, Bark also has options to block apps, monitor online activities across platforms, and set time limits. However, the core value proposition of Bark is its social media monitoring and alert system for detecting risks. For comparisons of Bark to other top parental control apps, see how it stacks up against mSpy vs Bark and Bark vs FamiSafe.

Bark is available for both iOS and Android. Parents can access the Bark dashboard to view alerts and review their child’s monitored activities.

Bark Dashboard

Kidslox vs. Bark: Key Differences

When it comes to capabilities, there are a few key differences between Kidslox and Bark:

Key Differences/StrengthsKidsloxBark
CustomizabilityVery customizable time limits and scheduling
Monitoring CapabilitiesProactive monitoring for concerning language and behaviors
GeofencingAbility to geofence locations
FocusPrimary focus on limiting app and internet use
Use of AILeverages AI and machine learning to identify potential issues
Social Media MonitoringBroad social media monitoring across SMS, YouTube, email, social platforms

Kidslox is ideal for parents who want granular control over when and how long their child can use apps and access the internet. The scheduling capabilities are unmatched.

Kidslox Features

For parents more concerned about cyberbullying, online predators, or other harmful content, Bark offers much more robust monitoring and alerting. Bark aims to detect early warning signs and threats across the social web. See how it compares to OurPact vs Bark.

Bark Customization

Kidslox vs. Bark: Cost Comparison

When it comes to pricing, here’s how Kidslox and Bark compare:

Kidslox Pricing:

  • Year Plan – $4.29/month or $49.99 per year.
  • Lifetime Plan – $79.99/one-off payment.
Kidslox Plans And Pricing

Bark Pricing:

  • Bark Home: $9.99/monthly
  • Bark App: $14/monthly
  • Back Phone: $49/monthly
Bark's Pricing Plans

Kidslox does offer a free 7-day trial to test out the service. Bark also has a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

For maximum features, both services cost less than $15/month for a full family plan. Overall, their pricing is competitive and affordable compared to alternatives.

Kidslox vs. Bark: Ease of Use

When it comes to setting up and managing these services, here’s how Kidslox and Bark compare:

Setup and OnboardingSimple app download and onboarding processSlightly more involved setup process since it monitors multiple platforms
Dashboard UsabilityDashboard is easy to use for managing time limits and other restrictionsDashboard takes a bit more navigation to manage alerts and review activities
Platform SupportThe Kidslox parental app is only available on iOS and AndroidBark offers apps for iOS, Android, Amazon devices, and also integrates with Gmail and Outlook for email monitoring

For the majority of parents, Kidslox likely provides a simpler setup process thanks to its singular focus on locking down apps and limiting screen time. But Bark offers wider oversight if you have concerns about content across YouTube, social media, emails, and texts.

Kidslox vs Bark: Bottom Line

At a high level, the core difference between these two apps comes down to priorities:

  • If your primary concern is limiting app access and screen time, Kidslox is likely the better choice. The granular time limit controls are unmatched.
  • If you’re most worried about monitoring for cyberbullying, predatory behavior, depression, or other risks, Bark offers much more advanced detection.

Here are a few final pros and cons to consider:

CustomizabilityVery customizable time limits and scheduling
Ease of UseSimple to set up and use
CostLower costMore expensive
Content DetectionUses AI to proactively detect concerning content
Platform MonitoringNo monitoring of social media, email, etcMonitors wide range of platforms
Safety FeaturesHelps address digital safety risks
Social Media MonitoringNo monitoring of social media, email, etc
Device CompatibilityLimited to iOS and Android devices
Setup ComplexityComplex setup and dashboard

Note: The ‘-‘ indicates that there’s no specific information provided about that feature/aspect for the respective software.

FAQs About Kidslox and Bark

Is Bark better than Kidslox?

Bark is better optimized for detecting risks like cyberbullying, self-harm, and predatory behavior. Kidslox is better for managing screen time limits across apps. Choose based on your specific concerns as a parent.

Can you use both Kidslox and Bark together?

Yes, many parents use both Kidslox and Bark for a complete approach. Kidslox handles app limits while Bark monitors for risks. Using both together provides robust digital protection.


When trying to decide between Kidslox vs Bark, first examine your priorities as a parent. If limiting app access and screen time is your biggest goal, Kidslox provides unmatched control.

But if you’re concerned about problematic online behaviors and exposure to harm, Bark leverages AI to monitor across social platforms.

Hopefully this comprehensive comparison helps evaluate the pros and cons of Kidslox and Bark. Both platforms offer digital safety and peace of mind. The right choice comes down to tailoring their respective strengths to your family’s specific needs.