The Ultimate Guide to KidLogger Parental Control Software

November 25, 2023

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As a parent in the digital age, keeping your children safe online is a top priority. With so many devices and apps available, it can be challenging to monitor what your kids are doing. This is where parental control software like KidLogger comes in.

KidLogger is a monitoring tool designed to help parents oversee their children’s activities on phones and computers. In this guide, we’ll provide an in-depth look at how KidLogger works, its features, pricing, and more.

What is KidLogger?


KidLogger is a cross-platform parental control software compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. It allows parents to monitor texts, calls, locations, apps, web activity, and more.

The software was created by SafeJKA SRL to help parents supervise their children’s online behaviors. It aims to protect kids from harmful effects of unrestricted technology and social media access.

How Does KidLogger Work?

Kidlogger Features

KidLogger works by recording device activity in the background once installed on the child’s phone or computer. It does not require rooting or jailbreaking.

Parents access the recorded data by logging into the KidLogger dashboard online. From there, they can view monitoring logs, enabling remote supervision without the child’s knowledge.

Key Functions:

  • Keystroke logging – Records passwords, messages, searches
  • Location tracking – Follows real-time and history GPS coordinates
  • App and web monitoring – Logs usage and time spent
  • Media monitoring – Saves chat logs, images, videos
  • Screenshots – Captures activity and keywords
  • Email reports – Sends weekly summary of findings
Kidlogger Location Tracking

With these features, parents can check in at any time to see what their child is up to on devices.

Installing KidLogger

The KidLogger installation process is straightforward:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Download the software file for the child’s OS
  3. Install KidLogger on the target device
  4. Activate the app using your credentials
  5. Configure monitoring settings as desired
  6. Log into your dashboard to view activity logs

For Android devices, additional accessibility permissions are required. On iPhones, Apple ID credentials must be entered to enable iCloud sync monitoring.

KidLogger Plans and Pricing

kidlogger price

KidLogger is available in Basic, Standard, and Professional versions.

  • Basic – Free, 5 devices, limited features
  • Standard – $29/year, 5 devices, 30-day logs
  • Professional – $89/year, 10 devices, 60-day logs, all features

The Professional plan unlocks the full suite of monitoring capabilities, including scheduled email reports, keyword alerts, and remote audio recording.

For budget-conscious parents, the free Basic version still provides helpful oversight into texts, calls, GPS, apps, and websites. Upgrading to Standard or Professional enables more data history and advanced functions.

The Pros and Cons of KidLogger


  • Easy remote access from any device
  • Email reports automate monitoring
  • Tracks wide range of data points
  • Free Basic version available
  • Compatible across platforms
  • Professional plan supports 10 devices


  • Must physical access device to install
  • Can’t block apps or filter content
  • iOS limited compared to Android
  • Some features buggy based on user reviews
  • Perceived as spyware by some antivirus programs

While not perfect, KidLogger packs robust capabilities into an easy-to-use platform for daily monitoring. The software helps engaged parents keep kids safer online without hovering over their shoulder.

Is KidLogger Safe to Use?

KidLogger is designed not to be detected by the device user, so some antivirus apps may flag it as malicious. However, when installed and used properly by parents, KidLogger is safe monitoring software.

The company states it will not share any collected data, which never leaves the parent’s account. Still, Families should ensure they comply with local device monitoring laws. Consent from any other household members who use a monitored device may also be required.

KidLogger Alternatives

While KidLogger is a solid choice, there are other parental control apps that offer similar features parents may want to consider:


  • Pros: Powerful content filters, app blocking
  • Cons: Limited to 5 devices in top plan

Norton Family Premier

  • Pros: Tracks time spent on apps, robust web filters
  • Cons: No iOS social media monitoring

McAfee Safe Family

  • Pros: Affordable plans, text message monitoring
  • Cons: Limited platform support


  • Pros: Invisible installation, call recording
  • Cons: Fewer features in lower price plans


  • Pros: Usage limits and scheduling, panic button
  • Cons: iOS restrictions compared to Android

Net Nanny

  • Pros: Filters content across devices, strong time management tools
  • Cons: Complaints of inaccurate activity reporting

KidLogger holds its own against competitors, with a wide range of monitoring features at an affordable price point. The free Basic version makes it easy for parents to try it out. While alternatives exist, KidLogger is a solid choice in the parental control software market.

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KidLogger Review: Bottom Line

  • Best for: Parents who want comprehensive monitoring of multiple devices across platforms.
  • Not ideal if: You require robust content filters or app blocking specifically. iOS limitations also an issue.
  • Value: Strong for the price compared to competitors. Free Basic version a nice perk.

KidLogger makes device monitoring straightforward for parents concerned about children’s online behaviors and exposure. While not flawless, it delivers robust supervision parents require in the digital age.

The free Basic plan allows testing out core features, with upgrade options for broader history and tools. Overall KidLogger is a cost-effective choice for whole-family oversight.

Frequently Asked Questions About KidLogger

Does KidLogger work on iPhone?

Yes, KidLogger is compatible with iOS devices. However, some features like social media monitoring work better on the Android version. iCloud sync monitoring is available.

Can KidLogger be detected?

The software runs discreetly in the background once installed. An icon can be hidden so the user is unlikely to detect it. However, device performance may be slightly impacted.

What happens if I uninstall KidLogger?

Uninstalling KidLogger will remove it from the device completely. Any existing activity logs would remain viewable on the online dashboard. New monitoring would cease.

Is there a KidLogger app for parents?

There is currently no KidLogger app for parents. The dashboard is web-based for convenient access from any device. Parents log in online to view monitoring logs.

Does KidLogger drain the target phone’s battery?

There may be a minor battery drain since the app is constantly running and recording in the background. Performance impact is usually minimal.

Key Takeaways About KidLogger

  • Installs on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS for cross-device monitoring
  • Tracks locations, apps, web history, messages, media and more
  • Dashboard provides real-time remote viewing of activity logs
  • Options for automated email reporting and alerts
  • Professional plan supports tracking up to 10 devices
  • Free Basic version available with limited functions
  • Ideal for parents monitoring children’s online behaviors
  • Improved functionality compared to some competitor products


KidLogger provides comprehensive parental control software to monitor multiple devices across platforms. While the iOS version has some limitations, its overall capabilities for tracking online behaviors make it a valuable tool for parents in the digital era.

The free Basic plan allows testing out KidLogger before upgrading to unlock more history and functionality. For parents invested in overseeing their children’s devices, KidLogger delivers robust, convenient digital supervision.